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Opening Comments


<KarenMurphy> This is a high-energy group tonight, so let's all hold hands mentally.  Place yourself in a position of comfort.  Do not be afraid to move about the room if you should so desire. Place your awareness now if you will upon the soles of your feet.  What do you feel?  Is there fabric, carpeting, the inside of your shoes, a hard smooth floor?  Take some time to discover what it is you feel and to keep your awareness there.

Feel also what comes to you through your feet, what sensory input and also what energetic input.  You are receiving input AT ALL TIMES but you are rarely aware of it. Feel not only the floor and the energy but also what lies through the floor, through it and beyond it, beyond even the earth's surface, its crust and core, and the space beyond the other side.

Feel your awareness then travel with you to not only the depths of your own universe but also the multitudinous other realities and dimensions that exist, co-exist, along with your own. Feel then yourself becoming huge, gigantic, to meet and match and finally envelop these realities.  You are one with them and they are you.  Instantly you travel to your own size again and then deep INSIDE yourself, traveling along blood vessels, growing smaller and smaller, smaller than your cells.

You are now INSIDE your cells and still you grow ever-smaller and ever-smaller, realizing finally that you are the same, the same size and mass as when you were HUGE and larger than the biggest universe.  They are one and the same. You return then to your seat, and again feel your feet on the floor.  You are the same, and yet you are forever changed from this experience.  Take this with you, then, into the night and into this week and into and out of your dreams, for you have seen the TRUE YOU.

DaveGregg: Connie, you have the first question...

Q & A

ConnieD: Hello Michael and Karen.  I'd like to know about other significant lives as an artist & in what form or medium did I work?

KarenMurphy: In the middle ages in France you were known as quite a skilled glassblower.  This was a joy for you as well as that "paid the bills" and your trade.  You trained others in the trade, namely a succession of small boys as was the custom. There was more than one boy who also shared your bed at one time or another, but mostly you concentrated on the work, which was everything to you.  There was no wife, no children to distract you from your work.  You became consumed by it and it was eventually your undoing, when you slipped and fell into an amount of molten glass and were burned over a large portion of your body.  Still, you carry fond memories of when you were consumed (literally) by the fire and flame of your passion for you art.  Few others in your trade thought of it as art at the time and you were ground-breaking in that regard. Next, you worked with leather in Persia in the 1400's and worked intricate designs into it.  You were not highly successful monetarily but again you were happy in becoming consumed by your art and the beauty you were able to create.  Pieces of your work remarkably survived for hundreds of years due to the process by which they were tanned and preserved.

In other lives, you have been a calligrapher (China) a potter (near east and also north America, native American) and have worked with fabric (many places/times) and wool (New England, early 1800's).

Art is familiar to you and mainly comes easily, though in this lifetime you have set up a few blocks that have proved interesting [smile]. 

ConnieD: Wow, thank you!
DaveGregg: Marjorie, you're next...

marjorieandherbabies: Evening Karen, Dave, Michaels!  Can Michael offer me any guidance about how to best approach my coming two months at Renaissance House? (Marjorie Alexander....Thank you!)

KarenMurphy: We would offer you this: This is a time of not only great renewal but also of beginnings. There are opportunities being afforded you that you could not hope to reach otherwise without greater difficulty. We see that there are fears wrapped up to some extent in this upcoming adventure, but we recommend letting go of them if possible to "enjoy the ride" if that is possible.  Achieving an openness to experiences will aid you greatly in gleaning what you desire from this time; if you remain closed then you will likely repeat portions of it, which may or may not be as pleasant.  [smile].

We suggest also to engage in some regular body movement, tai chi or some such, which will allow you openness and also groundedness, which in the end will aid you in achieving your goals. 

marjorieandherbabies: Thank you so much for your help!
DaveGregg: Ron, you're next...

RonV: Good evening Michael - You told me that my Life Task is to reach
farther than ever before, taking others along.  Can you tell me my True Play, True Rest, and True Study?

KarenMurphy: True Play = following things with wings
KarenMurphy: True rest = sleep and dreams and their study
KarenMurphy: True Study = following logical conclusions to their utmost.

RonV: Great! Thanks!
DaveGregg: Ivy, you're next...

ivy: I was wondering if you could tell me about any remaining mate agreements I might have?

