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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments

<Nancy> Please take a few seconds to center yourself. Breath deeply for one or two breaths. Have a glass of water handy. You will make a better connection with the Michael energy if you are well hydrated.
<Nancy> Michael, are we ready?
We are here. We know that you have all come together for the joy of being in community, far flung as it is. Remember, distance is a factor of the physical plane. In the only reality that is the rest of the planes, you might just as well be sitting together in a living room, joined by seeing as well as hearing.

This distance that you feel becomes as nothing when you enter your connecting energy world.  We can bring you further into communion with each other if you so desire, by acting as the link tonight.  Open your energy field to us and we will do this.

When we say, as we have said, that you are one of the loneliest creatures in the universe, we are speaking of the cultural and other fences that have been constructed around each of you.  We have seen, however, that those of you who have brought the teachings to bear in your lives in a profound way, have breached a great many openings in those barricades.
We commend you for this and we suggest that the sense of community that follows from the exchange that you enjoy in situations such as this goes a long way toward negating the loneliness.  When you can connect, as you are doing tonight, the maya that dictates that you must remain an independent individual is abrogated to a certain extent. This is Good Work. And Good Work is always joyful. So bask in the joy of your little community and also in the larger community of others who for one reason or another can only be here 'in spirit'. (Michael is laughing)

<DaveGregg> Ivy, you have the first question.

Q & A

<ivy> I was told by Michael some years ago that one of my life tasks was to burn 4 karmic ribbons.  At the time I was in the middle of the first one.  I was wondering if that one was burned successfully and if I've managed to work on any of the others?

<Nancy> Ivy, were these karmic ribbons described to you?
<ivy> Not the 3 but the one I had with my boy friend at the time was.
In his way he wanted to repay me by denying my life choices as I'd interfered with his in the past, by selling him (her, previously) into slavery.  Michael called it a rather severe life task.

<Nancy> The karma between the woman Ivy and her mate has indeed been burned. There have been inroads made on two other karmic ribbons, one that is nearly completed, one that has a considerable ways to go yet. The last of these ribbons has not as yet been addressed.

<ivy> Can you elaborate on what they might be and with whom?

<Nancy> There is some hitch with the third karmic debt which involves bringing the other party into a space where this can be done.
The second karma is the repayment of a debt of causing someone to lose a job through lying about him. This debt was created several lifetimes ago and the person who lost his livelihood because of these lies has returned as a female and you have been attempting to have this woman considered for a new position.  This is working toward balancing the debt.

The third karmic debt will not unroll completely for some time yet. We suggest that you will recognize it and its completion when there is a greater connection with the person involved.
Reserve your concern about the last debt for the time being. You may inquire about it at a later time. You are steadily working away at those that we have identified and will find yourself taking stock at some future time.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next. 

<GeraldineB> Thanks -- You said in a channeling that I have one self-agreement and already know what it is. While this might be true in terms of speculation on my part, I don't actually “know.” Could you elaborate on my self-agreement?

<Nancy> Was there a particular subject that this channeling of 'self-agreement was connected to?

<GeraldineB> I don't know -- I was trying to find out what my "life's goal" is.

<Nancy> And were you told what it is?
<GeraldineB> In a previous channeling with Karen -- I was told that I had one self-agreement and that I knew what it was.
<Nancy> The fragment Geraldine has been concerned with many agreements during this lifetime. A self-agreement is one that the fragment decides on/chooses, during the planning of a lifetime. This fragment decided to concern herself with the evolution of her Attitude (overleaf) toward the positive pole as much as possible. In this we detect that she has always 'known' what it is.

Conforming to one's self-agreement allows for (it to become) almost a secondary life task.

<GeraldineB> And this would be?

<Nancy> The determination to center on this one aspect, the Attitude, of the overleaves/personality and to see this work through a whole lifetime is equivalent to a life-task, although this fragment has a primary one of devotion to managing information for the greatest good. 
<GeraldineB> Thank you -- I'll work on figuring it out :)
<DaveGregg> Trudy, you're next.

<trudy_bartlett> Greetings. My chiropractor uses a method called "bio geometric integration" that releases emotion through adjustment of the front side of the body. Eleven days ago my adjustment brought up something so incredibly painful I couldn't even identify it as emotion. It seems to be centered around T5. I would like to know what this memory is (from a past and/or present life) and how best to release it.

<Nancy> The thorax is an area that reacts to emotional debris from relationships. This sensing of pain and the blocking of its origin is common when the cause is bound up with someone who is very close to the fragment.

The relationship you have captured in your body is one that comes from the lifetime immediately preceding this one.  Past life lessons when learned and validated in that lifetime usually do not haunt a fragment's subsequent incarnation. The fact that this pain has so affected the woman Trudy means that the lesson was not identified and validated at the time.

Neither, however, does the fragment need to relive the situation in order to learn the interrupted lesson. By examining the cause of the pain, she can then decide/choose to follow the learning to its conclusion and validation, and then push it physically out of her current body.

