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Opening Comments


<NancyG> Everyone please take a deep breath, focus on what we are doing. Let your circle widen to encompass all of us, all over the country and beyond. Michael, are we ready?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We are here, Nancy.
We welcome you all gathered here this evening. We are putting the work of the teachings out for examination tonight. The work of the teachings is the blue print for survival on the physical plane.  With them you have a tool, a whole basket of tools, for making your travels through the physical plane less fearsome, more understandable, wholly rewarding.
The rocks and crevasses you encounter on this journey are very real. Let no one tell you differently. Although the physical plane is steeped in maya, if you stub your toe or get in the way of a swinging sword you will feel it.  Therefore accepting the reality of the boulders, the swollen rivers, the quarreling, unbalanced colleague, is a step toward dealing with this reality.  That is why we offer what you call the Michael Teachings. So that you will be able to navigate your journey with greater ease than you might without them.
What of those who do not have this assist? We remind you that all of you, our students as well as those who have never heard of us or our mission, will arrive at the end of the journey even so.  It is just that you will have had a slightly better map and perhaps avoided a few more detours.

Now we are ready for questions.

Q & A

<GeraldineB>  My question has to do with multi-incarnation parallel lives. Several of us have been channeled as having a parallel life that precedes this one and will not merge in this one.  How does this work? Is there spillover between them?   More info overall would be appreciated. And since no one fragment exists through incarnation to incarnation, how does essence do this?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Your Essence is a far greater energy than you can imagine. The task of supporting several discrete fragments/souls is of no consequence to Essence. Therefore each of you has from three to five concurrent lives going at once, none of them in your own neighborhood.

There is no connection between these discrete lives. If you think about it, it would be very complicated to meet yourself coming back, as it were, every time you turn around.  Further, not all of your Essence's concurrent lives are simultaneous as to age, culture, gender, etc. This is the reality of the ability of Essence to manage these lives.  And it is true that none of these lives will merge, ever.
This truth is a universal one. The ability to understand it is limited by your ability to think beyond sequential time.  Think of a room, a very long room, with tall mirrors tilted in along either side, standing partly out into the passageway.  Think about standing at the beginning of this hall way. You will see yourself reflected in unending array all down the line. But you are only one.  This is a very poor example of concurrent lives.
<GeraldineB> Do they all count as part of our Grand Cycle total number of incarnations -- or is there a separate count for each?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> There are quite separate cycles for the separate life strings. Only when each string of lives, each cycle, is eventually completed and all are reunited within the Tao will there be anything approaching a 'merge'.

<umihiko> What are the stages of the third internal monad? How am I doing with this monad?

 <NancyG/MICHAEL> The third Internal Monad is the one which a soul lives through as a means of separating from childhood, from family in the sense of being dependent, from being the lean-er to being the stand alone-er. It happens at the end of the so called teen years, usually, although for some souls it may last into their early 20s.  The stages are simply the practice of the realization that the time of dependency is nearing its end, that the individual is becoming separated from the cloister of the home and is about to set off as a responsible man or woman.

The major element one notices on finishing the 3rd internal monad is the sense of responsibility that one finds one has acquired. That is why we say that it may take longer for some than for others to complete this monad.  And unfortunately, for some there is no finish at all. You have all known such a one. He or she may be 65 years old but still be irresponsible.
<umihiko> How am I doing with this monad?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We see the fragment before us has moved more than halfway through the monad.  With further understanding of what it is presenting as lessons learned, we rather think it may not take as long to finish as it has taken to arrive at this stage.

