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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> Tonight we shall begin with a question for you: What makes you happy? Reflect on this for a while, and then share your answer if you like. As you do so, begin to feel the connection to us and to your fellow students.

<Cricket> Connection and communication with others, including children and animals.
<CarrotWax> Connections.
<David_Bolton> Experiencing beauty through music, or by greater understanding.
<Ann> trees
<Elisa17> A sense of progress.
<Kathleen> Dancing!
<DaveGregg> Jazz improvisation.
<ameliavt> Contentment.
<CarrotWax> Being silly.
<Rhua> Connections with art and animals.
<DianeH> Self-expression.
<vanessa> Loving and being loved by animals.
<Kathleen> BELLY dancing!
<ivylydia> Dancing!
<DaveGregg> Making silly people sit in the back row. ;-)
<CarrotWax> Strip dancing in front of Dave!
<JohnRoth> Reading adventures!
<SandyW> interacting with others...helping to show them how to do what they are trying to create
<SylviaD> Others being happy.
<tourmaline> laughing...and eye contact.
<Ann> sitting in the back row with fun bad friends :-)
<Kathryn41> feeling connected to the world around me
<Connie> Taking walks in the park. Nature, family, friends, pets, photography, smiling :-)
<Mer> Definitely connection, communion, art of all kinds, playing with children, real love, green nature, beautiful fruits and veggies.

<KarenMurphy> Feel how this connection alters your perspective. Begin then to feel the flow of happiness, of the energy created by that state, swirl around you. Know that this is a state in which you may and can return at any time. Feel the connection to your joy and to the joy of the others to whom you are now so connected. Know that you will remember this at any time of your choosing. Feel yourself expand as you smile inwardly, knowing that this state of happiness is yours for the taking, for the knowing, and for the being, at all times. Expand outward then until you are as large as you feel you need to be. You may encompass your town, the earth, the universe, or an even larger space. Retain the connection you feel to your fellow students and to your own special place of happiness. Spread this joy-energy as you expand. While maintaining this connection, you may now share what you are feeling. (Go ahead and type what you are feeling, if you want).

<Alexandra> All my friends can now feel what I do - inner joy and love.
<tourmaline> A sense of well-being and great hope for the future.
<Kathryn41> Expansive harmony.
<Connie> Calm, expansive joy
<jon_h> A mellow buzzing.
<ameliavt> Stillness.
<SandyW> A sense of all belonging..a warmth...a quiet joy...a gentle love
<Rhua> I feel connected and connecting, peaceful.

<KarenMurphy> I feel this calm connection with all of you. Very nice.

<KarenMurphy> [Michael] You are One. You are joy. You are perfect.
<KarenMurphy> Let's begin.

<DaveGregg> Ok, I'll start with the first question.

Q & A

<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria wanted me to ask if I have any past life connections with her, and what were some notable ones, if any.

<KarenMurphy> The man David and the woman Elo-Maria have indeed shared lives in the past. The one that is the most notable at this time is one in which these two fragments were brothers. As children, these fragments were inseparable, being the youngest of a large family. This occurred in Germany in the 1300's. The family fell into hard times and the brothers were forced to become beggars. They subsisted at this level for almost a year and then the older brother, now known as Elo-Maria, found a position as apprentice to a shoemaker. This afforded the two a living and the younger was able to avoid the streets for a time. The parents and the rest of the children were widely scattered by this time and could not assist. The shoemaker was kind and after a period of time offered to adopt the boy. He would not leave his younger brother however and the two left the village. This was practically suicide at that time, as villagers rarely left their own region and were regarded quite suspiciously when they traveled.

<KarenMurphy> The pair traveled for almost a month and then ate some poorly-stored grain, which made them ill and they then perished of dehydration. There was no karma from this lifetime, and the uncomfortable memories have been abated. What is left is the camaraderie these two fragments enjoyed, and the energy of the two brothers as they made their way through what was otherwise a difficult life.

<KarenMurphy> In addition, there were five other lifetimes shared to some extent: comrades-at-arms in a battle between Rome and Carthage; Japanese scribes in the 12th century; members of an African warrior tribe in the 1600's; muralists in Tuscany in the 1500's, and traders in the Middle East in biblical times.

