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Opening Comments

<NancyG> Pull your thoughts together, making this a community of Michael Students from all over the country. Michael, are we ready?

<NancyG> We are here, Nancy. We welcome everyone who has joined us here tonight. This is a time of change, of watching the sun move along the horizon into its shinier place. The longer days bring light to the creation here. Think about that. The light brings life and often hope. Hope is sometimes all that is necessary to figure change for some of you. Making a small change of habit, of time, of attention may promote very profound changes of direction.

Ask yourself: What small change in my day can I choose to make that I would like to make more permanent in my life? Is it the time I rise? Is it the choices I make for my meals? Is it the path I take to my work or my school or my play? And if I make this change, how will it affect the rest of my life?

Does that seem impossible? That a small change in habit can effect a larger change in one's life. Indeed. Nourishment of the soul is like nourishment of the body: a little less of something here, a little more of something there and immense changes begin in the cells. Therefore, in thinking about this, you may wish to take on as an experiment something that you have wanted to do for some time but have not attended to yet. Like the sun moving along its appointed course, your choice will illuminate your path in a way that may surprise you. We are now ready for questions.

<DaveGregg> Lisa I, you have the first question...

<Lisa_I> has my grandaughter Tayelor and I shared past lives together?

<NancyG> The woman Lisa has shared three lives with the female child Taylor. There was one in Sicily during the plague years, one when both were mates on a barge on the River Rhone transporting fish. One as Mother and daughter, Taylor being the mother, in the area of the desert of this southwest some 400 years ago.

<Lisa_I> Thank you so much...very interesting. She is special to me and I felt as though I have been her parent.
<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<marjorieandfurryfriends> Hello and thank you! Could the Michael's please explain what stones/crystals they feel are most beneficial for animals (pets) and why? There is not a lot in the Michael Gemstone Dictionary about this and I want to make some nice things for animals to wear/have around them that will help them. Thank you for your teaching and guidance!!

<NancyG> The same stones that have been identified as beneficial to human beings can be used with animals. These can be set in collars for the comfort of the creature. To string stones together and clasp them around the neck of creatures with hair or fur is to invite discomfort. Although there is not deliberate identification of specific stones or minerals with specific animals, consulting those same sources that you would for a person will do.

<marjorieandfurryfriends> Thank you so much. Love to you!
<DaveGregg> Connie, you're next...

<ConnieD> What changes would be the best for me to make at this time to help manifest my dream of a career in the arts (acting/ dance/ writing)?

<NancyG> The woman Constance (?) needs to consider when and where the greatest number of opportunities exit for entering this arena. The major problem, as we see it, it the fact that of the many who attempt this path, very few succeed. This has more to do with the circumstances of each endeavor than with the desire of the individual.

There is a center for the active arts, including acting and dancing on each of the coasts of your continent. You already know that. There are also smaller concentrations in the major metropolitan areas in between. We suspect that you will need to refine your desire, focusing on one particular expression of your desire, before you will be able to choose where and when you can begin.

As for writing, this is too broad a subject to describe in this space. What kind of writing do you wish to do? Are you prepared to learn the best expression of your talent by consulting those who have succeeded in this work? That would allow you to assess your abilities before trudging far too many miles between possible publishers. (smiles) We strongly suggest that your interest is commendable, but much too hazy for pointing out specifics at this time. Think about your desire, focus it, and you will have a much better chance of success.

<ConnieD> Thank you for your input!
<DaveGregg> TM, you're next...

<tm> What is the past life history and relationship between XXX [see email w/ picture and name] and myself? Do we have any agreements, monads or karma we are working on this life together? Many thanks!

<NancyG> There is no karma between these two persons, although there is an agreement to meet for exploring a relationship that MAY lead to a romantic one. This was not decided when the agreement was made. It was left to circumstances to shape the relationship. If there is attraction, then this area will become paramount. If there is friendship but not emotional attachment, then the possibility will be that the agreement decided on will tend toward a project or work.

Not all agreements are specific between fragments planning a life in which they hope to meet. Some are very specific: I will be your mother and you will be my child, OK? I will employ you, you will come to me for a position. These are specific agreements, which still may not work out. But other agreements are left more flexible, as in this one.

<tm> By romantic relationship, do you mean this could become a mate agreement also?

<NancyG> Yes, this could become a mating. At this time, this seems to be the tendency. We can see a somewhat less than life attachment, however.

<tm> Thanks so much!
<DaveGregg> mheinze, you're next...