<In Search of> How can you communicate with your guides or ask them for their help, their guidance?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Guides are part of the circle of assistance that each of you has to make your journey less fearful and more rewarding.  Guides are not omniscient, nor are they omnipotent. They are usually from the lower astral plane and are souls who take 'time' between incarnating to accept the job of being a guide. They are only slightly more advanced than the fragment they attach to and they offer guidance from a place that is less obscured by maya than the physical plane. Not totally unobscured, you will note, only less so. The astral plane is much closer to the physical plane than to the planes above it and maya is still a factor there.
Because your guides are part of your plan for this lifetime, they and you have agreed to this match. You do not just have a random set of individual energies trying to figure out what you are up to. (Michael is smiling)
No, you and they agree to this arrangement. You also do not have the same guides throughout your whole life. You can understand that those who might be especially helpful keeping you going as a child or as a very young adult might not be ready to take on the responsibility of a middle-aged fragment.
People have specialties on the physical plane and they retain expertise as fragments on the astral.  It is also not unknown for a human soul on the physical plane to ask for a change in guides at some point if he/she feels the need to.  This is done with no sense of failure or personal rejection. It is just a need that will be filled.  In this instance arrangements are made between the human and the astral during sleep. The fragment and a compatible guide meet, accept the agreement, and life continues. 
Contacting one's guide is also best done on the astral.  The intention is made to discuss a problem or need with one's guides before sleep, and then it is abandoned to the astral plane.  During sleep the soul and its guides together plan a means to deal with the question.  There may or may not be a memory of this meeting on awakening, and a sense of confidence about working with whatever has come up may be all that remains of the guide's assistance.
Angels, as you understand them, are mostly in this category of astral energies who are between incarnations.  The sense that angels are spirits who have never been incarnated and never will be is an inaccurate understanding of them.

<chknltl> Why is humanity all but accepting a culture of almost racism toward females and how does this fit into the bigger picture?

 <NancyG/MICHAEL> The long history of humanity has gone from a fairly equal relationship between males and females to one in which females dominated, to the current one in which males dominate.  We are describing here a cultural sequence covering 20, 30 thousand years. When the emphasis began to swing toward male domination of tribes, nations, peoples, then the female was made subordinate and over time this subordination began to seem the norm. 
Your written history as it stands covers only about six thousand years of humanity's existence on this planet.  Over half of this history has been in the male dominant sphere. You may have noticed that among those of you who live in the so-called 1st world, this male superiority is lately being tested.  We expect that over the next several generations there will be a re-balancing of the genders. What you may then expect, after some time of balance, is that the swing will be back to female domination. That seems to be the pattern for your species.

<Mario_An>  How can you tell when you have a karma against some people or some circumstances? How can you run away from the sadness/pain that has caused you some traumas in the past and the present with some people around you?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> The fragment involved in karmic repayment, either giving or receiving, may have a very uneasy feeling toward the other. The urge to continue to try to end the karma, burn the ribbons, is strong, however, and the payer will tend to attempt to do so, even when the one being paid refuses to accept.

Most of the time, the agreement to repay karma is made between two fragments prior to their incarnating. That does not mean, however, that when they get here and find themselves face to face in their current personalities that things go like clock work.  That is part of the vagaries of the physical plane. Things often do not go as planned.

<Mario_An> How do you know when the karma is gone and you can move on. Or can it last a whole lifetime? Can you have karma with people from a whole region?
<NancyG/MICHAEL> If by running away, you mean refusing to repay or accept repayment, then that is a choice one can make.

Since you are all individual souls with full power to make choices, it is up to each one to apply that choice to each situation. It is not uncommon for one who is attempting to repay a karmic debt to find that the attempt is futile. In that case, it may be best to take the stand that the two fragments will find a life time in the future in which the attempt will be accepted.  The repayment of karma usually affords a great sense of relief on the part of the pay-er.  It may also for the one receiving the payment, although that relief is more in the sense of Glad that is over with! 
Karma can remain a problem between two fragments for more than one lifetime.  Sometimes the repayment is deliberately put off by agreement to a future life when the two involved believe that repayment will have a greater chance of happening.  It is not unknown for payment and the burning of karmic ribbons to be made many lifetimes after the original debt was incurred. Remember that both fragments must be incarnate at the same time, must have a very good chance of being in some proximity one with the other, and must both be in a situation that lends itself to the repayment, the re-balancing of the universe.  These requirements are not easily brought to bear in every instance.
Owing karma to a whole region of people is a possibility, but is usually the creation of a soul with the ability to do so.  This would in all probability mean a ruler or an authority of some stature.  It would not be possible for most souls to have this much influence over large numbers of people.
<Mario_An> What are the lessons to be learned when someone hates you with no reason?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Hatred of one human being for another may be leftover energy from a past life that is leaking through to this one. Or there may be personality conflicts that have no source in karma, past life, or other esoteric realms. You just do not get along.

