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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> Okay, everybody take a nice deep breath and hold hands. I'll bring in Michael and we'll see what tonight brings!

<KarenMurphy> For anyone here wondering whether there was a reason you chose to join this little group tonight, the answer is, of course, "Yes". In fact, we would like to take this time to remind each of you that there are truly no accidents in your lives, only opportunities. And while that may sound like a trite truism, we do think that should you care to examine it, you will find that it is so.

Now. On to the business of this evening. We would like to tell you of a finding we have recently made. Oh, we know you think that we have all the answers, and while we do have a great many, you must remember that it is simply a function of the fact that we have a perception that differs greatly from yours, which appears to you as wisdom. It is not wisdom, and is simply fact.

Would you say that you are any wiser, really, than your ancestors who believed that your sun revolved around your planet? No, you simply have a different perception of the facts. This finding has to do with the alteration, then, of perception in order to gain knowledge.

We see that there is confusion. Let us, then, state this another way. We have seen that we, a mid-causal entity, has the limited perception of such an entity. This perception, in turn, differs greatly from your own. And we, to the "big picture" of our own perception, are just as blind as you are in your own. Not that this is a new finding, necessarily, and we have discussed our own limitations with many of you before in some fashion, but we wish again merely to point out that our perception is just as limited in its way as your is. We do not wish to be seen as some "all-knowing" being. That is not our purpose in offering these teachings and this information. We wish, then to arm you with as much information as you can absorb, that will in turn perhaps make your time in the physical plane more meaningful or more purposeful, and aid you in your quest for growth.

Take this, then, and expand upon it, and allow this information which we have given and will continue to give, to create your own body of useful knowledge which you can then in turn give to others to aid them in their own quest for understanding. In other words, we except there to be alterations made to some aspects of what we offer, as that is the nature of creation. But we do not suggest, either, that the words from before be discarded. There is a harmonious balance, and we sense that there are further changes to be made if the group of students loosely known at this time as "Michael students" will allow it.

That is all. We are ready for your questions.

<DaveGregg> Ok, we'll start first with David, since it's his first question.

Q & A

<ivydavid> I want to know if I have any past lives or agreements with Melissa A.?

<KarenMurphy> David, we see that there have been some lives shared between you, but they were generally of little consequence, having been shared in a very loose sense. However, we see that you have a history of working together on the astral plane -- mainly between lifetimes.

At one time you shared the duty of reintegrating newly-transited fragments into the astral between-lifetime world. It was remarkably rewarding, and you did this for what amounted to be many years in physical time. This sense of working-together has pervaded this lifetime, although there are some minor agreements that are making that more difficult. You have the underlying expectation, then, of the ease in being together that you shared between lives, but the intricacies and difficulties of the physical plane are making that ease difficult to maintain for any length of time.

There is a sense of disappointment, then, that you cannot maintain that ease for very long, as you both have those underlying memories of a much different relationship.

<ivydavid> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<Marjorie> Michael, how am I connected to you? Are you the Michael that has come around me for so long, or some essence within you?

<KarenMurphy> There is an entity that surrounds you, and has done so for a long time. It feels like love to you, and it is love. We all are love, you, us, the Tao. But this entity feels, also, like something more for you, does it not?

<Marjorie> Yes, very much so.

<KarenMurphy> Inasmuch as we are ALL connected, then, yes, what you have been sensing is us. However, seeing things in terms if the separation that you must sense in order to fully be extant on the physical plane, then we say, no, that entity is not "us". However, we will say to you also that what you have been sensing is very much LIKE us, consists of similar energies and focus. In fact, we can say that in one way, it is an offshoot of "us", a split that you have pulled to you in times of stress and need for comfort. Many of you have surrounded yourself with similar energies.

We will say also, that the construct you have made (and it is a construct), is a compilation of much of the "good" energy you have felt through many lifetimes from many people. What feels "good" to you has remained similar through most lifetimes, and so this construct is composed of what feels best to you. There is no ACTUAL life within this construct, yet we will say that it is as "real" as anything else you see around you or in the mirror.

We realize that this sounds much like a conundrum, but we can assure you that it is correct in our perception. We see much good resulting from your use of this construct, and have seen that you derive not only comfort but also much useful information from its proximity.

<Marjorie> Thank you so much. Love to you.
<DaveGregg> SusanC1E7, you're next...