<mheinze> Hi Michael & Nancy - Much Love & Thanks.

<mheinze> Art is foremost the goal. Can you see any employment agreements or possibilities I ought consider?

<NancyG> The woman Margaret (?) is best served by using her connections with small art-oriented businesses to further her goal of employment in the arts field. There is a man with a need for organization of his collection who could be interested in creating a position that does not now exist. This man will not realize this for a few months yet, but when he does there will be need for the fragment Margaret to find herself in the right place at the right time. This will happen of itself, with a nudge from higher self.

<mheinze> No immediate focus then - survival job tip?

<NancyG> For the time being, we suggest that there is currently a position at the local newspaper which could, by a bit of stretch of the definition, be considered an 'art' type of job. It is in the graphics department. It has not yet been advertised.

<mheinze> THANKS
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<GeraldineB> I've developed a strong interest in the Ancient Near East, most specifically in Sumer. Do I have any incarnations from then that are resonating strongly with me now? And, of course, any details that might give me guidance as to "why," such as agreements with others from that time. Thank you :)

<NancyG> We can validate the existence of the woman Geraldine living in the ancient culture of Sumer. The interest that she is presently showing in this very old world has been a theme in many incarnations, not only this one. There are not a great number of you students who were part of the Sumerian times, but those who were seem to constitute a kind of alumni/alumnae that floats through time. You may have been a farmer in what is now Paraguay and not feel a particular resonance with that life. Or a leather worker in a village in China and not feel drawn to either shoe making or Chinese history. But those of you who lived in the Sumerian land seem to take this experience with you for all time!

The woman Geraldine may wish to connect with another who also remembers being there. The channel can give her this information privately. There are several possibilities within our student community, but she knows of only one, a male. Besides herself!

<GeraldineB> Thank you, I shall :)
<DaveGregg> Lori S, you're next...

<LoriS> Good evening, Michael & Nancy... I would like to know of any agreements I have with Michael in this lifetime.

<NancyG> The fragment Lori, like all of you, has an agreement with us to be our student. None of you is here by accident. IT may appear to you that you heard about or read about the teachings quite serendipitously, but you all have come to this point by agreement.

<LoriS> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> My name is Christine B...and I know that I am an old soul and yet I feel as if I have made so few deep or meaningful connections with other fragments. I was wondering where to begin looking if there were any hope in the near future of perhaps bringing a mate agreement coming into my life or at least finding a group of old friends to be comfortable enough to hang out and swap insights with?

<NancyG> The soul level of Old can be a lonely place to be. Remember, the number of Old souls is by percentage roughly 10. That means in any group of 10 there might be one other. MIGHT be. As you know, percentages do not leaven evenly. There are pockets of Old souls in your country. The San Francisco area is one of these. There are also very small clusters in places like New Mexico and Colorado. Like so much else in your culture, word of mouth is probably the best source for connecting with others.

As for a mate agreement, this fragment has passed by two and has yet another four on the back burner. The nearest one, however, appears to be about two years ahead.

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Sabrina, you're next...

<Sabrina_> Hello Nancy and Michael, can you please tell me if I have met anyone in my life quadrant? And if so, who are they?

<NancyG> The woman Sabrina has met one fragment from her life quadrant. IT is a male, about 40 years old, who has worked with this fragment on community projects before.

<Sabrina_> What type of community projects?

<NancyG> There was an effort to redirect attention to educational matters. We do not see that this effort was of very much moment and did not achieve its purpose.

<Sabrina_> Ok, thank you.
<DaveGregg> Kimberly, you're next...

<kimberlyb> I'm requesting insight on why I'm often experiencing dreams that seem to be a variation of the same theme. The first: Being lost, confused and wandering city streets, trying to find my way home or at least somewhere familiar. The second: being homeless or in the process of becoming homeless. And is there some way I can find completion/closure? Because it feels like I'm tormenting myself on some that's level

<NancyG> The dreams are essentially the same, that is, they are expressions of fear that something in the life of the fragment is changing or could change for the worse. This is a common concern when the life seems to have lost or never yet found an anchor. This anchor may be simply a strong connection to a place or a person. It does not have to be generations of living in the same place.

