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Karen Murphy


Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> Students, you have again come together here tonight with the intention of forming and maintaining a community despite your disparate locations. We see that in so doing you are again forming not only a network between you, but also are increasing the energy between and among you via the power grids and meridians that exists on the physical plane. We see also that along these ley lines there is much power to be taken from and added to, an infinite source if you will. We see that several of you see this concept and instinctively draw upon this energy.

<KarenMurphy> Do, then, begin to draw upon it in a conscious manner, ever increasing the energy between you so that in time the entire earth will be engulfed with this power of intention. There is the ability, then, to make great changes. You see this, and by visualizing the change you will effect it. Do you not see that you have this power? Visualize then, the lines of power that cross and recross the earth. See the light shining in these lines. Follow your energy along one close to you, and see it light up with your intention. See the energy race along this line to your neighbor, to your friend, even to someone unknown to you across the earth from where you reside. You are all connected, in so many ways, and this is but yet another way of constant connection.  Effect the change, BE the change. You are what you intend.

Q & A

<DaveGregg> Kathleen, you are the first question for tonight...

<Kathleen> My birthday is winter solstice. How is this significant, and what or where should I place my focus this coming year?

<KarenMurphy> Kathleen, you see that the turning of the year is incredibly significant for you. Not only does it mark the end of the darkness in so many cultures across the earth, but for you it marks a personal end and beginning. This is course, was no accident, and we see that your Essence chose this time of birth for many reasons, not the least of which is this ending-beginning theme for you. You will see this as a theme in your life if you choose to see it.

<Kathleen> Yes.

<KarenMurphy> As far as your focus for the coming year, we see that the theme of this year for you is that of Inspiration. You intend then to not only find inspiration for yourself and the new beginnings that will come of this, but also that you will see the inspirational effect you have upon others.

<Kathleen> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Diane, you are next...

<dianekeith> I would like to know what agreements my partner Helen and I have for this life.

<KarenMurphy> Diane, you and the woman Helen have had lives together in the past. You are aware of this. In the present life, then, you chose not only a mate agreement but also a teacher-student monad. This does make the relationship difficult at times, but we see that this was chosen because of the types of issues you had worked out together previously. You would not then have chosen this unless there was some positive thought of success. of course, as we see it, any situation is successful because there is always learning from it. We see that it is often difficult to maintain a relationship that fits within today's Western society cultural norms, that is, a so-called equal relationship, 50-50 if you will, while at the same time developing the teacher-student relationship. There have been abrasions on the past, and there more than likely continue to be others in the future. However, life as you know it is not fraught with difficulties that cannot be learned from and worked through.

<KarenMurphy> We suggest, the, that the two of you, preferably together, perform a short meditation nightly wherein you see yourselves successfully completing this monad while at the same time getting everything you are looking/hoping for out of your relationship. Three or so months of this meditation will have a profound effect.

<dianekeith> thank you

<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria, you are next...:-)

<Elo-Maria> About 4-5 years ago I had an interesting experience. I woke up at night to the intense voice, what whispered right to my ear: HELP ME! It was so intense and desperate voice and I know, it came outside (wasnīt dream). It woke me up. I have been wondered, who was he and why he whispered this to me?

<KarenMurphy> Elo-Maria, you are probably aware that you remain quite open most of the time to astral entities and others who wish to converse with you. By remaining open to what the universe has to offer, you at the same time remain vulnerable to those who see this openness and wish to be a part of your sunny energy. We are not saying that these entities wish to prey upon you, on the contrary, most are benign and wish only a friendly ear. We see that on the night of which you speak, there was one most mischievous of these entities who saw your openness and wished, basically, to make you jump. It would have remained to converse with you had you been open to this, but the intensity frightened you and you immediately put up defenses. This entity still wishes to converse with you but has not yet found the way to do so without frightening you. if you would wish to do so, this entity is open to discourse with you but has no intention of harm toward you.

