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Opening Comments

<NancyG> Please pull your thoughts together and let the cares and distractions of the day go for these few hours.

Welcome all of you, new and old. We are here with you tonight, as we always are, to speak and to answer and to bring more of the teachings into focus. These are days of business and work..Ahead of you is the season you call Holidays. Many of you will be preparing for the family time, the friends time, the personal time of the season. We remind you that there is a great deal to be encountered among the possibilities in the next few weeks. Will you need to remember that you are the focus of yourself, not of what you buy, or what you eat, or what you wear. These are trappings of the physical plane and are very important. But they are the changeablenesses, not the substance.

Within each of you there is a wholeness that you may not consider often enough. There is always more attention paid to 'the squeaky wheel', physical pain, emotional pain, worry of every sort. But take some time to enter into the wholeness that is you, leaving the changes aside. And what do you do with your consideration of that wholeness? You become yourself. Not the other half of any relationship, not the sickly body that you may own, not the solo person who yearns for another. No indeed. You become/are a wholeness unto yourself. We offer a plan for completing your sojourn here on the physical plane. We offer a map that extends throughout this lifetime and over all the rest of your lives of this physical cycle. The more you realize the wholeness that you are, the easier it is to use the map. Otherwise, Maya prevents you from seeing the end of the journey. In fact, Maya presents the journey as the end, a distortion of the reality that the end of the journey really is.

We propose to you all that for the next few weeks as you glide/rush/impel/avoid/worry/hate/love/embrace the season ahead, that you consider our words: You are fragments with a wholeness.

<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you have the first question of the evening...

Q & A

<marjorieandfurrybabies> I want to ask about a mate agreement I have that has come up for the past few years now. The man is a physician I am supposed to meet in about two years. Can you tell me more about him and why I feel so connected to him even this far away from meeting.?

<NancyG> Mating agreements are fragile things. There tend to be a great many if's associated with them. We can offer this concerning this specific agreement. This man who is a physician is currently working to establish his practice and so has very little time for social thoughts. He is not young, but considers that a decade or so is necessary to give him security. The connection you feel, Marjorie, is one of knowing that you have several times shared a lifetime with him, though not ever before as a possible mate.

<marjorieandfurrybabies> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Susan, you're next...

<susantheoboist> I would like to know about my guide/guides. Who are they and how do they assist me? Thanks!!!

<NancyG> Most fragments have from two to six guides, usually not all at the same time. You, Susan, have four guides, three with strong male energies, one with a softer influence. The female energy is a 'sister' type for you, one who hears, commiserates, agrees, and comforts. 'She' likes to be known as Felura.

One of your 'male' guides is a rather forceful energy, often marshalling the others into a kind of working group when they would seem to be more independent.  This energy  answers to Menos.  The second 'male' guide is eager to assist in creative exercises.  And the last is a 'son' type, offering affection and release from duty.

Thank you so much!  (you rock!)

<NancyG> We are indeed good at rhythm!

<susantheoboist> And with a good sense of humor to boot!
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> Earlier today a question about how different individuals perceive the Michael energies was asked. I would like to know whether or not I've managed to work with Michael yet in this life, beyond the sessions or questions, and if so, what symbolism is used in my dreams when working with Michael.

<NancyG> We can work with anyone who permits us to. The reason each channel experiences us differently is a product of that human's total being. We only require a compatible energy, which is more than a willingness, you must understand. The fragment Geraldine has the possibility of being an open conduit for us, as well as the willingness to do so, but we suggest that there needs to be some serious guidance from an experienced channel to facilitate this connection.

To answer your question, Geraldine, yes, you have managed occasionally to experience us, although not fully. We are careful not to overwhelm a human with our energy in the beginning. This would be a great danger to a person and we have learned to go in steps with the work. It usually takes some guidance to become a working channel. Others will experience our connection in a way that one might characterize as 'private'. In other words, we come and go but there is not intent by the person to become a public channel. Both of these experiences are part of our mission as teachers.