KarenMurphy: This was a lifetime with eight mate agreements.  Four have been fulfilled. Two look unlikely at this point, one VERY likely and one not so much. The very-likely is north American, male, single at this time, and there are (astral) plans to meet.  You may or may not recognize this set-up at the time, as will seem accidental.

The not-so-likely is Japanese but does come to the West coast on business frequently, however there are no concrete plans to meet at this time.  He does figure prominently in your dreams however [smile] and would feel very familiar if you were to meet, which although not planned at this time is not altogether unlikely either.

ivy: Thank you:)
DaveGregg: Laughingboi, you're next...

laughingboi: The fragment now named [name omitted] has been one of my patients and recently he developed what looked like a cold sore or a boil on his left upper lip.  Any info on past life associations or karmic ties or anything that might shed light on how he really got the sore on his lip and why Iím being blamed for causing it would be greatly appreciated.

KarenMurphy: This fragment is unsuccessfully dealing with anger issues at this time, and this is what manifested in his lack of success in dealing with this intense emotion in other ways. Although there is no karma per se that causes him to react in this way, there are some difficulties between you that have caused him to react in this manner. They stem from some lifetimes, mostly one in particular, in which you were a judged and he was sentenced to hard labor, eventually having to relocate to Australia (he escaped and went to New Zealand instead).  In that lifetime hid lip was also mangled in such a way that it made him hideous to look at and unsuitable for marriage, and he was left largely alone and bitter, spending a lot of time plotting revenge.  he does not know why he reacts so strongly and in such a visceral manner to you at the time, but at the same time he cannot deny it.  Although no karma was incurred there is a small sense of guilt on your end (you disliked sending anyone to the penal colonies) that you cannot shake, and it is exacerbated by his intense reaction.  We suggest then that you attempt to contact this fragment on an essence level and attempt reconciliation and forgiveness.  You are angry at his unusual and strong and unfair reaction; if you forgive him that it may tip the balance and allow him to cool down enough to slip into  a center other than Emotional, which eventually will lead to understanding as well as a cooling of this symptom. 

laughingboi: Thank you very much...I will see if I can talk to him in dream state...though I know not how exactly to attempt that...take care.
DaveGregg: Lotus, you're next...

Lotus: Hi Michael and Karen. Could you offer any insight on children with Asperger's syndrome (high functioning autism), and what kind of educational plan would most benefit them (for example, would it be better to keep such a child in the general class room, or move her to a special education room?)

KarenMurphy: Lotus, is there a specific child you have in mind?  Because the immediate answer I get is that it depends on the child, and I can elucidate and maybe shed light if there's someone specific.

Lotus: The particular case I have in mind is a 7 year old girl. Her name is Kalyani.

KarenMurphy: Kalyani prefers to be alone if possible. Other people send strong, very strong, energy-waves to her that she finds almost physically painful yet does not have the vocabulary or understanding of these cross-concepts (physical sensation = energy = emotion) to articulate this. To that end, a smaller classroom would be beneficial, BUT keep in mind that it is ENERGY she objects to, and some of the special-ed children are very high energy-exuding fragments and therefore would not be a suitable choice to have in her vicinity.

In this case, then, if she cannot be home schooled (which I might add would be very beneficial, at least for a period of about two years while she "toughens" her protective shell in terms of being bombarded with energy) that she would be best served AT THIS TIME in the regular classroom.  There are other issues, however, of assimilation and being held as "different" that may exacerbate certain self-comforting actions, which would cause it to appear that she is more agitated and less comfortable, but keep in mind that these action would dissipate over a period of a few months, about three, and her integration would then be quite good.

[22:21] Lotus: Thanks so  much, I greatly appreciate your advice.
[22:22] DaveGregg: Robinette, you're next...

Robinette: Good Evening Michael & Karen. After reading the Celestine Prophecies, they hinted at a 10th insight. Would you elaborate on any other insights not yet found please?

KarenMurphy: We find that these books are a distillation of the truths found everywhere, but have been bent or distorted somewhat so as to make more sense to the physical reality you find yourselves in now.  Since this is not the end-all and be-all to reality, we would say then that there are some discrepancies and inconsistencies with these "insights" that do not necessarily reflect the ENTIRE truth of reality.