For the woman Kimberly, we suggest that she be aware that change is the only certainty and it will make a difference. But to imagine that it is always a negative thing is to 'script'. We suggest that leaving the fear in a 'scripted ending' may solve the immediate problem of these dreams. By this we mean that sitting down and writing out each possible ending for any change that could/might happen ought to lesson the night time struggle to find one's way home. We do not suggest that 'home' is a necessary objective, only that the woman Kimberly sees 'home' as a constant and so safe, a haven. If some of the scripts end up far from 'home', let them. The allaying of fear is the point here, not the projection of any coming reality. That is not predictable. But the dreamer has fastened on the unpredictable to worry with, and so we offer the solution: make up your own endings.

<kimberlyb> Much gratitude!!!
<DaveGregg> John M, you're next...

<John_M> Hi again Nancy, and greetings. Michael has kindly already provided overleaves for my dear friend Karen R., an Artisan-Cast Late-Mature Server, who is currently an artist and psychic. Have we shared any past lives? And if so, would Michael be willing to comment on any of them that seem noteworthy?

<NancyG> The fragment John and the fragment Karen have met before in a variety of ways. This is the 9th time that they have agreed to share life experiences. Two of these lives were relatively unlikely from the point of view that could be called 'interesting'.

One was a life in the late 12th C of the common era. The man John was the carver of fine wooden objects and had a hobby of making marionettes for traveling performers. He often referred to this work as a 'hobby' because as he said, so few of his dolls were ever bought that he could not describe it as enough to live on. The woman Karen was a member of one of these traveling shows, a young male who worked two of the dolls. Many of the performances were renditions of popular stories from the Christian bible. One that was asked for over and over was the story of Jonah and the Whale. John had made both Jonah and a very good whale, although he had no good notion of what a whale looked like. These two fragments met several times over the course of years as the performing group came to the town of the carver several times, a round of places that became predictable.

The second of these lives which could be called 'interesting' concerned two sisters, and again has to do with craft work. These sisters had from childhood been proficient in the art of embroidery and were known far and wide for their unique designs. Most of their industry was centered on church linens, but enough members of the nobility knew of their work to keep them at their needles for splendidly decorated shifts and tunics, most of which were covered up with outer garments. The women commissioning their garments did not seem to mind that their work was only seen by themselves and a very few others. It would be centuries before embroidery such as they were designing would be applied to outer garments.

<John_M> Wow! Thanks so much again, Michael and Nancy!
<DaveGregg> Robinette, you're next...

<Robinette> Hello, my name is Robinette S. and would like to know why my daughter Katie S. ( in the room tonight) has been concerned for my welfare since early childhood. Do we share past lives together?

<NancyG> The two women who are now mother and daughter are together for the first time in this lifetime. There is no past connection that explains their closeness. But there is an agreement which is being played out here. This agreement was made to explore the newness of a shared life. We remind you that not all agreements are between those who have had lives together. If this were so, life would hold few surprises and one thing you can depend on is the fact that surprise and unpredictability is part of the physical plane.

Entity mates and those who 'make friends' among adjacent entities and entities within adjacent cadres often decide to try a relationship out to see how it goes. This is one of these trials. If there seems to be a close connection, we would say that the choice has been successful.

<Robinette> Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Barblu, you're next...

<barblu> Hi dear Nancy and Michael - I would like it if Michael would comment on the disparity between the number of Christians as compared to the number of all members of other beliefs in the world. What caused this and what does it mean in the long run? Could Michael also comment on Sai Baba?

<NancyG> The number of adherents of any religion or philosophy rises and falls with the centuries. There has been a concerted effort by Christian missionaries over the past 150 years to carry their message to areas outside of the heavily Christian areas of Europe and the Americas. Further, not all religions see missionary work as necessary or desirable. For instance, the Muslim world does not support this kind of proselytizing, nor do those of the Jewish belief. And in the Orient, the Hindus and Buddhist also rely on family connections rather than converts. This is not to say that there are not Buddhist, for instance, who have made it their goal to spread the teachings of the Buddha. They have. But not in the concentration that the Christians have. And in general, one must be born into the Hindu world to be a Hindu. What does it mean? As far as we can see, not much. There is a rising number of 'cultural Christians', just as there have been 'cultural Jews' for some time. As this planet's population works its way into the Mature soul level, there will be even less tendency for wishing to impress one's beliefs on others, although this happy state of affairs will probably take about 200 or more years to become obvious.

Sai Baba is a teacher of a very small group, a charismatic who offers a plan for dealing with interpersonal relationships based on an emotional understanding of the truth of love. This is part of the move toward the Mature level, one which will be concerned with relationships primarily.

