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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> [flexing fingers] Everybody settle in your chairs a little...we're going to be here awhile. For those who haven't been here before, typically Michael will give a bit of a greeting, answer the questions, and then have some sort of closing -- but not always.

<KarenMurphy> Okay, I was just instructed to take off my shoes/socks and feel the floor under my feet. You may wish to do the same.

<KarenMurphy> We are gathered tonight to share in not only the gathering of information but also the gathering of emotion, of communion with like fragments who are all on a similar path. Be aware, then, that this path allows not only for falls and scrapes along the way, but also for soaring views and glimpses of the road ahead. We urge you to be open to it all. Try not to except anything in particular, yet be open to a host of possibilities. That is not to say that your future cannot be determined by the actions and the very thoughts that you have at this moment, because they not only can but ARE.

Breathe with that notion for a moment. Take this time to allow it, if you can, to sink in. You create the YOU at all times. You are doing this now. You also create the future-you, and the past-you. This is all done simultaneously. Therefore, everything you do, feel, think, and breathe reverberates not only through all your lifetimes but also through the lifetimes of all other humans. Think about this. This is what some mean by "We are One." For, surely, you are.

Let us begin with the first question.


Q & A

<Elo-Maria> My father passed away recently and I'd like to know how he's doing, where he is, and how aware he is of what our family is doing? For example, did he attend his funeral and see the video my sister Fideelia created for him? How did he feel about it?  [Note: Here's the video] 

<KarenMurphy> The man known to you in this lifetime as Gunnar is indeed aware of your doings but in a very removed manner. He is no longer attached in an emotional manner to the fragments who were once his family, and views you all at this time with a detached reserve not in keeping with his incarnate personality. He is beginning to move away from what he is thinking now of the bindings and trappings of the physical plane so as to more fully embrace the astral. He is still more or less in an in-between mode, not yet fully embracing one while not yet fully letting go of the other. This stasis period may go on for some time, but this fragment does have guidance and so will eventually move into more fully accepting the situation in which he now finds himself.

He did have awareness of course of movement and emotion of the family and of the events that surrounded his funeral and the days afterward, but again this has been viewed by him as one might view a movie, with a certain amount of detachment. We would say this is not an atypical reaction.

He is at this time too immersed in dealing with the abrupt change in reality as he finds himself to be considerably concerned in an emotional fashion with those who were surrounding him before his death, yet he has of course awareness of the emotion that those still extant hold for him and their own sense of loss.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<marjorie_and_the_pigs> Hi Michael. I work with crystals and gemstones and get confused by all the conflicting information about them. May I ask what crystals/gemstones would be most helpful for me to wear and why?

<KarenMurphy> The confusion could be partially explained by knowing that your needs and energy signature changes throughout your lifetime in relation to the vibration of various gemstones. We would not expect a fragment to be attuned to the same stone throughout their entire lifetime. For you, we will say that Aventurine and Tanzanite may be of help to you at this time, increasing your feeling of connectedness and power.

<marjorie_and_the_pigs> Thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<Ivyanddavid> I was wondering what my life task and 4 trues were?

<KarenMurphy> Life task: Assessing the scope of the effects of time on the human body and mind.

  • True Play -- Blowing bubbles.

  • True rest -- Absorbing the energy of silence in a library.

  • True Study -- Interactions with others and among others.

  • True Work -- Amassing metaphysical knowledge.

<Ivyanddavid> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Sabrina, you're next...

<Sabrina__> What are my four trues and my life task?

<KarenMurphy> Life Task: Generating emotions to go with the physical sensations throughout a particular lifetime.

  • True Play -- Swimming, also watching clouds.

  • True rest -- Tending plants (small plants).

  • True Study -- Life cycles of the insect world (ants).

  • True Work -- Accessing the emotions of others through an understanding of your own.

<Sabrina__> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Thomas, you're next...

<thomas> My question is how to solve my current financial problem?

<KarenMurphy> We suggest that you may be in your own way at times through looking at your situation as a challenge to be overcome rather than an experience to ride through. In other words, you may be self-creating your challenges by resisting what you perceive as difficulty. We realize it may not be easy to change your perspective in this way but we assure you that the probability is high that your situation can be changed with such a shift. By doing so, you will open up channels of energy not currently available to you, thereby bringing change to the opportunities available to you as well. We would say that this method can be used successfully in almost any situation in which change is desired.

<DaveGregg> You're next, Susan...

