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A Chat with Michael
(Seth and Conscious Creation)


Q. In the many books by Jane Roberts, the spiritual entity Seth said there is only one rule of physical existence, and that is we create our individual realities through our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Events in our lives are physical reflections of what we think and feel. In other words, we cause events to happen, both good and bad, based on what we expect to see in our world and our lives. 

Michael, what are your thoughts on this concept? Do you feel there are notable exceptions to the rule, and could you explain why so few people seem to be acknowledged masters of conscious creation? In other words, is there a component to the system that many are missing?

[Michael] We all co-create reality. It is good work to recognize oneself as the primary creator of one's reality, but others are also creating reality, and obviously, there is overlap. The choices of others do affect one. The more mastery one has of physical plane life, which comes both with increasing soul age and with personality development within a lifetime, the more one can avoid becoming mixed up in the reality creations of others that one does not wish to take part in. But "no man is an island," and it is not possible or even desirable to create onešs reality entirely independently of others.

Q. Here's a comparison between common metaphysical beliefs and those of Seth. Please share your views on the following:

Many metaphysical thinkers believe create our own reality sometimes, while Seth said "We create our reality, WITHOUT EXCEPTION."

[Michael] It might be best said that each person creates his or her experience of reality, regardless of the outer form of things.

Q. Many metaphysical thinkers believe that we incarnate into the physical plane to become more spiritual, while Seth said we are already spiritual beings incarnating for deeper reasons.

[Michael] It depends on your definition of "spiritual." It is, of course, true that the soul is a spiritual entity, so yes, we are all already spiritual beings. But one does incarnate for the purpose of spiritual growth and development, to expand the Tao's experience. The physical plane is a potent, challenging school and playground.

Q. Many metaphysical thinkers believe that the universe will teach us lessons (often through the school of hard knocks) while Seth contested that lessons experienced were manifested for our own personal reasons.

[Michael] First, let us say that learning through the school of hard knocks (growing through pain) is usually the result of blundering around without much conscious awareness. The more conscious a person is, the more s/he can grow through joy. In either case, there will be lessons if there are gaps in development. If one is already well developed in a certain area, s/he will sail through an experience that might be difficult for someone lacking in that development. The experience of living tests the soul for weak areas, and thereby gives it the opportunity to fill in the gaps.

It is true that the specific reasons for a lesson vary from person to person.

Q. Many metaphysical thinkers believe that we can be impacted (or physically harmed) by the thoughts or actions of others, while Seth maintains we are not impacted by others unless we allow it.

[Michael] If a person were so strong and fully developed as to be invulnerable to anything that someone else might do to him, he probably would not see much need to incarnate any longer. Great souls such as Jesus and Buddha before their Infinite Soul incarnations came close to this ideal, but they could still be taken by surprise and be harmed. At that level of development,
though, there is the ability to rebound quickly and grow from the experience without much ado.

You "allow" yourself to be harmed by others because of your lack of development. It is not so easy to blithely decide to be unaffected by others and make it stick; there is the need to grow in the gaps to make that possible.

Q. It has been taught that time happens simultaneously. Thus, linear time is an illusionary perception of our physical realities, and does not exist as a universal construct. Since this would mean that in a reincarnational cycle all lives are lived simultaneously, wouldn't this indicate that concepts of
karma or the spiritual evolution of the soul are meaningless?

[Michael] Progressive experience can occur outside of the rigid strictures of time. Evolution, by definition, occurs in a progression. How that aligns with the particular space/time continuum of a particular planet is somewhat negotiable.

Within the framework of time, events are not simultaneous; only when you move outside that framework is that the case.

Time is no more an "illusion" than space; both are valid, but only within their own spheres. On the astral plane, for instance, physical plane space and time are much more fluid and malleable, and on the causal plane, they are almost nonexistent.


Q. Seth has described 9 families of consciousness that exist in the universe. Is there any terminology in the Michael Teachings that would describe these families? For example, are these families actually cadres, entities, or maybe roles?

SETH'S 9 FAMILIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Gramada - to found social systems; Sumafi - to transmit originality through teachings; Tumold - to heal, regardless of individual occupation; Vold - to reform the status quo; Milumet - to mystically nourish mankind's psyche; Zuli - to serve as physical, athletic models; Boreledim - to provide earth stock for species via parenthood; Ilda - to spread and exchange ideas; Sumari - to provide cultural, spiritual, & artistic heritage for species.

[Michael] These families of consciousness are not attached to particular souls but provide a way to delineate foci for series of lifetimes for individual fragments. For example, you might have a series of four lifetimes focusing on reforming some aspect of society; you would then be drawing on a discrete consciousness called "Vold" here.


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