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Opening Comments


<Nancy/MICHAEL> Tonight we come to you, as we always do, with our energy and our understanding. These are qualities for us, not feelings.  We do not have feelings, as we have said before.  But we enclose what you call feelings within our understanding and offer it back to you as we connect with you all here.

We have a sense that connecting is at the top of the list for discussion tonight. Every creature is connected in some way to something.  We do not say to everything, although that is not far from the truth.  It is however, a concept that is difficult of expressing. Therefore let us consider being connected in a more simple, more personal way.

Each of you is here because you are connected with each other and with us.  This connection forms the energy that we can see, although we know you cannot. If we were to describe it to you it would look like a small vibrating line of light that encircles all of you beginning with us and ending with us. Other times you connect, there is a similar line or cord of light between you and the person or thing you are connecting with. Can you imagine connecting with a thing in the same way that you do a person? Indeed, although the 'connection' is not of the same energy, it is an energy and has some of the same attributes that person to person energy contains.

Why should it matter whether you connect?  Because this energy that flows between the sender and the receiver is nourished by both. We remind you that solitude is a choice, that social interaction is a choice, that even though you are sitting in front of a screen looking at words, that you are choosing to be a part of this energy. Many of you feel the alone-ness of solitude and welcome it.  Others think they have had it forced on them and wish there could be an end to it.

Something like a scrying glass, you will experience what you expect. We recognize the differences among you and we are able to send and receive as needed for each of you individually. We suspect that you may wish you had this talent! And so you will, eventually. But for the time being, as part of the physical plane, you will each one experience alone-ness or one-ness as your need is expressed. That is a Good Work and will become a support for you, each one of you, as you need it.

Now we will take questions.

<DaveGregg> Meri, you have the first question...

<MeriNW> In March, I started using hypnosis to lose weight. I also received my 2d degree Reiki. Many wonderful things have happened in my life since but I haven't lost much weight. Michael, is there something going on with me, blocking me or preventing me from getting back to my body's natural and normal weight?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The form of the body is composed of many elements.  For some the effort to lose some of the body's mass is easier than for others.  For some it requires a limiting of intake of nutrition, for others it requires a rebalancing of the foods that can be tolerated. Hypnosis is a tool, not an end.  Along with it we suggest an evaluation of the body in question, to determine whether there is a need for this rebalancing.

<MeriNW> How do I do the evaluation of my body?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> For the woman Meri, there is an element of dealing with parts of the normal range of foods in a more discriminating way.  We can see that advice from a serious nutrition expert should offer some help in this endeavor.  Telling the mechanism of the appetite that it does not need more, or that it 'ought' to be satisfied is usually futile. We offer our hope that the fragment will find the appropriate assistance and then find that applying the advice that follows will undo the 'block' that seems to be interfering with good intentions.

<MeriNW> Thank you so much! I will do that!
<DaveGregg> Lou, you're next...

<lou> In choosing a daycare center for my 2 grandsons what should we priorise and should they be together since it is for a period of at least 4 years I was asked by my daughter to consult for an answer should the 2 cousin 8 months in difference of age be together or not

<Nancy/MICHAEL> We do not see any reason why two children who are related by similar rearing and needs should not enjoy the opportunity to spend days together. There does not appear to be any obstacle to having them do this.  Is there a reason this question is being asked?

<lou> Yes.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> What has prompted the concern?

<lou> because of the choice of two daycare one daughter has problems in choosing. she has a choice while the other has made her choice. I will be doing taxi at the end of the day so it would be convenient if they were at the same place but we want the best for the boys.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> This becomes a matter of preference only. If it is a concern on the part of one parent that she should choose a particular place for her child and that place is  not the choice of the other parent, then it may be best to follow these choices. Then it is not a case of whether the two children 'should' be together, but rather what does each parent want.

All life is choice. The exercise  of choice is paramount to your experience of the physical plane. This may be a very small exercise of that fundamental element, but it is for all that still an exercise of choice. There is no more serious activity that a human can engage in than to deliberately and with forethought make choices.

We understand the problem of logistics.  Perhaps it can be gotten around in a way that does not inconvenience everyone too much.

<lou> merci beaucoup
<DaveGregg> LisaF, you're next...

