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Michael Chat with
Nancy Gordon


A "Back to Basics" Night.
This themed chat focused on a Q & A
specifically related to the teachings.

Opening Comments

<Nancy> Michael, are we ready?

<Nancy> MICHAEL:  We are here to greet you all.  In the circle of energy that you are creating there is only one intention, that you are here and we are here. This is the way energy works.  To be connected is to partake of the vitality of everyone as you connect with us.

In every instance of the life of the physical plane there is an expenditure of energy.  It may be obvious or it may be subtle.  But be assured it is there.  The polarity of energy production requires a positive and a negative charge.  The negative charge is the absence of obvious activity, somewhat like the black hole of astronomy that you know of.  It is there and it is very powerful, but until you had the equipment to discern it, it did not appear to exist.  The positive pole is intention.

Between these two poles is energy created.  We enter into your field, you might say, and we contribute our existence which is pure energy to the force that you are part of here.

Applying yourselves to the study of the teachings as you are doing tonight also creates energy.  In a way, every effort, physical or mental or spiritual, is both the result and the initiation of energy.  Now we suggest that you release yourselves into this powerhouse, the force field to borrow a phrase, that you are making at this moment.

Within our small part of the universe we connect with you in your small part of the universe and together we expand until we fill this space with our knowing together.  What is the outcome of such an expansion? It can be a firmer, clearer understanding of the place you hold in the universe.  Your universe, be it family, community, planet. 

Within its boundaries you spend your lives and with every willingness we can muster, we offer support and information to make your place as efficacious for you as you have chosen it to be.

We are teachers.  You have said that you are students of our teachings.  This bond is another expression of the creative energy that you are part of.  We thank you for being our students.  Teachers need students, you know.  We have chosen this planet and you as our causal plane work.  You are doing your part by being here tonight.

<Nancy> Now we will take questions.

<DaveGregg> Colleen, you have the first question ... you may go ahead.

Q & A

<colleen> Michael, I love you as I do everyone in our Group who is here tonight and who could not make it.  I had a marvelous idea this evening.  Both while cleaning and while swimming under the stars.  I don't feel I can reveal it right now ... although you certainly know of its impact.  Can I go forward, BIG TIME???  This idea has to do with making a movie that will instill hope and love.

<Nancy> The medium of film is a very important tool for the dissemination of ideas.  Whenever there is a possibility of using such a tool in the work of the teachings, it merits consideration. Whether there will be enough interest, financial backing, etc., is another question altogether.  Of course, you may choose to go forward with this idea.  We cannot predict that it will be successful, we are not in the fortune telling business.  However, we suggest that there is certainly a 'hook' that you are thinking of that may well 'sell' this idea to those who can make it happen. You may choose to pursue this concept, you may choose not to.  Remember, everything is within your power, is a matter of choice.

<colleen> Yes. of course.  Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Just a reminder, folks. This is a Back to Basics night. The questions should be about the teachings, if possible.

<DaveGregg> Mardel, you're next.

<Mardel> When a fragment is manifesting at a lower soul age than essence, is that a constant until the fragment moves up the levels?  Or is there variation, especially upward variation?

<Nancy> The concept of manifested soul age as opposed to actual soul age is an easy one to understand if one keeps in mind that not all the lessons that are scheduled for a lifetime will be learned in sequence.  It may be that at some point a mature soul will need to experience more of the 'can do' environment of the younger soul level, an experience that was not completely covered when the mature soul was actually a young soul.

Therefore, the manifested soul age is not an across the board condition.  A late mature soul may be manifesting actual soul age in relationships, earlier mature soul age in organization of the life plan, and young in career concerns.

Once the manifested age has been visited and the lessons acquired and made a part of Essence, that age/level is released and the fragment does not stay at that level for any other reason.  Therefore, if we understand the question, there is no 'constant' in this activity.  There is rather a dipping back in and then out as ground that was missed is covered to the satisfaction of Essence and the fragment, who are allied in their concern that nothing be missed.

<Mardel> Thank you, Nancy and Ms.  :-)

<DaveGregg> Slightly sleepy Elo-Maria, you're next.

