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Thoughts On The Four Pillars


In my studies on the pieces of information that Michael has given us, the four pillars seemed to be the most straightforward of the lot. No pesky negative or positive poles, no fifteen different channeled versions of what to call them. True Rest, True Study, True Play, True Work. At the same time, while I could pretty much work out my overleaves by myself, I was clueless on how to figure out my pillars.

Upon review, the information from several different channels said that utilizing pillars in a balanced, active way is vital to accomplishing our life tasks. Per Michael:

"Remember, that the four pillars are always set up in service of the life task, and all four of the pillars need to be recharged and attuned as needed to bring full weight to the task."

My first reaction to this was panic, "oh my god, I don't know my pillars, I'll never accomplish my life task". Which, of course, was even more stressful for the fact that I also had NO idea what my task was.

Eventually, I had my first channel done, and asked about many things, pillars being one. Accordingly, they were identified as True Rest being "scholarly gatherings", True Play as "sensual pleasures", True Work as "leadership issues" and True study of "group politics". It was kind of anti-climactic and I thought that possibly, if I could corral a bunch of my scholar friends together, set up a topic and then sit back and observe who argued which side and why, and as long as the whole thing happened in a hot tub, I'd have my pillars covered, right? Ok, maybe not. So, since I had so many things to work with where self-validation was concerned I sort of left "pillars" aside and hoped that they would well, maybe, just happen. I had that whole chief feature thing to deal with, you know?

In a channeled session from several months later I asked Michael about identifying times when the less visible aspects of the chief feature were present (as you can tell, pillars were NOT on my mind). Once chief features are exposed they seem to work just as diligently as they did prior to recognition, but at a deeper level. They answered as follows:

"We would say that the first thing to look at is; what is the particular action, thought or created motivation which is attempting to stop. From there you can look at where the desire to stop comes from -- because [where chief feature is concerned] anger is fear and the goal of anger is "to stop".

Essence can throw up cautionary flags, as well, which say "be careful about this task/choice; does it serve the path you have set yourself this lifetime... is it part of your true rest, true work, true study, true play?" There are different things to listen to where this is concerned, and to look at what is being created by fear and what is being created by the recognition that it's not on your path."

It's an answer that works with many different levels of information and unexpectedly enough, here were pillars, once again. Yet, this time, I began to get a glimmer of what the pillars could lend themselves to.

Yes, pillars are designed to support the life task but the life task is of necessity a very general kind of outline. Therefore, the pillars are also rather vague and that allows them to be flexible enough to fit in daily along the way to accomplishing the task. They can just "happen" but they can be "created" as well. How do you know? How do you know when you've pulled those pillars up around you and the life task is being promoted? Well, if the task is representative of a choice in Essence, then surely the pillars will reflect the joy that comes of being within the scope of true self and not false personality.

The channel above, for the question that pertained to chief feature, concluded as follows:

"all choices are valid, even choices made out of false personality, in that they have growth potential. However, there is also the very distinct and true reality that growth is served more directly by joy than it is by pain. It is the great irony of this particular physical level manifestation is that people will choose pain before they choose joy, because they think they will grow from it. However, you grow faster from joy."

For me, this has become the heart of the understanding of, and the use of, my pillars. When I look back on my day and I can recall those moments when I felt joy, I can see where a pillar was activated. Very often, I realize that not only did I exercise True Work, for instance, but that in doing so I reached a place where I could more easily connect with my essence. On days when I feel so isolated and apart from everyone I can bring up my pillars, study them, pick one and do whatever feels right along those lines, it's wonderful to know that here is something I can always do that will bring me joy. When I can't quite figure out if chief feature is doing a number on me I can evaluate my actions, or lack thereof, in a light that balances the negativity and fear of CF against the joy of doing my pillars. So, not only do they support, but they balance some of the tougher aspects of growth.

Ultimately, I still pretty much let my pillars "happen". As I set my eye on the goal for this lifetime and let the path towards that goal create itself, it's through the four corners of my pillars that I experience the joyful side of growth along the way.

Kathryn Neall
Arlington, Texas

5th level old Sage/ET Scholar
Intellectual Center, Moving Part/
CF: Arrogance
Third Entity/Scholar Casting



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