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Opening Comments

<Lightspring> Everyone take a moment and think about your own connection to Michael. And in a minute we'll get started.

<Lightspring> Tonight we would like to work with you a little so as to connect with you on a slightly different energetic level than before. Each of you holds a particular connection with us, and many of you have been feeling lately that you would like to enhance this either out of curiosity or simply to help with your own spiritual and personal transformation. We encourage you then to think about your connection with one another. Undoubtedly there are a few names on the list tonight that you don't recognize, but you are still connected whether or not you have conscious awareness of one another.

We have talked before of course, as have many others, about your constant interconnection as humans with one another. Tonight, then, we encourage you to move to a slightly new level in this connection. To deepen it, if you will.

We would like you then to take a moment. Allow yourselves a few good deep breaths. And to notice how you expand into the space around you. Notice how you feel now. Perhaps a little lighter. Perhaps a little more true.  There is more of you present now. If you are able, you may remember this feeling and bring it forth into the course of your day to day lives. Bringing more of yourself into every moment of your day gives you a sharper awareness of your life and the interactions you hold with those around you. You may notice after a time that the nature of the interactions you hold with others begins to change. Others will react to this heightened sense of trueness emanating from you and they will adjust their energies accordingly. In essence, then, you will begin a ripple effect, moving across the globe to one day return to you again.

Each person you interact with will find their energy somewhat changed from the experience. As a result, each person they interact with will again find such changes and the effect grows and moves across the earth to, as we said, return to you again. You will notice also after a time of this heightened awareness of self that you will begin to notice new emotions, increased emotions, both in yourself and those around you. These emotions of course cause reactions, for they are themselves a form of energetic interaction. You will learn both about your self and those around you from these increased emotions and the energy they contain. And so continues your transformational experience.

We would like to speak to you tonight about an emotion many of you find undesirable, perplexing, and uncomfortable: the emotion of hate. We would like to offer you a definition that we use when we refer to this term. Hate in our perception is simply an absence of connection between beings. A connection may exist, of course, but it is the perception of a disconnect that causes inward pain. This reaction of inward pain causes one typically to retract even further, thereby increasing the sense of disconnect. If love is complete connection, complete acceptance for All That Is, then hate acknowledges that love is present, yet simply not perceived.  In other words, one could say that hate is a part of love. Not an absence of love, but simply a lack of connection with the perception of love.

Why does hate make you feel so uncomfortable?

It is more a feeling of shock that accompanies the sense of disconnect that usually causes uncomfortable reaction to the state known as hate. The shock is a change from a state of acceptance and love, and therefore as we said, causes a further retraction and a further disconnect. Most people find this shock so great, and the sense of disconnect so all-encompassing and bleak that it is difficult to imagine love as existing in that space.  People are typically uncomfortable with emotions such as anger, disgust, or of course hate. For all of these create a sense of disconnection from others, and each of you carries within you on some level the knowledge that you are of course connected. So perceiving even briefly that there is a lack of connection causes you pain.

So what can you do when you feel the emotion of hate? How can you bring this into a feeling of connection and perceive the love that exists?

Most people when feeling hate will tend to become lost in that sense of disconnection. After all, the physical plane is built of illusion and the illusion serves to allow you to perceive such disconnection so that you can find your way back. When feeling hate toward another or towards your self, then, what may work for many of you under most circumstances is simply to allow that feeling to exist. It isn't real. It has no substance other than what you give it, and it truly is simply a matter of perception. If you allow it to exist without giving it additional strength, it will dissipate on its own and you will at some point be able to return to
the perception of connection which is love. However, we acknowledge that it is difficult to not add strength to that feeling of disconnect, for it is the natural tendency to move toward what we fear. But if you realize that by simply allowing something such as fear to exist, you can perceive that it has no substance of its own and you can again return to the state of feeling the connection that was always there to begin with.

Before we go onto general questions, are there any questions on this topic for Michael?