<Elo-Maria> My question is kind of funny maybe, but there is one vague thing about the teachings I can't figure out fully. It's about choosing roles at the beginning of a new grand-cycle. Everything is choice, but there are also certain percentages of each role in the Universe. I see a contradiction here, because how can it be choice, if there are percentages? What if I decide that I want to be a King in my new cycle, but then it appears, that I can't, because all 2% of Kings are already taken but there are still plenty of Warrior and Server roles available? I'm sure it's not like this, but I'd still like to hear some deeper explanation.

<Nancy> The choice of role at the beginning of a cycle of lives is made with all the information available to Essence that is necessary for making the choices, both role and overleaves. Whether a fragment has already experienced a particular role, whether this choice will facilitate the learning that is part of the plan, whether there is a place for such a role as you so described it, all of these are considerations.

Remember, there is no Maya in the process.  The best choice is part of the choice.  You might be surprised to know that the king role is not eagerly sought by fragments making their choices.  In the uncluttered realm in which this choice is made it looms as relatively undesirable. But we realize you were simply making a suggested example, and we repeat, there is an understanding between the fragment and Essence that precludes disappointment and competition.  These elements are manifestations of the physical plane  and have no parallels outside of it.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Vanessa, you're next.

<vanessa> How can a person tell when they've completed the 4th internal monad?

<Nancy> The fourth internal monad allows for a fragment to assess the state of their human personality.  How am I doing?  Am I myself? Or am I merely repeating what family and education and social expectations have made of me? Within the fragment there is a reality that becomes manifest when the fourth internal monad is completed.  Extraneous material that no longer fits will be sloughed off, much as one casts off outgrown garments.  The 'fitting' is a result of seriously examining the questions above, as well as others, in determining whether the clothes being worn are appropriate, are comfortable, are useful.

When there is no longer a sense of wondering if things are 'right', then that is a very good sign that the monad has been completed.  If there has not been even the beginning of these questionings, then no matter what the age of the fragment, the monad is not complete, indeed may never have been begun.

This means that for those in the waking sleep, it may be necessary for such fragments to take up in the next life the questions about oneself and the discovery of the answers before the monad is experienced as completed. You will notice that this, also, like manifested age, is not a simple trajectory.  In the next life, for those who cannot/will not/choose not to examine their lives in the fourth monad in the current one, they will still experience and may finish the first three again before approaching the fourth.

But for those who are walking the path, a sense of release, of settling in, of appreciation for oneself will signal the end of the monad.

<vanessa> Thank you!

<DaveGregg> Just a reminder, folks. Please don't talk during the session unless you're called on. We're trying to avoid unnecessary distractions for the channel. Thanks. :-)

<DaveGregg> Rhua, you're next.

<Rhua> I had the same question as Vanessa!  Um ... How many Michael students are there currently worldwide and where is the largest geographical concentration of them? Real name Lori.

<Nancy> Our student Lori is part of the largest concentration of our students in that she is a resident of this country.  The number of students fluctuates from time to time, because there is always some number who hear the message and for a time follow the teachings and then abandon them. We would say, however, that this abandonment may be temporary, however.  Many who think to themselves that this is all so much hot air come back eventually because they reconsider their place in the universe.

At this time, we would say that there are approximately 300,000 followers of the teachings world wide, nearly one third of them in your country. (Nancy: Michael amended that to ‘in this hemisphere’.)

<Rhua> thank you Nancy and M!

<Foz, you’re next.

<Dan> Could you comment on the probable timelines for Earth changes, both economic & geological? Current consensus is economic recession starting later this year, and worsening into worldwide depression in subsequent years. Similarly, the environmental Earth changes that have already begun quite noticeably will continue to worsen, with the so-called 'cataclysms' starting in 2009? Any truth to this or do you see things progressing differently?

<Nancy> Although this is not part of our 'basic teachings, we will comment briefly on the questions that the fragment Dan has posed.

As we have said before, the planet Earth is not slated for either exploding or imploding in the future that you can see before you.  There are changes in the earth that are part of its own cycle, as well as ones that have been appliquéd onto it by the numbers of people now populating the earth.

Economic recessions come and go, climate changes do also.  The last great climate change occurred in your 15th century when much of the northern hemisphere of this planet experienced unusual seasons of great cold.  Your history books refer to it as the Little Ice Age.