<KarenMurphy> Your best method of letting "him" know you are interested is to set forth that intention as darkness falls, and then remain quiet. You will most likely have a "visit". By the way, we see that this is not a "ghost" by any stretch of the imagination, but instead is more of a nature spirit. Often these entities become curious about human life and wish to make connection. Unless specifically called, they generally have little way to make this connection. By remaining open, then, and with intention, you may be able to do so.

<Elo-Maria> Interesting :-) Thank you!

<DaveGregg> KerryP, you are next...

<kerryp> Could you provide some insight about my brother Jacob, and how he might overcome some of the obstacles he's facing in choosing a direction to move in?

<KarenMurphy> Jacob has been unable to complete the 3rd IM in the positive pole. This has caused him a feeling of lacking direction, and so he continues to drift in life. In addition, his overleaves of Submission and Flow cause him difficulty in making choices. We see, the, that the best way for him to "find his way" would be for him to revisit the 3rd IM and attempt a completion of it in the positive pole. This will not be easy for Jacob, as he has made thus far many choices which remove him from parental influence, and to re-subject himself to this again so as to complete the 3rd IM would be difficult. But not impossible. We see that he would need to be quite motivated to do so, and thus far, as you have seen, he has been content to continue drifting. No amount of what you yourself wish for him can change this.

<kerryp> thank you!

<DaveGregg> Chknltl, you're next...

<chknltl> I have a chronic reoccurring pain on my left foot. It is located just below my outer ankle. It strikes at random moments. Severity is sometime mild, sometime excruciating. Early medical tests have turned up nothing. There are further tests scheduled for next week. My fellow students feel that it may be related to a prior life. What is up with this bizarre pain?

<KarenMurphy> What is your given name, please?
<chknltl> Chris Chick
<KarenMurphy> OH yes, now I remember! :-)

<KarenMurphy> In 18th century Spain, you were a bullfighter of some small renown. This of course was an honorable profession at the time ( and still is), and you were much revered in your region. You were known especially for a particular move in which you performed a pirouette-style dance step, in time to your own internal music, that was magical to watch. The bull approached as you turned away from him, and it was most exciting, as it would appear that you were sure to be impaled. One evening your timing was a bit off, and instead of completing the turn, the bull stumbled. You could not see this and react quickly, because your back was turned. The bull stumbled and gored your foot., impaling it and pinning you to the ground. The bull then flipped over, almost crushing you. You escaped with your life but your career was over. You ended your life several years later, alone and despondent, having turned to drink. The connection with the present life is from your fear now of success.

<KarenMurphy> Twice you have denied yourself the pleasure of success in your chosen filed, for fear of stumbling, of making a mistake. This can be counteracted by "taking the bull by the horns", and creating for yourself an intense visualization whereupon you do just that. Instead, then, of the bull goring your foot and falling on you, see yourself grabbing his horns and nimbly catapulting yourself over his head and to safety. This will likely give you the forward energy you need in order to erase the fear of success and to move forward with your plans for career and life.

<chknltl> Thank You

<DaveGregg> Eb, you are next. Please state your name. :-)

<eb> I'm earl, I am seeing a woman named Tami. could Michael please give their perspective on this relationship

<KarenMurphy> Earl, the woman known to you as Tami has twice been known to you previously. The first time was in Mesopotamia, wherein you were rival merchants selling supplies to sailors and sailing vessels. You severely undercut her in price and she went out of business, and has to seek other forms of income. Although no karma resulted from that life, there was left a feeling of distaste and competition. In the next life, this was almost reversed as the woman Tami was your son. You were an innkeeper in 17th century England, having been willed the inn from your ailing father. Tami was born out of wedlock and you passed him off as your brother for many years until things came to light. At that time, you were forced to close up shop due to social pressure. Tami was by then fairly well-to-do and a merchant in that town. Although he did not publicly acknowledge you, he did provide you with enough income to survive. Essence felt at the time that there was forgiveness of a sort and thus you have come together, slate clean, to try a relationship again.

<KarenMurphy> There is a mate agreement here, made more or less on the fly, that we see has a good chance of being completed. there is harmony between you now, and comfort. You have been through some difficulties together in these past lives and have weathered them. Overleaves do not abrade and the signs are positive.