<Geraldine> How do you respond to attacks against yourself that generate this disconnect?

<Lightspring> Attacks one are only possible when you are not connected with what is inside you. In other words, when you are sure of who you are then there is nothing anyone can do to you, unless you would allow it.

<Robinette> So in essence Michael is saying "let it flow then let it go?

<Lightspring> You may feel resentful, or certainly uncomfortable, with someone who is directing their energy towards you in this manner and we would encourage you to allow those feelings to exist, while at the same time deepening your connection to your self. And standing up tall as who you are. Having a strong, central connection to your self is always the best way of interacting with anyone else under any circumstances.

<Lightspring> Robinette: If you allow the emotion to be there without adding to it or taking away from it - in other words by accepting it to its fullest extent - it will naturally dissipate on its own without your having to do anything. In other words, there is no letting go necessary.  However, that is in essence what occurs.

<laughingboi> What about the situations such as gang warfare, where innocent bystanders are affected by the choices of those who choose to perpetuate disconnect?

<Lightspring> In many cases such innocent bystanders may choose to allow the energy of another, such as a gang member, come into their sphere. If there is a lack of self-connection, there will be the shock that we spoke of, the shock of disconnect, which could erupt in various emotions such as hatred. However, this is not necessarily the case.

<Elisa17> Could you tell us more about how to get this connection to self?

<Lightspring> The easiest way is of course to have self-awareness. However, the physical plane is fraught with many elements and people make various choices that make self-awareness challenging to attain. Some people simply have little interest in being self-aware and choose to move their lives examining other things. That is a choice. The path that you are on, of course, is one path towards self-awareness. There are, as you know, many such paths, and all are valid. Interestingly, having self-awareness does not necessarily bring up self-connection as there must be a conscious connection to the self that one is aware of in order to achieve this. You may have self-connection without having total self-awareness. In other words, wherever you are on your path to self-awareness, you have the ability right now to connect with the self that you are aware of. This self-connection will of course bring upon additional self-awareness which does not necessarily make future self-connection any easier. As you become aware of various elements of your self, you move in and out of the ability to connect with your self, for your perception must change almost consciously in order to maintain self-connection. The best way, or shall we say least challenging way, to attain self connection is simply to be as open as possible to what's inside you. To accept all the beauty and the ugliness that you may find there.

<Lightspring> Dave, I'm ready for the list of questions anytime.
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you have the first question...

<Jyoti_Shah>  My daughter Shama and I feel a strongly drawn towards European countries, especially the British Isles. Have we both shared some past lives together there or in any other European country for that matter?

<Lightspring> The last western European lifetime you shared - and there have been a few as well as others there you did not share - was in northern Scotland in the early 1700s. You were fishermen in a small village basically eking out a living. Shama's boat developed a hole and he was unable to repair it sufficiently to continue working. After much deliberation, the other villagers painfully acknowledged the fact that they were unable to help him and he and his family starved the following winter. There were some attempts by various villagers, including yourself, to bring what little extra food you had to this family. But for the most part there was a harsh acceptance of what would happen to any of you under similar circumstances.

<Jyoti_Shah> Have we been parent and child?

<Lightspring> Yes, more than once on both sides.

<Jyoti_Shah> Thats answers our deep connection in this life and the feeling that we will always be there for each other. This is how I generally feel about her.

<Lightspring> That makes sense, given the number of lives shared.

<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks Karen, Michael Dave.
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> May I ask a question on behalf of my daughter, S.?

<Lightspring> Yes.

<Geraldine> Thank you. S. would like to know if she has any pre-life agreements with C. or past life association. If so, could you give some information?

<Lightspring> The number of past lives shared under various circumstances, mostly relatively fleeting, give rise to the present life agreements which are beginning to be apparent. These agreements are largely to challenge one another into new ways of thinking, thus initiating deeper personal growth on the part of each party as well as allowing them to move into different perceptions that will in turn affect their relationship with one another as well as with others in their lives.