This author has done a good job of revealing what he thought to be truths, but as they are indeed only partial-truths, it is not entirely useful to go looking for more partial-truths to complete the set.  This author does, however, have access to additional partial-truths which he does plan to make public at some time hence.  We see that these have been an excellent "jumping-off point" for many fragments interested in metaphysics, but there are other sources closer to the "entire truth" than this one. 

Robinette: Thank you
DaveGregg: Ocean, you're next...

ocean1: Hi Michael and Karen, my name is Cheryl....  a few weeks ago, a long-lost cousin from Indiana called from out of the blue... we are as close again now as we were as teens, and it seems there must be a reason for this happening now, along with so many other changes in my life. What past life connections do we have that may be relevant now? Her name is Andrea.

KarenMurphy: It is time to fulfill the agreement you made prior to incarnating, hence the renewed acquaintance.  This agreement is a mutual one and on the face of it seems very benign but actually what will likely occur is a melding and integrating of energies that will allow each of you to then go off in a slightly different course than before. In other words, your interaction will change each of your lives to some degree and in some fashion, and this will likely be recognizable in retrospect one day some years hence.

In addition, there are several past-life associations that bind you, but none of which really figure greatly in this present one nor do they affect your interaction to any great degree except the amount of comfort and familiarity that exists between you. 

ocean1: thank you very much!
DaveGregg: mheinze, you're next...

mheinze: Finding a "good" job has been my bane of life. My brain is turned to mush on the topic. I gotta find work immediately and would prefer to upgrade from anything I've done to date. Can you perceive a venue of focus that would be wise for me to, well, focus on?

KarenMurphy: We realize that the demands of the physical plane and what is loosely called "making a living" make career and work choices more complicated than they naturally would be from our standpoint here in the "ether" [smile].  To that end, we see how difficult it can be to balance passion and fulfillment with the ability to buy groceries and to pay rent. Therefore, it is with extreme caution that we offer career or work advice, knowing that it simply isn't as "easy" as we see it to be.  Yet, isn't it?

mheinze: Do go on...

KarenMurphy: If you can reach out your hand in the drive-thru of a Krispy Kreme shop and take a hot, fresh, meltingly sweet and wonderful taste sensation simply be holding out your hand, why can't you simply reach out and grab your life, your passion, the same way? Why must it be hard? Why, indeed? The answer is:  it mustn't.  It doesn't have to be hard.  It CAN be as easy as getting that Krispy Kreme donut.

KarenMurphy: "Well if it's so easy, Michael why don't you tell us how?"

KarenMurphy: There must be an element of trust. You KNOW that the donut will be there, don't you?  After all, you have paid for it, you ordered it, you expect it. Why not translate that expectation into the rest of your life?  Reach out, then, and grab what is there.  Be careful, though, because you WILL get what you ordered, so be specific on exactly what it is that you want. This process may take time, discovering EXACTLY what it is that you want, but once you do? Simply reach out and take it.  It's yours. 

mheinze: FOCUS?

KarenMurphy: Do what it is that you REALLY WANT.  You'll know it when you find it. Trust yourself.

mheinze: I love you guys, thank you SOOO MUCH - KAREN :-)

DaveGregg: Jeremy, you're next...

Jeremy: Good evening Michael's and Karen, my name is Jeremy S. Could Michael please explain the nature of my relationship with Lisa Schuster monad, past lives, agreements...)

KarenMurphy: The previous identities of these two fragments is relatively well-known to both of then, as they often unwittingly lapse into role-play with their prior-selves at times, speaking in accents or holding prior-photographic images between them when they interact.  There is much between them and a sense of real comfort and familiarity, YET we say also that there is on the fragment Lisa's part especially, a holding-back. This is due in part to the enormous strain that this fragment is under of holding together the family while straining to see what's ahead at the same time.  This is, of course, her perception, and while valid in many ways, of course does not reflect the entire picture.

