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Opening Comments

<ShepherdHoodwin> Imagine earth energy moving up through your feet eventually providing a comfortable, solid feeling at least up to your waist. Sense that you are both fully in your body and connecting with the larger universe. Allow total relaxation. Let any tension and debris to release down into the earth where it can be broken down and "recycled." Notice that your mind is becoming peaceful. Yeah, that includes you. :)

Be aware of your breathing. Let it be what it wants to be. Now we come together as a group. As we give to others, we receive more. Think of someone who could benefit from the blessings of our healing energies.

Now I ask that we send energy to Gloria Constantin, who just had knee surgery. Her other knee was also recently operated upon and is weak, so she is basically bedridden. Let's ask that her body be given all the vitality it needs to heal as quickly as possible. See her knees as being restored to their perfect form and construction. Would anyone like to share you experience so far? (BTW, Michael's energy has been in for 30 minutes but this is still Shepherd talking.)

<ocean-cheryl> Calm, wanted to reach out for everyone's hand as in a circle.
<kzbe> Simply connected.
<Chellbell126> Very relaxed and peaceful.
<Jyoti_Shah> Feel very connected to all. Feel tingling in my left palm
<Elisa17_> It feels like there's a lot of damage in Gloria's knees. It's a bit overwhelming.
<DaveGregg> The latest surgery required more work than expected, so yes, there's considerable damage that requires healing.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Let's continue to focus intently on embracing the damage in her knee with love, truth, and beauty. Notice how it is a blessing to each of us to send the blessing of healing energy to others. Does anyone notice a shift in the energy in Gloria's knees? I saw it becoming calmer.
<Elisa17_> there's at least an overlay of new energy.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Now I sense Gloria's whole body becoming calmer, like she doesn't carry such a heavy burden anymore.
<Jyoti_Shah> The old energy is leaving from the soles of her feet.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Let's broadcast to Gloria that she has love and support, that she doesn't have to do this all alone. Do you pick up anything else?
<ocean-cheryl> I get warmth and calmness.
<Jyoti_Shah> Calmness and gratitude.
<Elisa17_> Pain, I think. Some clenching. Not so bad now.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Beautiful. Let's place the intent into our collective field that healing will continue to flow to Gloria throughout this session, and that it will be however her body wants it to be.

The group energy just changed remarkably. Do you pick that up? It's much less edgy. Now, I'll turn it over to Michael, and Dave, you can put us on that mode. Thanks.

<ShepherdHoodwin> MICHAEL: Greetings to you all.

<Chellbell126> Hello Michael.
<NewYorkGlenn> greetings M
<kzbe> Evening
<rafshiqa> Hello Michael.
<Jyoti_Shah> Hello Michael
<mheinze> HI

<ShepherdHoodwin> It is a pleasure to work with a group with such mature awareness.

Everything is consciousness. You are consciousness. We are consciousness. All forms are consciousness. All energy is consciousness. Consciousness is a point in the universe that is aware. It carries a particular imprint from the Tao. All consciousness is evolving. Why? It's not that there's anything wrong with the consciousness of a particular moment. On the contrary, each one is a perfect expression of the Tao. Evolution is simply change that builds on what went before, to keep things interesting for the Tao, you could say.

Sometimes human consciousness becomes calcified. There's a saying that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. That's not actually true, but it does become harder, because a certain inertia can set in. This is the main reason for short human lifetimes: consciousness becomes calcified, the soul (and the Tao) gets bored, and it's seems best to toss out the old form and start over. It is good work for each person to examine where you have become calcified and challenge yourself to shake things up a bit.

The human animal isn't fond of change; it likes to set up social structures and then doesn't like to change them. This is an interesting self-karma for souls, since souls (consciousness) requires change. The natural movement of the soul "butts heads" with the inertia of the human animal. If the personality is too resistant to change, the soul may have no choice but to disrupt the routine. When the personality learns to be fluid, change is generally gradual and pleasant.

The biggest "earthquakes" in one's life tend to come after a long period of calcification. You might think that those with a chief feature (obstacle) of stubbornness have the biggest problem with this, but actually it's a universal problem/challenge among most, if not all, ensouled species. Some creatures of reason are designed with less structure, but most still resist what is truly new. This resistance isn't actually a "bad" thing--it's a necessary part of growth, because if growth could happen with no resistance, it wouldn't go very deep. It's rather like a road that's too smooth--cars would go skidding off it. There needs to be resistance both in the tires and the road for there to be real forward movement. However, too much resistance leads to calcification, which is unpleasant. So, as in all things, there needs to be a balance.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Now, we will start with questions, Dave.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you have the first question tonight...

<Geraldine> Hello, Shepherd and Michael. Earlier today Troy channeled that Cadre 2 is known as the Polymous Cadre and specializes in color and light. It certainly resonated with me as color proved to be my artistic talent when I took up quilting and moved into modern free form "stained glass" type of work.