<DaveGregg> Is it coincidental that Elo lives in the same town where I recently visited my friend Elf?

<KarenMurphy> Are there any coincidences, David? (smiles) WE have said before, David, that you would be quite challenged by a move to Estonia, but we said as well that this could be a move that changes more than simply your address. WE see that should you decide on such a move, you would be well rewarded by the various opportunities for study and play that would most likely come your way.

<DaveGregg> Thanks! :-)
<DaveGregg> Ok, Rick...you're next...

<Rick_OSS> I'd like to know the overleaves and life task of my old friend, Milton. Also, do we have any past lives or astral agreements? (Rick asking question)

<KarenMurphy> The fragment known as Milton is a 3rd level Mature Warrior, Server-cast, with Artisan ET and task companion (incarnate, female).  Goal of Growth, Attitude Skeptic, Mode of Caution. CF mild self-dep and Impatience. Moving centered, emotional part.

<KarenMurphy> You presently have a mutual facilitating and comfort agreement. This is an old friend with whom you have shared many lives. In general in the present life, you are here for one another in a support mode, and there is little conflict. Notable past lives include twice as comrades-at-arms (once in Russia, once in Polynesia), once as brother artists in what is now Hungary in the 1400's, and once as fellow clerics in the burgeoning Christian church in what is now Turkey.

<Rick_OSS> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Alexandra, you're next...

<Alexandra> I have a friend (Chris who believes he is under psychic attack by a group of beings. These have done this before, but are back now. Could the Michaels confirm this, please? If it's true, could they please comment on the nature of who/what is attacking and what my friend might do to end these attacks once and for all? Thank you.

<KarenMurphy> The fragment known to you as Chris has invited a certain entity to have unimpeded contact with him. He may now be consciously aware that he has given his permission for this contact, and this fragment indeed suffers from it. There was a choice by the fragment Chris to experience this openness, but of course things are often different on the physical plane, and while the fragment Chris is indeed experiencing the effects of this constant attachment to his "soul" (as he perceives it), at an essence level he is unaware of the difficulties this is causing. The entity thus invited is an astral-level being made up mainly of discarnate fragments choosing to have a "haunting" experience, as well as some mischievous devic energy that enjoys attaching to physical-plane beings.

<KarenMurphy> The most effective technique that the fragment Chris could use at this time would be a combination of essence contact (to ensure that essence is aware of the discomfort he is perceiving), and scare tactics. This could be achieved by contact via a Ouija board or some such device, which these entities are attracted to, and once contacted, spelling out their doom if they should continue this contact. But again, this was indeed a choice of the fragment Chris, even if he is unaware of it at a personality level, and therefore may be difficult to eradicate.

<Alexandra> Thank you, Karen & Michael.
<DaveGregg> Matt, you're next...

<CarrotWax> This is for my friend Sophie Brunet. Her picture is at www.sophiebrunet.com she writes: "All my life I've had very severe stomach/digestive problems. Major discomfort, inability to gain weight, occasionally unable to eat at all; nausea, heart burn, extremely slow ability to swallow. Could Michael comment on the root causes and suggest ways to improve this?"

<KarenMurphy> Sophie, we see at this time that there are three major causes for the discomfort you have been experiencing.

One, although you did not choose a Goal of Rejection this life, still you are drawn to the effects of this difficult choice. The effects are still there, and you experience a rejection of self. This has created a medical condition wherein your body is at constant war with itself.

Two, your centering of Moving part of Emotional center has contributed. You live in your emotions, and this also creates inner turmoil, adding to the problem above.

Three, your food choices are often difficult for your body to ingest. There is such imbalance within you that you are often drawn to the foods that cause the most discomfort. We suggest then that you consider embarking on a time of care for yourself that creates for you a sense of nurturing that you are at this time lacking.

Diet-wise, you can begin this with some foods that heal and nourish. Rich bone broths, well-cooked vegetables, and plenty of high-quality fats should be the mainstay of your diet. Avoid, for now, dairy products and "cold" foods. You lack warmth and that warmth can be created within you. You may also enjoy various grains, but concentrate on warming grains such as oats, barley, and brown rice (in that order).  But little fruit at this time. You may need a period as long as six months to a year to really feeling the healing effects. At the same time, some affirmations can also be helpful in allowing your inner turmoil to dissipate. This will of course create change not only on the surface, changing your dietary and digestive habits, but be aware that change will result in almost every facet of your life from such a sweeping change in perspective, as this change will take place beginning on the inside.

