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A useful skill to develop for any Michael student is to learn to recognize the roles of the people around them. One way to identify a particular role (other than channeling) is to examine the facial expression around the eyes ("the windows of the soul").

In the photos collected throughout this study, look at the eyes of each role group and try to see the commonalities they share. With practice, you will begin to note an energetic theme in the expressions of each group, as well as obvious distinctions from role to role.

Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and look for the following subtleties when comparing the pictures. Also, click on the links below each category to see the various combinations with the essence twin.

Server eyes are warm and sincere.

Priest eyes are hot and focused. They can seem intense and fiery.

Warrior eyes are cold and bluntly focused. They can seem intense and metallic.

King eyes are cold and pointedly focused.

Artisan eyes are childlike and radiant. They can seem beautifully liquid, as if they were recently filled with ink.

Sage eyes are expressive, and mischievously mirthful when smiling.

Scholar eyes are neutral, and may reveal secondary traits.

Essence Twin Bleedthrough

Pay attention to the influence the essence twin and casting have on the appearance of the role. Generally, the presence of casting is static and always visible, but the essence twin may manifest in variable ways. For example, when the ET is incarnate, the casting may show more prominently in the appearance, whereas if the ET is discarnate, there is more bleedthrough from the essence twin.

Bleedthrough is the actual visceral energy of the role coming in as a secondary from the ET, which you can feel as well as see. Primary casting can be equally influential, when bleedthrough is less due to an incarnate ET, but not as visceral: it's more about how one behaves, *how* and *where* one directs one's essence energies. It colors/flavors the appearance to some degree, but not as much as bleedthrough.

A notable exception is scholar energy, which is neutral and diffuse. Scholar bleedingthrough from the essence twin may not be as striking as king or sage casting, for example.

Scholars with a strong secondary influence from either essence twin bleedthrough and/or casting may look like a watered-down version of the secondary role; if you just can't decide the role after you've gotten pretty good at spotting them, the person may be a scholar. With anyone, casting may jump out at you first, but if you persevere and study the eyes, the role should become clear unless the person has strong opposite influences. Some people are hard to figure out, and some are easy.

It's All About The Eyes

Although the shapes of the eyes are occasionally considered when discerning the roles, they are not a consistent marker and can actually lead one astray if the intention is to apply a one-size-fits-all template to this study. The deciding factor will almost always be the expression coming from the eyes: are they bluntly focused or warm and compassionate? Is there a prevailing neutrality or a mischievous twinkle? 

The expression in the eyes provide telling clues to the identity of a particular role. Look, for example, at the obvious mirth coming from the sage twinkle of George Clooney's eyes. The expression is quite distinct when compared to the look of other roles.

Visual Validation

Inspiration axis roles' eyes are warm, expression axis medium, action axis cool, and assimilation axis neutral or clear. The cardinal roles' eyes are more focused, and ordinal are more diffuse. Even though warriors' eyes are very strong, there's a blunt quality to their look, as opposed to the "pointiness" of kings'.

The two most intense roles and eyes are warrior and priest. Warriors are the most earthy, and priests are the most astral or spiritual: lowest and highest in frequency, two ends of one stick.

This is different from most ordinal (server) to most cardinal (king), which is a different "stick": least to most concentrated energy, in the sense that kings have the most energy "packed" into their soul, so they're highly pressurized. Servers have the least pressurized, compelling feeling about them, making them easy to be around. Kings command just by their presence, and servers comfort. This characterizes all cardinality and ordinality to some extent.

Circumstantial Evidence

A student trying to guess the role, etc., without anchoring perceptions in what's right in front of him--eyes, facial expressions, energy, etc.--can go wildly off-base, using circumstantial evidence. The roles look and feel different from one another. If you jump to the conclusion that someone is a sage, for example, based just on behaviors, then you might assume that a theatrical scholar with sage imprinting is a sage, because you have nothing else to go on.  Behavior results from many factors, including overleaves, body type, astrology, imprinting, and past lives, but your essence is what you *are*, not what you do. Behavior often but doesn't always reflect your essence, so you have to look deeper to see essence.

Occasionally, what stands out in someone's eyes is not essence but negative poles or trauma; for example, a depressed sage or a beaten-down king can be harder to spot.

Getting Started

Compare and contrast the differences in the expressions of each role set. Click on the links below each set for more pictures, categorized by casting and essence twin.

Note: Discarnate ETs throughout this study are marked with an asterisk (*) for easy identification. Remember that a discarnate ET should appear more prominently.


The Role Photos



Server Eyes Are Warm and Sincere

Server/Server Server/Priest Server/Artisan
Server/Sage Server/Warrior Server/King
Server/Scholar Server/No ET



Priest Eyes are Hot and Focused

Priest/Server Priest/Priest Priest/Artisan
Priest/Sage Priest/Warrior Priest/King
Priest/Scholar Priest/No ET



Artisan Eyes are Soft, Child-like and Radiant

Artisan/Server Artisan/Priest Artisan/Artisan
Artisan/Sage Artisan/Warrior Artisan/King



Sage Eyes are Mischievously Mirthful When Smiling

Sage/Server Sage/Priest Sage/Artisan
Sage/Sage Sage/Warrior Sage/King
Sage/Scholar Sage/No ET



Warrior Eyes Are Cold and Bluntly Focused

Warrior/Server Warrior/Priest Warrior/Artisan
Warrior/Sage Warrior/Warrior Warrior/King



King Eyes are Cold and Pointedly Focused

King/Server King/Priest King/Artisan
King/Sage King/Warrior King/King



Scholar Eyes are Neutral

Scholar/Server Scholar/Priest Scholar/Artisan
Scholar/Sage Scholar/Warrior Scholar/King
Scholar/Scholar Scholar/No ET

Text: Shepherd Hoodwin & Dave Gregg

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