The past lives that figure prominently have to do mainly with late-1700's France and also the period just after the first world-war.  In addition there is much to consider from ancient Rome as well as classical Greece that bears witness in some of the interaction today. Today, then, there is a mutual-aid agreement, in that each one is to be borne in some ways by the other held up as it were.  There is a sense of reciprocity and "fairness" that we find quite striking, and we will say that this is borne out by experience.  Right now it seems that Lisa is on the receiving end, but it FEELS to her as if it was the other way around.  The constant interplay and juxtaposition is somewhat wearing, and we see these fragments taking a break from one another from time to time in order to de-stress and re-group and renew.  Still, the pull is there and there is no denying it; the relationship continues and the patterns remain.

Jeremy: thank you very very MUCH!
DaveGregg: JohnM, you're next...

John_M: My question does happen to be in 2 parts, but they are simple and short: I would like to know 1) How am I progressing with my 4th Internal Monad, which I was told was well underway about 2 years ago? and 2) I have been channeled as "mid-Level Old"-- I am curious as to  which specific level I am at?

KarenMurphy: We see that in some ways you are progressing splendidly with your 4th, yet in others you get bogged down from time to time.  We urge you then to stop and take time to digest what is happening. We see that you are in a hurry to "progress", but ironically that is one of your "issues" yet to be dealt with.  Trust that they will all work out in the end, and we  see you mainly attending to what comes up, so why hurry? Presently, and we mean RIGHT THIS MINUTE, you manifest 4th level Old.

John_M: Thank you Michael and Karen!!
DaveGregg: AnnH, you're next...

annh: Ann Hemenway here. I have been having what seem to be highly instructional dreams lately, e.g., dreams in which I am being instructed. Other students seem to be involved. Is this accurate and what is it that I am learning?

KarenMurphy: Welcome to Dream School. [smile]  It's true, you have set up a scenario in which you are cognizant of the learning which takes place during dreamtime.  This is, of course, no accident that you maintain awareness of this occurrence.  many of you do so on a regular basis, though perhaps not with the same amount of clarity. What we see happening here then is a mixture of:

 1.  remembrance/recognition of past-life knowledge (Atlantis. etc) and the surrounding scenarios.
 2.  Present-life associations with a number of other fragments, both from this lifetime and others, who are gathering for a common purpose.
 3.  the realization, through symbols, that you are all connected and that you are all learning.

annh: cool! thank you!
DaveGregg: MarkP, you're next...

markp: Greetings Michael & thanks to both you & Karen for tonight's work.    Personal question this time.  I'd like to know if I've any astral or past life connections, or current life agreements w/ a recently met associate & visual artist, Maranda P.

KarenMurphy: This was a major life-teacher for you during several lifetimes. Not only have you shared physical space and lifetimes but more importantly is the extreme support position she fulfilled for you for several lifetimes in addition to one entire grand cycle.  So in other words, you go back a long way [smile] Although there is physical chemistry between you what we see as "optimum" in this lifetime for both if you is a reciprocal learning position fulfilled similarly to a monad.  This is another type of agreement made mainly on the fly with little pre-planning.

Although you did agree beforehand to cross paths in this lifetime, we see that this agreement has not yet been initiated or finalized, nor was it planned from prior to incarnating, yet we see many positive benefits arising from such an interaction.  For you, Mark, it will help draw a line of delineation between types of relationships in your life, and for her it will provide some very needed grounding and a stable basis from which to operate, if the two of you were to become friends.

markp: Fascinating, as always.  And as always, I'm grateful.  Cheers.
[23:13] DaveGregg: RL, you're next...

RL: Good evening all.  Can Michael tell me something about my recent desire for travel,  and if this has relevance with my 4th IM,  and/or life task?

KarenMurphy: There are others with whom you are desirous of meeting in order to fulfill or to begin to fulfill certain agreements, who would be met only if one of you travels.  There is a strong impetus to meet these fragments in order to go to what you think of as the "next step" in your life; hence the impetus to travel. We would say that this desire then is more related to life-tasks than it is to 4th IM, although of course both may be involved.

RL: Any indication which countries are most significant?

KarenMurphy: At the risk of sounding impish, we suggest that you allow your intuition be your guide [smiling] but we also may add that southeast Asia May be a wonderful place to begin looking.

RL: Thank you.
DaveGregg: Jondalf, you're next...

Jondalf: Hi Karen and Michael.  What is the Essential reason there are so many Autistic children incarnate now?