My question is: Would utilizing light and/or color likely aid Cadre 2 members in developing skills for meditation, channeling, reaching higher self, etc? I'm thinking of those fiber optic lamps, or freeform painting, or even focusing on brightly colored mandalas.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Yes, especially mandalas. Organized color, with clear form, is more effective in this regard. Chaotic color can be useful for stimulating imagination. It can also be ungrounding for you.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Follow-up?
<Geraldine> No, thank you. :)

<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria, you're next...

<Elo-Maria> Lately I had an experience, when I think I channeled someone who felt like spiritual guide or maybe someone else. We talked (in my head) and all s/he said seemed very logical and right. I understood my essence true choices and goals and it has helped me to start to work with my life more actively.

My question is: if I communicated with someone, who it was and what was the purpose to help me understand these things at this point in my life? It came suddenly and it feels important, like a gift. Is there anything else about this case Michael would like to notify?

<ShepherdHoodwin> It came at this time because you had recently opened up to this sort of communication by releasing some old fears you had been carrying. This particular communication was the combined voice of your two primary spiritual guides: you might say your astral best friends. We think that your connection with the nonphysical realms will now become much keener.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Glenn, you're next...

<Glenn> I'm wondering about the Hathor entity. Does Michael have any remarks in regard to them?

<ShepherdHoodwin> What are the name(s) of the channel(s)?

<Glenn> I have no idea. I heard they once counseled the Michael entity.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We think that you might be referring to an upper-causal entity one level "up" from us. This entity is channeled through three major centers of consciousness on earth, one in the U.S., one in France, and one in Iran. Its work is primarily nonverbal although there is also some verbal transmission. Its specialty is in helping humans who are ready to let go of the past to do so with more safety and clarity. They have coached us on how to calibrate our vibrations more finely in our contacts with humans.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Follow-up?
<Glenn> Only thanks.

<DaveGregg> yy2, you're next...

<yy2> Hi, Shepherd and Michael. Recently I am facing a challenge that two neighbors told me that my daughter, T's new husband, Z is rough in treating my granddaughters. They even used the word, 'abuse'. I would like to confront T but fear she will resist. Can Michael help me to read the situation and help me to see what I need to do?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Our sense is that Z. is "uptight": he is angry at himself for not conforming to his standards, and takes that out on others. We would agree that he is overly harsh and that he needs to be gently approached about this, with compassion.

<yy2> What should I do?

<ShepherdHoodwin> You might start with discussing this with T.

<yy2> Should I talk to him directly or to T? Is T. aware of the situation?

<ShepherdHoodwin> It would also not be inappropriate for you to discuss it with him directly after seeing what the children have to say. T. seems to be semi-aware of the situation but it's a bit much for her to deal with right now. Being gentle but firm seems like a good approach all around here. You might also let Z. know that you are available if he needs someone to talk with.

<yy2> Thanks
<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> There are 7 notes in the diatonic scale and 12 notes in the chromatic scale. There are teachings about chakra systems containing 7 chakras or 12 chakras. In your teachings, there are 7 planes of the creation, yet other spiritual traditions use 12 dimensions to describe this world. To me, A essence can have 12 personalities, yet, Cadence, Cadre and Roles are apparently based on 7. 7 and 12 ...seems to be two very special numbers. Can you elaborate on this?

<ShepherdHoodwin> This is a large subject. For one thing, there is the 3: love, truth, and beauty. There are 4 axes, including the neutral: inspiration, expression, action, and assimilation.

4 + 3 = 7. 4 x 3 = 12. That's it in a nutshell.

Creation, however, is far more complex (and simple) than this. The Tao, in coming forth into any universe, manifests in a variety of mathematical configurations as suits its aims. 12, in this universe, is more representative of manifestation, whereas 7, more of cause.

<akira> Do the 3: love, truth and beauty have something to do with Gravity, Magnetism, and Electricity?

<ShepherdHoodwin> We'd say that all three relate to beauty, or life force--they seem the same to us but in different contexts. There are, of course, other ways of looking at such things.

<akira> Thank you very much. There is much for me to assimilate.
<DaveGregg> Lisa F, you're next...

<LisaF> Hello Michael and Shepherd. I have a strong interest in Native American culture. Have any of my past lives been as a Native American. If so, which life is affecting me most now?

<ShepherdHoodwin> You have had a number of lifetimes over a long period of time in both North and South America, as both native peoples and as Europeans. You have been on both sides of the conflicts between them and the growing pains of new settlements vs. old. Two lifetimes as a North American native stand out, one in the Southwest and one in the Northeast. In both, you were male and died young in conflicts that you instigated. You died with bitterness towards the white settlers. After each, you came back as one of the white settlers. You were once female and once male; in both lives, you let yourself be killed by a native person in karmic repayment.

On an essence level, your goal is to help bring peace and healing to the remnants of the native peoples.

<LisaF> Thank You so much.
<DaveGregg> Maggie, you're next...