We do not see that any such change in temperature is a part of your future.  There is, however, the very real possibility that coastal regions all over the planet will find that they are being reshaped.  Since these areas include a number of very large metropolitan areas with their vast populations, it may be incumbent on those living there to re-think their residence and to take appropriate steps toward moving to higher ground.   No amount of diking, walling, sea gating, will hold back the oceans.

What is the time table for this possibility?  Over the next 50 years or so.

As for economic collapse, there is a strong probability that the whole financial structure of the planet will undergo reorganization.  This will result in hardship for many, especially those with much to lose.  For those who are presently existing in a marginal financial world anyway, there will be less trauma. We offer this as a likely, that is to say, a probable situation.  The planning for a financial reconstruction of the planet's monetary foundation is already being addressed.  One of the signs of the beginning of this is the reorganization of the monies of the countries of the European continent.  There will be other, probably different, decisions over the next 10 to 20 years which will result in a greater easing of restrictions on international trade and the prosperity that will follow that.

The shadow of capitalism will continue to cover many emerging markets, simply because there is little understanding of alternatives, but here and there alternatives are already in place and are working. We have said in the past and we say again, there is very little likelihood that there will be a total collapse of civilization as you know it.

<Foz> Thank you

<DaveGregg> Old Soul Scholar, you're next.

<old_soul_scholar> (Rick) I believe you have stated in the past that during the next appearance of the Infinite Soul the logos must this time be imparted "intact".  Can you please explain what you mean by the term "intact" and how this dissemination of information will differ from the past?

<Nancy> When the last appearance of the Infinite Soul was manifested on this planet there was a need to shape ITSELF to the limitations and conditions of the time.  Now, when the Infinite Soul chooses to bring to bear the Logos, there is a very different state in which IT will appear.  Take, for example, the problems of communication in the days of the man Jesus.  He SPOKE to everyone who was within his range, that range limited by the extent of his voice.  He did not write anything down, either.  So there was no possibility of the Infinite Soul reaching more than the several hundred people who actually heard his voice.
And this only in the 30 days of so following the apparent death of the man Jesus.

Therefore the Logos that the Infinite Soul brought to bear had to be curtailed, if you will, to fit the terms of the situation. This meant a limited exposure, to a limited audience.  It was enough, however, to accomplish what was intended.  The mere fact that the Infinite Soul became incarnate was sufficient for the purpose.

That will be true, also, of the next manifestation of the Infinite Soul.  But this time all the wonders of communication and transportation technology will be at the fingertips of the Infinite Soul.  We carefully avoid using either of the only two pronouns you have available to us because the Infinite Soul is neither male nor female, but will choose which gender IT will occupy, and there is a very real possibility that this next time it will be both.  We can only say that we have no more information on the exact choices that the Infinite Soul will make than you do.  What we can say is that this time there will be a much broader expression of the Logos than was possible two thousand years ago.  If you wish to express that as being more 'intact', that is as good a description as any we can think of.

<DaveGregg> Ed, you're next.


<Ed`> if the original group in the early 70s had focused less on overleaves, is there some other part(s) of the MT that might have been released then, changing everything since?
That is, was there anything you would have liked to get into but they didn't ask?

<Nancy> The group we first spoke to in the area of California had to be brought along in the teachings as one would a group of people who lack exposure to any new way of thinking.  It took many sessions to bring them even to a partial understanding of the concept of reincarnation as we understand it.

We expected this and we made allowances for the effort it took for them to grasp many of the concepts that you now take very much in stride. Knowing that there would be this chasm to cross, we left many things unsaid that we expected to offer at a later date.  Which we are doing now.

Would anything have changed, perceptively, if we had opened the sluice gates on this small group of fragments?  One change might have been a complete shutdown of their ability to comprehend and so an aborting of their agreement with us! We always measure the receptivity of our students and since we have not the same outlook on time as do you, we are not dismayed that it may take more than one generation, in fact it may take several, to complete our work.

The choices that are made are made on all sides.  We made/make choices, those you call the original group made choices, and you are now making choices.  We do not see this as anything to be concerned about.   We do see it as the unfolding of events as these choices dictate. There will be a steady stream of advanced material coming into the community of our students.  We have alerted several channels of this and have obtained their agreement to receive these teachings.  Over the next decade or so there will be additional material added to the basics that you are all aware of.