KarenMurphy: As we intimated earlier this evening, the issues surrounding autism are many and complex.  There is of course no "one cause" for it, and it is also wise to consider that there are many DIFFERENT "disorders" now all being lumped under the same "autism spectrum" umbrella. To that end, it is difficult to pinpoint ONE cause or reason for the influx of similarly-situated fragments, but we can draw these correlations:

1.  Environmentally, there are HUGE changes being made in human DNA that have affected the number of fragments with 'altered" DNA as compared to what came "before".  This alteration is, we stress, a NATURAL state but has been sped up by environmental factors as well as various substances (plastics, etc.) that did not exist in their present form until relatively recently.

2.  Choice-wise, there are "trends" that appear in the human consciousness as a global phenomenon that affect choices in terms of overleaves, life-task, etc.  Although of course each fragment makes choices independently of one another (barring agreements among fragments), there is a certain influence from "global consciousness" that creates certain trends in overleaf choices. You are experiencing an upswing now in terms of the number of fragments choosing inwardly-focused overleaves, which gives rise to scenarios that look like autism.

3.  In addition, there is much to be gained in terms of scientific research and correlation-theory by fragments acting in this heretofore little-known or understood manner, so basically many fragments are simply giving the scientific community something to do. What, you think that everything is serious and has to have a serious "reason"?  That would be an incorrect assumption.  Fragments like to "play" on a global level also.  This is a form, then, of play. Is not everything, then, play?  All life and interaction is simply manipulation of energy and matter, is it not?  Everything is malleable in various forms, so why not have fun with the Play-doh and make something REALLY cool??

Jondalf: Is there a preponderance of fragments with Autism from a particular Cadre, or group/faction of Cadres?

KarenMurphy: Not necessarily, although there is a large influx coming at this time (and has been incarnating for the past ten years or so) who were last incarnated during the Second World War.

Jondalf: Fascinating. Thank you.
DaveGregg: Laine, you're next...

Laine: What is my life task and 4 trues? By the way, that was great advice you gave Maggie. I will use it.

KarenMurphy: Life Task = simply to be, in the purest form of being, to take up space and breathe and create no NEW demands, but BE.

True Play = flying, whether in dreamtime or in imagination, or reality.  the essence of flight.
True rest = stirring the soup; creating nourishment while feeding the soul with repetitive movement.
True Study = animals and their habitats.
True Work = finding a way to exist without adding anything or taking anything away; minimalism to its extreme.

Laine: Thank you
DaveGregg: Julian you're next...

Julian: Can you give me any insight into my relationship with the fragment Eda W. and how I can help her with her concern about failing memory?

KarenMurphy: This fragment recalls a similar situation where the failing memory was indicative of a long decline into madness, and there is much fear surrounding that scenario as well as the potential of a reprise. There are indeed brain cells, synapses among them, that are firing differently from before.  The brain is attempting to rewire but there is so much fear that the body repulse attempts at either repairs to return the brain to a prior state or to adjust and become something else entirely with a different way of interacting and operating. In other words, the body is attacking itself during what is a natural state of change. If there was a way to reduce the fear, the process might slow somewhat to allow the body and the personality to become used to the changes.  However this would eventually be startling to others around her, these changes, even if taken gradually.

There is little chance of reversing this condition and there must be the realization that this is a choice of the fragment, however frightening it may be.  Reducing the fear by performing past-life recall may be of some help, but again will not stop the process..

Julian: Thank you.
DaveGregg: Terri, you're next...

Terri: Hello Karen, Michael.  Could you tell me anything about my ex-step-granddaughter Abby and what is going on with her at this time? Particularly concerning the spot or tumor that I have just learned about.

KarenMurphy: There is at this time a choice being mulled over by this fragment.  The spot may indeed be cancerous, in which case she will likely make a rapid exit.  That has yet to be determined however, and this fragment has not yet determined which course to take in this case.  We would say that the potential for the spot being cancerous is about 60% while it being benign runs at about 35%, with a 5% margin for error. There are several issues weighing in at this time, mainly having to do with the fact that this fragment made some hasty choices in order to incarnate and is not entirely pleased by them, and may be deciding to begin again.  There is a "no harm, no foul" aspect to this choice although of course there are those surrounding her who would be devastated should she decided to exist at this time,  but that again is a choice made by the fragments involved. 

