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Shepherd Hoodwin


Opening Comments

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> There is an especially expansive energy in the group. Take a moment to anchor yourselves into it.

It has been said that love is blind. It is true that romantic feelings can obscure perceptions one might otherwise have. However, in general, love heightens perceptions. Of course, we are speaking here of unconditional love, or love as a universal quality. Personal love can be unconditional. It can be characterized by universal love manifested in a human relationship. There is at least some energy of universal love in most human relationships. However, it is usually limited in certain or many respects. It is those limitations that cause blindness, not the love. On some level, people choose not to see what they feel they cannot love.
If you can shed judgments of other people's limitations, your love for them will not be blind. You will not love them in spite of these limitations; you will simply love them, period. You may have to be canny in working around them, but this relates more to your expression of love than to the love itself.

Bring to mind someone you love a great deal. Allow yourself to be aware of something about him or her that you have not fully seen because you judge it. Wrap that trait in your love. You may now be aware that your love has become more unconditional. Are there any comments or questions on this?

<EvaDillner> Very timely and useful.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> You might also note that the group energy has changed. How so?

<Elisa> More thoughtful.
<EvaDillner> Softer.
<carol> More tolerant.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Some of you are becoming more sensitive to energy. See if you can notice tonight as your feeling state shifts. What at first seems subtle may seem more overt with practice. We will now take a question. Dave?

<DaveGregg> Gloria...

Q & A

<GLO> After this cheap-oil economy fails, what does everyday life in the U.S. look like? A book, The Long Emergency, describes a complete breakdown of civilization as we know it, once we run out of fossil fuels. (This, despite the fact that there are other sources, like hydrogen fuel technology). The author describes a soon-to-come scenario where marauding bandits terrorize the country, and a vassal-serf society exists because there's not enough land for each person to grow their own food. What is the probability of such a breakdown occurring?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> About 12%. It is a real probability but one based on humanity making a series of extremely short-sighted choices. It may appear that humanity is in the process of doing just that, but new consciousness is emerging rapidly that could bring a change in direction. You might wish to check again on the probabilities from time to time to see how they may have changed. This probability was at about 8% about 18 months ago. That it has risen indicates a recent deterioration of choices particularly by the U.S. However, 12% is still a low probability. Would you care to follow up?

<GLO> What is the new consciousness that is emerging rapidly?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> There is an increasingly conscious desire to live with more respect for the earth. More and more people are reacting physically to the pollution and associated energies of violation. Their bodies are rebelling. They are becoming weary of this unharmonious state. A strong desire for harmony is emerging as greater extremes of violation manifest. In more sensitive people, this desire emerged earlier. Now, it is getting bad enough that the less sensitive are craving it more consciously.

<DaveGregg> Elo, you are next...

<Elo-Maria_Roots> I have Discrimination goal, what makes me reject most potential relationships before they can start. I just want to know, is there anyone IŽll be able to accept as my life partner?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Yes. This relates to what we were saying relative to the previous question. Your high sensitivity coupled with your need to discriminate will make it likely that you will hold out for someone who feels right, who is harmonious. This is not impossible for you to find but it could take some time. It is the nature of this goal to need to process a lot of dross in order to find a gold nugget. The very experience of testing possible relationships can allow for the positive expression of this goal.

<Elo-Maria_Roots> Do I have any mate agreements with someone I know at the present or meet in the near future?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> None that we see. However, you will not limit yourself to those. You are casting your net wide, so to speak. This is part of the achievement of your goal.

<Elo-Maria_Roots> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Laurel, you're next...

<LaurelB> Could Michael talk about choice as it relates to animals. Are they able to make choices, or is everything instinctive? What would be required in order to "bestow" free will on a animal in order for it to experience being human?
<LaurelB> This is a hypothetical situation for a fantasy novel.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Animals make choices within a much narrower range than sentient souls. In general, companion animals have a slightly wider range than those in the wild. Being exposed to the choice-making of humans (in your case) helps them evolve faster. They get a taste of what is to come in their evolution. Still, their range remains quite narrow. Also, the range of choice is generally wider among animals who function more independently than for pack animals.

<LaurelB> This would be a cat.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Again, their range remains relatively narrow. Yes, cats are an example of both. There are also differences in range among humans. Obviously, children have a narrower range than adults. Younger souls have a narrower range than older souls. One can only choose what one can conceive of. In general, older souls can conceive of more possibilities. This makes choosing more challenging; presumably, older souls are also better equipped to meet that challenge. The wider the range of choice, the more an individual can create his/her reality. From your point of view on the physical plane, evolution is painstakingly slow. Therefore, an animal would not realistically reach the point of sentience within time frames that are meaningful to you.

Each of us are students of the spiritual path. Consider how much you have learned about making choices just in this lifetime. Still, it is just a fraction of all there is to learn. That is why the soul seeks a variety of experiences-- to give you a more rounded education in choice-making.

<LaurelB> Thank you, that was most interesting! :-)
<DaveGregg> Trudy, you're next...

<trudy_bartlett> Greetings. My question is about eliminating toxic levels of mercury from the body. In the past when I've asked you about general "cleansing", you've recommended homeopathics that strengthen, activate and support the body's own elimination mechanisms. However, my chiropractor is advising chelation - via DMSA or a volcanic mineral called zeolite - for removing mercury. What is my best course of action regarding mercury removal?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We sense that this is good advice for you. We think you would respond well to this treatment. We would also recommend that you supplement trace minerals in your diet. Having enough of the healthy minerals helps the body rid itself of the toxic ones. Toxic minerals are a widespread problem. They have led to a general downward trend in mental function in humanity over the past 50 years or so. However, this can have a silver lining: it can encourage people to better develop their other faculties, particularly their spiritual ones.

