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Some Information on Self Karmas
or Personally Applied Lessons (PAL)

By Caris Palm Turpen

How do we recognize a self karma? How do we discharge a self karma?

While the term self-karma is more often misapplied and misunderstood than not, there is still a very particular facet that can be looked at in the context of learning a personally applied lesson: Intensity and Duration. These two aspects are very much connected.

A Personally Applied Lesson (one directed at self by self) is one that the object or concept has an intensity to it that manifests at a similar level over a period of time, until there is actual doingness applied to the concept that has the direct result of lessening the intensity. In other words, hormones, weather, an argument with a friend, money difficulties, or the cat barfing on the rug can create an 'intensity' of emotion /thought /action, but it is, in relative terms, short lived, the intensity lasting only as long as the situation. When the situation being regarded is actually a PAL, you will find ways, quite repetitive, to further enjoy the 'problem', often from various angles with different people or places attached. What does NOT change is the intensity - until, over a period of time, you DO something about it: Introspection and then various actions modeled to move you PAST the repeating problem.

Again, over a period of time, if you are actually APPLYING yourself and your ACTIONS (and actions can be realized, absorbed thoughts which have the effect of changing your behaviors) - they don't have to be actual movement), the intensity will lessen, as what is happening is you are absorbing the PAL. And then one day you will wake up, or walk around the corner of an oft traveled block and BAM you'll realize you don't have that intensity applied anymore. This means the 'problem' has moved into the realm of CHOICE. You can continue to relish and enjoy and roll in it, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

People will spontaneously recover from difficult illness, cars will magically start to work correctly again, cats will stop barfing (for a time anyway - we really don't see a permanent solution to THAT problem (joke)) on the rug.

The issues of Karmic Debt with others is applied exactly the same way, except there is the obvious difference that you are going to have to interact with another in order to balance the energy. It goes like this, simply: You create a debt with another (or they with you). There is intensity around the subject. Over a period of time (this is a significant statement again, for you are working with the overall concept of actions & consequences, which require a linear construct to fully appreciate), if you have actually DONE things related to the debt (energy exchange), the intensity will lesson, and then go away, and then you are in the golden land of CHOICE. You can CHOOSE to seek out men who abuse you, or you can say, 'You know, I'm done with that, no more' - and you know what? You will be done. You won't have a compulsion to repeat the problem.

It is the same for both aspects, that of the PAL or Karmic Debt (with others).


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