<Kathryn41> What is the process we go through or considerations we look at for choosing/determining who will be our guides during an incarnation?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> This is an agreement that is made in a kind of conference situation on the astral. There are guides whose job it is to counsel and assist the discarnate fragment in making these choices. Sometimes these choices are of entity mates, sometimes they are from connections with fragments from past lives, sometimes they are recommendations by close friends.  The process is much the same as you all go through when you are looking for a doctor or counselor here in life.
The considerations are made relative to the overleaves that are being chosen, the soul level, and other elements that might bring two fragments together.  It would not be of much use for there to be even a slight mismatch at this point, would there.  Choosing guides is given as much weight as choosing parents. The guide stands very much in loco parentis sometimes. Other times it stands more as a cherished friend. Always it is 'on your side', remember, only without the interference of maya, misconception, and mistaken energies.

<ivy> The Yarbro books talk about mid-causal teachers that work mainly through the physical, like with athletes and dancers.  I was wondering if it ever happens that anyone works with more than one mid-causal teacher at a time and if there were other types than than Michael among these mentioned.  And if so, is it common to do so?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> There are many causal plane teachers who have chosen to work with various parts of creation. Not all of them work with human beings.  Those who do their work with human beings choose one of the centers to concentrate on. We have chosen the intellectual center and we tend to bring our message to those who respond in that center. The causal plane teachers who work primarily with the moving center are the ones who attract athletes, dancers, performers of all kinds, and kinetic fragments who will never perform.

There are also causal plane teachers who bring a message couched in emotional terms. These teachers usually have more emotionally centered humans as their audience.

And finally, there are causal plane teachers who specialize in dealing with the instinctively centered.

Those fragments identified as autistic fall into this category, as well as the brain damaged, the elderly who lose their faculties, and others with less than the standard issue of mental acumen. The way these teachers come to their intended audience is by psychic connections, rather than verbal ones.
There is no restriction on various of the causal plane teachers regarding attracting the same fragments, but a little thought will cause you to conclude that it is not likely.  What connects with an intellectually centered fragment may bore an emotional one, and vice versa.

<SamL>  How can we get assistance in making new agreements during the life, agreements that were not preplanned?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> One of the best ways to make ad hoc agreements once you are on the physical plane is to decide what agreement you wish to make with whom and to settle it on the astral while you both are asleep.

Another perfectly acceptable way is to allow a friendship to go its course. Not all agreements have to be made by your higher self, by Essence, with guidance from above, so to speak. You are piloting this life. If it seems good to you to connect with a compatible soul, for business, mating, friendship, or any other relationship that you can imagine, then the best course is to try it out.  Not all connections are agreements, let us hasten to add. Some are just comfortable, welcome connections.
<Ed--> Following up with Geraldine's question ... if an Essence chooses to have 3 to 5 branches or sequences of lifetimes, where the lives are separate from one branch to the next, sort of like Shepherd's "clusters", I think it is, those lives are all within the same grand cycle, no?  I think there's a mixing up of parallels and concurrent lives somehow here.  Can you clarify?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Parallel lives are on separate tracks. They are separate cycles until they are united at the end. We remind you that a grand cycle can take many hundreds, even thousands of your 'years'.

<Ed--> Any such branching I'd say could only be within one Grand Cycle, right?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> Parallel lives are lived in parallel universes. Concurrent lives are lived in the same universe.
There is indeed a difference. 

<ladybroker> I have been hearing more and more about staying open to our multi dimensional selves. Could you comment on this. Any idea of how to do it?  Since we are now living in the 3rd dimension and there are supposed to be up to 12, so 4 will be next. How to feel or experience this 4th dimension? 