This sort of agreement is relatively common and most of you hold such agreements with a number of other people to be exercised at various times in your life. The relationships with the people you hold such agreements with are not necessarily easy or comfortable one, for you will notice that the goal of such agreements is to initiate change and growth. This of course can be performed under a variety of circumstances, and not all of them feel "good".

<Geraldine> Thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Robinette, you're next...

<Robinette> Can you tell me if I have been a monk or other religious figure in any past lives?

<Lightspring> There have been more than one such lifetime for you, but the one that we see that holds the most resonance for you at this time was a lifetime of spiritual service in the Mesopotamian age. At this time primary concerns of the people you served were agriculture and day to day living that involved minor boundary disputes. This spiritual order was formed at the base of the mountain so as to give an energetic connection with nature to the people that lived in the area. It was not a life of solitude, but was instead a lifetime of interpretation. In other words, it was your intent to interpret for the people of the area the words of what they considered to be the divine and to apply that to their daily lives.

It was a busy lifetime and one that afforded you much internal growth. There was a sense also of harmony and connection with nature and the earth that continues to give you great peace.

<Robinette> I am unfamiliar with Mesopotamian age, so when and where please?

Mesopotamia is modern day Iran/Iraq. Bronze age.

<Robinette> Many thanks.
<DaveGregg> KathyDV, you're next...

<KathyDV> My name is Kathy Dannel Vitcak and I wondered how the different races came to be? Was it genetic mutation within early man in the various parts of the world or climatic influences or what? Thank you in advance.

<Lightspring> When the earth was first colonized with what later became the human species, there was a conscious choice to move the species into having the ability to utilize as much of the land area as possible so as to provide as much potential for variation within living circumstance and regional energies as possible. Built into certain groups of these early humans was a desire to emigrate to unknown terrain. This desire of course continued on as a genetic aspect of the nomadic peoples who moved away from a centralized area to more far flung regions. Since this happened over a period of time, adjustments were made genetically to adapt to changes in climate, terrain and food resources.

Total adaptation on a regional basis was not possible, but a relatively fair job was eventually accomplished which more or less accounts for the various racial characteristics that are seen today. These characteristics still persist because a conscious choice among the entire species was made at some point to greatly diminish the rate of regional adaptation.

It was noticed that there was a potential for some interesting conflict between large groups of peoples based on their racial characteristics. Further adaptation on a regional basis may have diminished these characteristics and reduced the potential for conflict.

<KathyDV> Thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> Avatar you're next...

<avatar415> My question is about Stonehenge. When and how was it built, and by whom? What was its intended purpose? What did they call it? What was purpose of the blue stones in the center?

<Lightspring> Stonehenge was originally designed and built to serve as both a marker and a record keeping center. It was designed so that the people who lived in the area would be able to utilize it without need for knowledge of the engineering that went into its design. People understood the sun and understood shadows and could access the energies surrounding the site so as to make changes in their own growth.

Eventually becoming similar to that of a race of priests. The energy was placed there by the builders who also had awareness of the likely uses of such a structure and the effects that it would have upon the people it would have upon the people in the area. And as a result, everyone else living on the earth at that time and afterward.

<Lightspring> [Note : past channeling has been done on this. See http://www.michaelteachings.com/channeling_general_abc.html#STONEHENGE for example]

<DaveGregg> RonV, you're next...

<RonV> Hello Michael - I'm not *exactly* sure how to describe this, but in recent months, I've become of aware of a reaction that I have when sitting quietly and feeling the energy of a space or the people in it, sometimes as part of a group or other session that may be focused on energetic work. As long as everything is "quiet" and I feel just a part of the background, I feel quite calm and in the flow. But there have been a few instances where I start to feel stronger energies either coming from me or to me, and the moment I become consciously aware of that, I feel a "pulling back" and may even feel sweat on the forehead as an outward sign. Iím sure itís different for everyone, but is there some kind of "barrier" I create to feeling these more intense energies, or might it be just plain fear and how can I learn to move past that? Itís almost like a sense of bailing out as the frequency starts to rise too quickly.

