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Opening Comments

<Karen> Tonight we'd like to take you all in a slightly different direction, if we may. In the past we have taken you on journeys both vast and tiny, each as large as the universe of your own making. Tonight we invite you to bask in the glow of allowing the experience to simply be present with you, a comforting friend at your side, if you will. Breathe in the richness of the experience as well as the comfort of knowing that you are never alone.

<Karen> Breathe....
<Karen> Feel the universe breathe with you.
<Karen> Breathe again, and inhale the essence of creation.
<Karen> Breathe once more, and feel the ripples that take place, no matter how tiny, in the pool of your own reflection.
<Karen> You are the pool.
<Karen> You are the ripples.
<Karen> You are the breath of the universe.

<Karen> We are ready for the first question.


Q & A

<DaveGregg> Barbara M.: Have my daughter Anastasia F. and I had any agreements or any other connections prior to this lifetime?

<Karen> [huge smile] Of course you have! In fact, you know this at an intrinsically deep level, but we are happy to share this information with you on a more surface basis. [another smile]

We would say that the most significant previously-shared lifetime was in the Middle East at the time of much war and strife in the region. There were terrorists of a sort at the time too, and the village where you lived was ravaged time and again. You were brothers in the lifetime, attempting to make a living from repairing and selling pottery. Neither brother was married, although both wished to be. There was a girl in the village whom both of the brothers set their caps for. She was young and pretty in a fresh way. There was much discussion and a slight falling-out between the brothers over this girl, but before either could claim her, the terroristic group from afar landed in the area again and kidnapped her. There was a coming-together, but things were never again the same between you. The sense of competition had come between you and could not be discarded. This is what plagues you, then, in the present lifetime. Although neither feels it is "right" to feel competitive, yet there the energy stands between you.

You cannot deny it, yet neither can you bridge it. Knowing of this will help alleviate it, but true forgiveness is what will help the most.

<DaveGregg> Connie D, you're next...

<connied> HI, my full name is Constance D. In a previous chat Michael had mentioned that I had set up "some interesting blocks" in regards to my artistic interests in this life. Can you give me more info as to what these blocks are that Michael is talking about? Thanks!

<Karen> The first block we see is physical. There is an energetic block with your hands, a disconnect between your hands and your eyes, if you will. This creates frustration when what you create does not resemble what you visualized in your mind's eye. This is more common that you might suppose, and we would suggest to use the disparity that arises as a tool for further growth. Finding acceptance in your creations may be more worthy than the simple act of creating them.

In addition, we see also that there are financial considerations, or at least, perceived ones. There is a perception in society today that creation for its own sake has little value, that there must be "meaning" attributed to creation and the acts of creation. We would say this is not so. In addition, there is the perception that creation is somehow worth less than other forms of energy movement, say, selling cars.We would encourage anyone, then, who wishes to make creation a vocation as well as an avocation, that they begin to change their own perceptions of worth in order to achieve a situation wherein creation remains the ultimate and only goal.

<connied> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lori S, you're next...

<LoriS> Why have I chosen since a very early age not to have children in this lifetime?

<Karen> There is a lot to be gained in interaction with animals. The fact of not having children removes you somewhat from the social structure, thereby allowing you to move more freely, not having those ties that bind you to the prevailing structure. By moving more freely, you have been more easily able to meet and maintain your set "goals" in the lifetime. It would have been, of course, possible to do so *with* children, but we see that the choice in this lifetime was, for you, relevant. That you are questioning it now speaks to the strength by which you feel bound to the conformity of the social structure; imagine how much more bound you might feel if you were more firmly a part of it.

We suggest, then, to continue imagining yourself feeling free and joyous while moving in and about and around the rigid structure that you already know you don't need.

<LoriS> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Alex, you're next...

<alex_zimmer> I'm Alexandre Zimmer 23, from Brazil. I'm a chiropractic student and lately became interested in Kinesiology. I would like to have any advice about this moment of my life, or even about my future career and studies.

<Karen> Ah, we see before you stands...the world! Truly, there remains, for you, a plethora of possibilities, however we do see you as at this time easily honing in on what will likely become a major life path for you. Many fragments would love to be so in touch with this information! So the fact that you are ALLOWING yourself to feel drawn to various healing modalities is, we feel, a huge step in becoming more whole in the sense of putting the pieces together of Self that remain in each fragment's mind throughout a lifetime. In other words, we see that you are potentially on a track that will likely, at this point, take you more deeply into the healing world and assist you with the completion of your life task when it is time to dive more firmly into that arena.