Terri: Thank you so much
DaveGregg: Daniele, you're next...

daniele: I am trying to understand what different teachings say.  I am hoping to put it all together!  (-:  Can you tell me what Jesus meant with sin?

KarenMurphy: We should say at the outset that many, almost a majority, of the words spoken or attributed to the man Jesus have been altered over the years.  The nature of "sin", as it was known in those times, bears little if any resemblance to what is held over people's heads at this time, creating guilt and obedience. Therefore, when we say that AT THAT TIME, the meaning of "sin" was ANY interaction outside of marriage, including speech or glance, does this shed light on the society in place during the time of Jesus?  t5here was an incredibly complex moral code that was put in place in order to further the species, and to assure the continuation of each genealogical line. However, it is important to note that MARRIAGE was quite loosely defined, and could exist between brother and sister.  So when Jesus spoke of sin and forgiving of sins, he was speaking of the incredible need to remain within the moral code that was established for the good of the community, simply for the sake of safety.  There was, of course no GUILT associated with "breaking" this code, THEREFORE, the sins could be easily forgiven if the INTENT was present.

daniele: ok thanks!
DaveGregg: Procrastinator, you're next...

Procrastinator: Hi my name is Umihiko M. I want to know my soul age/level, and my life task.

KarenMurphy: Old 5, manifesting as Late Mature for now.  Life task = creating a sense of self that surrounds you and envelopes everyone around you in bliss and peace.

Procrastinator: Thanks.
DaveGregg: Sandy, you're next...

SandyW: I'm going to pay attention to what you said about the job situation too... as for my questions

KarenMurphy: (by the way, that job/career information was for a lot of people here tonight)

SandyW: ....I have a friend, Tammy P, who I would like to know about...any essence ties, past lifetimes, karma or agreements tat we might have together this lifetime....we sure keep paralleling each other.....

KarenMurphy: This was your father in a prior existence, the man who gave you life and then cast you aside later to survive.  You were sold in order to pay bills and also to decrease on the mouths to feed.  The guilt was tremendous but that was also the way of things.  You were not maltreated and after ten years earned your freedom (Africa in the late 1700's). There was an agreement that was not completed and it is this that hangs between you now.  There are parallels between you because the agreement has to do with experiential learning and it was important to assume a similar life so as to further deepen the experience of the agreement.  The agreement has not yet been completed but it has begun,.  prior to that there was a need to deepen the trust between you that had been broken.  Although you bore no ill will to your family in that lifetime, there was a sense on the father's part of guilt that could not be shaken free.  hat had to be repaired before this agreement could take place.

We estimate that the bonds between you will continue to deepen over the next ten years or son at which time we estimate that the agreement will be completed, after which there could be a loosening and relaxation, a feeling of completion and accomplishment, that may alter your relationship. 

SandyW: Thanks I know Tammy will like to hear this too.
DaveGregg: Russ, you're next...

SandyW: Dave, Russ had to go to work, but he left me his question...Is it still okay if I ask for him? Russ has a co-worker, Mark, that he wants to know what is up between them, agreements, past life's, karma, essence ties, etc.

KarenMurphy: Mark was a highly placed actor in the drama known as the Spanish Inquisition. Russell was caught in a web and was implicated in something he did not do. Mark was responsible for his death. There is much discomfort between them, YET in other ways these two men could be like brothers, and have been.  The dichotomy is painful to the man Russell, and is perplexing to the man Mark. If they intend to continue working together, we suggest a course of essence contact or dreamtime meetings to help alleviate the situation and to take the edge off the discomfort, which is at times palpable.

It is possible to get past such an unpleasant association, but it is not easy.  We would suggest also to attempt to get closer to the "positive" past-life associations by recreating them through regression techniques with an experienced therapist who deals in such things. 

SandyW: thanks...I will let the two of them know
DaveGregg: Lady, you're next...

LadyLapis: Hello, Karen & Michael. my full name is Wilma T & I've been involved in an off & on relationship with a man named Doug W for over 13 years. I think we've had at least 3 past lives together. I would like information on our overleaves & agreements and how I can resolve the karmic ties between us, or create trust & affection between us, or release & move on.