<LisaF>  Is there karma to be cleaned up between my son J. and myself? And if so, where did it start in any past lives?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> There is an agreement to work out a monad based in dealing  with commitment and acceptance. There is a difference between karma and agreements, as you know.  This is an agreement for one to experience the elements of being dependent through commitment and the other to be accepting of this dependency. This is not a result of a past life experience that has been carried forward into this one. It begins and very probably ends with this life.  We do not see that this agreement was set up for more than one lifetime.

You should be able to recognize which part of the agreement you have chosen.

<LisaF> Thank You.
<DaveGregg> Jack, you're next...

<Jack> How many of the so-called "12 Apostles" are there currently incarnate? In what country are they located?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The 12 men who have been labeled Apostles of the old King Jesus have lived a number of lives over the millennia.  At the present time four are living.

One is a lawyer in Nigeria, one is an embroiderer in a factory in the Ukraine, one is a child of five in Idaho, and one is a woman of 84 years, having worked as a char woman in India.

<DaveGregg> LoriS, you're next...

<LoriS> I seem to still be in a pattern of having to move on every eight weeks or so, not able to settle down into a home of my own.  Can you please give me some insight as to the agreements in place for this trend, especially this last episode that is having me move once again?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> Not all sequences of activity have cosmic elements.  Your peregrinations are a case in point.  Each of your moves has been for a reason that can be understood within the context of your life.  We ask you this:  Have you thought through what you want from a living situation so that your choice follows your thoughts?

<LoriS> I am trying to, yes.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> Then perhaps there is a disconnect between what you truly want and what you think you want.  Which leads to taking on a situation as it presents itself and then finding it does not work out. There can be a meeting of needs and wants sometimes, but most of the time it requires an honest appraisal of  what is possible.  We wonder if that appraisal has been made in this situation.

<LoriS> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn> Napoleon Bonaparte felt a great affinity to Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Charlemagne.  He even believed he was the reincarnation of Alexander and Charlemagne.  What, if any, is the relationship between Napoleon and these fragments?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The man Napoleon was a serious student of the generals named and wished to be part of the  heritage that they represented for him.  His sincerest wish was to be identified with them in the minds of  the future.

<Kathryn> :-) he got his wish, then.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> That is all.  There was a chief feature of profound arrogance in the fragment and being associated with the historical figures who had made their mark for posterity was his dearest wish.  Yes, we would say he got his wish.

<Kathryn> Thank you Michael.
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti> My daughter has been diagnosed as having a small polyp in her uterus. Will alternative therapy help to rid herself of it so as to avoid invasive  procedures or medication?  She is a Reiki 2nd Degree.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> We hesitate  to counsel between the knife and other approaches when there is a growth.  The presence of a growth characterized as a polyp or small attachment is sometimes best left alone if it does not interfere with the workings of the uterus, meaning with the monthly bleeding or with the generation of a child. On the other hand, these swellings have been known to become larger, as you know.

Professional opinion would seem to be in need here.  If  there is a wish to avoid surgery, then perhaps close attention could be kept to determine whether the growth is benign and whether it is stable. If it is either not benign or becomes larger, there is probably no better remedy than to get it cut out.

<Jyoti> She says she is not yet ready for motherhood/parenthood. Any connection between this and the coming up of the polyp? Will reiki with positive affirmations help?  The doctor has suggested that it currently be left alone.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The attention of an alternative  remedy such as the energy of reiki may be a support  for the decision  to wait and see.  If there is a choice  to become pregnant in the future and it does not happen with ease, then it may be necessary to discover why and that discovery may include a further assessment of the swelling now present.

We do not see any connection between the decision to postpone parenthood and the presence of the growth.

<DaveGregg> Vince, you're next...
<Jyoti> Thanks Nancy, Michael and Dave

<Vince> Greetings. Could Michael comment on Earth changes worldwide and their significance over the next 20 years?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> This question about the climatic and geologic condition of the planet earth is one with many parts and the further extension of putting it into the focus of the next 20 years is somewhat beyond the scope of this session which is devoted to fairly straightforward things.

We will say what we have said before:  The earth has its own agenda, has had for billions of years, and goes through various changes that affect the tides, the temperatures, and the general condition of its atmosphere as well as of its mantle. Their significance is one thing to the earth, another to the humans who inhabit the planet.

We suppose the fragment means what significance does the changes have for you.

<Vince> For us...as they seem to be increasing...but this may not be true in the scheme of things...