<susanC1E7_343> I have dedicated a good part of this life, to the study of alternative realities, other worlds, fey beings, faere/dragon realms & tibetian magic. There is a very important agreement with other cadre/entity mates, that relates to this current 13th grand cycle, as well, as, other previous grand cycles shared with the same fragments. It appears to have a "Camelot" type theme, a bringing back of ancient knowledge & truth of real elemential magic... could you expand upon this, tell me what is the significance cadre/entity mate dean / the winter king plays in this ?

<KarenMurphy> Simply put, this is a time/place/space from which you derive much energy in this lifetime. There is a sense of comfort there/then for you, and the theme assists you in relating what you see/feel in the present lifetime.

Regarding the fragment Dean, we see that you have placed upon him a crown of sorts, the energy gets that to him has become something of a burden yet he cannot at this time resist what is a strong attraction to fulfilling this agreement with you. You are a strong fragment with much on your plate in this lifetime and much drive to get it accomplished. He does not wish to create further karma between you (there are ribbons from previously that have been burned).

In addition, he has been elected to play a certain role within the small drama you have constructed around you, and all the "actors" cannot resist but seeing him this way which adds to the energy burden he carries. We remind you, however, that all is indeed choice and this fragment could back out at any time if he so chose. We see that the burden placed most strongly upon this fragment is to assume some leadership capacity, yet all concerned see that the driving force comes instead mainly from you. So it is an empty role of sorts he plays, and plays it well we might add.

We would suggest, then, that the road most interesting to you would simply be to allow things to play out as they will, and to adopt some semblance of observation if you can, for there would be much to observe and learn and grow from this experience if you should choose to do so.

<susanC1E7_343> thank you
<DaveGregg> Caz, you're next...

<Caz> Please tell me about one of my guides (perhaps the one who is my main coach for the transitions I'm working on).

<KarenMurphy> This guide appears to you in the guise of a grandmotherly person, yet is not related to you in that sense. This guide was actually appointed to you, not involuntarily of course, and the growth experienced by both of you in this time (spanning three lifetimes) has been enormous. "She" would like very soon to move into another focus and to eventually incarnate, but that will have to be worked out between you. There were, of course, past-life associations, very long ago, with some difficult karma that was of course completed, but the unpleasant residual made for some interesting times when first she" became your guide. That, of course, is far behind you at this time.

We see now that your roles have in some ways almost reversed, and you have been spending a fair amount of time during dreamtime assisting "her" with various issues that will eventually lead "her" to "leave" you and reincarnate.

<Caz> Thanks, Michael and Karen.
<DaveGregg> Trudy, you're next...

<trudy_bartlett> Greetings. I've been releasing pain from a past life in which I was abandoned (= felt unloved) as an infant. Most recently I've experienced a painful ball of energy in the thorax that I've been dissipating through crying, screaming, muscle contractions, and spinal flexion. I'd like to know if there's any further advice Michael can offer on this release, particularly with respect to making my tail bone happier (it burns, pulls out of alignment) and also with respect to opening to further assistance from nature in this process.

<KarenMurphy> We would say that a practice of yoga may help create the focus necessary to make the release you have been seeking. We realize that it may not be the acute remedy you were hoping for. We could say also that in some ways, you are perhaps allowing this energy to remain with you by the force you have exerted on its removal. In other words, you may be trying too hard, and we suggest that in "allowing" this to reside within you while at the same time telling it that it has no place within you may be what is necessary for its complete removal.

<trudy_bartlett> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> TZM, you're next...

<TzM> Could Michael tell me about my mate agreements? i.e., how many did I have coming into this life, and when will I, or did I, already meet these mates?

<KarenMurphy> Tziporah, we see that there were seven agreements coming into the present lifetime. Three of these have made themselves unavailable at this time, but four others have joined the "queue" as it were. Therefore, there are a total of eight at this time. Of those, four are in parts of the world quite far from you. The remaining four are within "striking " distance. One, San Antonio, Texas. Two, Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania. Three, Tennessee. Four, the northwest.

You have not met any yet, but we see that there are plans possible that could make meetings occur within the next, say, two years.

<TzM> Might I ask, are any/all of them religious Jews? also the ones far away? (Israel?)

<KarenMurphy> Two. One near, one far.

<TzM> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Brother Rob, you're next...

<brother_rob> Michael, can you tell me if I'm going to have a life partner in this lifetime and if so when/where will I meet her?

<KarenMurphy> We can speak to you in terms of mate agreements.