They do not, will not, refute what has gone before.  Truth is truth and does not alter to time.  But the expression of truth does alter somewhat to circumstances.  Now that the groundwork has been laid for them, we will build upon the foundation with more truths that can be applied to your world.

<Ed`> will you, Nancy, be getting the new info?

<Nancy> I have been asked if I would be willing to receive it, yes.  And I have agreed to do so.  It will come when it comes. Btw, as they said, I won't be the only channel posting new material.  A number of us are part of this agreement.

<DaveGregg> LP1, you're next.

<Lp1> Michael, can you tell us how to work better with discarnate essence twins?

<Nancy> The energy of a discarnate Essence Twin is much more available to the incarnate fragment than it would be if the Essence Twin were also incarnate. This is easily understood when you consider that two fragments who are twinned and who are leading separate lives, possibly in different parts of the world, possibly a generation or more apart, would have little time and possibly no way to connect.

With one of the twins discarnate, however, there is no such barrier.  The discarnate twin can put all, or most all, of its attention on the incarnate twin and can often make quite a difference in that life.  Connecting with a discarnate Essence Twin is much like connecting with Essence.  It takes attention and intention, the elements of meditation.

Two approaches for cooperation between these two include dream state and the meditative state.  These are closely allied and both usually can be learned. To contact your discarnate Essence Twin in your sleeping time, center your thoughts on what you want to do, make the intention to be available during sleep, make an appointment, if you will, to meet on the astral, and go to sleep.

You may or may not remember what transpired when you wake, but be assured that you will have connected.  If there is something that you wish to discuss with your twin, formulate the idea as you make the intention.  Your twin is not infallible and has no more control over people and events than you do, but what your twin does have is an uncluttered view of things, being disassociated from the physical plane and so less obstructed by Maya; less, not totally unobstructed, but less than are you.

The second approach may be through meditation.  If you are performing meditation, include in it your desire to communicate with your twin.  Again, you may outline what you would like to discuss and ask that your twin meet you in meditation.  This approach is somewhat harder for some fragments, especially if you are not in the habit of meditation.
For those who are, this can be a link to the discarnate twin.

If your twin is the same role as you are, the energy expressed may seem to be doubled.  If your twin is a different role, you may feel a distinct tendency toward the qualities of that role, qualities which may be foreign to your own.

<DaveGregg> Tibtyc, you're next.

<Tibtyc> Ladislaus: Good evening everybody. Nancy: My question to Michael: The concepts behind the words "Truth, Love, Energy" must have been around for a long time. Do they correspond to "Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva" and the 3 Gunas? Which is which? And what other names do we know them by?

<Nancy> The trilogy Truth, Love, and Energy has indeed been a part of the consciousness of the human race from its beginning.  Indeed, we would say that it is a part of the universe.  All creation recognizes the power of these forces. They do not correspond directly with the trinity Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, however.  These are manifestations of Being that have been transmuted to becoming attachments to human understanding of divine principles.  Ordinarily these translate to Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer, as you know. 

In the beginning of their existence as forces to be understood, you could have said that the correspondence was one for one. Over millennia, however, the understanding of this correspondence has been so distorted that it no longer can be treated as actual.  Truth is always creating, Love is always sustaining, Energy is always changing.  So, yes, there was once a one to one correspondence when the concepts were first understood by those who named them. Not so now.

As for the gunas, they are not so easily brought into the picture.  They are energies, that is true, but their application is more of a specific force and not so much a universal one.  The gunas represent the diluting of the power of the universe down to manageable dimensions.  Their application has therefore been limited.  In this respect they do not correspond to the two trinities mentioned above.

<Tibtyc> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> That was the last question, Nancy.

Closing Comments

<Nancy> Then let us close with these words:  There has been a theme of energy throughout tonight's teaching.  First, this energy comes/is created when you all gather together. Then there is the energy of the questions themselves.  Oh, yes, asking questions creates energy!  And so does answering them, and finally, so does receiving the answers and understanding them.  All of this created energy goes into the whole that is the many universes of the Tao.  This is your contribution to the learning you are doing tonight, to the very bits that go to making up the continual learning of the Tao.  Go in Peace.



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