<Geraldine> Should I use a particular symbol before sleeping as a concentration point to aid me in reaching you?

<NancyG> If you wish. We do not have a file drawer of such assists. Whatever works for you. You may choose your own signal for communicating with us. We suggest that no one make this too complicated.

<Geraldine> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi you're next...

<laughingboi> I would like to know anything you're willing to share about my entity...are we located in particular areas...do any of my discarnate entity mates have anything to say to me? Either way, I'd like to wish them happy holidays.<smiles and waves>

<NancyG> There are about half of your entity still incarnating. That means some 500 or so fragments are part of the physical plane, although not all at one time. There is a cluster of your entity in Japan, another in Bolivia, and quite a number in solitary lives around the world. There are not very many near you, and it might be that you will not meet a single one in this lifetime. We have passed on your greetings and they have returned them!

<laughingboi> Thank you.

<NancyG> We would like to amend the numbers. There are fewer than 300 of your entity still incarnating, but we maintain that very few are found in North America.

<laughingboi> Am I a slowpoke in the family?

<NancyG> Please explain.

<laughingboi> Slower than some to complete my incarnations?

<NancyG> There really is no such term applicable to the process of doing a physical plane cycle of lives. You will incarnate as often as you decide to in order to accomplish what you have decided to accomplish. Since there is no time outside of the physical plane, there can be no fast or slow attached to lives here.

<laughingboi> Oh ok, thank you.
<DaveGregg> NMcCloud, you're next...

<nmcccloud>  I used to have a male entity who took me places in my dreams for years as a child. I meet that entity on the physical plane in this life?

<NancyG> Regarding your question about the dream connection, we can say that in general, entity meetings are quite common. Whether there is an agreement for the two entity mates to meet depends on agreements made prior to incarnating. The chances of your meeting are about even. Much will depend on circumstances that have not yet been established. Since you have had an astral connection, you will recognize the man when/if you encounter him.

We remind you all that we do not predict and we do not coerce. Questions about whether something will happen in the future fall in the realm of prediction and human beings being what they are, we find that trying to anticipate a particular behavior is very much unpredictable.

<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> I have always assumed that my cats are dreaming when they fidget and mumble in their sleep, but, are they? Do animals dream? And if so, how are their dreams similar to or different from ours?

<NancyG> Kathryn, animals dream, just as human beings do. They reproduce events that they have experienced, however, whereas human beings can take experience of the senses and extrapolate it into fantasy, probability, wishful thinking, etc. For instance, a cat may replay a favorite game in sleep and go through the physical motions just as it would in waking. A human being might start to reproduce a favorite experience but then take it on to an entirely different conclusion. This is not possible with animals. They have no imagination. Things are very concrete with them.

<Kathryn41> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti_Shah> My friend P. (female) and I strongly feel we have a past life connection with SN (male), my current employer and for whom P. worked some 9 years ago. Would like to know what the past life connection and situation was and how far we have been successful in burning off karmic ribbons, if any, from that life, in the current one.

<NancyG> The connection between the three of you is actual. There was karma to be addressed between the fragment P. and the man involved. You, Jyoti, are a kind of catalyst in the work of burning this karmic ribbon. In a past life the woman P. was also employed by the male, under severe circumstances. She had been purchased as a slave and was assigned to the making of garments for the man's family. She was nearsighted in that life and could see sufficiently well to do her work as long as the light was good and she could hold the material close to her face. This handicap, however, prevented her from being able to do the rest of the required work and in trying to she incurred punishment for her failures. We can see that the successful expiation of the debt the man owed for his lack of consideration was part of the cooperation that these two managed to establish in this lifetime. We would say that the karmic ribbon has been burned. The relationship of nine years ago was the theater for the performance. Today there is a harmony between these two that has pulled you, Jyoti, into their sphere.

<Jyoti_Shah> We both, P. and I feel we would like to resolve any residual karma with this person. Will this be fully possible in this life?

<NancyG> We do not see that there is any residual karma. There is a sense of release, however, and one of wariness, not uncommon when a debt has been paid but the two continue to be in each other's company.