Like Tziporah (and like everyone), you came into this lifetime with several mate agreements "lined up". Your magic number was thirteen. However, two of these have died, one more is unavailable. That leaves ten. There have been no others to "join the queue", so your total remaining at this time is ten. Of those, three are at this time of an age that you would consider inappropriate (too young, too old), and may be ruled out for the time being. As you know, people get older and their perceptions change. Just because you are not interested in a seven-year old at this time doesn't mean that twenty years...
[sentence was truncated].

Of the seven "possibles", three are geographically close. One, Pacific Northwest. Two, upper Midwest. Three, Florida. As for the when? That remains to be seen. We would say, however, that the likelihood of your arranging a meeting within, say, the next five years is quite high.

<brother_rob> Thank you, that explains a lot
<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria, you're next...

<Elo-Maria> I've always wanted children and life-partner, but it's probably discrimination-arrogance combination, that makes it difficult, so it's like some disturbing pattern in my life: if someone is attracted to me, I'm not interested and if I'm attracted to someone, which I am at the moment, but what generally happens VERY seldom, then nothing happens with this person either. Last months I've been more than ever frustrated and stressed because of this situation. I'd like Michael to comment this ‘pattern’ from their point of view and tell me, do I have any agreements at all with some other fragment(s) to become life-partners? What about this person I feel attracted to and somehow energetically connected presently?

<KarenMurphy> Elo-Maria, although most fragments make multiple mate agreements for a given lifetime, leaving chance and situation to winnow the many into few, the number of your total mate agreements at life-begin was relatively few. This is somewhat unusual.

Three was your number. That could result in any number of outcomes, but it might be well to realize that agreements are often made "on the fly" in a given lifetime and that is what could happen for you now. The pattern that you have been noticing is not so much a function of your total number of mate agreements as it is your overleaves and how they affect your perception. You are accurate in determining that the goal of discrimination has been pervasive in this arena.

The fragment of whom you speak, by the way, is not a mate agreement as of yet but the two of you do hold some strong agreements of other sorts together. There is a pull on many fronts (past-life association, a host of minor yet strong agreements, and body-type attraction, to start) and we see that there could be much growth on both your parts should you choose to create a relationship of this type.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Alpaca_Amy, you're next...

<alpaca_amy> Could you give me some insight on my life task and trues?

<KarenMurphy> Thanks! .... True Rest == watching fish or sea creatures swimming. True Play == Swimming, making toys. True study == birds and their habits, also the evolution of books. True Work == The hosting of various mentalities within a group of like-minded people. Life Task == Making work and thought pleasurable for others.

<alpaca_amy> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<suzief> My husband Brian F. has been having choking incidents, is there a past life karmic cord connected to this? Is there a death agreement connected to it? I did have dreams as a child of raising my children alone, dead husband.

<KarenMurphy> The man Brian has been having some fear related to his going forward, both in his work and with his life in general. He has come to a place wherein he feels he should have accomplished more, yet he is not measuring up as seen in the eyes of not only himself but the projected eyes of his parents, mostly his mother. In other words, he is projecting onto himself the imagined disapproval of his mother and of himself. This has created a situation that is beginning to feel unbearable for him, although if you asked him about it, he'd say he was "fine." He does not recognize the tie, nor will he probably ever (in this lifetime).

We cannot predict death per se, but we will say that it is perhaps your own fears that have helped build this into more of a "thing" for you, and the fact that you are having dreams about it does not necessarily predict the future but may have more to do with working out your own fears in that venue instead of doing it the "hard" way, i.e. in "real life".

<KarenMurphy> (Karen= I'm sorry, I reread that twice as having dreams now instead of in the past, let me ask again about that)

<KarenMurphy> We will say also that the fear the man Brian is allowing to reside within him has affected the 5th chakra (speech, truth), and in turn has begun to manifest in such a way as the muscles surrounding the gullet are now somewhat compromised. That is not to say that instant repairs could not be made by this fragment if he should so choose, but we would like to pint out that fear is a difficult taskmaster, and can be difficult to shake loose.

As far as the dreams from the past, we will say that this is for the most part unconnected, yet we should say again what we stated earlier, in that THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS. We do not wish for you necessarily to read anything in particular into that statement, yet it is necessary to remind you that there are no true coincidences, and that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

<suzief> Thank you and love to you.
<DaveGregg> Michaela, you're next...

<Michaela> I'd like to know about my agreements with my husband Liviu and daughter Oana and if we shared any previous lives?