<alex_zimmer> Great! just let me get my English dictionary... thanks!!!
<Karen> :-)
<DaveGregg> Starr, you're next...

<Starr01> Are there any agreements or past lives between the fragments (my mother) Carol S. and her friend Pete M.? I sense there is a bond between them, but could use some explanation to understand the challenges they are currently facing. Thanks.

<Karen> There is a minor karma between these fragments that is keeping them from as easily completing their other agreements. The karma could be paid in the lifetime but the fragment Carol has requested to do so at some point in the future. Therefore, the agreements involving various modes of facilitating (career-wise and financially related) have been put on hold as well. This has resulted in a somewhat-uncomfortable feeling of stasis, as neither fragment, on an energetic level, really "knows" how to proceed at this time. It is likely that either the relationship will end in an unsatisfactory way, or that the fragment Carol will "bite the bullet" and "allow" the karmic repayment, which would likely end in a feeling of relief and lovingness, if only she was aware of this on a conscious level. However, the fears associated with some acts of karma are so great that even a conscious knowing (should you tell her, for instance) would not be enough to alleviate the fear.

We would say that is likely true in this case. Therefore, like with everything, there is only being. [smile]

<Starr01> Thank you very much!
<DaveGregg> Fred, you're next...

<fredness> OK...thanks and hello, I'm Frederick from Santa Cruz, CA, and wonder...Is it possible to find out my role, overleaves, etc., tonight, or should I figure it out for myself? I seem to be a part of each definition, no one particular role.

<Karen> We *could* give you this information, but that might rob you the joy of finding out on your own. [smile] We are happy to validate and even furnish information to all students, "new" and "old", however we remind all of you that there is only worth in the information that is validated by you yourself. All else is meaningless. We would like to suggest that we are speaking to a Warrior who is very much a Skeptic. This combination should give much pleasure in determining what some of the other overleaves are. [smile]

<fredness> Thanks very much!
<DaveGregg> Melinda, you're next...

<melinda> Hi! And thank you. Melinda Spencer here. Iíve had some remarkable experiences with some volunteer efforts Iíve been in charge of over the past few weeks. Could you please tell me how these efforts tie in with my life task and true work? Thank you!

<Karen> When things flow very easily for you, they could be said to be very much a part of your life task. You have noticed this phenomenon and it causes you to question it. Why not trust your own sense of What Is, and continue to allow the magic you are making to be? You "know" when things are "right". Keep doing those things, as long as they continue to feel "right".

<melinda> Okay! Flowing is good. Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lisa L, you're next...

<LisaI> I would like to know the reason why Ted G., who was my boyfriend over 25 years ago in the 6th thru 8th grade, has been back in my life for the past two years as a semi-boyfriend again, did we have past lives together and are working out agreements or karma?

<Karen> The fragment is attempting some philanthropic karma with you. Let him. [smile] We say this with a smile but we realize, of course, that "letting" him may be more difficult than it appears. You, of course, have issues with receiving help or assistance, and although there is nothing overt forthcoming, there is much in an energetic way that you have not yet decided whether you are entirely comfortable with or not. You needn't decide, of course, as all will be done on an essence level anyway, but you may as well enjoy yourself at the same time. [smile]

We would suggest, then, that you begin to think of yourself as a vessel for all the "good" things that could possibly come to you in a lifetime or series of lifetimes. You are this vessel, and you are completely deserving of all the good things anyone wishes to place in the vessel. By allowing yourself to receive in this way, we sense that the karma between you will resolve easily and with comfort.

<LisaI> Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Ok, Danielle, you're next.

<Daniellep08> Hi! I'm new! I feel like there will be a huge change for me in my near future with my job and love life and I'm very nervous. Would you please tell me what sort of agreements I have made in this life?

<Karen> We see that the main agreement that we'd like to present to you at this time has much to do with loving yourself. This will likely not be an easy agreement to fulfill, but it is necessary to address before you can get very deep into other aspects of your life.

We see your energy as being quite dispersed in terms of pleasing other people in your life. While you may continue to choose to do so, we see that you would benefit by some energetic attention to yourself. This could manifest in many ways, of course, and we invite you to take some time to ponder this, as the meaning that you create from this exercise will be greater perhaps than the actual fulfillment of what comes of it.