<kingcastsage343c1e7> I was wondering if Michael could look for my most significant life I probably ever had around the first century in earth time as a Celt, within the brythonic Celtic iceni people. I feel a very strong link here that relates to some set of agreements I have with the country known as, The United Kingdom (England) and, a c1e3 sage cast priest who is there, that's fueling my desire to relocate there part-time. This "war within" concerns me, my global job is that of prosperity/and completion, any light you can shed on this, would be greatly appreciated, I believe it connects to why essence has chosen to place me here on earth at this time, in what I term, "the best and worst of times" ... .who was I, and, what is the real significance to this set of agreement) I share with the country of England? ...thank you ...

<KarenMurphy> The agreements you refer to are simply with that of yourself; i.e. you are fueled by the desire to "be" as well as to "be special". Connecting with what was a very powerful lifetime for you and one that still resonates deeply would help you achieve the power you feel you lack at this time. That is not to say that such a move would not be a "good" thing for you, because we see that much change, reflection, and growth would likely result from such a change. But if you are seeking to 'redo" a previous lifetime, that would not be the case at this time. However, we do see that there is a sense of need for you to connect with a higher "calling", a larger energy framework, and we see that such a connection with the entity known collectively as the United Kingdom would likely result in much Good Work, not only for you but for many other fragments as well.

<kingcastsage343c1e7> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Tara, you're next...

<Tara_S> In the last several months, my guide has become quite accessible to me. Recently, he led me to the Michael teachings website, and what was written there confirmed most of the teachings of my Watchers throughout this lifetime. He also guided me through discovering my overleaves. Is it possible that my guide is closely connected to a part of the Michael consortium? Where is this leading?

<KarenMurphy> This particular spiritual guide was once a task companion of yours in a previous Grand Cycle, and has chosen to follow you at various times in your development in order to function from time to time as a guide. This fragment has also shared lifetimes with you in this life, but you have found that you work best when one of you works from the astral level. This fragment has been a student and has been connected with the Michael teachings, as this body of knowledge has come to be called, in the past, and is what we loosely term as our "student".

You have chosen to be presented with this material at this time because it is something you have chosen to look at, that will more than likely assist you with your own development through this lifetime. It is possible that you may wish to develop some abilities further and study this material in more depth, as you do have a desire to teach and assist others, but it appears that your choices in this regard have yet to be finalized.

<Tara_S> Thank you
<DaveGregg> David, you're next...

<Ivyanddavid> I would like to know if I have any past lives, agreements or karma with [name omitted]?

<KarenMurphy> We see that these fragments have been sparring partners more than once. There is considerable bleed-though from several lifetimes occurring now which has led to some feelings of discomfort in the present. Although karma has been bought and paid in the past, there is a reverberation of that as well. The agreement existing now is a fairly minor one, in which to learn to look at things that appear distasteful and to be able to perceive a person differently after having done so.

<Ivyanddavid> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Starr, you're next...

<Starr01> I would like to know if I have any agreements, past lives, or if we're essence twins with [name omitted]?

<KarenMurphy> This fragment was a son in a previous lifetime. he left the family to marry and was unable to return, leaving you with a sense of loss. There have been additional lifetimes as well, but this is the one providing the pull between you at this time. There is a sense of attempting to recapture what was perceived as lost. In addition, it appears that additional agreements may be executed in order to be presented and work on various relationship issues, but these agreements were not made pre-incarnation.

<Starr01> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<CarrotWax> I would like Michael to put into words any lesson[s] I am in the process of learning but not necessarily that conscious of.

<KarenMurphy> We see you as moving first from the physical to the mental and then to the emotional aspects of yourself. Some of the past year or two has been devoted to the physical aspects of health and well-being, and we see that you have begun to move into issues that take you into more of a purely mental realm.

This is the time, then, to allow yourself to be drawn more strongly into pursuits such as meditation that allow for the expansion of the mental processes. You may also be drawn toward actual study of one of more subjects. We see this cycle as lasting anywhere from 6-8 months to several years, at which time you will move into a period that is likely devoted to a more emotional study and aspect.

<CarrotWax> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> My name is Geraldine and my daughter, [name omitted], has been estranged from me for about 13 years - her choice. Recently, she's resumed contact. I need to know if she's resolved some of the internal issues that caused the estrangement and suggestions on how I might proceed in establishing a positive relationship with her or at least resolving any karmic cords we may have?

<KarenMurphy> You may wish to note with irony that this little drama between you was one that was orchestrated before the actual birth of this fragment, and that the "choice" for what has transpired between you was of a mutual nature. With that in mind, we suggest then that you may wish to examine your own perception in this matter, and then determine whether the lessons here are more yours than of the fragment known to you as [name omitted]?