KarenMurphy: This is a difficult relationship.  There are some abrading overleaves yet there is a sense of completion and fulfillment that neither fragment has been able to locate elsewhere. Although there are no agreements save a convoluted mate agreement between these fragments, they are indeed tied in many other ways through past-life association or other ties that go off-world or off-reality. In other words, these are "old friends" with whom quite a bit has passed under the bridge.  The physical attraction is undeniable, yet neither can really say why, as neither is the other's "type".  That's part of what makes life on the physical plane so interesting, these seemingly indefinable qualities, the je ne c'est quoi.

The trust issues stem from early-life patterns that are being held by the man Doug, and it is his choice whether to continue to hold them or to release them.  We will say that unless/until he does so, there are likely to be further issues and discomforts. 

LadyLapis: Is there anything I can do?

KarenMurphy: Hold him in the intention that he will choose to examine these issues and release them; if he is bathed in a non-judgmental glow of intention, it may help support him to the extent that he is able to do this.  other than that, all is choice and if he chooses not to examine these admittedly painful issues, there is not much that you can do.

LadyLapis: Thank you so very much...I'm truly grateful.
DaveGregg: Gray, you have the last question...

Gray: Thanks! Karen and Michael. This is a two parter, but the answer could be brief. I am asking about my most flamboyant Artisan creative incarnation, my resonance places it in Italy. Date and manner of being a creative artisan. Secondly, give some details please of the time I was a Celtic Wizard. This artisan life was probably young soul.

KarenMurphy: Venice, in the time of the Old Masters, a fabric dealer who creatively bought and sold fine fabrics and skimmed a little off the top in order to purchase:

1.  a brothel
2.  an art gallery
3.  a nunnery

Gray: Damn! Why can't I figure out how to do that in this life? <grin> no need to answer that.

KarenMurphy: The Celtic Wizard lifetime was from a slightly different reality-set than this one, a world in which magic works, and you were based in Ireland though you traveled many places both on-world and off.

Gray: Thank you very much!
DaveGregg: Littlestar, you're next...

littlestar: My question is about the Karma that I incurred this lifetime, so far and the past karma I've paid back with my mother. I'd like to know about any part of our relationship from past lives, agreements, etc. Therefore, there is a buildup and then release of this karma, this energy, at all times. Every fragment incurs and repays tiny karmas on almost a daily basis.  There is a constant exchange of energy that affects you at all times.  Mostly there is little notice taken of these exchanges except perhaps as a slight memory of one having been pleasant or not.

KarenMurphy: This is much what is occurring with your mother, although on a lager scale.  There is a constant give-and-take that is somewhat off-putting to someone not used to this constant exchange. it can be wearing.

There are no agreements save the parent-child agreement and several minor ones involving an exchange of information.  There are no MAJOR karmas, but the buildup and exchange of MINOR karmas is difficult. There are times when you would like a break from this and to not have the relationship always be "about" something.

There are many past-life associations, but none are extremely significant except one in which you were young mothers together as native Americans living in the northwest.  Her baby was swept away by waves at the ocean near which your tribe lived, and you were required to give her your baby since you also were pregnant as well.  You resented seeing your child in her arms and took the first opportunity to leave, however you were brought back and made to stay and then to serve her in a closer environment as punishment for taking two tribe members away (yourself and your baby).  You caused a miscarriage and then took the opportunity to bleed out and therefore escape.  There is no karma but there is resentment.  There is a sense of competition that exists between you that makes you feel uncomfortable; she is largely unaware of it.

littlestar: Thank you.


Closing Comments

KarenMurphy: You have seen then how closely connected you are, and at the same time how very many possibilities there exist not only in your own life but in all the myriad mirror-lives, stretching into infinity, that exist as well.  It is truly mind-boggling and can be overwhelming, and when this happens we suggest then to take a breath, slow down and reach into that innermost place within yourself where you know the core of. You have been to that core tonight when we first met, and you know where it is.  Trust the, that you will find that place again and that you will know it, for everything else, EVERYTHING ELSE, builds on that.  We bid you good evening. 

DaveGregg: Thank you Michael & Karen. It was a long haul tonight, but a great outing. :-)
Markp: Big session.  Lots of work Karen.  Very nice.  nite all.


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