<Daniellep08> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Ocean, you're next...

<ocean1> Do I have any past life history with Ken H., or agreements or karma we are working on this life?

<Karen> We would say that at this time the most relevant tie you share has to do with a previous lifetime wherein you were brother and sister. You were the older and protective brother of the sister, now the man known to you as Ken.

In this lifetime you were separated when you were age 12; she 8. You were sent to your apprenticeship as a ropemaker in the sea town in southern Italy where you lived. The sister, now Ken, was sent to a nunnery where she was very unhappy. Unwilling to risk your future, you allowed her to pine away in tears, even feeling as you did the energetic pull of her breaking heart. You felt unable to create change in either your situation or hers, and a sense of hopelessness pervaded that lifetime. There is, now between you, much the same sense. A huge connection yet this hopelessness and emptiness that seems unexplainable.

You may wish to explore, together, this lifetime and the connection you shared as well as your feelings toward helplessness in general. This should greatly ease the tension that exists between you and allow that connection to flow even more strongly.

<ocean1> That is very very true, I know we have a connection but have no idea how is supposed to manifest... thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> AnnH, you're next...

<annh> What is my Impatience CF fixated upon and any suggestions on how to deal with it when I'm doing creative work?

<Karen> Your Impatience manifests as the desire to know MORE, to be MORE, to do MORE. There is NO TIME, she shouts to anyone who will listen, NO TIME to do everything that I wish to, NO TIME to be everything that I am, NO TIME to know all there is to know. The dichotomy is painful. Because, of course, there is ALWAYS enough. Of everything. Yet without this drive for MORE, what would you create?

Balance, then, balance is the key. Understanding and ALLOWING the feeling of NOT ENOUGH and NO TIME, allowing these feelings while at the same time ALLOWING THEM TO PASS is what will help you most at this time.

<annh> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Humanangel, you're next...

<humanangel> I have 2 questions if I may: what is my soul age Michael and I have been Home twice (like NDE's) and returned, did I imagine these trips? Home as others seem to think?

<Karen> Mature 7, manifesting as Mature 5.

Different fragments have varying experiences in what are loosely combined and termed as near death experiences. They are not the same in all cases. We would say that in yours, they served as a HUGE reminder and 'wake up call" as to why you chose to incarnate under the circumstances that you did in this lifetime. You will admit that many aspects of your life changed after these occurrences, would you not? We would say, then, that they were fairly successful in getting "the message" to you.

Note that it is not necessary to take such drastic measures in order to resume work on your chosen path, but that was the choice in this situation. There were other issues involved, of course, but this 'wake up" was perhaps the most lastingly significant.

<humanangel> Thank you so much Michael and Karen:):)
<DaveGregg> Ladybroker, you're next...

<ladybroker> There have been thousands of Iraq citizens killed in the war and many American soldiers too. Is all this aggression on the part of the United States Government creating Karma for future generations of Americans or have those souls who have passed/gone given their lives for a higher purpose? I am a warrior but all this killing/dying distresses me.

<Karen> This is a complicated question. It is important to note that the deaths of the fragments involved were as a result of choice. This is difficult to fathom, we are aware, especially when so many deaths seem on the surface to be accidental or needless. However, for whatever reason, and the reasons do of course vary from fragment to fragment, these fragments have indeed chosen  their deaths much as all of you choose your lives and the circumstances therein.

In terms of group-karma, we see of course that much is being created as this will help move things along in the world, creating impetus for future interaction. It can be helpful in the face of such mindless destruction to sometimes adopt a more objective "world view", which allows one access to the intellectual aspects of the problem and relieves one of the emotional residue that can be carried by so much horror.

As far as there being one "higher purpose" for all the deaths in this region, we assure that there is not unless you prefer to think of this entire matter as one which will be a very big part in the transformations yet to come on your planet.

<ladybroker> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> SandyW, you're next...

<SandyW> I would like to know what past lives and current life agreements I may have with a "new" friend, Mark C. He feels I am to be one of his teachers in the exploration of his path to understanding his essence: is there any words of wisdom that you can give me about how I might best help him?

<Karen> This fragment, Sandy, is actually an old teacher of yours, now here to give you instruction from the other side, if you will, of the equation. In other words, he will be teaching you about teaching. Don't worry, though, because you have plenty to teach him. Continue feeling moved to give him information as you see fit; that will be what is needed in the situation. He will, on his part, be assisting you energetically. This is a simple yet wonderful relationship, and should likely prove rewarding for both of you. It's an old friendship, of course, that goes back many lives.