<eb> thank you very much

<DaveGregg> LoriA, you're next...

<LoriA> I would like to know of any past life as a Native American, and where in geography was that? thank you

<KarenMurphy> Lori, we see two lives as a former Native American.

<KarenMurphy> In one, you perished as a small girl of about five, as the hillside you were standing on suddenly crumbled and you were smothered in avalanche. In the other, you lived to be in your mid-40's, a warrior of some repute in the clan. This was pre-spear points, and animals were hunted with sharpened sticks. A difficult and dangerous job, and it required great courage. You prepared yourself by drinking a powerful concoction similar to mescal, and you often also saw visions. Those visions were well respected by the clan and even caused the clan to once move to a more fertile hunting ground. This life occurred in what is not northern Mexico, and the life as the young girl took place in what is now Utah.

<LoriA> thank you

<DaveGregg> Cynzim, you are next...

<Cynzim> in the last two years or so, I have been receiving increasing amounts of med info from people as I converse with them. I would like information about this, how to use it for good purpose, and what guides or fragments may be assisting me in this. thank you.

<KarenMurphy> Cynthia, you have been a healer in several lives past, are you aware of this?

<Cynzim> yes

<KarenMurphy> You have the ability to "see" into the human body and have an innate understanding of its processes. You are being guided, then, to work more closely with essence and your guides in this pursuit. Essence has the desire that you should again help others by providing healing information. You are, then receiving information from, as we see it, three sources: One, your Essence, or "higher self". This should not be discounted and in fact, as you know, maintains a connection with the Tao. This is "good" and accurate information. Another source is from your guide Galen. Galen was an ancient Greek of some medical renown, and his energy remains for those who work in the medical-spiritual healing arts. Galen remains available for those who wish to connect with this energy. The third source is from a mid-causal entity, another teaching entity such as we, called Hermes. Hermes is named of course from the Greek mythological figure, the messenger. We see, Cynthia, that you have planned well for the healing aspects of this life and you may find resonance in a vocation that matches this energy with which you are so familiar. There would be an added harmony created by immersing several aspects of your life in this type of energy.

<Cynzim> thank you so much.

<DaveGregg> Johnnie, you're next...

<johnnie1979> I have a history of food abuse. I was recently introduced to prolonged fasting, will this be beneficial for me.

<KarenMurphy> We do not see much benefit in this type of abuse of your body. We see that you have been abusive of your physical body in the past and that this stems mainly from your difficulty seeing yourself clearly. You wish at times to be invisible but see instead a distorted view of yourself. We would suggest, then, embarking on a program of mindfulness. Be mindful of what you eat. Prepare your food with simplicity and gratitude. Give your own body gratitude when you partake of food. Maintain awareness of the food, where it came from, and its preparation. This process works best when things are prepared simply from fresh and wholesome ingredients. This may be a big change for you, and we understand that it is not undertaken easily. We see also that you may benefit from a practice of meditation. If this is difficult, i.e. if your CF of Impatience becomes too much, then begin instead with yoga.

<KarenMurphy> A few minutes of Sun Salutations, once or twice daily, can bring mindfulness to your physical self and can help begin to ground you. Try this for several weeks and see if you feel a difference. Music also can have a grounding effect, and can bring awareness of your etheric self. Use music in small doses, and attempt to allow guidance in your choices. Essence knows what will be most beneficial.

<johnnie1979> thank you, Big hugs from my heart.
<DaveGregg> Glenda, you're next...

<Glendaliz> I was given cesium Crystals and the cosmic name "Atinac" at the age of 12 how is this useful to my spiritual progress

<KarenMurphy> Cesium comes from the same source as chalk and can be detrimental if ingested. It does have specific healing properties however, and can have a magnetic effect as well. For you it has mostly been giving you a feeling of comfort, of "home". The spiritual name "Atinac" has significance as this is the name you have chosen to be known by when not extant. Again, it has given you a feeling of being "home". This has created a grounding effect and has allowed you to work through some difficult overleaf choices that might otherwise have caused to you become weary and give up to begin again.