<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks that was well explained. Thanks Nancy, Michael and Dave.
<DaveGregg> Ivy (David), you're next...

<ivytaavi> [Ivy is interpreting for David from asl to English for this.]

<ivytaavi> I am wondering how I can find and keep a job in an area that fits me.
 I'm having trouble getting hired because I'm Deaf and I want to know which area would be the best to look for a job because nothing seems to fit.

<NancyG> (Where does David live?)
<ivytaavi> Vancouver, outside of Portland.

<NancyG> The place of the deaf person in the society of north America is limited when it comes to earning a living. This is a result of the young soul approach to getting things done. There is nothing wrong with this attitude, it is quite in keeping with the young soul level's understanding of its objective: success. But it limits the amount of understanding there could be for those who cannot partake of the same go get 'em energy.

Any career counselor who specializes in physical disabilities should be able to offer advice and point to possible employment. We suggest that trying to apply for positions that require sound exchange between workers should be eliminated from consideration. That is only reasonable. If the fragment David has not been trained in any specific way, it may be time for him to consider doing so. The kinds of work that can be done by an individual rather than by a team would be more likely to bear fruit. Depending on the experience of this man, piece work in manufacturing might be possible. In the professions, work in libraries, either as a trained librarian or as a helper could also be a possibility. We strongly suggest that this man David seek professional counseling in his search. As he probably already knows, attempting to join groups who find his deafness defeating to their objectives will not work. In the future there may be a greater acceptance of this deficit, but that time has not yet arrived.

<ivytaavi> Would self employment be a good direction?

<NancyG> Self-employment always allows more autonomy to the worker. If there are resources to support this approach, then it could be the answer. We repeat, however, your culture and place in time requires training in something for most workers. There was a time when willingness and physical strength went a long way toward getting someone work. This is no longer true. Therefore, learning how to do something well, which may require training before it can be implemented, is quite like mandatory.

<ivytaavi> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> yy2, you're next...

<yy2> In the past I have learned a great deal from you about some of the negative examples of my past lives and how to shed and change my old beliefs. Are there any significant positive past lives that I can draw and learn from for this live now?

<NancyG> Unlikely as it seems, most lives have more positives than negatives to learn from. The reason most of you dwell on the negative is clear: you think that learning from sorrow is easier than learning from joy. Yes, there are two past lives we will paint for you in which the lessons were joyfully and fully learned and which have seasoned your lives since, not just this one.

First, there was a life as a worker in metals, precious metals such as gold and silver. Also bronze work was a part of this experience. With every piece of adornment, usefulness, or weaponry produced, you learned the qualities of patience, expression, and appreciation, along with the skills required to turn out the work. These lessons are still with you in this life. Second, there was the quite ordinary life of a woman who managed a large household, husband, children, servants, old and young relatives. Her fairly long life, dying at the age of 62, meant that she saw the fruits of her labors in her children and her grandchildren. She fed her family well, she was gently and kind but demanding of her servants, she was dutiful and usually loving towards her spouse, and she was admired and respected by her peers. No life could be lived better. The qualities that furnished her life most successfully were thoughtfulness, generosity, and dependability. The lessons these qualities promoted are part of your life today.

Now, not all of these elements are as strong in you as they were in these two fragments at the time they were being learned. But the flavor, the essence of them, is a permanent part of your being.

<yy2> Thank you, Michael and Nancy
<DaveGregg> Katie, you're next...

<katie> What information would be most helpful for me to know this evening?

<NancyG> For you, Katherine, there is the need to enter into the fullness of life rather than standing by and watching it flow past you. If you choose to be a spectator, you may do so. We suggest, however, that there is a certain satisfaction in getting one's hand dirty. You might wish to try it.

<DaveGregg> Do you have a follow-up to that, Katie?
<katie> Is that answer for me? My name is not Katherine.

<NancyG> Then we will use the nickname you offer, Katie.

<katie> is there something specific I should be doing to get my hands dirty?