<Lightspring> We have told you before in various ways that you have been moving quickly through a great many transitions. Sometimes you feel as if your head is spinning or even completely disconnected from your body. Don't worry, this is normal. You are simply cramming about 20 years worth of personal growth into a much shorter period of time. There is naturally some resistance to this, even though for the most part you embrace it. Part of you wants to run screaming out of the room, yelling "what's happening to me?" And part of you realizes that this is where you always could have been. This was always here for you, and that's the part that keeps drawing you back.

We would suggest, then, that when you encounter feelings of fear, or resistance, or simply reluctance, that you simply allow those feelings to be there and notice what messages they have for you. For those feelings will teach you as much, or indeed more, than the energies and transformation that you are sometimes resisting.

<RonV> Thank you as always!
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I would like to know if I have had an past lives in China, if so what were they like?

<Lightspring> There have been a few lifetimes in that region. The last one being when you as a young girl drowned in a muddy farming field, having been buried under sudden flooding that occurred there. You were too surprised to notice anything "horrible" or "terrible" about this death and in fact your energetic connections with this lifetime are largely pleasant and revolve around family and your mother to whom you had a strong connection.

<laughingboi> Thank you...do I still know the fragment who was my Mother?

<Lightspring> Yes.

<laughingboi> Oh...ok...we'll leave it at that for now...take care...much love.
<DaveGregg> Mheinze, you're next...

<mheinze> I was wondering about the fact that we set up mate agreements before incarnating but choose our sexual 'persuasion' after incarnating. Though I do know happy same sex couples, most of my of gay friends in fact seem to have a trickier time finding a mate.

<Lightspring> Prior to incarnating, a number of choices are made including choices that lead to various challenges that arise in the course of negotiating relationships. It would seem that the number of potential mates decreases significantly when one makes the choice after incarnating regarding a lesser-chosen sexual orientation, but bear in mind that all potential mates are also making choices, and there's of course no guarantee whether a potential mate agreement will "match" your particular choice in orientation.

When we furnish information regarding the availability of one's potential mate agreements, chosen sexual orientation is a factor in the information we give you, as is geographical location and inner choices that make a particular person unavailable. Choosing a lesser-chosen sexual orientation will statistically increase the number of relationships chosen that are not with pre-lifetime mate agreements, and will also attract mate agreements made "on the fly", with the consequences of such choices being highly variable.

<mheinze> I don't understand why choosing to be straight, gay or bi (whatever) isn't pre - incarnational?

<Lightspring> As we said, certain choices are indeed made pre-lifetime that affect choices made regarding relationships during the life itself, one of which would certainly be the choice made regarding sexual orientation which is finalized during the 2nd IM.

<mheinze> Ok. Thank You.
<DaveGregg> Sanotter, you're next...

<Sanotter> What I'd like to know is, that in what way are my spiritual guides involved when I'm doing energy healing? Is it working as purely channeling, as I do sense a Sirian guide, who I feel actually controls the healing sessions?

<Lightspring> There are a number of causal-plane entities that work directly with many people during such work as you describe. We would consider this, of course, a form of channeling, even though for the most part actual words do not form. We would say that this is largely what is occurring for you, although of course your spiritual guides are present as well, assisting you in facilitating this connection and enabling you to interpret some of the energy directly as words.

The entity having connection to Sirian energies that you sense is an additional guide you are working with on a relatively temporary basis in order to better and more deeply engrain yourself into the energy of the causal entity you are working with. So there is quite a party there when you do energy work.

<Sanotter> How close is this Sirian guide to me? Have I known him for a long time?

<Lightspring> There is a connection from a previous grand cycle, so yes we would say it has been a long time.

