Soul Age Levels







Often psychic; attuned to planet but not people; close to instinctive center; no intellectual center; guarded; feral (untamed).

Starts to care about what people think of them. Love from others is an issue. How to get it is a mystery.

Expresses anger; cautious but can be domineering.

Uneasy; starting to recognize importance of emotional attachments, but buries it.

Confident, still mature; in no rush to improve.

Less scared; uses thought; can pass in society; tests society's rules for limits.

1st level issue becomes burning; I'll hurt myself if you don't love me.

Dogmatic. Fearful, covers it with dogma. Likes being authority.

Inner conflict between success & relationships. Agonizing.

Hovers between drama and objectivity; internal warfare.

Quieter; no sex in 1st 3 stages; has decided can make peace with others so not so often locked up; can live on edge of towns.

Gives up 1st and 2nd level behavior, goes inward. Looks to authority(outward) as to how life might work.

Quiet, often gets away from it all, hermit; not too much conscience; doesn't like people much.

Quiet, intense, probably not too materially successful; very agonizing.

Quiet, very knowledgeable; quiet daily life. Drawn to teach.

Starts sex animalistically; no conscience; is friendly as it works better.

Solid members of society; wants to belong to religions, clubs, to find out who they should be. Feels attached to others.

Friendly, successful; your average yuppie; often authority, wealth and power.

Friendly, passionate, relationships more important than anything. Soap opera life.

Extroverted; teaching oriented. Authoritative, almost like power mode.

Does nefarious things; wants to be different; tries everything.

Quiet; can be perverse; may have weird fetishes or really bizarre behavior, e.g. water plants with maple syrup.

Wealth and power through unusual means. Still outgoing, friendly.

Emotional drama; unusual dresser; solid roles uncomfortable being bizarre; fluid roles love it.

Unusual, spiritual looking. Almost not- of-this-planet at times.

Paying back massive amounts of karma. May take many lifetimes.

Very karmic; pronounces that people should follow authority.

Busy karmic, competent; this gets them to extreme power; sees something lacking but can't identify it; very set in ways.

Very agonizing; most difficult of any level; most karma, very emotional; expressive roles may go crazy; nervous breakdowns

Extremely busy; hard worker, spirituality very important, no rest. Heavy teaching. Trust issues.

Sly, naturally clever; passes in society, is not in personal relationships; may start to open emotionally and begin caring for someone else, e.g. mate or parent

Complacent; discovers about caring, being cared for. Looking at trying to be authority

Absolute authorities, calm, born to money or gifted for career. Authoritative manner looking at mature; may do EST as experiment. Wants to do what's popular.

Complacent, emotionally attached; teaching; not too interested in old soul detachment; almost stagnation; it's easy.

Almost only self karma left. Lazy. Teaching - but only one or two people. Acceptance issues.

Fair use excerpt from "The Michael Handbook," by Jose Stevens & Simon Warwick-Smith

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