<CarrotWax> thank you
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<Ann> Ann H. here. I will be in Florence and Tuscany/Siena next month. You've mentioned that I've had lifetimes in Italy. Which of the following towns would be enjoyable for me to visit--maybe nice memories? Cortona, Chiusi, Volterra, Montpulciamo, Montalcino? Or any others that you suggest.

<KarenMurphy> Ann, there have been some name changes and alterations since some of the times you lived in this country, but we would say that your fondest memories would come from the are in and around Volterra, as well as Montpulciamo.

<Ann> Had a feeling about that! :-)

<KarenMurphy> WE see as well that you may be especially drawn to an area north of Florence that was known at the time for it's sheep's milk cheese.

<Ann> Thank you! (frivolous, I know, but fun.)
<KarenMurphy> Have a wonderful trip!
<Ann> Thanks!

<DaveGregg> Elo, you're next...

<Elo-Maria> I have a question about parallel lives and creative writing. There are theories, that writers sometimes get their stories from parallel realities and I have this feeling too- like I channel stories, not make them up. And some characters are like alternative versions of myself, who really exist in some other parallel. So, is there sometimes this kind of bleed-through between parallel lives and do I have them while writing?

<KarenMurphy> Some channeled writing is a result of past-life memories, overlaid with the present or the particular time period the writer concentrates on. Some channeled writing is simply straight channeling and does not pertain to anything that the writer actually experienced. Some channeled writing is as you stated, bleed-through of self or others from parallels. And some channeled writing is from psychic contact with unrelated fragments. You have done all of these..

<KarenMurphy> You are aware, of course, of the "altered" state in which you do most of your writing. We would say that there are many present tonight who also have knowledge of this state, whether through writing, painting, music, or other modes. This is all a form of channeling, and you, Elo_Maria, seem to be particularly well-versed in it (you taught the technique in Atlantis).

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Rhua, you're next...

<Rhua> This is Lori S. (photo emailed to Karen) In this life I have always had a very strong affinity for animals, even as a frustrated young child in a family where pets were not allowed or appreciated. My connections to them have always been very important to me, as important as any human relationships. Horses and dogs seem to figure very prominently. I am seeking information on past lives that were primarily concerned with animals, or reasons from the past as to why animals are such a large and vital part of my life now? Are they related to my life task? What can I do now to increase my ability to communicate more directly with animals?

<KarenMurphy> In this life, Lori, you have chosen to be more a student than a teacher when it comes to animals. You are actually performing the first half of a two-life sequence involving animals. In the past, you actually had some difficult and frightening experiences that involved animals that you have chosen to work through and learn from. You have died as a result of animals (eaten by wild dogs, and dragged to death by horses), and you have attempted to go beyond this discomfort in order to in the future become a teacher of other fragments and of animals and the communication between them. We would say then that some study at this time of animal communication fits well into this task.

<KarenMurphy> To facilitate this study, we suggest that a teacher be located. It is possible that the writer/communicator known as Anita Curtis may have some information for you as to a local teacher of this pursuit. IN addition, we see that your study of this communication process may be enhanced by the purchase or knowledge of a horse presently known to you, a chestnut with small white markings.

<Rhua> is the horse male or female?

<KarenMurphy> Male.

<Rhua> awesome, thank you very much
<DaveGregg> Mer, you're next...

<Mer> I am coming up on my SSI Disability hearing on June 1, having waited for 2 1/2 years, slogging thru red tape, living like a stray dog. I trusted my lawyer and other powers that be to instruct me in what I needed to do. I did everything I was told. Now, after going online and doing some research, I have found out that I do not have the proper documentation worded in the way SSI accepts. On one hand, I know "I" will be okay whatever happens and on the other I am afraid. Can you give me some practical and spiritual input on this matter? Can you sense whether theis judge will be kind? This is Meredith B.

<KarenMurphy> Meredith, may I ask the nature of the disability? It seems to be important.

<Mer> I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and it is very difficult and painful for me to stand or walk for any significant length of time.