<barblu> Hmmm - guess I'll have to come back in 200+ years to enjoy the end of all the hatred generated by belief. Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Mark T, you're next...

<mark_townley> Hello Nancy & Michael. It really feels like I'm approaching a major change in my life. It feels like I'm shedding imprinting that has lasted my entire life to date. Am I just very late entering my 4th internal monad or is something else going on in my life?

<NancyG> The man Mark is finishing his 4th Internal Monad, not entering it. The sense that he is approaching a major change in his life is only his perception of the work he has already accomplished. When a fragment realizes that it is ''shedding" imprinting, it is a clear sign that the process is nearly complete. We offer congratulations on this milestone and best wishes for the clear-headed possibilities that loom ahead for this fragment. (smile)

<mark_townley> Thank you!!
<DaveGregg> Glenn, you're next...;-)

<Glenn> I would like to know about musical intervals. The standard scale is 7 notes, but then music is measured in octaves, which implies 8 measures.

<NancyG> The 'standard' scale of 7 notes is only standard in some areas of the world. The octave is seven plus a repeat of the first note. That allows a harmony that would be unavailable if it could not be included in the measure. Try playing the first and 7th notes and the dissonance is obvious. By the way, such dissonance is again a matter of what one is used to.

<Glenn> Thanx!
<DaveGregg> RL, you're next...

<RL> Just like to know what I've been up to in my previous life, and what resonance it has on my current one.

<NancyG> The fragment was born into a family of herders in the mountains of Peru during the last incarnation. IT was a life of hard physical labor centered on the animals and the somewhat nomadic existence that herding in these high altitudes requires. The only resonance that we can perceive might be available to the fragment in this life is an aversion to anything having to do with large shaggy animals.

<RL> LOL Thanks
<DaveGregg> Ron, you're next...

<RonV> Hi Michael & Nancy! Have I shared any past lives with my current wife, Carrie ? If so, were there that were notable? Thanks!

<NancyG> Yes, there has been three lives shared between these two fragments. None were particularly notable as far as the world defines notableness. Two of them were quite notable for their successful resolution of agreements made before those lifetimes, and one was 'noted' for its lack of worldly success. In fact, in this lifetime poverty was the condition and there was little to share except the life itself. This was a very successful life from Essence's perspective, although the two fragments did not enjoy very much of it as incarnate beings. Hunger was the most long lasting memory.

<RonVolkman> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Mabes, you have the last question...

<Mabes> When I was about 4, a wiccan friend of my mom told her that I was an "old soul". She said she could see it around me and in my eyes. I'm not religious so I researched all day about "old souls", and I feel strongly connected to this idea and it makes sense to me. Am I in fact an old soul...and if so, what past lives did I have?

<NancyG> The fragment Meaghan is a first level Old, settling into the final stage of the cycle of lives. Most of the experiences that this fragment is having are carried over from the Mature level and there is little recognition of the sense of OLDNESS as yet. Very little of her self is tuned to the work of the Old level, but with another three or four incarnations this will change as the energy of the Old takes over. We thank this fragment for looking into the idea of what is means to be Old, and recommend further study, if she wishes to be better informed.

<Mabes> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Does Michael have any closing comments?

<NancyG> You may have noticed that the theme for tonight has been 'change'. We began with the changing of the solar path, more noticeable now that the equinox is just passed. And we progressed to individual concerns about changes in your lives as you are living them. This is a very real concern for all of you on the physical plane and we will return to it again and again. For now, we offer this for your consideration: Since change is so much a part of life, it makes sense to embrace it rather than struggle with it. This is easier said than done, we admit, but if you can incorporate more distance between yourselves and events, relationships, occupations, and other daily concerns, then change loses its frightening aspect and becomes a tool for evolution. And that, after all, is the whole reason for existence, is it not? The evolution of every bit of creation toward the final end: Love. Be at peace. Go in peace.

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael. Thank you Nancy:-)
<laughingboi> Thank you Michael and Nancy
<mark_townley> Thank you Michaels & Nancy!
<marjorieandfurryfriends> Thank you all! thank you Nancy, very much.
<firefly> Agape thanks, Michael and Nancy
<John_M> Thank you Michael for your insights, and Nancy for your hard work! And also Dave and Kathryn for moderating!
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy. :-)
<barblu> Wonderful session - Thank you Nancy and thank you Michael.
<RonV> Thank You Nancy and Michael!
<NancyG> My pleasure, always, everyone! I learned something tonight. I have never heard of Sai Baba. ;-)

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