<NancyG/MICHAEL> These are not words or concepts that we teach in our mission to this planet. The fragment possess a personality that is taken on with each lifetime.  This personality wears an array of what we call overleaves, tools with which to make its way through the life. The fragment is a spark of the Tao, holding a place between the mundane and the ethereal. Each spark is an emanation of the All That Is and is expressed as Essence with regard to the fragment.
These are realities that we know and can explain. As the soul evolves through the cycle of lives, it learns the lessons that can only be learned as a creature. Some lessons can only be learned in a body. This may be what you describe as a dimension. However, until the last life of a cycle of lives is finished, the fragment is part of this planet and is working within its limitations. Only when the entity that it belongs to is wholly united will it be finished with the earth upon which it lived for however many lives it took to complete a cycle.

<yy2> My name is Yung Yung Tsuai Lerner. I was told that I would go through a transition from 6th level mature to 7th level during this lifetime. Can you explain to me the process of the transition? And am I going through this transition now?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> 'Would go through' is a vague statement. There is many a slip 'twix cup and lip. We prefer to say that given certain signals it might be possible for one to identify the transit from one stage within a soul level to another in one lifetime.  Usually this is done between lives, but it can be done, has often been done, within a lifetime.  There is nothing the soul needs to do, nor may it be very apparent to the soul that this transit is being made or has been achieved.
The 6th level Mature soul level is one of much drama, karmic payback, and is very wearing for most souls.
Arriving at the end of the lessons to be learned in this stage may seem like opening an exit door from a room where a three-ring circus, a university marching band, and the NY symphony orchestra are all performing at the same time, and stepping into a garden.

The 7th level mature is a time of recovery, of settling into the last of the emotional vapors that have plagued the soul throughout the whole Mature level. There is a resting within the emotions that attaches to this level, a sense of bringing together. There is little interest in the next or Old level yet. That comes later.
Therefore, we would say that there isn't really anything that one needs to DO, nor is there any specific way that one can accelerate the process. This is a matter of lessons learned and soul evolution. 

<marion> Since time is sort of an illusion, is it possible or common for us to reincarnate into older times, i.e., in my next lifetime when I will be "older" as I soul, could I choose to reincarnate in say 1850?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> There is much speculation about this question. In principle, yes it is possible. There is, however, a practical element which makes it unlikely, unwieldy, and well nigh improbable.  Consider only the problems of karma and agreements. It isn't just that one can drop into a century in the past, but having done so, there will be arrangements to make with those with whom one will interact during that lifetime, and the problem of karma created during the stay there.

Unless the soul takes up residence permanently in that time frame, how will that karma be managed with those souls? The arrangements between lives will also become very complicated indeed.  We repeat, it could be done. However, one's life cycle is usually best done in a linear fashion, simply because it is part of this creation and fits with its parameters very well.

Closing Comments

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We have brought you some explanations of some of our teachings through the questions that you have asked tonight.  There are many interesting elements to creation and the imagination takes its inspiration from what it can posit. That is why we enjoy, if you will, having you think about these various elements that arise as part of speculation and wonder.
Creation is a wondrous thing. All creation is a place of examination, of learning, of adding to the one-ness that is the Tao. You are part of that addition, each of you as you live and have your being in this life, in all the lives that you have so far experienced, and those that you will still have before you as you finish with this cycle.
Not one life is a naught. Not one of you is less than any other of you. The end for all of you, for us also, is to find the self wholly subsumed in agape. How you get there is the business of your life. In this we hope we are a very positive part.
We do not ask for belief, as you know. It does not matter to us if you use what we offer or you do not.  We only bring what we believe is useful for you. And we offer it with unconditional love. That is our mission. Yours is to BE in your creation.  Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you Nancy and Michael. :-)
<barblu> Wow - good session tonight! Of course every answer brings up a whole slew of new questions - I'll sleep on it and see what my guides have to tell me. {grin}
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael. Thank you Nancy
<mark_townley> thank you Michael and Nancy!
<ShannonB> Thank you, Nancy
<Mario_An> Wow, thanks very much. That was marvelous
<laughingboi> yes, thank you
<yy2> Thank you, Michael and Nancy
<GeraldineB> thank you :)
<Mario_An> Thank you Nancy and Michael from me too.
<CandaceL> Thank you Nancy and Michael.
<marion> thank you Michael and Nancy
<SylviaD> Lots of food for thought. Thank you.
<chknltl> Thank you Nancy/Michael
<ivy> thank you


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