<Nancy/MICHAEL> Again, it will depend on where the changes take place, whether the alterations in formations and other parts of the physical  places affect how people live and whether they determine to try to work with the changes such as rising sea levels or whether they attempt to forestall them.  We are not sanguine about t he latter.

There is a saying:  It doesn't do to interfere with Mother Nature.  Human beings have been interfering with nature ever since the discovery of fire, however.

<Vince> Yes, perception is that things are getting worse and humans are not helping...just wondering about the changes at this time as they seem to be worse than when I was a child...

<Nancy/MICHAEL> All  we can say in a brief précis is that some work will very likely be concentrated on trying to hold back t he tide, and other work will concentrate on re-forming a civilization which cannot hold back the tide.

<Vince> Thank You...
<DaveGregg> AnnH, you're next...

<annh> In a recent chat, I had a powerful reaction to Mohammed as the Transcendental Soul. Was I incarnate during that manifestation of the TS?  If so, what was my part in that culture/time?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The fragment Ann was the wife of one of the early converts to the Prophet Mohammad's message.  Neither wife nor husband were part of the inner circle, so to speak, that surrounded the man Mohammad, but both were serious students and followed when the newly  converted left the city of Mecca and migrated to the city to the north, to what became known as Medina.

<annh> Was he incarnate at that time? By he I mean Mohammed. In  other words, was he still alive when we converted?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The man Mohammad led the migration from Mecca to Medina, returning after some years t o take up governance of the city of Mecca. Therefore, yes, the fragment Ann and her spouse knew the man Mohammad well and often ate meals with him.

<annh> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Woodlark, you're next...

<woodlark>  My question's about an element of connecting with the world:    getting past the resistance & barriers  to change; and related to that, letting myself receive on a less-than-superficial level. Is it a matter of timing, patience, karma, making choices, part of my agreement structure for this life....Is this the other pole of my persistence?  Or am I giving up too soon?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> Connecting with the world is the work of each fragment.  It is the reason for existence on the physical plane.  We are a little suspicious of an assertion that one is balked by barriers to change.  If there is one certainty about the physical plane it is that there will be change.  Nothing about it is static and all creatures are evidence of this certainly.

<woodlark> I'm referring to intentional changes, though, of habits for instance.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> (You do not say how old you are.  What is you role?)

<woodlark> Sage, old level one.  I'm currently 55 Y.O. in this incarnation.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The fragment is at the beginning of the Old level and has not yet achieved a comfortable connection with it.  For the most part the fragment is still in the throes of the last lives of the Mature level and its involvement with relationships. The somewhat cooler atmosphere of the Old level is daunting and somewhat off-putting. That may be the cause of the malaise that has colored the fragment's days.

A sage has fundamental tools for meeting newness and change without being thrown by their implied demands.

<woodlark> So, how do I learn to be an old soul ?  :)

<Nancy/MICHAEL> Becoming an Old Soul is a matter of choice by the higher Self in connection with Essence.  Between lives the Higher Self has chosen to say that the lessons and experience of the Mature levels have been absorbed and that it is time to move on.  It may take a few lifetimes, however, for the fragment to become attuned to the energy of Old-ness.  There is no manual to follow, no course work which is necessary prerequisite for becoming Old.  It just takes living. The fragment will 'learn' how to be an Old Soul by being one.

<woodlark> Thank you!  This feels like a breath of fresh air on the problem.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> We are happy to think that we have blown away a few cobwebs.  (Michael is grinning)

<DaveGregg> Avatar, you're next...

<avatar415> Sumerian myth states that the earth was created from the collision of Tiamat, a large watery planet, with another planet called Marduk.  This collision broke Tiamat apart, spinning off Earth into a new orbit and leaving an asteroid field where Tiamat originally was. Sumerian myth states that the earth was created from the collision of Tiamat, a large watery planet, with another planet called Marduk.  This collision broke Tiamat apart, spinning off Earth into a new orbit and leaving an asteroid field where Tiamat originally was.
<avatar415> thrust into Earth orbit.  Is any of this true?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The tale of the planet's Tiamat and Marduk are another creation myth to explain the cosmology of the planet earth. All of the planets that orbit the sun of your system were created from fragments that were once larger bodies. Earth is no different.  It was not ever a part of a 'watery planet' named Tiamat and its nemesis Marduk.  This is a fable that is highly entertaining, but has no basis in fact.