<SandyW> thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Krystal, you're next...

<krystal> I would like to know what my relationship to Trent is....

<Karen> We see this man as having attached himself to you energetically. There is a drain here, though it may appear to you as if you are receiving benefit from the relationship as well. The main attraction seems to be the energetic connection, as he is presently deriving much of his energy directly from you. We suggest that you may feel more comfortable if you take steps to de-cord from him and set some boundaries. There is much else to explore within the context of a relationship yet this one-way energetic drain makes it nearly impossible to explore anything else.

<krystal> This seems to be true of Kurt, another man in my life, but not of Trent...

<Karen> That's what came, Krystal, and it felt pretty strong, but of course only you can validate the information. I am actually getting a different feel entirely from Kurt. It did seem that the relationship was likely not clear to you, since you are the one in it, but again I invite you to validate it for yourself.

<krystal> Hmmm... okay. Thanks for the info. It just seems really "off"...for whatever reasons. Thank you.

<Karen> I'm sorry.

<DaveGregg> Mark T, you're next...

<mark_townley> I feel very drawn to energy work, I just finished Reiki level 1 attunement for example. Is this part of a major shift for me in this lifetime? I still feel change is imminent for me.

<Karen> We have heard it said by many that the addition of Reiki to the energy repertoire can indeed change your life. If you have approached this milestone with that intention, then we see that there is a high likelihood that indeed such a change will follow. In other words, if these are your expectations, then it is likely that it will become a reality.

<mark_townley> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Adam, you're next...

<Adam> This is Adam Bowles. I am a classically-trained pianist who is currently doing a lot of performances of recently composed music. Could you give me some insight as to any areas of my life that I need to focus on or improve in order to grow artistically?

<Karen> We see that there has begun to be a disconnect between the mathematical/mechanical aspect of musical performance and the emotional/intuitive aspects. There has become a block between these modes, which used to flow more smoothly. There are early-life issues between these two areas that could be looked at to help relieve these blocks.

We would suggest attempting to hold the mathematical aspect in conjunction with the emotional, in order to help clear these blocks and reconnect, as well. At the same time, crossing the intuitive with the mechanical will also be necessary. We sense that there is understanding of what we mean, and that these are areas of musical performance that you have already identified and worked with to some extent.

<Adam> Thank you much!!
<DaveGregg> Gray, you have the final question of the evening...

<Gray> Hello Karen and Michael. The making of Stonehenge covered nearly 2500 years. I feel very strongly that I played a role in at least two of the building spurts of this monument. Could I please have validation of what roles I played in its making in which of the three phases?

<Karen> There were two. There was a hand in the conception, providing drawings of the finished work, at the beginning. And in the last phase, you came along to "see" what had been completed thus far. At that time, changes were being made to the original and you assisted with some of the conceptual work there as well, but mostly aided in logistics. This was very much a group effort, and many made huge contributions to the project while hardly knowing they did so.

<Gray> Thank you Karen and Michael.
<DaveGregg> Does Michael have any closing comments, Karen?

Closing Comments

<Karen> We have seen that there has been a pattern this night of examining what is inside, what is close to the heart and to the spirit. We would encourage each of you then to continue this self-introspection in order to clear your "houses" and make way for the enormous changes that are occurring for each of you. Every one of you is today undergoing a huge transformation in many ways and this night's work will be but a part of that overall effort. By connecting as you do in this way, you enhance not only your own growth but also the growth of the community as a whole. We bid you good night.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Karen & Michael. Great evening!
<humanangel> Thank you Michael, Karen and Dave:)
<mark_townley> Thank you MIchael & Karen!!!
<Karen> Thanks, everyone!
<RonVolkman> Thanks Michael and Karen.
<Kathryn41> Thank you Karen, Thank you Michael.
<connied> Big thanks Michael and Karen!
<fireflysuz> Growth with acceptance to you as well, Karen and Mikey.
<SandyW> Its been wonderful...thank you karen and michael.
<marion> Thanks Karen and Michael.
<SamL> Karen thank you for channeling, have a good week everyone.
<LisaI> Thank you again Michael, Karen, and Dave!
<john_m> A fascinating session, thanks!

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