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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments

<Nancy> The Michaels are ready. Please take two or three deep breaths and center yourselves. Remember to have some water handy during these next couple of hours. Being hydrated makes it easier to join the energy being generated among us.

<Nancy> We are here. We have a special reason for being with you tonight. This evening's topic will make use of the elements of compassion and understanding among you. We bring that to the fore now and we will weave it into our work with you as you ask us your questions. we find that many of the difficulties of the physical plane extend from a constricted approach to others. In this constriction there is a choking off of empathy, compassion, tolerance, and understanding. Let these qualities of your being flavor all of your doings with others.

<Nancy> The poet most quoted among you has said that the quality of mercy is not strained. And that is exactly the way of compassion, it is easy flowing and delicate, yet strong and supportive. It holds up the world, if you but knew it. In the formation of the patterns of evolution that you have made for yourselves, the quality of compassion, of understanding, of forgiveness, operates as a steadying influence where the forces of anger, retribution, getting even, I'll show him/her merely stifle and jail the relationships involved. We offer this reminder to you in the spirit of agape and our loving energy. We come in compassion, empathy, understanding, the very elements we offer for your consideration tonight.

<Nancy> These are not ours alone, you know. They are the stuff of creation. They endure where the negative poles are ephemeral. They work, they do not impede. They are bountiful, not hampered by small spaces and smaller emotions. Therefore, in joy, in compassion, in understanding, in love, we say, begin. We are here to answer your questions.

<DaveGregg> John, you are first...

Q & A

<JohnRoth> Thanks. Michael, what's the probability that there will be a crisis in the next few years that will cause the younger generation in this country to come together and create a major force for good. Will it be environmental? I'm talking about the people age 26 and younger today.

<Nancy> There are a number of areas that will draw concerned fragments together, especially in your country. The questions surrounding the concerns regarding the environment are uppermost in your minds, but there are also concerns about population and about international peace. We see the current energy being spent on worry about the environment as a catalyst for pulling many people together, not only the age group you have described, but crossing age groups and even cultures.

<Nancy> The management of the planet's resources will become a primary factor in the years ahead, but to say that it will be an environmental issue is to make it too sharply defined. The groups will address the concern that is closest to their hearts, overlapping occasionally as all these worries center on one basic issue, the survival of the population in some comfort as well as in some integrity.

<Nancy> We could say more on this question, and will later. It would be good to ask it when the time for an extensive reading on this issue can be conveyed.

<JohnRoth> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Elo, you're next...

<E-Maria> I've been ill almost a month now, flu, head cold etc. I've tried everything since natural medicine till antibiotics, but it keeps coming back. I can't do anything, I'm so tired all the time and I have concentration problems. I'd like Michael to comment this situation and maybe suggest something, what might help.

<Nancy> The fragment E-Maria came into the cycle of winter with no reserves. The result has been trying to deal with the additional burden of infection and inflammation. This debilitating situation does not have a deeper issue than just the body's normal reaction to the  environmental condition of this time. If the fragment can add a very concentrated dose of a number of supplements to the already burdensome program being undertaken, we think she might benefit from the light of a lamp that is usually used to fluoridate slides. These lamps (bulbs) can be purchased from specialty shops and alter the surface of the skin so that beneficial energy can permeate it.

<Nancy> Skin is made impermeable for a reason. But on occasions such as this it is important to work against this quality for the good of the fragment. We suppose that there is also a number of the usual nutrition additives being ingested. Plus extra rest, warmth, all the usual. ( Smile) We remember such misery, be sure of that. We can tell you that this is one advantage of cycling off! You have our sympathy, E-Maria.

<E-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<Ann> Another Sage and I were discussing issues of self-discipline. Are there roles/overleaves that have more difficulty with this?

<Nancy> Yes, of course. Self-control/self discipline comes more easily to some of the roles than to others. Those roles that have a single channel of input tend to be better at self-control: Scholars, Warrior, Kings. Servers rely on their mission to make all things right and so seldom have to exert a special self-discipline because their outlook it just that, outward.

<Nancy> The roles that tend to look inward, Artisans, Priests, and even Sages, although this may seem a contradiction, find self-control/discipline harder. The Sage appears to be forever focused outwardly, but is haunted by concern for how he/she is being received. This engenders a tendency toward impetuous behavior which is the antithesis of self-discipline.

<Nancy> Artisans and Priests also take their own temperatures, you might say, more often than some of the other roles. In doing so, they may forget to control for personality imperfections and 'lose it' in dealing with others. Priests especially seem so bent on convincing others of what they believe is best for them that they can mislay appropriate control. This of course is counterproductive.

