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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments

<Nancy> Please center your attention and intention on what we are about to do. Take two or three deep breaths, letting each one come from the very bottom of your diaphragm, letting them out slowly to a count of 8. Breath again. I hope you all have a glass of water beside you. Sip it through the session.

<Nancy> Michael, are we ready?

<Nancy> We are here to greet everyone who has come to this session. We are 'seeing' you through the energy signature that is uniquely yours. Be pleased to connect with the gathering of these fragments as they connect with you. Today we offer you the words of reconciliation: understanding, compassion, forgiveness. Nothing on the physical plane will so smooth the ridges of this life than remembering these qualities. Each of you can think of another fragment who has abraded with your self, either recently or perhaps over your whole lifetime. This might be the moment to let your rancor go, if you should so choose. For what good have you gotten from cherishing it? Rather, losing something so negative allows for all the good of a positive energy to replace it.

<Nancy> We offer the teachings as a guide merely, but within them you may find crossroad signs toward choices. These are yours to make, and all choices are valid. Choose to retain negative thoughts about a relative, friend, colleague, enemy, and that is a valid choice. We do, however, suggest that there are unlimited valid choices, just as there are unlimited ways to make one. We put before you these positive qualities as something to consider: understanding, compassion, forgiveness. Choices just as valid as enmity. For you to choose.

<Nancy> All creation moves eventually toward agape. Some of it moves more easily and more readily than others do. All is choice. We offer our services as teachers with love and in total awareness of your ability to accept or reject them. Again, all is choice.

<Nancy> Now we will take questions.

<DaveGregg> Rhua, you're first...

Q & A

<Rhua> My sister Lisa and I are seeking information on the reasons our nephew Rigel came into and out of our family for so short a time, as he was only three months old when he passed away Friday. What caused his death?

<Nancy> The fragment Rigel James stopped breathing. That was the cause of death. Why he did is part of the agreement he made when he accepted incarnation into this body.

<Nancy> It was necessary that this fragment live the few days of this life in order to complete a former one that had been awkwardly shortened. We are aware of the grief that his passing has left behind. So is he aware of it. This event has nothing to do with rejection of this life. It is a fulfillment of his life task.

<Rhua> Was this fragment part of our lives previously?

<Nancy> Only once, in a lifetime some centuries ago. These parents were chosen because they seemed familiar to him for this brief time.

<Rhua> Thank you so much
<DaveGregg> Gabriella, you're next...

<Gabriella_Attems> I would love to know about the nature of my lifetask

<Nancy> Gabriella, you are in the midst of reaching for understanding of your connection to all things. This urge, this move to look hard at the world, at its people, at its raiment, has occupied you for most of your life. It is easily the driving force in your everyday life. A life task that truly has no end.

<Gabriella_Attems> It sounds very general, but thank you, can you say something more specific?

<Nancy> Life tasks are usually general. They seldom have a specific beginning and end. Have you thought about bringing your interest to bear on matters of understanding how it is that you prefer solitude, but find yourself deliberately putting yourself into social situations?

<Nancy> Your life task is driving this choice.

<Gabriella_Attems> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Julian, you're next...

<Julian> I feel that I connect other incarnation and that this is helpful to living in this incarnation. Are such connections possible?

<Nancy> Everything that has been learned in every lifetime becomes a part of the fragment. Some lifetimes leave a greater imprint than do others, either because they were exceedingly traumatic and painful, or because they were especially enjoyable, although the painful lives tend to be remembered more readily. It is possible that you go in dream state to a prior life because its reality is still with you. Even flashes from a previous life can impinge on waking thoughts. So, yes, connections to people, places, events from another incarnation can impose on this one.

<Julian> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Sandy, you're next...

<SandyW> Sandra W here...What notable lifetimes have my husband, Russell W., and I previously shared and any prebirth agreements we may have set up for this life that we are now sharing?.

<Nancy> The fragment Russell has been a part of four lifetimes with you. There was one in which he borrowed a horse and cart from his employer, you, and drive it so hard that the horse died. In another lifetime you were cousins, apprenticed to woodworking. He was not so skilled as you, but was of such a jovial nature that he managed to get through anyway. The last time you shared a lifetime, you were brothers, sharing a homestead left to you by an uncle. Your older brother having taken over the family farm.

<Nancy> These lifetimes were all as males for you both. This is the first as a mated pair, a decision to see how it would work.

<SandyW> thank you:)
<DaveGregg> Desert-girl, you're next...

<desert_girl> I have been getting migraine headaches for years and now memory loss..what can I do to correct this? thank you

<Nancy> Migraine headaches have to do with the circulatory system. When too much blood is shunted to the head, the expansion of the vessels induces the pain. There is a connection between the result of emotional or physical effort, when the circulatory system tends to expand and move faster - witness the speeding up of the pulse when frightened - and this malady. We suggest that increased calcium be considered, and that an effort be made to regulate the stress which may be causing the physical symptoms to accelerate.

<Nancy> Few fragments of a relatively slower nature suffer from this pain. In general it is those with higher frequencies who do. As for the memory loss, we suggest a consultation with a professional in the use of herbal remedies for strengthening the memory and mental acuity.

<Nancy> Btw, the fragments memory loss and the migraine headaches are not connected.

<desert_girl> thank you Nancy and Michael
<DaveGregg> Mark, you're next...