<KarenMurphy> Meredith, it is not with some irony that we see for you the phrases "take a stand" and "stand on one's own two feet" are particularly appropriate for you. Your goal of Acceptance has made it difficult for you to be anything but accepting of your fate. But remember that the negative pole is Ingratiation, which will not help you get things done unless you happen to come upon the "right" attorney, judge, bureaucrat to assist you. Instead, we suggest you attempt to inhabit the positive pole of this goal, Agape, which then gives loving acceptance to yourself and to others with whom you come in contact. This will be much more powerful than trying to remember which side of the fence you are supposed to be on.

We see that in the positive pole, steps can be taken to rid you of this financial burden, but in the negative pole we see that you may well choose to remain there until this lesson is played out, or presented again in an even more comprehensive manner. In other words, when you have grasped the lesson that is being presented here (which is about remaining in the positive pole of Acceptance), then things will fall in to place and become more effortless, but by remaining in the negative pole, this situation will likely become even more complicated.

<Mer> Thank you. I am just a little confused, about the way the positive pole would be manifested in this situation. I don't want to just accept what is happening but I don't want to make my lawyer mad at me either, or do or say the wrong thing in court. Is that ingratiation?

<KarenMurphy> Yes. You are afraid of offending someone. You can get out of Ingratiation by going to the positive pole of Power, which is Authority. Be authoritative, expressing your wishes and using knowledge to do so. Once you are there, having tolerance or loving acceptance of yourself and those you are dealing with can help keep you in Agape. Good luck.

<Mer> Thank you. I think I understand! Let's hope I can manifest it.
<DaveGregg> Vanessa, you're next...

<vanessa> Im soon going to visit my sister (Leah) for a long weekend. Weve never been close and we have little in common. Can you provide some insight into our relationship as its been affected by past- and current-life circumstances, our overleaves, any agreements or karma weve been working out, and do you have any suggestions as to how I can get closer to her and connect in new ways?

<KarenMurphy> Have you had channeling about your relationship with your sister before, Vanessa?

<vanessa> No.

<KarenMurphy> The woman known to you as Leah was your mother in a previous lifetime. In the current life, she has been awaiting some sign of confirmation of your recognition as to her "proper" place as your mother, but you have not recognized this, and your situation while growing up did not lead to your discovery of this energy between you.

<KarenMurphy> Consequently, Leah has become somewhat bitter at your apparent failure to show her the respect she subconsciously feels you should show her. There is of course no conscious realization on either her part or yours as to why there should be a discomfort between you, and Leah would like on many levels to rectify this, but does not know how to go about it. We do not see either that telling her at this point that would make a big difference in the energy between you, but we do see that you can attempt to contact her in dreamtime and assure this fragment of many fears that you hold her in love and you wish a more sisterly bond been you. This may help draw you closer.

<vanessa> Thank you Michael and Karen!
<DaveGregg> Elisa, you're next...

<Elisa17> Could you please tell me, what are the connections between myself Elisa M, and my ex and close friend Alexander M. (Agreements, past lives, and the like.)

<KarenMurphy> This fragment was more than once your brother. We see as well that there is an agreement for the present lifetime that involves rejection on some levels, so the disparity between this rejection and the very real brotherly bond you feel for one another is somewhat bewildering. In addition, there is a further agreement between you involving intimacy and its exploration. Previously, you worked together as basket makers in the Gobi desert, and knew one another in passing on the plains of the American southwest, where you were members of neighboring friendly clans.

<KarenMurphy> There is much comfort between you, but also discord. The agreement on intimacy was at times difficult because of conflicting body-type attractions, but we see that this exploration has been enhanced by the shift in your relationship that has taken place within the past four years. We see as well that it is likely that you will be able to successfully explore this concept between you without the distraction of being a "couple" in the way that you have been.

<Elisa17> Thank you. Could you tell me about the agreement that involves rejection?

<KarenMurphy> You are each exploring rejection, not necessarily as a goal, within yourselves. This also relates to the relationship as a whole, connected also to the intimacy agreement. There was the desire to create within your relationship a push-pull on many levels, so that you could then explore what that felt like within the context of the comfort you had already established. The rejection, then, relates not only to yourselves as individuals ("what does this feel like?"), but also in your interaction with one another. We see that the physicality was related to this push-pull effect.