<Ann> thank you!
<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<CarrotWax> My question is also health-related. For the past 3 weeks now, I have been feeling weak and disoriented (spaced-out) with no other symptoms, and it's showing no signs of abating. This happened before, a few years ago, and lasted for months before it went away. Doctors, including specialists, could offer no explanation. What's going on here?

<Nancy> This malaise is a recurring factor in the life of the fragment Matthew as a brake on his otherwise energetic life. Sometimes the only way that the spirit can get the attention of the fragment is through the body. These times may be thought as enforced rests, unpleasant though they may be. They are not the result of infirmity, they are not amenable to your medicines. During a time such as this the fragment may, if he chooses, take stock, appreciate the enforced slow down of life, and know that energy is working behind the scene on the business of lessons and soul evolution. Returning to our thesis of the evening, extending compassion to the body, accepting the debilitation for the gift that it in fact is may make this period less onerous and somewhat less frightening. We would be concerned if medical tests were to report serious damage to interior systems. Since these do not seem to be at issue, we offer these words: Be at peace with yourself and the peace you generate will permeate the tissues of your body and return it to its more useful state.

<CarrotWax> Thank you very much!
<DaveGregg> Kimberly, you're next...

<kimberly> My question is regarding guidance I received from the Michaels a few months back.

<kimberly> I was advised to seek a hypnotherapist to assist me in facing a past life trauma that has had a marked effect on this life. and that is connected to the possibility of my exiting this life in the not too distant future. I did do a past life regression and I'm requesting comment/feedback on this.

<Nancy> I'm not sure what your question is, Kimberly. Are you asking the Michaels to comment on the past life regression, or on the feasibility of having done one?

<kimberly> I'm asking if this past life trauma was /ois in fact the one they were speaking to and if it has effected any change in my potential early exit.

<Nancy> Kimberly, how old are you?

<kimberly> 51

<Nancy> Trauma from past lives rarely impinges on the life span of a fragment. We do not recognize the information that this woman Kimberly was given. The pattern of a life is usually decided on before incarnating and the span of life is chosen, depending on what tasks a fragment has set for itself for that life. The experiences of each lifetime are the experiences of that life. If the lessons are not learned from those experiences, they will be repeated in subsequent lives until the lesson are learned in their totality. This may be what was intended in the previous channeling, that an element of a previous life was not completely worked through and so must be repeated in this life. Otherwise, we do not subscribe to any past life experience that would curtail the life span of this choice.

<Nancy> Does Kimberly wish to expand on her question?
<kimberly> During the previous channeling Michaels said that there were many factors indicating that I may exit relatively soon, is this still the case?

<Nancy> We perceive these factors and we suggest that given the conditions under which they are being lived, it is within the control of the fragment to decide whether they are going to be the driving force of her exit or whether she is going to alter their direction. This redirection is within the control of the fragment's agreement with Essence.

<kimberly> what are these factors?

<Nancy> Each of you has made this agreement during the planning stages for this lifetime, for each lifetime. You then are born in this body with the end point already decided, barring accident or serious unplanned intervention of the environment. One factor is the finish of the agreements made for this lifetime. Those which were thought especially important to the mission of this life have been completed. This is the most relevant factor. The next one concerns the health of the body now being occupied.

<kimberly> Do I have an illness?

<Nancy> It has a preordained limit, as we described. It is approaching this limit. This can be altered at will, but for most fragments the original terminus is usually adhered to. We do not see an illness at this time.

<kimberly> Wow, I realize I've been holding my breath! Thank you Nancy and Michaels!

<DaveGregg> Carol, you're next...

<CAROL> Michael, Can you please tell me about any past lifetimes that are significantly affecting my relationships with my partner, 2 children and friend carol. Thank you

<Nancy> The fragment Carol has had several past lives with the persons identified. These past lives involved being in various relationships with the current partner, the children and friend. At one time there was a group/family of gypsies living in what is now southern Germany. Your partner was one of the elders of the group, your two children were not related to you but were siblings to your friend.  In this extended 'family' there was much jealousy and hard feelings and continual attempts to push the others aside. It was therefore a lifetime devoid of the softer elements of mutual support and affection.

This particular group did not retain its identity much longer than your own lifetime. Because of the struggle for dominance/control the small band of elders moved away to join another 'family' leaving the rest to fend for themselves. This included you and your two children from this life. The local authorities then finished the dismantling of the group. You were near the end of your life at this point and it was difficult to adapt to another situation. Your two children, grown to young adults, disappeared into the mountains of northern Italy to blend into the people there. The lessons of this life were carried over to three other lifetimes, this being the third.