<NancyG> We are describing a state of mind. You may decide to try any number of things. It really doesn't matter what you choose. It is the standing aside in whatever you are doing, rather than being wholly into it, whatever 'it' is, that we see.

<katie> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Kimberly, you're next...

<kimberly> My quandary: When I am alone I feel energetic, happy, connected to essence. Spending time with people has increasingly become an energy drain. Can you please offer insight as to why this is and also advise on how to maintain my vitality & energy while with others?

<NancyG> For some fragments, the ability to remain energized even when surrounded by those who seem to deplete that energy is tricky. We understand your dilemma. Probably the best you can do is to alternate as much as possible being alone and being with others.

One practice you might try is the organizing of your aura. Pulling it in mentally and keeping it clean of debris is one way of disallowing the depleting of your energy. At the end of each day, mentally imagine your aura, smooth it out, clean it with vacuuming motions, or spray it with your mental hose, washing it clean for the next day may be useful.

Another possibility would be to put up mesh barriers around yourself, allowing you to see through and others to see in, but not entering any further than you wish. These of course are constructs, not physical barriers.

<kimberly> Thanks much, you guys not only rock, you roll!!
<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> I've been having IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) like symptoms for about 4 years. I've consulted Michael about this through channeling by Karen. I know a gemstone company named Gemisphere sells a kind of gemstone necklace which has Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine combined in one. So I'd like to know if Michael suggest me utilize the necklace and...if yes, what kind of influence it would have on my physical body. Thanks.

<NancyG> The problem of irritable bowel syndrome has usually two parts: a physical one and an emotional one. The use of minerals hung about the neck is of limited use if the greater problem is physical and not emotional. We would tend to think that in this instance there is a larger physical problem and would suggest a serious consultation with an experienced dietician. There is a mineral deficiency, indeed, but it is internal, not external. In this instance calcium is not being absorbed appropriately and there is also a deficiency in magnesium. These two minerals need to be adjusted to your personal needs, something that a health practitioner would know how to do. We do not mean just any health food store clerk, either.

<akira> Would you suggest any gemstone?

<NancyG> We often suggest rose quartz or clear quartz for general health. The wearing of specific stones for specific physical problems has its own limitations. We strongly suggest that stones be used as an auxiliary only, not as a cure. They tend to support more decisive intervention, but seldom effect a cure in and of themselves.

<akira> ok, thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Dikajo, you're next...

<dikajo> I am in another intense exciting phase with a lot of movement that seems to offer a lot of possibilities. At the same time I have very intense dreams and fitful sleep yet I cannot grasp much of it. Are there any messages that try to come through? Am I on the 'right' track? Can you shed a light and some understanding onto this?

<NancyG> There is a sense among those attuned to the spirit that dreams are always vehicles for information and that if one could just interpret them appropriately all would be known. We see your dreams as a release valve for the 'intense, exciting phase' that you are going through at this time. Nothing more.  Dreams begin at a very deep place in the psyche, travel through layers of experience, imagination, events, and desires, surfacing finally as a running film for understanding. We would say that your dreams are not trying to tell you anything at this time except to slow down. As to whether you are on the right track, we can say that any track you choose is always the right one. Because all choices are valid, there is no wrong track, ever.

<dikajo> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Robinette, you're next...

<Robinette> Can Michael tell me the names of my guides? How long have we been students of Michaels?

<NancyG> The guides you have now are three in number. The male energy prefers to be known as Lendo. The two female energies are Tirre and Shalin. Both of the female energies have come to you rather recently, replacing a male energy who partnered Lendo for the earlier part of your life. You have been one of our students for the past six dozen lives in your cycle.

<Robinette> How many cycles in all?

<NancyG> Most of our students are in the 11th or 12th cycle. We see your life as in the 11th cycle.

<Robinette> Thank You so much
<DaveGregg> PW, you're next...

<pw> I would like to ask Michael's which of my guides are with me now and if I will be moving to another country soon and which is it?