<trudy_bartlett> Of chlorella/cilantro, DMSA, or zeolite, is there one particular superior choice for chelation?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We are not able to read that for you. Perhaps muscle testing could indicate which is better. Perhaps a combination would be best.

<trudy_bartlett> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Anne White, you're next...

<Anne_White> My husband & I have chosen to experience a great deal of pain, loss, fear and grief in this life (we also chose the ability to maintain a sense of the ridiculous and a sense of humour). Can Michael tell us why we chose so much pain?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We would say that your level of pain in this lifetime has been within the normal range for sentient souls on earth at this time. You perceive it as being abnormally high because of the nature of your particular lessons around having and losing. It can seem more painful to have had and lost, than to never have had at all. However, the pain isn't greater; it just gives you a greater ability to compare. The general answer to your question is that a life of more challenges usually means a life of more growth. You and your husband are quite dedicated to growth. This is not to say that one must have pain in order to grow. However, growing through pain has been more popular, by far, than growing through joy. Part of the spiritual path is learning to growth more through joy.

<Anne_White> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Anna Ross, you're next...

<Anna_Ross> I want to ask for help so that I can be less anxious and worried about things in my life. Also I often have unpleasant dreams where I am scared and anxious.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> A large part of your problem is physical. Your nervous system is not functioning smoothly. You are deficient in a number of minerals and vitamins. We would recommend taking high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements in an easily assimilable form. Are you taking any supplements now?

<Anna_Ross> Yes
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> What?
<Anna_Ross> I can't remember the details. But quite a variety under the care of a naturopath.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Some people have trouble assimilating the nutrition they take in either through food or supplements.

<Anna_Ross> Yes, my digestion has been deficient in recent years.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> You might investigate taking in supplementation more through liquid form. We'd also suggest that you make a "ritual" of ingesting. Slow down the process. Pay attention to it. Bless everything you take into your body. Ask it to go where it is needed. Visualize that happening. Be in a relaxed, almost meditative state. Work on developing a strong belief that you deserve to be nourished. On an unconscious level, you are starving yourself.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> You don't entirely believe that you deserve to live. Are you aware of this?

<Anna_Ross> It has been a sort of at the edge of my consciousness knowledge - that I have struggled against.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Your spiritual task here is to embrace life, to believe that you not only deserve to live but that your life has meaning.

<Anna_Ross> How do I find that meaning?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Life itself is meaningful. Just being. That's the point: you don't have to do anything to have meaning or to deserve life. All meaning is in this moment of being. When you are filled full of the meaning of now, that might spill over into meaningful doing. You are enough. "You" goes deeper and deeper until "you" are the Tao itself. What could be more meaningful than that? The All That Is. You have an opportunity to rid yourself of the conditions you have inherited upon your beingness, and just be. We are working with you energetically on this. Can you sense that?

<Anna_Ross> Yes I feel "safer"

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Keep relaxing into that. We sense that this will not be a difficult mindset for you to change. It will be like flicking a switch inside your consciousness.

<Anna_Ross> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Carol, you're next...

<carol> I am a 5th level mature warrior in the power mode with a goal of growth. I have 2 young girls with my partner of 14 years. I want to leave him. am I burning karmic ribbons with him or will I be creating more? I am unhappy with him yet I do not feel strong or smart enough to deal with him. Am I on tract? Thank you.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Your relationship is not karmic. You did not burn a ribbon and you will not create one by leaving. We sense that you have already separated from him energetically; it's as if you'd split up two years ago. We think you'd be more comfortable without him.

<carol> Will my girls and I be ok financially..will he be responsible?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> That looks iffy. Be sure to have good legal assistance.

<carol> thank you very much. I will take your advice.
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> One more question, Dave.
<DaveGregg> Doreen, you're next...

<doreen> Is there anything you can tell me about the hardships my youngest brother Yoel has to face?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Yoel is challenging himself to become free from attachment to his physical body. In past lives, he has been exceptionally sensual and proud of his or her body. This, in itself, can be quite positive, but he came to excessive identify with physical prowess. He is also teaching others about the temporal nature of physicality and the eternal nature of essence.

<doreen> Thank you very much.

Closing Comments

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Take a moment to observe the group energy. It is different from that of previous chats. It is comparatively low-key and refined. How do you experience it?

<Elisa> More settled than usual.
<lindapostal> I sense the mood of progressiveness, of desire, wanting more...
<EvaDillner> More stable, at ease.
<doreen> It feels calm and absorbing.
<Elisa> It feels like a good foundation.
<Kathryn41> Yes, it feels 'present'
<LaurelB> Very well focused.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Many of you are currently in a time of rebalancing. It is a more inward time. We expect it will continue in this vein for the next couple weeks. It is a good time to relax and consider your life. Less intellectual activity would be useful; quiet endeavors can nurture this rebalancing. The energy work tonight have been mainly concerned with rebalancing. Consider what you crave that would help you rebalance, what has been missing or deficient in your life.

We will conclude now. Love and blessings to each of you. Goodnight.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Shepherd/Michael. :-)
<Kathryn41> Love to you too, Michael and Shepherd. Thank you.
<LaurelB> ditto
<Elo-Maria_Roots> Thank you all.
<Anna_Ross> Fare well and thank you.
<CarrotWax> Thank you all.
<dianeh> Thank you.
<Elisa> Thank you Michael, Shepherd.
<lindapostal> Thank you Michael and Shepherd.
<EvaDillner> Thanks.
<Anne_White> Thank you.
<SamL> Thanks Shepherd.
<trudy_bartlett> Thank you Michael and Shepherd
<Tina_Wong> Thank you all.
<JohnRoth> Thank you, Michael and Shepherd.


Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Audio cassettes are available from his site. Visit his website at  Summerjoy Press

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