<avatar415> has Sitchen misinterpreted the history of Sumeria?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> There are elements of fact in this fragment's attempt to bring order out of the chaos of prehistory.  Not all of his assertions are creative imagination.  The story of the 'creation' of the planet, however, is pure fable.

<avatar415> Is there a 13th Planet?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> There was, but it was destroyed in a collision in its very distant orbit.

<avatar415> Thanks , Michael.
<DaveGregg> Cheryl, you're next...

<ocean-cheryl> I would like to know what past lives I have had with Glenn, and when, and how they are affecting our interactions at this time.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> There were two lives these fragments shared, one during the settling of the northeast  areas of the present United States, one earlier in  the country that was a part of the Incan Empire near the present country of Columbia in South America.  This lifetime was lived in some 1000 years ago.

In both connections the two fragments were male, once as master and slave, once  with the roles reversed. The residue that can be felt in this lifetime has to do with the element of power:  Who is in charge?  In the agreement to experience the monad of  master/servant  (slave) there were no loose ends to tie up.  The  agreement was accepted and finished.  There is now only the flavor of that agreement.

<ocean-cheryl> Fascinating, thank you
<DaveGregg> Mario, you're next...

<Mario> should I move from places (house) and even of country? It seems like a good moment to do so according to my Spiritual Guides, who have been counseling me on this and many other things.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> The fragment Mario has asked this question before.  We cannot say what he 'should' do.  We do not predict and we do not coerce.  He will do what he chooses to do.  We remind him that investigating the possibilities will generate much more information than this hoping to be told what to do.

<Mario> So, should I receive counsel from my Spiritual Guides?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> If the fragment is in touch with his guides, then that is certainly an avenue that could be investigated and given much thought.

<Mario> Many questions: too little chances. Thanks so much!!! :D

<Nancy/MICHAEL> We repeat what we have said before:  Choices are the fabric of  the physical plane and from them are made the garments that cover the fragment from birth do death.  Choosing is a part of life.  In some respects, the greatest part.

<Mario> thanks!! ;)
<DaveGregg> Glenn you have the final question.

<asage> I was wondering about the Rev. Jules Keating, born 4/2/38. Died 1998. Has he reincarnated?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> This fragment is not presently in a  body. The soul is currently very busy with an agenda that it and its guides have chosen for the interim.

<asage> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Do you have any closing comments?

<Nancy/MICHAEL> When there is need for reaching out to others it sets up a reciprocity between the one and the other. We have described this interaction many times, bringing the thoughts of connection to the fore so that there is a constant undercurrent of knowing that no matter how solitary or how busy each  of you is the energy of connection is always present.  It may seem that we have pounded this thought to its thinnest edge, but it is our experience that no matter how often or how greatly we bring it to mind for you, there is still the need.  We have remarked before on how very isolated you are and it is with a certain sorrow that we recognize this.

The reasons are many and are not necessary to resolving this misery.  For it is a misery for those who experience it. We understand this.  And so if we seem to constantly offer words on connecting, on coming together, on reaching out, it is because we see the need.

Each time each one of you sends a thought to another, each time each one of you joins with others here to learn and to gather strength for the work that you do, you thin the shroud of isolation that surrounds you most of the time.

Sharing is not just a matter of exchanging.  Sharing can be the joining of unspoken thought, the welding of intellect and emotion and offering it between the giver and the taker. In every human connection, we remind you that sometimes you give and sometimes you take. If you cannot give, you create further barriers between yourself and the other.  If you cannot receive, you promote those same barriers, preventing the connection you want.

It is not easy to alter one's attitude if either of these factors exist, but we suggest that the alternative is something too many of you know too well:  a sense of being without love. There is no greater energy that can be shared than the energy of love.  Go in peace.

<Nancy/MICHAEL> Thank you, Michael
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy & Michael. And thanks for filling-in on such short notice. :-)
<Nancy/MICHAEL> End
<Kathryn> Thank you Michael.  Thank you Nancy
<ShannonB> Thank you, Nancy.
<Mario> :)
<annh> Thank you Nancy. thank you Michael!
<ocean-cheryl> thank you Michael, Nancy, and Dave
<SylviaD> Thank you,  Michael and Nancy.  Interesting, as usual!
<LoriS> Thank you Nancy and Michael, goodnight everyone.
<Nancy/MICHAEL> You are all  most welcome.  I'm glad I could be here tonight.  My choice!  :-)


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