This bitterness has resulted from being abandoned as a small child by both parents. The time was 19th C. China. The chaos of famine and war caused many families to lose members while moving from hiding place to hiding place.  This woman was an infant of less than a year. In the rush/struggle for security, she was separated from her mother. There was little that the mother could do at the time, and she mourned the loss for the rest of her life.

We suggest that this fragment take some time to return in spirit to this event and to try to understand the misery of the situation. It may be that in doing so, she may find that speaking aloud her anger and fear to the shadowy energy of her parents will relieve the physical pain that was so suddenly released by the chiropractic action.
<trudy_bartlett> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Visitor18382, you're next.  Please state your name.

<Visitor18382> Thank you. This is Rosemarie H.  I have been feeling rather lost and sorrowful since the end of a relationship with my friend Andy. We had previous lifetimes and a special history together. Is there something I can learn from meeting the fragment named Jeremy in terms of healing myself physically and/or emotionally?

<Nancy> The end of a close relationship almost always results in grief for a time. This is inevitable and understandable. As when one loses a mate/lover in death, so there is a kind of death in the destruction of a mating agreement. The very best way to recover is to observe a period of mourning, recognize it for what it is, and then open one's self to another.  Love has no boundaries. You cannot give any of it away. You can only share what you have and the sharing increases your stock of it.
You never have less for the action of loving, only increase. The meeting with the fragment Jeremy has some of the earmarks of a satisfactory pairing. You may, however, find that it is less than a permanent liaison and more of a recognition of your need for comfort at this time. Let time be your ally here, not your enemy. 
<Visitor18382> Thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> Elisa, you're next.

<Elisa17> Michael, why is the incidence of allergies of all sorts, notably peanut allergies, increasing, and what (if anything) can we do about it?

<Nancy> The physical plane has many corrugations in its surface. These ruts or ribs hide various elements that are inimical to your bodies.  We do suggest, however, that there really is no increase in the number of things that do not agree with some of you, only your ability to identify them.

To say that allergies to certain things is on the increase is only to recognize that these dangers to some now have a name.  In past times many people suffered from these same elements without knowing what was distressing them.  As to what can be done, well, abstaining from those things which cause physical harm would seem to us to be an important beginning.
Sometimes allergies, especially to foods, are the result of past life experiences. But not all. Further, the bodies that you inhabit have come a long way from the one which was first ensouled around 65,000 years or so ago. Adaptation is not just among the hive-souled, you know. Your bodies have been adapting for thousands of years. And this adaptation will continue.

Adaptation may seem to mean a positive adjustment, but that is not always what happens. Your foods have altered, your air is altering, your life energy is colored by many things. If you are made ill from peanuts or any other substance, then perhaps you should eschew peanuts as part of your life. 
<Elisa17> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Susie, you're next. 

<suzief> (Can Michael tell me) my direction.

<Nancy> Your life task?
<suzief> Please.

<Nancy> This fragment has the life task of looking into each face for the character she sees there.  This is a formidable task. The lessons that are attached to such a task are basic to the understanding of what it means to be human.

Many of you go through life not really looking at the human beings around you. You appear to be doing so, but when taxed with the question: What does he/she really look like? you cannot answer. This fragment is attempting to redress this situation by being more than usually conscious of the reality of the person.
We can state here that very few of you have chosen this task out of the possible ones for a lifetime.  
<suzief> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Lori, you're next. Then Lisa.

<LoriLisa> Michael, Lori's question is what are my Four Trues or Pillars, please? 

<Nancy> True Work is the dissemination of energy toward reconciliation between discordant fragments. True Play is the walking through flower gardens, admiring the blooms. True Study is opening to thoughts about patterns and threads, finding agreements and making connections. True Rest is a book, a box of salty chips, and the time to enjoy them. 

<LoriLisa> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lisa?

<LoriLisa> What is my life task? (Lisa)

<Nancy> This fragment's life task centers on being able to differentiate between what is possible and what is only probable. This is a small distinction, but an important one.  It mirrors the reality of the physical plane distorted by maya. What is possible may not be what is actually going to happen. You have taken on this task for this lifetime to explore in depth this dichotomy. As a result you find yourself tangled up quite often in the net of what is and what is not.  Or what is not yet. The task is to see the difference.
<LoriLisa> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next.

<Kathryn41> I had a dream recently. In a room at the top of the stairs my two aunts (deceased) were sitting at a table, playing cards. My Aunt Mary said to me 'Yeah, she is just waking up now". In a room beyond, my Mom (deceased June '03) was stretching and sitting up in bed.  She died after a quick, painful illness, but was aware when she crossed. Where is she now in her passage on the other side?  I think I know, but I would like Michael's verification:-).  Her name was Jean - she was 6th old server.

<Nancy> These two fragments who presented themselves to you in the guise of your mother's sisters are in reality entity mates of your mother's. They have been waiting for her to come out of the disorientation that often mires a fragment when it first makes the cross-over to the astral.