<mheinze> Michael :-) The man in the photos has been a "best" friend & your perspective on this miserable situation.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We don't think that there is much you can do about this in the immediate term. Our sense is that C. is drawn to you in many ways but also has a high need for personal space and has gone into a panic mode, which is not a new response for him--it seems to be a repeating pattern. He doesn't have a lot of tools for dealing with his own emotions.

We suggest that you regard him with enfoldment and after you have anchored yourself in a new situation, communicate your gratitude for all he did for you. He is, based on past experience, expecting you to be angry with him. If you confound his expectation, there is a chance for you to later continue your friendship.

<mheinze> Enfold? Be loving?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Yes. Imagine that you are holding a squalling baby. You would offer a soothing, quiet vibration. Does that answer your question?

<mheinze> Yes, thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Rafshiga, you're next...

<rafshiqa> I have just come to the end of a contract, which may be renewed. The money is very good but job is somewhat stressful. I also run a charity - non paying but also love as much as my job. As the new contract will be coming, I must make a decision. Can you shed some light on the direction I should take? I can't do both, not completely financially secure.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We sense that you will choose to renew your contract one more time because of unfinished business on a soul level and new people you will likely meet through it. The likeliest probability is that the charity work recedes for a while but then later comes front and center for a while, with something new coming after.

<rafshiqa> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Kzbe, you're next...

<kzbe> I would like to know if the channeling I have already received about my family and ET is correct?

<ShepherdHoodwin> (From Shepherd): Rayna, we don't do overleaves on these chats, and asking for all the ones you were given to be individually checked is a big process--some may be right, and some wrong. But Michael can give you a general message if you'd like. Is that acceptable?

<kzbe> Please, that is all I would like.

<ShepherdHoodwin> (Michael:) We see in you a strong desire to create and express yourself much more fully, yet a frustration, as if you don't know where to begin. Does that fit for you?

<kzbe> Yes.

<ShepherdHoodwin> You have already made some small investments in a number of projects. We suggest that you choose just one (it doesn't matter which), and focus on it. If you find yourself stuck with it, ask for some help. Don't judge your output, just keep working on it until you feel "empty" around it. This will get your self-expression moving and make the next task easier.

<kzbe> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<ivytaavi> I was wondering if there were any past lives, agreements or karma between me (David too, if applicable) and John and Lisa? The chemistry between the 4 of us is remarkably lively, soothing and smooth all at once in every direction between us, which is rare in my experience.

<ShepherdHoodwin> You and Lisa don't have a lot of past-life connections but you are in the same cadre (seven entities). You and John have shared many lifetimes in a variety of roles, most notably as brothers. We'd imagine that you could still feel a sibling-like quality between you. David and Lisa were once married, with the sexes reversed. David and John have been friends on three occasions.

There are various agreements at work in the current lifetime mainly relating to elevating the effectiveness of each in the world.

<ivytaavi> Most notable life between me and John?

<ShepherdHoodwin> You were once identical twins, which is often a highly bonding experience. Male. You died much younger than your brother, which left a big gap.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Dave, you could open up the floor, and we'd like to hear from people their sense of the current collective energy.

<Kathryn41> The energy has felt very smooth and focused for most of tonight.
<LisaF> I started out frazzled but as I grounded became more calm and peaceful
<laughingboi> I find myself getting warm and fuzzy and sleepy
<Chellbell126> I enjoyed the session and still feel calm and relaxed.
<yy2> I have been feeling energy clearing throughout the night and now its become very clear and light.
<Jyoti_Shah> I feel restless with lots of energy.
<ivytaavi> Feels soft and quiet to me.
<NewYorkGlenn> I feel my crown chakra lit up:>

<ShepherdHoodwin> The energy at this time has a thoughtful, peaceful quality, pregnant with further insights and openings. The space is expanding now. Observe the fluidity of the energy, dissolving calcifications. There was just another wave of clearing and opening. Did anyone notice it?

<yy2> Yes, I felt a sudden rush within.
<LisaF> Some of my back pain has left.
<ocean-cheryl> Like a shift in awareness.
<NewYorkGlenn> I feel so much in my head- I see it as a release of the stuck parts.
<yy2> There is very little sense of physical existence but clear awareness of space.

<ShepherdHoodwin> You expanded past old calcifications, released them, and are now settling back into your bodies with a greater sense of ease. We have enjoyed being with you. Love and blessings to each of you.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Good-night.

<NewYorkGlenn> and unto you
<Chellbell126> Good night and Thanks!
<laughingboi> Take care.
<Kathryn41> Goodnight and thank you!
<yy2> Good night and thank you.
<Jyoti_Shah> Good night Michael, Shepherd.
<ivytaavi> Thank you Michael and Shepherd!
<mheinze> Lots Of Love to you Shep, Dave & Michael!! xoxo
<susantheoboist> Thank you so much! You Rock!
<Jyoti_Shah> It's been an evening with lots of energy; a very healing energy tonight. Thanks Shepherd and Dave.
<akira> Thank you Michael and Shepherd.


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