<KarenMurphy> We see these two things as acting as touchstones for you, reminding you of where you "came from" and who you are. The person who gave these to you did not do so by accident, and you have contact even now, on the astral plane.

<Glendaliz> Thanks
<DaveGregg> Jane, you are next...

<jane> I seem to be at a 'transitional' stage in my life. Can you shed any light on this for me? In what direction should I focus my energy? Thank you.

<KarenMurphy> Jane, we see that you are well in the throes of the 4th IM. Although this has not been the life-changing, traumatic event that it is for some, within you there has indeed been a shift. This shift in perspective, in awareness, is creating this feeling of transition. We see then, that in order to move "forward', it is necessary to first know from whence you came. That is, you must first continue to examine your origins and your past in order to see more clearly who you are and in what direction you face. We suggest, then, that you undergo some sort of regression, through hypnosis or otherwise, to bring your awareness back to your beginnings. The therapy known as rebirthing can also be appropriate. Either way, what you would attempt to do is to revisit your early childhood, s=to see again the perspective you maintained at that time, and to then be able to make comparisons with how you view yourself now. You would then emerge from this knowing what direction you are facing, and being able to clearly and firmly march forward in that direction.

<jane> thank you very much!

<CarrotWax> This past week I had a recurrence of severe back pain. It's been an issue for over 10 years. It seems to have a strong emotional component. Could Michael address its source, comment on the progress made and anything additional that could help the issue?

<KarenMurphy> Matthew, you have allowed an astral fragment to attach itself to you. That this has been recurring shows that this is an old attachment. There was someone from your distant past with whom you have allowed this attachment. We see this as a classmate or school friend. This person was known to attach himself to others and thereby deplete their energy.' Even though you have not seen him in quite some time, his energy is felt to you. You have had recurring thoughts of him, and they have not been pleasant ones.

<CarrotWax> This is someone discarnate now?

<KarenMurphy> We suggest, then, following instructions as to removing "cording" that has attached itself. See the cord and follow it to its source. Sever the cord at the point it emerges from the body of the person who has attached to you. Sever it also at the point it connects with you.

<CarrotWax> Ok, I have been trying to sever connections where it connects to you, but not following them.

<KarenMurphy> Give the intention that the severing is permanent. Make this intention quite strong and emphatic. In other words, tell it in no uncertain terms to go away. This process should have an energizing effect upon you, but may instead have the opposite effect, as you have been compensating for this depletion for several years. Do not be surprised if several patterns change for you: eating, sleeping, and the like. Attempt to honor whatever you feel guided to do. The transition should take several weeks.

<CarrotWax> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Susan, you are next....

<susankingcastsage> I am an old king cast sage spiritualist c1e7 #343 global prosperity/completion/side of truth what is the most important agreement I made for this life; and how am I progressing towards the realization of that goal

<KarenMurphy> Susan, you have agreed in this life to help pave the way for a heretofore new way of thought about healing. There are several who are working with you, all working together as one, both extant and discarnate. This work is not unknown to you. it involves using art and the expression of sound in order to effect changes upon the etheric body. When the transition that you and these others is complete, Western medicine as it is known at this time will be viewed as obsolete. We see this transition taking place over a period of about 200 years. As far as your progression toward realizing your goal, we see that an increased focus could be helpful to you. You have allowed your eclectic interests to sometimes get in the way. Each time, though, you have been brought to center by your workmates, although it would be easier for them not to have to perform this work and instead for you to attempt to maintain focus.  We see this as a process for you that could take between 5-10 years should you choose to allow it.

<DaveGregg> Suz, you are last on my list for tonight.

<fireflysuz> Would Michael please comment on what students could be more aware of at this time, of this year?