There is much hurt and resentment existing between you, from both "sides", that may need to be examined before much further work can proceed between you. We would like then to invite you to begin thinking about this drama as indeed if it were a play, and to begin then to rewrite certain portions of it, possibly holding a certain outcome within you as you do so. It is possible, of course, to change the present by changing the past, and it is this that we suggest you may consider now. In doing so, however, it would be almost certainly necessary to find ways to let go of the pain and perceived "wrongs" that have occurred in this relationship. We do not suggest that this work will be easy, but we do see that if done so, it will likely yield a very positive result.

<GeraldineB> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Mimi, you're next...

<mimi333> What is my soul age/role/lifetask/4 trues?

<KarenMurphy> Artisan-cast Warrior. 1st level Old, falling often to 5th Mature for reflection. Life Task: Sifting the chaff to find truth.

  • True rest -- Nature, being under and around leaves and leafy canopies.

  • True Play -- Music, performing and listening.

  • True Study -- Physics.

  • True Work -- Assisting others in finding their path to peace.

<mimi333> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Noni, you're next...

<noni> Michael, please tell me my soul age, role, life task and 4 trues.

<KarenMurphy> Level 4 Mature, manifesting between 2 and 4. Role Priest, Server casting. Life task = Finding the truth that lies within you; finding the "you" in you.

  • True Play - Building useful items with your hands.

  • True rest - Looking at vast expanses of sky/vistas.

  • True Study - The motions of air currents throughout your vicinity.

  • True Work -- Being at rest within the confines of your self.

<noni> Thank you Michael for the confirmation
<DaveGregg> Gav, you're next...

<gavriel> I would like to know my life task and four trues, please.

<KarenMurphy> There must be a sale on those tonight.
<DaveGregg> It's Michael's blue light special!  ;-)
<gavriel> :-)

<KarenMurphy> Life Task: allowing the whims of others to flow through you so you can glean what is needed and then pass on this truth to others.

  • True rest - Bodysurfing; fencing (using the physical self through ancient arts).

  • True Play - Gardening; flying kites.

  • True Study - Bringing ancient civilizations alive through connecting with their energy in a tangible way.

  • True Work -- Sharing the knowledge brought you in your other pillars.

<gavriel> Thank you Michael and Karen!! Wow!!!!!!
<DaveGregg> Laine, you're next...

<laine> What is the connection between me and my friend [name omitted]? Will he be able to get his life on track?

<KarenMurphy> There is a parent-child modality here, a resonation if you will with a relationship that has occurred between you at another time (this actually being in what you perceive as your future). Therefore, the percipience of this energy exchange between you that "will" occur is affecting what is perceived to be the present. There are expectations set up that align with what "will be" that do not necessarily align with what "is", and therefore an imbalance is created and a discomfort is felt.

The fragment [name omitted] especially is attempting to resist this and so perceives your attempts at increased intimacy, which feel natural to you, as something overbearing and distasteful. Think of the child told he cannot do something; doesn't he feel compelled to run out and do that very thing? At the same time, there is a sense of "motherliness" in you that wishes to care for this fragment and to assist him. You would both be best served by the notion that you are each walking your own paths.

<laine> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Hank, you're next...

<Hank> What is the likelihood (in terms of % of probability) that the US Congress will curtail this administration's plans for imminent further wars of aggression and devastation of the environment through blocking of funding, impeachment or any other effective means? If not, how does this affect the tasks of those of us who are not involved in politics, but in other endeavors such as healing and counseling? Should we consider abandoning these pursuits to take more active roles in politics?

<KarenMurphy> We see at this time a range of perhaps 21-27%, which we view as fairly high given the various factors at work in this instance.

To address the second question, we would like to remind you that there is always power in energy movement; that is, if fragments are compelled to leave their occupations and to join others, especially in a more public light, then there will always be a reflection of this movement and change within the overall energy structure, which in turn leads to greater change. However it is not always possible to note in what direction the shift will take place.

<Hank> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Ladybroker is next...

<ladybroker> I have a new granddaughter called Solielle and I want to know about any agreements we might have for this life?

<KarenMurphy> This fragment was a spiritual guide in your earlier years. [the channel is smiling] There is much love and acceptance here. We see that the birth of this child has begun t bring great changes in the lives of those around her, enabling them to more deeply focus on who they are and why they chose to incarnate at this time. This fragment, then, is something of a central energy figure for a large group of people, about 2-30 at any given time. We liken this to the center of a whirlpool, and see that there is much joy surrounding this fragment especially in her earlier years.

<ladybroker> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Mark T, you're next...