This was a significant dream in that it pulled you into the scene so that you could be made aware of your mother's awakening to the place she finds herself now. This has taken some 'time' but has finally been achieved. All souls will eventually leave whatever construct they needed on first leaving the body and will connect with their entity and their guides. This is what you witnessed.

<Kathryn41> Thank you.  :-)
<DaveGregg> GrittsnEggs, you're next.

<GRITSnEGGS> Melissa Knight. When I met Cherie 20 yrs ago I felt like "Oh, there she is", and dismissed it.  We have spent some years apart though not really willingly. But I wanted to know if we have had any past lives together and if we have any agreement(s) in this life? I have always felt an intense connection with her even during our years apart and want to know more about this if you can help. Thank you.

<Nancy> The agreements and monads that are made and planned for a lifetime may not take into consideration the realities of the physical plane.  Distance, choice of profession, class, or education can cause two fragments to have trouble keeping the agreements that seemed so easy while on the astral. This is what has happened with Melissa and Cherie. Yes, there was an agreement to be friends because you have been friends other lifetimes. Three other lifetimes.
There is no shape to the friendship monad that you must understand. It is just there, a comfortable connection that it was thought a good idea to explore once more. 
<GRITSnEGGS> OK. Thank you.  : )
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next.

<AnnH> In a discussion about a book about Abraham Lincoln, another student and I have wondered how Lincoln managed to perform as well as he did, working with such difficult personalities and under such strain, with such wisdom and humor and grace, etc. What was going on with him that he could do this?

<Nancy> This fragment chose to be involved in the chaos of his time as part of his life plan. He was uniquely equipped to pilot the 'ship of state', as you call it. This equipment, however, was extremely hard on both his physical body and on his intelligence. Both suffered but were ruthlessly overridden by the will power that was the man Lincoln's great strength.

It cannot be thought that he came into his world with foreknowledge of the destiny he was to shape, although in hindsight it may appear that he always knew what part he would play in your country's unfolding history. This is romantic nonsense, of course. Essence knows the future and past as present, but the ensouled body must live its life hour by hour, day by day.
The man Lincoln is not alone in exhibiting the effort necessary to the discharge of his burdensome office. Many others who have found themselves in similar positions of walking through the minefields of personalities and opposition have managed just as successfully. We do say that the demons of depression and physical disability made the work harder for the fragment Abraham.

A combination of factors, overleaves, the determination to operate often in the positive poles, these all assisted Abraham in his work.
You might be interested to know that he and the man John had an agreement that would take him out of his life when he could no longer sustain it. The result of that agreement is well known to you all. 

<AnnH> Thank you! Interesting!!
<DaveGregg> Terri, you're next.

<Terri> Our houseguest from Germany, Marisa W., has seemed to easily become part of our family. Do we have any past lives with significant associations, and if so, how many and could you tell me a little about the most significant ones.

<Nancy>  This is a connection of long standing. The fragment Marisa has been associated with you and with your daughter several times. The three of you have shared more than a half-dozen lives, the most interesting to you, perhaps, was as a trio of jugglers, the fragment Marisa a female, the fragment Terri and the fragment Jaime being males.
It was a vagabond life, and for most of its length it was lived between the many wars of the era. This would have been the middle of the 15th C., taking the three across the southern boundaries of Europe.
The woman Terri may find this life especially significant for its carefreeness, but the main significance was the bond it forged between the three fragments. There have been two lifetimes since in which the three have figured as assorted mates and business partners, but the strain of laughter and adventure that was created in the first, continued to thread its silly way through the others.  It is this, no doubt, that the family of the woman Terri feels as a comfortable, congenial association in this life. 

<Terri> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> That was the last question, Nancy. 

Closing Comments

<Nancy> We have met with you tonight in love and in community. There is no greater gift we can give you. In every turn of the calendar pages, in every anniversary that you count, in every person you tag in your life as meaningful to you, remember that you create community by your presence. For many of you it is a solitary venture because you are not physically in the same space as your fellows. We understand this frustration and this loneliness. But take heart. You have each other, and that says a great deal. Most of your neighbors are not as fortunate.
You have come together for the enjoyment of the energy you create among you. Carry it away tonight as you go your ways across the continent. We are always with you. You who have accepted to be our students can depend on that. Go in peace. 

<Nancy> Thank you, Michael.
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Nancy
<ivy> Thank you!
<CarrotWax> I must say my heart sings being in a group with everyone and Michael.
<GeraldineB> Once again, I'm awe-struck -- thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Thanks, Nancy.
<LoriLisa> Thank you so much, Nancy and Michael.
<barblu> Wonderful session - Thank you!
<JohnRoth> Thank you!
<Cynzim> Thank you and thank you for Q on Lincoln... i found it inspiring
<AnnH> Thank you Nancy and Michael
<Nancy> Thank you all for being here. And for staying the course!

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