<KarenMurphy> Suzanne, again we see that a more intense intention toward creating and maintaining connection with others, community, is mostly what is needed for this time. In a time of incredible disparity among peoples, it is well to remember that you are all one after all. You are all spiritual beings on this path, and there is no one person or group of people that is better than another. Soul age, role, nothing is any "better" or "worse" than another. This time of year traditionally brings introspection to humans. There is little to be done in the outdoors, and therefore the light is rekindled within. Balancing this is the opposite hemisphere wherein just the opposite function is being performed. There, the outbreath that is mid-summer is coming to full fruition. Light and dark, hot and cold, inward and outward. In all, there is balance. Remain, then, aware of your connection, not only to those you have awareness of, but also those nameless faceless "others" elsewhere in the world, in places you know little about. You are all one, you are all ONE. Feel this inward time, then, as the other half of the outward also taking place here. Feel yourself being a part of a living, breathing, organism known to you as Earth.

<fireflysuz> Thank you so much, Karen and Michael.

<KarenMurphy> Are there any more questions? I have more time available.

<DaveGregg> Ok, Beryl..you may proceed...

<Beryl> I'm Linda. A gifted psychic told me about 3 yrs. ago that I was experiencing depression related to the Pacific Northwest. I live in the Southeast, but there was and is a subject of interest in the Pacific NW that came into my awareness shortly before I saw the psychic. I was amazed when he commented on this, of course.

<KarenMurphy> Linda, in a parallel life you have a family there. You were stricken with cancer and died several years ago, but have, on some level, and awareness of your children there, especially a son. This son has been attempting to contact you and feels bereft of your presence. He feels no sense of closure with the mother who died and is now attempting to gain this feeling of completion. Now that he is older he wishes to complete what he sees as a broken arc. You may assist him if you wish by reaching toward him, assuring him that he is cared for and watched over, and that he may contact the portion of you that was his mother, at any time. He does not now know how to do this, and you may show him the way. Explain to him that you are a separate shard of the fragment that contained his mother, that you have no ties to her that you are conscious of, and he will find his way then to her. This may assist his search for that sense of completion that he lacks.

<Beryl> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Jane, you're next...

<jane> How does Michael regard our celebration of the 'birthday' of Jesus?

<KarenMurphy> As in all things, there is "good" in the honoring and celebration of any life. We see that for many, this simple honoring is what takes place, but for some, that simplicity is lost among the trappings of greed and Western materialism. We do see, however, that there is use in the remembrance of the inner light of all, and this time of year, that coincides with the celebration of the birth of the man known to you as Jesus, is one as we have said for reflection.

<jane> did Jesus really exist in the way we are told?

<KarenMurphy> There was a man known as Jesus, yes. Legend has sprung up about him since his death, but he was a fragment of awareness and compassion.

<jane> thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> Glenda, you're next...

<Glendaliz> I'd like to ask Michael how does he see the status of my current spiritual progress and what is more important that I work on?

<KarenMurphy> We do not measure progress of spirituality in a linear fashion. We do, however, comment from time to time on the satisfaction with which you are meeting your goals and life tasks. We see that in your case you have not yet reached awareness on a conscious level of you life task. That is not to say that you are not working on it, on the contrary, you have been able to set in place several pieces of what will in all probability be a most intricate puzzle in the completion of your chosen life task. We see, the, that what is most important for you at this time is the feeling of allowing the pieces to continue to fall into place. A thing does not have to be difficult or painful in order to be valid.

<Glendaliz> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Ladybroker, you're next. Please state your name. :-)

<ladybroker> I want to know what my monad is with my daughter Catherine. She is going through some difficult times now and I want to know how to help her?

<KarenMurphy> Catherine has chosen, as many do, some difficult overleaves. She has within that context found it difficult to complete her 3rd IM. The thing you can do best for her, then, is to allow her to let go. We realize that this is difficult for most mothers in this society. Culture does not allow this to be an easy process. Although there is no monad between you, you have experienced several previous lives that are having an impact upon you now. The most significant of these is the one in which you completed the difficult and uncommon Jailer/Prisoner monad. You were a keeper and broker of slaves in southern Africa in the turn of the 18th century. there was an increasingly high demand for this commodity and you were forced to steal from your own village. Catherine was a young girl just entering puberty. Although you wished to protect her in some ways from being sent overseas, what happened instead is that she became your personal concubine. You kept her from fleeing by promising to keep her family from being abducted. You kept her for several years, parsing her out to those who would pay you for her company, until she finally for a hold of a machete and slit her own throat. This then completed the monad, and completed also a difficult karma between you, but some memories are still there.