<NancyG> Of the five guides who assist you, Parker, the three now attending to this duty are Bernid, Mell, and Favor. Favor is a childlike energy, old in experience, but expressing as a lad of 10 or so. It is your choice whether you decide to move to another country and which it will be, if you do. The ability of human beings to change their minds at the drop of a thought prevents us from predicting such activity.

<pw> Does Favor have a message for me tonight?

<NancyG> Yes, he does. He says: There is a pattern of excitement waiting for you, Parker. We can walk it together, much as one walks a maze, but we will have the key.

<pw> Tell Favor I'm ready.
<NancyG> We will do that.

<pw> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Shogun, you're next...

<shogun59> will I always have chronic pain? Did I bring it with me?

<NancyG> Once the medical people have failed to identify the origin of chronic pain, there is only one avenue for them and that is prophylactics. Some pain, as you know, is referred from am experience that can be from earlier in this life or carried over from the past. Although there is a great deal of interest in carried over experiences from past lives, this is less common than you might think. Often there is a perfectly good physical reason for it, or at least one that can be gotten to by the right therapy.

<shogun59> I got hold of formaldehyde when I was two and took enough to preserve my jaw which is now titanium after 13 surgeries - I so often feel I must have done something terrible in a past life...

<NancyG> We suggest that an alternative medical approach might be to consult an alternative medical practitioner. One alternative medical approach is the services of a competent hypnotist. This can have a very beneficial effect on chronic pain. We do not see a residual from a past life in this experience. You were unfortunate to have gotten into this very destructive chemical as a child and you are now suffering the consequences. There was no plan made on the astral that you would do so at age 2.

<shogun59> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you have the final question...

<ivytaavi> I was wanting to know how my final karma ribbon was coming. I was told a while ago that my first one was burned, the second one was almost done, the third was almost ready to get started but the 4th was having trouble getting into a place where it was possible.  I was also wondering if the second one was done and the third started?

<NancyG> To be attempting to burn four karmic ribbons in one lifetime is a rather sizeable undertaking. We concur that you have done so to both the first and the second. You have begun work on the third, as you may suspect. The fourth is still problematical. It requires connecting with the recipient of this debt and that may not happen in this lifetime. As with all lessons and agreements and plans for a lifetime, much depends on circumstances. One cannot always order the universe to one's needs. Therefore, allow events to unfold as they will. There is nothing urgent about this fourth karmic debt. If certain choices are made, choices that are still in the future, it may become more probable. Other than that, we commend you for your determination to see these repayments through.

<ivytaavi> Was the second one finished up this year, rather recently? I have a feeling lately of old business finished and new things in store lately, was that part of it?

<NancyG> Yes, you have understood that this was finished, late in the summer or early autumn. The feeling of completion has followed.

<ivytaavi> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Does Michael have a closing statement?

Closing Comments

<NancyG> We do. We have followed the questions as they have appeared and we see a pattern of concern for health, experience, and progress. All very commendable concerns for those on the physical plane. We remind you that enduring life is not the same as living it. The practice of ignoring the physical plane that has obsessed certain religious souls distorts the truth as we know it. The physical plane is to be ENJOYED, ENCOMPASSED, and EXPANDED, not endured. But this is very hard to do if each day begins and ends in pain, poverty, and loneliness. If you find yourself on any one of those truly difficult paths, be assured that we are not Pollyanna. We do not think that pretending that you do not hurt, are not hungry, cannot find work is an honest appraisal of life. It is not. We do remind you that agape, the fulfillment of life itself is possible however distrait the circumstances. Pull the sense of love into every motion of this plane and you will have learned the basic lesson of your existence. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Productive evening! Thank you, Nancy and Michael.
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Nancy.
<Diane_H> Thank you Nancy and Michael.
<Kathryn41> A good evening:-)
<akira> Thank you so much Michael, Nancy, Dave and Kathryn.
<laughingboi> Yes, thank you.
<Diane_H> I love the closing statement.
<ivytaavi> Thank you Michael and Nancy! That resonated quite a bit.
<NancyG> Thank you all for being here.


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