<Elisa17> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> ChrisMc, you're next...

<ChrisMc> Chris M. here. I have a chronic pain condition with which I have suffered for 3 years now. The condition makes it difficult for me to sit. I have to take strong pain meds just to get through the day (and night). I would like to know if this condition has any basis in a past life situation, and if so, is there anything I can do to mitigate the karma?

<KarenMurphy> WE see that often a fragment will choose pain as the manifestation of fear. Fear is so pervasive and at the same time paralyzing. Fear also creates a disharmony within the body, as the parasympathetic system is on a constant alert. Consequently, chemicals are released in the body that often have a deleterious effect on the physical body. This imbalance can go on to mutate, or set the immune system working overtime, or create a place of self-rejection, or various other effects. Many of these are then manifested as pain. We cannot give you a quick formula as to how to avoid fear, but we can say that in so doing, many of the symptoms now manifesting would dissipate after a time, as the body has the capability to heal even after becoming almost  completely changed through the mutation of cells.

<KarenMurphy> We do not see in your case that this present condition is related to a previous lifetime, but we do see a strong holding-in of various fear-related issues is likely causing the malady which has resulted in your pain. In other words, by holding in fear, you have caused damage which is manifesting as pain. Naturally, you wish to stop this process. We realize that eradicating the human response to fear is difficult at best. Fear, however, cannot exist in a constant state of love. Therefore, to eliminate fear, a fragment would attempt to instead live in and surround itself with love.

<KarenMurphy> You may wish to begin with affirmations and a nurturing program similar to one suggested earlier. In addition, consciously attempting acceptance of your present situation, in all its respects, as well as all who surround you, will have a positive effect. At the same time you may wish to begin to consciously release the fear you are holding within you. As this can be seen in your eyes, you may wish to allow it to dissipate through them as well.

<ChrisMc> Thank you very much.

<DaveGregg> How are you holding up, Karen? We have around 5 questions left.
<KarenMurphy> I can take one more.
<KarenMurphy> Sorry to not get to everyone tonight.
<DaveGregg> Ok, Amelia, you're next...

<ameliavt> Could you please tell me what message is contained in the powerful energy shift I felt today? I know that I'm experiencing my soul's presence coming forward more consciously-a part of where I'm at as I turn 40.

<KarenMurphy> Amelia, we see that this energy shift you experienced was a result of a message to you from essence. As you explore the 4th IM further and move through that process, you will find most likely that you do not need such dramatic attempts to gain your attention. The message had to do with helping to focus your attention on something that essence felt was important for you to have awareness of. This message was likely contained within something you saw rather than heard or felt. Part of the message also was the method of gaining your attention, as your essence was using this experimentally to see how better to communicate with you. If you choose you can find awareness in a more subtle fashion, through practice.

<KarenMurphy> Essence would also like your participation in this process. This was a part of your message from today. We see that you are drawn to meditation and suggest that you incorporate connection to essence within your practice. This will continue to allow you to open channels of communication and to work more closely with essence through this 4th IM period.

<ameliavt> thank you Michael and thank you so much Karen. Peace.

Closing Statement

<KarenMurphy> We see again tonight that it is possible to transcend the everyday sameness by connecting with others. That, in essence, is why you are all here. It is only through exploration of life with other fragments on the physical plane that you can know anything about what it is to be human. We commend each of you on your own exploration. Remember that each and every choice you make is the "right" choice, as each leads to growth.  Each step you take is always the "right" step. 

Again, you are perfect, and you are all One.  Goodnight.

<DaveGregg> Thanks, Karen. Great session. :-)
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael. Thank you Karen.
<Elisa17> Thank you Michael and Karen.
<SandyW> Thanks Michael and Karen :)
<CarrotWax> Thank you :-)
<David_Bolton> Thank you!
<dianekeith> Thanks Karen, Michael, Dave and Kathryn! ;-)
<SylviaD> Thank you, Michaels and Karen!
<Rhua> Thanks very much!
<KarenMurphy> You're all very welcome. Good night and thanks.
<Kathryn41> Goodnight.
<DaveGregg> Great turnout tonight, as well.
<DaveGregg> We had 45 people at one point!
<Connie> Thank you! I really needed to hear everything :-)
<JohnRoth> Thank you!


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