<KarenMurphy> You will have to forgive yourself and her before you can truly let her go in this life, allow her to mature and leave you. A part of you still sees her as that prepubescent girl who came to you so long ago. Try this: while looking into a mirror, overlay your own image with hers. See them blend and then see yours fall away. What will be left is hers alone. Carry this image then with you while you speak to her, have interaction with her. You will be seeing her true self before you, all illusion cast away.

<ladybroker> thank you.
<DaveGregg> Chris, you're next...

<chknltl> I would like to ask Michael about the reasons I am no longer able to do Astral Projection and can I change this back

<KarenMurphy> You were using this form of transportation to "spy" on others. Essence was uncomfortable with this and chose to stop. Essence did not wish to create karma by knowing and seeing things that were not within your purview. You can readmit this method to yourself by holding the intention to use it in the highest way.

<chknltl> Thank You
<DaveGregg> LP, you're next. Please state your name. :-)

<lp> I wish to ask Michael for some insight into the changes that I have to make in my life, and the Karma that I have incurred as a result of the last ten years or so...particularly what next steps would be best.

<KarenMurphy> Linda, we see that you have been attempting to make some changes with the ways that you have been dealing with people. You are beginning to see, on an Essence level, that allowing others Choice is beneficial for you and them. We would say, then, that the majority of karma you have incurred for yourself over this time period is that of abrogating choice in small ways. Since you have already, on an Essence level, made the choice to halt this type of interaction, we see that you have already embarked then on the path you are most comfortable with.

<lp> I don't understand allowing others choice is beneficial for each...

<KarenMurphy> Abrogation of choice results in karma. Essence does not wish at this time to continue incurring karma. Therefore, Essence has prompted you to change your way of interacting with others, that does not result in karma. I'd like to ask Michael if I was incarnate during the time of Jesus? This is not to say that we are suggesting that you allow others to walk all over you if that is their choice. Instead, we say that you see now that allowing others choice, if it does not impinge on your own, is Good Work.

<DaveGregg> Laurel, you are next...

<LaurelB> I'd like to ask Michael if I was incarnate during the time of Jesus?

<KarenMurphy> You were not, although you were extant during the time of early Christianity, but you had little awareness of it. You were a sheepherder in Mongolia.

<LaurelB> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> That's the end of the questions, Karen.
<KarenMurphy> Okay, let's close.

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> Students, we see again that you have once more come together in the spirit of community. As you go through your day tomorrow, try to remember this feeling and maintain that connection you have established with one another. Try also to expand that awareness with each passing day. Remember you are all one. Go in peace.

<Kathleen> :o)
<CarrotWax> thank you Karen!
<DaveGregg> Thank you Karen/Michael for a wonderful session. :-)
<lp> Karen, Michael, and David, thank you so much.
<Cynzim> many thanks
<Kathryn41> thank you Karen and Michael
<jane> My thanks to all.....
<Elo-Maria> Thank you Michael, Karen and Dave!
<chknltl> Thank You
<jhrothjr> Thank you all!
<susanKingCastSage> thank you karen; michael, kathryn and dave
<DaveGregg> Happy Holidays everyone! :-)
<colleen> thank you Karen and Michael....Karen, you were awesome!
<susanKingCastSage> Happy Holidays
<jane> and to you, Dave
<Elo-Maria> Yes, Merry Christmas!
<LaurelB> Same to you, Dave
<colleen> Thanks Dave, and to you too
<Kathleen> {{{{{{{{everyone}}}}}}}}}}}}
<susanKingCastSage> ((((((((((((((((everyone)))))))))))))))))
<CarrotWax> Marry Christmas!
<DaveGregg> You're still awake, Maria..;-p
<jane> thanks, Karen... and to you, and everyone
<artifaker1> thanks karen
<Elo-Maria> Yes, itīs fanaticism :)
<Kathryn41> Yes, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Joyous Solstice to everyone.

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