<CAROL> thank you very much
<DaveGregg> Janie, you're next...

<janie> Can you tell me about my past lives, and if any of my children were involved in those past lives, and where?

<Nancy> Janie, please name your children for me. (Nancy)
<janie> Joseph, Paul, Phillip, Tracy and Jayne

<Nancy> The fragment Tracy has not before shared a life with the woman Jane. The fragments Joseph and Phillip have been part of several of the lives of the woman Jane, one of which was lived in the mountains of what is now Canada. In this life Jane was the father of a large family, though only three lived to maturity. The man Phillip was his wife and the man Joseph was a daughter who lived to the age of ten. The female Jayne was part of a life lived in South America in the century before the invasion by the Spaniards. In this lifetime the woman Jane and the woman Jayne were sisters, part of a farming family in what is  now the country Argentina.

<janie> thank you!
<DaveGregg> Rhua, you're next...

<Rhua> Greetings, Michael. My question tonight concerns my husband Wesley. Ever since he returned from a lengthy stay at the hospital for a serious illness some years ago, he has been having nightmares and violent dreams almost nightly, even to the point of falling out of bed and hitting and kicking me, and he talks and shouts quite lucidly in his sleep. Please comment on the origin of these dreams and why did they not begin until after the hospital stay?

<Nancy> There is an imbalance in t he neurological system which is causing these manifestations. There is a deficiency of the mineral magnesium and there seems also to be a calcium deficiency. We think that some testing for blood residue of minerals might turn up some interesting results. As for the reason the abnormalities appeared when they did, they are the result of the illness, not of the hospital stay.

<Rhua> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Kerry, you're next...

<kerryp> Can you tell me anything that would be helpful to know about my daughter, Emery, at this time?

<Nancy> Kerry, can you please tell me something about your daughter, age, what prompted the question?

<kerryp> She is only 13+ mos old and is quite headstrong. I've wondered if she is entering into the 2nd monad. Also any problems, physical or emotional that might be related as she cannot talk yet. Thank you.

<Nancy> The child Emery has not yet entered the 2nd Monad. She has a very strong personality, fired by her role of Sage and her biggest problem at this time is her inability to communicate. We counsel patience and yes, compassion. It is very hard for the Sage fragment to be an infant. The drive to communicate is strong even at this age, and the built-in barriers of infancy are nearly insupportable. We do not identify any abnormalities that could be fueling the child's outbursts.

<kerryp> Has she had any past lives with her half-sister, Riley?

<Nancy> The fragment Emery was full sister to the child Riley four lifetimes ago. They were very close, separated by only 14 months. They married brothers and lived only a few houses apart.

<kerryp> Thank you very much!

<DaveGregg> Is John M still here?
<DaveGregg> What about Susan Schwenger?
<DaveGregg> Those were the last two people on tonight's list, Nancy.
<Nancy> Then Michael will have the last word.

Closing Comments

<Nancy> We have noticed a particular interest in relationships tonight, a very common concern for those on the physical plane. These relationships may be difficult or they may be easy, but the lessons learned do not relate to these circumstances. The lessons are part of the needs of each of you, not based on the quality of the relationship. We commend you all for your serious attempts to understand the weavings of your lives. By studying these threads the patterns become clearer and the direction even more so.

With every lifetime understanding of the goal, the complete and total immersion in agape, becomes more obvious. You will all arrive at that point. There is no possible way that you will not. But in the understanding of yourselves, the compassion that you learn to turn on yourself as well as on the others in your lives you open yourself to comprehension that eludes those in the walking sleep, those who are not aware of their condition. This comprehension is a ribbon of love. We have taught much about the ribbons of karma that bind the lives of fragments on the physical plane. Let us not forget the ribbons of agape that are many times more powerful and immensely more rewarding. Lessons are learned whether the hard way or the easy way. Karmic ribbons are the usual, some would say, the hard way. And so they are. But in every life there are lessons won through love and compassionate understanding, the lessons learned the easy way. Be awake, be aware. Go in peace.

<Nancy> Thank you, Michael.

<DaveGregg> Thanks you, Nancy and Michael. :-)  The room is now open.

<Leigh> thank you Nancy & Michael
<Elisa17> thank you Nancy and Michael
<CAROL> thank you and good night.....
<JohnRoth> Thank you, Nancy and Michael.
<tasar> thank you Nancy and Michael!
<cadi> Thank you Nancy and Michael
<SylviaD> Thank you, Nancy and Michael.
<janie> Wow!! I have lived so many lifetimes...I wonder when I will
ever 'get it'.......!!!
<Rhua> Thanks so much, Nancy and Michael

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