<mark_townley> Michael, you've told me in the past that I was a nun in Poland in my last life with a name of Katrina. I've been intrigued by this every since. Could you give me more information like a full name?

<KarenMurphy> This fragment was born and lived until the age of 15 in a smallish village in the eastern part of the country. The last or family name was relatively uncommon, as the family had emigrated from Hungary not long before and the name had not been changed much to reflect the new living situation and surroundings. Therefore we suggest you look for a Hungarian-style name in that part of the country. The name given as a nun was Paul or Paulina. It is common for the name taken to reflect the names of various saints and other figures.

The name Katrina was given at birth in order to help assimilate into that area. However there was also a name Sofia or some similar that was used strictly by the family in those earlier years.

<mark_townley> Thank you!!
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> My name is Christine and I wanted to know about my relationship with [name omitted]. Is she my essence twin or do I have an agreement with her to facilitate a meeting with my essence twin? If she isn't my essence twin, can Michael tell me anything about my essence twin?

<KarenMurphy> These fragments are not essence twins, however as noted there is a strong pull between them. We would say that this mainly is for the purpose of exploring alternatives in relationships and to work outside various aspects of societal norms in order to provide a safe haven to explore these concepts. The essence twin of Christine is presently discarnate, so there is no plan to meet of course at this time, however we do see a meeting in pace with a task companion in all probability occurring within the next 3-5 years.

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti> Thanks Michael, Karen, Dave. Would like to know my soul age/role/life task and 4 trues. Thanks! 

<KarenMurphy> This is an Old 5-6 Server with Warrior influence, manifesting as Old 2.  Gentle spirit yet focused, also some Priest in giving the message.

Life task: bringing the spirit without, within, and for many others.

  • True Rest -- Astronomy; watching the stars.

  • True Play -- Laughter and feasting, sharing food.

  • True Study -- Exploration of the unknown, making it known.

  • True Work -- Sharing the lessons that have brought this life where it is.

<Jyoti> Karen, thanks. That explains why I loved to watch the skies as a child up to my teens (57 years now!) Am a regular meditator and love to share my spiritual insights and experiences with others and am currently helping others to learn to meditate. Cooking is one of my hobbies and interests. Thanks.
<KarenMurphy> Thanks for the validation, Jyoti.
<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks Michael, Karen and Dave. This is just wonderful!!!!
<KarenMurphy> :-)

<DaveGregg> Karen, do you have any energy left for a question from Kathryn? I know it's been a long night.
<KarenMurphy> Okay.

<Kathryn41> I am curious if there is a soul age and role that has a greater proclivity for becoming cult leaders like Jim Jones who have such catastrophic effects. Is this a lesson more often pursued at a certain soul age/level or by a certain role? Just a matter of curiosity . . . and thank you.

<KarenMurphy> We see that history gives rise to many similar figures who felt compelled to give a message which might indicate the role of Priest and which has indeed been the case many times. As far as soul age, there are several factors that may give rise to such a personality, and there is not necessarily an age associated with them, however we see that statistically, the Baby-Young cycles have been more rife with such figures than others. Going back to Role, there is no natural proclivity for such a choice, but we do see that some roles do not seem to lend themselves to this study as much as others.

<Kathryn41> Thank you:-)
<DaveGregg> That's the end of the questions, Karen. Do you have any closing remarks?

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> We have noted before that this year can be considered one of great change, both on a personal level for many fragments and on a more global scale. This can be interpreted to mean that there will be bloodshed or an end to bloodshed, or political upheaval, or other grand-scale noticeable changes.

We would like to suggest that while the change and transition occurring now and over the next twelve months will indeed likely have long-lasting effects, those changes may not be noticeable until much later, a time when fragments can look back and see the great changes that were wrought within the scope of their lives and then hold the awareness that they were a part of this massive shift. We suggest, then, that fragments seek to make their particular corners of the globe a more comfortable place, a place of haven and safety and warmth, and to trust that those small changes will help bring about the larger shift that will occur.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Karen and Michael. :-)
<mark_townley> Thank you Michaels & Karen!
<Tara_S> Thank you very much, Karen and Michael.
<Tara_S> and you too, Dave!
<Ivyanddavid> Thank you Michaels and Karen, very accurate!
<Kathryn41> Thank you Karen and Michael - another good evening.
<marjorie_and_the_pigs> Thank you Karen (long night) and love to Michael.
<laughingboi> Thank you, I appreciated the help, take care.
<KarenMurphy> Thanks, everybody. It's always a pleasure being with you; every time is different.
<DaveGregg> Thanks for going the extra mile, Karen. ;-)
<gavriel> Thank you Michael, Karen, and Dave!!

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