<Sanotter> Thank you very much :)
<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> Hello Karen and Michael, Hao Zhang here. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer last week. The situation is quite severe if not terminal and I'm going to return to China this Wednesday to see him before the operation and do what I can to support my mother. I would like Michael to give me an overall perspective about this event from the Essence level such as what lessons my parents and I...
...will learn from it and if my father's Essence is still not "determined" to terminate this lifetime, what kind of medical/non-medical treatment can be used to heal the cancer efficiently?

<Lightspring> In part, and from largely your perspective, this situation will serve to increase the rate of examination you have been doing regarding your relationship with your parents.  We do not see that this necessarily will serve to bring together what has been severed in the past, but certainly your outlook and your perspective about both parents will change greatly in the next year or so.

There will be a tendency, of course, to hide old wounds rather than allow them to be present and accounted for. This is a natural tendency under such circumstances to "walk on eggshells" when there are fears about the potential death of a close family member.

Keep in mind that all the members of your family are undergoing transformation at and because of this time. Many people choose lives that allow them to accomplish their life task in their last few months of life and this becomes a satisfying time for them on many levels. We do not necessarily imply or suggest that this is what is occurring in your circumstance, but we simply wish to show you that there is growth in this situation for everyone involved.

It is not clear at this time whether or not your family intends to utilize this illness as an exit point. Depending on the outcome of the planned surgery and the various treatment options that are being considered, he will likely be making a choice on this at an essence level at some point in the relatively near future. We would say over the next few weeks or months.

In terms of potential successful outcomes for treatment, we would suggest at this point one of the most potentially successful forms of therapy would be to utilize high doses of infrared light, and to support this with both energetic and nutritional support. This fragment seems to resonate energetically with most of the elements of traditional Chinese medicine and we would suggest that it appears that those elements would have the highest probability of healing potential.

<akira> Can you explain "what has been severed in the past" in detail?

<Lightspring> During the process of your 3rd internal monad, there were some energetic connections that were severed rather hastily resulting from some choices that were made from both of you. As is the case any time you manipulate energy, there were repercussions that were felt on a number of levels, including of course physically. Physical and emotional closeness does not necessarily bring about energetic closeness and we see that based on how things stand at present it would be difficult to create reconnections of these severed energetic ties. Now, will you likely notice a difference or that
anything is missing?

We would likely say that likely you would not. However, we pointed it out as something simply to be aware of at one of many levels of your awareness in this relationship.

<akira> Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Timd, you're next...

<timdartist> Hello, all. My name is Tim Widlic. I would like to know what my last lifetime was and how I died?

<Lightspring> Your last lifetime was relatively short, having died at the age of 17. You were a girl living in Cambodia. You were being urged to enter a convent. There was some resistance to this as you preferred to seek an education, however you found it difficult to move against your family's wishes to that extent, and so you manifested illness resulting from an infection in your lower extremity that eventually killed you.

<timdartist> It is not what I thought. Thank you very much.

<Lightspring> With your permission, we would like to take you now through a time portal to enable you to access your self in the not too distant future. If you look deeply within, you now have the ability to receive a glimpse of who you could be in that not too distant future. It is within your power to move in that direction should you so desire. You have the ability now to craft for yourself almost anything in terms of who you will be in that not too distant future.

And it is our intent that by showing you this glimpse now, this night, that we enable you to create a stronger connection with you who are. In other words, to enable you a glimpse of the type of strong self-connection that will bring more of you to every interaction you will have from this moment forward.

Take another glimpse through that time portal and see also all the changes that you will be making in the lives of everyone you touch. See the change in the lives of everyone those people touch. And see the waves of transformation and energy circling the planet in the not too distant future.

We bid you goodnight then. And wish you peace in your personal transformations.

<timdartist> Beautiful, THANK YOU!
<Robinette> An enlightening evening thanks all
<JohnRoth> Thank you all!
<Lightspring> By the way, what did you think of the invitation of the dialogue with Michael at the beginning of the session?
<mheinze> g'night, thank you & sweet dreams.
<akira> It was great.

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