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Opening Comments


<NancyG/MICHAEL> We are here. We have observed your electronic warfare tonight! (grin) We also experienced such snags in our lifetimes. Whenever you think of us as above it all, remember that we, all 1050 of us, lived lives on the earth, experiencing every possible permutation, frustration, joy, and hope that any human can have.

We believe that keeping this in mind may help you to understand us when we say we do know what you are going through, be it misery or bliss.  These lives on the physical plane have built in spaces for both, you know. Whenever it seems that you are unredeemably miserable, take a step back in your mind to a time when you were not. When you are surrounded with nothing but bliss, enjoy and file it away for that moment when it is needed to alleviate other, less happy times.

The physical plane is just a part of creation, nothing more or less. Your sojourn here is a part of your journey through a cycle of lives. We repeat ourselves, but there are experiences that you can only have in a body on the physical plane. Indeed, there are so many experiences in this category that some of you will have hundreds of lives just to sample many of them. Therefore, it makes no sense for a fragment to say that he/she cannot endure another life on the earth, or that he/she actually belongs to another universe. Each one of you is here, on this planet, at this time, by choice. Your parents were a choice, your culture is a choice, your body is also a choice. Taken all together, these are the underpinnings of the lifetime you are living.

How, then, can you alter what you may find less appealing about your choices? In many ways. You continue to choose with every breath you take. Each day, each hour, you choose the next word, act, thought. We remember how hard some days were, and we remember how joyful were other days. Memory is your comforter here. Nothing, not one word, thought, deed lasts forever on the physical plane. All is choice, yes, but all is part of change. You are the choosers of what you wish to change.

You often weigh your choices on a scale of what seems most attractive. And this is undoubtedly a Good Work. But remember, the physical plane has another purpose for you, and that is to be a place of learning. That means those choices that end up being less than perfect are still 'perfect' choices. All are valid. All are part of your lives.

<NancyG> We are ready for questions now.

<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you have the first question tonight...

Q & A

<Jyoti_Shah> My question is about Family Constellations work> Would like to know what Michael has to say about this as a healing modality for healing individuals, families and nations.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> When a fragment is planning an incarnation, there are many things to consider. One of the most important for many fragments is choice of parents and the concomitant relatives that go with that choice. If we understand the question, this is the constellation that one acquires by being born into a particular family set.

<Jyoti_Shah> yes

<NancyG/MICHAEL> It may be that there is a particular weakness, physical or mental or emotional that threads through a particular set of genes as carried by some in a family. This is known on the astral where these decisions are made. Sometimes a parent is chosen specifically for that reason, to allow the fragment to experience this weakness. Further, if there is support needed because of special needs in these realms, those who have had experience with these needs are best equipped to stand by with open hands and hearts when the need arises.

Sometimes, however, a family constellation will coalesce against a fragment, for the same reasons: wanting nothing to do with an aberration of body, mind, or spirit. This also has been chosen, since knowledge of the probably shunning has been foreseen.

There is great healing energy in a family. There can also be a lack of sympathy and indeed of love. Family constellations run the gamut from A to Z in this respect.

<Jyoti_Shah> How efficacious is this method, I mean how does it heal more than one individual? How important Are the "orders of love" ? Can the ' orders of love' be restored by Constellation work if they have been disrupted by the actions of some family members? How do the participants in the workshop gain from the experience of the one seeking to be healed?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Within the constellation there has to be at least one member connected to the individual. Otherwise, there is no constellation for that individual.

<Jyoti_Shah> Yes, that is the person seeking the healing.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Within most family constellations the agreements are several, including many members of the family.

Regarding the 'orders of love', remember that the actions of some do not negate the actions of the whole. It may take more energy to neutralize negative energy, but love is much stronger than fear which fathers all negative emotions. Giving healing energy is as 'healing' to the giver as to the one receiving. Love/healing is without weight, nationality, age, or creed. It simply is.

<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks Michael, Nancy and Dave.
<DaveGregg> Lisa F, you're next...

<LisaF> Our family is adopting a rescued retired greyhound tomorrow.........is she going to be good for our family and has she been with us before?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The inclusion of this animal in the family is Good Work for everyone. The animal has not had a connection with anyone in the family, but is predisposed to be affectionate and comfortable, if given the chance. If these are qualities that seem good to this family, then yes, the adoption can be thought to be good for it.

<LisaF> Thank You :)
<DaveGregg> Aditi, you're next...

<aditi> What kind of agreements do I have with my parents and my brother Pranav in this lifetime? And is Katrina one of my Traveling Companions?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The agreements the fragment Aditi has with her parents are twofold: That they were as eager as she was that they form a parent/child relationship, and that there would be a way for the fragment to enter an adult state with a sound education behind her.

The agreement between the woman Aditi and her brother is one of 'ad hoc' choice. It came with the original agreement with the parents. This often happens when there is no outstanding karma between siblings. They make their agreements 'on the fly', so to speak, after a primary agreement has been honored. Such is the case here. Affection, respect, even dislike can result, but it is not based on a prior agreement.

We do not see such a connection between the woman Aditi and the woman Katrina, that of traveling companion. We do see an agreement for this lifetime to be friends and counselors, one to the other.

<aditi> Thank you!:)
<DaveGregg> Vis_51261, you're next...

<Visitor_51261> Good evening, Nancy and Michael! John M., Old Priest, Warrior Cast, here. Michael has told me that in a life lived as a bishop in Germany in the late 16th/ early 17th Century, I created a great deal of Karma through my intolerance and persecution of those who differed, and that it took until the life directly before this one, also lived in Germany, to burn all the very many ribbons forged in that life. I would like to know more about this life prior to my current one and how I was able to burn those last ribbons.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> During the life just prior to this one the man John was an herbalist, trained in many areas of healing. Although he was not a physician and attempted no major bodily work, he did minor surgeries, made a lifetime study of healing plants and spices, and was known for his 'pro bono' work among all stations of people. Living in a major metropolitan area, he was able to meet and burn ribbons of hurt and cruelty that he had created in the other life.