<KarenMurphy> With the man Liviu, in addition to the obvious mate agreement, there is also a co-nurturing agreement jointly between you. You both agreed to assist the other with difficulties in nurturing and being nurtured stemming from your pasts. In addition, there were several lifetimes shared, the most notable at this time being one in which you were brothers in the slave trade in western Africa in the 1600's. You were killed and he carried on the business but was maimed cruelly by resisting slaves in your absence and was left to die. He then became a part of a cult-like religion that was widespread in a very small srea, meaning that it was the sole religion practiced there.

People today might regard that religion as akin to witchcraft, but it brought this brother into a more light-filled space and he then became active in resisting the growing slave trade, especially resisting working with Europeans.

With your daughter Oana, there is the agreement to help one another fulfill the juxtaposition of overleaves and explore each of them fully within the context of the relationship. This has created much discord between you at times, but if done fully will result in a very strong and meaningful relationship.

There are no past-life associations that are affecting this relationship at this time; however, that is not to say that you have not shared many, it only means that they have no bearing upon you at this moment.

<Michaela> Thank you Michael, Karen, Dave.
<DaveGregg> Msky, you're next...

<msky> What is my Life Task? I feel as though I'm on "Cruise Control" in this lifetime and have wondered if I even have a Life Task.

<KarenMurphy> Morgan, your Life Task was defined as "creating a space within yourself that allows others the freedom to be themselves". It appears, then, that this is a Life Task of being, rather than Doing, which could create the feeling you have about being in the flow.

<msky> Thank You!
<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<CarrotWax> What is my family ikon?

<KarenMurphy> The One Who Is Not What He Appears.

<CarrotWax> Not sure I understand that but alright :-)
<DaveGregg> Lori, you're next...

<LoriLisa> Please tell me about my main guide(s). Do they have any messages for me, and how can I be more in tune with them?

<KarenMurphy> You have three guides who act on your behalf mostly. There are other peripheral guides but these are the main ones. Their messages to you would mostly sound like "listen to yourself", "trust yourself," you are not alone", etc. These are standard sorts of messages for many people. The sense of loneliness is so pervasive on the physical plane that many fragments require an almost constant bombardment of such information.

You can help yourself being more in tune with them by bringing yourself to a place where these basic messages are ingrained in you, a part of you, and therefore are not a requirement to remain within the litany of your guides. This will leave them free to give you other, different messages, and it will in turn speed and enhance your growth. We would say that this is a VERY common issue.

<LoriLisa> Thank you so much, Michael and Karen
<DaveGregg> Barbara, you're next and last for the evening.

<barbara> I'm considering a move to upstate New York and would like to know if this would enhance my opportunity for growth.

<KarenMurphy> We will remind you that should you so desire it and choose it, your opportunities for growth can exist from inside a rain barrel. However, we do see that such a move could well create within you a feeling of freedom and movement that would in turn unlock some issues for you that would be a part of your personal growth. In other words, it is not the place per se but more what you choose to do and feel in one place versus another that creates a difference in growth opportunities.

We see much drama exerted over one's living accommodations and remind you that there are opportunities abounding everywhere; however, your perception and demeanor can be greatly altered from place to place by such external stimuli as temperature, humidity, altitude, "energy", frequency, and view.

<barbara> Thank you Dave, Karen and Michael.
<DaveGregg> Do you have any closing comments, Karen?

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> We sense within many of you a feeling of anticipation. There is something new coming, and you can feel it. This is an exciting feeling, and can lead to many interesting opportunities for growth. We suggest to all of you, then, to take this time as a time of personal growth and manifestation, and use the collective energy you have surrounding you this night as a beginning or continuation of some personal project you would like to see fulfilled in the coming year.

<DaveGregg> Thanks to Karen and Michael for a great evening. :-)
<GeraldineB> Once again, I'm blown away by the channeling -- thank you so much, Karen :)
<suzief> Thank you Dave, Karen, Michael, peace and love
<KarenMurphy> Lovely. Interesting night. Thanks so much everyone. I'm sorry I couldn't get to everyone's questions.
<alpaca_amy> Thank you!
<Marjorie> Thank you Karen!
<Elo-Maria> Thank you, Michael, Karen and Dave! I like the energy tonight.
<ivydavid> Thank you. David was amazed:)
<ShannonB> Thank you Karen
<TzM> Karen, you were incredible in what and how much you covered! Thank you so much!
<susantheoboist> Thank you so much, Karen, Dave & Michaels.

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