His knowledge became so broad that his fame as one who could diagnose accurately was well known. He joined with a sympathetic physician who provided him with protection against charges of hucksterism and fraud.

<Visitor_51261> That rings very true-- thank you, Michael, Nancy and Dave!
<DaveGregg> Hao, you're next...

<hao> My question is about the difference between Higher Self and Essence. Michael has said Higher Self and Essence are technically not the same thing. My perception about the relation between Higher Self and Essence is something like this: if the essence can be liken to a tree, then the higher selves can be thought as branches of the tree, and every branches has its own leaves, which can be thought as the incarnations. I'd like to know if such perception is accurate.

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The line between Essence and Higher Self has more to do with their relationship to the Tao than it has with botany. Although we appreciate your attempt to understand this in a graphic way, let us offer another form to consider.

Essence is an extension of Tao into creation. It has many aspects of the Tao, although it is not the whole of the Tao. The Higher Self is an extension of Essence in a way. Essence is not physical, and neither is Higher Self, but whereas Essence cannot take on a body, Higher Self can. Therefore Higher Self can be thought of as having a foot in both worlds, you might say, one in the physical plane, one in the astral plane. Remember, Essence is not of any plane. Essence remains outside of the cycle of soul evolution.

<hao> Can the concurrent lives be considered as different Higher Selves manifesting their incarnations in the same planetary time span?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Yes. Essence can 'run' several lives at once.

<hao> But higher self run one simple live at a time?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> One Higher Self to a life. Yes.

<hao> ok, thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> I have no real musical proclivities in this lifetime. In which of my past lifetimes did music play an 'instrumental' role (pun intended), and in what way?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> There was one life lived in China where the fragment Kathryn was a singer. She was neither a great singer nor a poor singer, just good enough to entertain family and occasionally friends. In this lifetime she also played a lute-type instrument, accompanying herself singing.

<Kathryn41> hehe that's it? one life? heheh

<NancyG/MICHAEL> There were other lifetimes where music, both vocal and instrumental, were a major experience. We would say that more than half of the lifetimes the fragment has lived fall in this basket.

<Kathryn41> Thank you. That resonates

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Music is not especially strong this time because there is energy being required in other areas.

<Kathryn41> Yes. Thank you. :-)
<DaveGregg> May, you're next...

<may> May(grandma) wisa (expectant mom) and Billy (expectant dad) we are interested in any agreements or karma with expectant baby. What can you tell us about him?

<NancyG> (I do not have any pictures of this family, but I will put the question to the Michaels and we will see what happens.)

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The male child has chosen this family for three reasons: On the astral both the parents and the child to be agreed to the arrangement. The need for a family unit that offers stability is primary for this fragment and this choice appears to promise that. And finally, the extended family contains members with whom the male fragment has agreements and will have the opportunity to honor them. We do not name these members particularly at this time. Let the recognition be serendipitous when the time comes.

<may> thank you we are all so excited to meet Tru. Can you get his soul level?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We have found that the opportunity to sex the new child before its appearance has greatly enhanced the reception of the babe when the birth day comes. Soul level is not usually something obvious until a fragment enters the 3rd internal monad.

<may> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Jannokas, you're next...

<jannokas> I would like to know how my soul's advancement level influences my life. Am i making "wiser" decisions as on older soul or am i just more of aware of how my choices will turn out?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Wisdom is not the sole prerogative of the Old soul. Souls at any level can be wise. The energy of a soul level is concerned with advancement or evolution in agape. That is the objective of the whole human journey.

<jannokas> So...the older my soul, the more energy I have and the more my choices will affect the rest of the world?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We would say that if the knowledge that choices have consequences has become a part of this fragment's life, that he has acquired a very useful tool, whatever his soul age.

<jannokas> A useful tool for agape love?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We did not say that choices made by an old soul necessarily affect the rest of the world. They affect, first and foremost the one making the choices. We repeat, agape/love is the objective of the human cycle. If there are choices made with agape as the measure, then perhaps these choices will have consequences beyond the individual making them, but not necessarily.

Since all is choice, and all choices are valid, each choice made in the energy of love moves the soul forward in its evolution. In this respect, yes, they become a tool, if you will.

<jannokas> Ok, thanks very much!
<DaveGregg> That was the last question, Nancy.

Closing Comments

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We will then bring this evening to a close with another reminder. Soul age is an inevitable part of dealing with the evolution we described above. Just as chronological age is an inevitable part of living a life. The old level soul has no corner on anything. It is not recognized by its shape, or any other quality. The marks of humanity may sit more lightly on an old soul, but maybe not. If you believe that once you achieve Old that you have arrived at spiritual perfection, then you have missed the lessons of the physical plane.

Even to the very last minute of the last life of your human cycle, you will still possess a human personality and that human personality may not be especially kind, generous, lovable, understanding, or any other virtue you may associate with goodness.

What the Old soul has is a greater experience of the physical plane than the earlier soul levels. This knowledge can help to round the corners, so to speak, but do not guarantee a beloved friend, colleague, lover, or relative. Do not forget these distinctions when you try to evaluate a soul, old or otherwise.

Now, go in peace, Old, Mature, Young, Baby, and Infant.

<DaveGregg> Thank you Nancy and Michael.
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Nancy
<hao> Thank you Michael, Nancy and Dave
<Kathryn41> Some really good material tonight
<Visitor_51261> Thanks for your wisdom as always, Michael, and Nancy for your hard work-- and Dave and Kathryn!
<JohnRoth> Thank You.


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