<mark_perkinson> I'm curious about the Mohenjo Daro / Harappan civilization which was began ~6500 years ago & flourished about 4500 years ago in the Indus Valley. It had seemingly very advanced urban planning, urban services, and monumental architectural structures. No artifacts in art of weaponry supporting a warrior culture, in fact, very little long term warlike behavior has been discovered. Can I get any Michaelís insight on the culture & its source? Ethnic (pre-Aryan?) and/or Linguistic roots? What spiritual teaching was the culture founded on? Pre-Vedic? Any comments on any variation of the above would be appreciated.

<Nancy> The civilization known as MohenjoDaro did not predate the Vedic tradition, but instead was the instigator of it. Denoting it as Aryan is appropriate, although one must be careful to take into consideration what one means by Aryan. The artifacts extant offer little to connect this culture with any other, simply because there was no other at all approaching its stage of development.

<Nancy> The rise of MohenjoDaro began with a settlement made by refugees from Atlantis, but do not mistake us, these founders were many generations after the fall of Atlantis. They had been slowly working their way across the land for several hundred years before finally arriving at this place on the Asian continent. Further study of this civilization will expose a deeply held tradition of cooperation and organization. The organization is apparent in the construction and planning that has already been excavated. The rest is not so apparent.

<Nancy> Within the next 15 years or so, there will be more to see and appreciate, always supposing that circumstances allow further excavation.

<Nancy> At its height, this civilization numbered some 100,000 fragments, spread over the three cities and the surrounding land. There has been only two cities identified so far. A third will be found.

<mark_perkinson> Have I had any past lives there? Can I get any Michaelís insight on the culture & its source? Ethnic (pre-Aryan?) and/or Linguistic roots? What spiritual teaching was the culture founded on? Pre-Vedic? Any comments on any variation of the above would be appreciated.

<Nancy> The fragment Mark was an architect in this culture during one of his lifetimes. We suggest pursuing this subject with the channel privately. There is much to say here and much yet to find. We are quite willing to pursue the subject of MohenjaDaro as a general history. Not very many fragments have shown an interest.

<mark_perkinson> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Kathleen, you're next...

<Kathleen> I recently met someone (also named Kathy) I have resonated strongly with. What is our specific connection and am I on track with what I think will be an upcoming collaboration?

<Nancy> There is a strong resonance felt by both Kathleen and Kathy because they have been sisters in the past.

<Kathleen> Wow

<Nancy> Their past relationship was very close and they were able to maintain it for most of their lives because they married brothers. As for a current collaboration, we do not see any impediment to another successful, serviceable connection.

<Kathleen> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Tasha, you're next...

<tasha> Could Michael comment on why I have chosen to live half a world away from the rest of my family?

<Nancy> Tasha, what is your role and goal?
<tasha> I am a scholar in observation

<Nancy> Within every fragment there is some elements of looking about to see what is there. For those with the goal of observation it is as natural as breathing to wish to observe everything. Examining other cultures is one way of experiencing new things to consider and observe. Further, this fragment has no inbred, imprinted negative outlook on those who are not familiar. Rather these qualities are in themselves enough to recommend them.

<Nancy> We suggest that you have always wondered what was on the other side of the mountain. Going to examine this other side is fully in keeping with this urge. There are those who wonder but who do not do any more. This fragment cannot help but pursue the wondering to its logical conclusion: that is, go find out.

<tasha> Thank you Nancy and Michael. That resonates VERY strongly with me!
<DaveGregg> Connie, you're next...

<Connie> My name is Connie C. I have been seeing several of the same concepts recently. Sources are thesecret.tv, As A Man Thinketh, Master Key System etc. What they are basically saying is that emotional thought can manifest anything as long as you give gratitude for what you have. Including love, health, cars, money. This isn't just positive thinking or visualization there must be emotion added. I am interested in you thoughts on this.

<Nancy> There are many teachings that are being studied besides our own. Although we do not promote the emotional attachment necessary to projecting material goods, we do not refuse their validity. If this system of thought appeals to this fragment, then it must have some resonance to her state.

<Connie> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Gloria, you're next...

<GLO> In this grand cycle, what was my essence's favorite lifetime?

<Nancy> This fragment has had a number of interesting, not to say enjoyable, lifetimes. We would have to say that the one thought at the time to be the most glorious was as a courtesan at the court of the Louis of France known as the Sun King. This has been considered by Essence as a favorite. Not for its opulence, although there was plenty of that, but because of the lessons learned then. Lessons of generosity and understanding. In spite of the grandeur of the life, this fragment was known for an open hand for those in need, and rescued many young women from the street.

<GLO> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Laurel, you're next...

<LaurelB> I would like to ask about my platform for this year -- have I chosen one, and what is it, or what is the most likely one?

<Nancy> The fragment Laurel has not only chosen her platform for the year, she has been working at it most assiduously for these many months. The number of times that events conspired to bring efforts to naught have served the platform's objective: perseverance. During the next months, there is every indication that there will be more opportunity to practice this objective.

<LaurelB> can you be more specific about that "opportunity"? Would that have to do with my job, perhaps?

<Nancy> Only as the future unfolds can it become the present. Predictions are out of our hands. We can say with some reason, however, that the conditions are present for there to be some need of perseverance in the work place.

<LaurelB> okay, I thought so. Thank you.

<DaveGregg> That's the last question, Nancy.
<Nancy> Then we will ask the Michaels for their teaching time.

Closing Comments

<Nancy> Many of the questions we have answered today were about relationships. This is always a concern of fragments on the physical plane. On no other plane are relationships fraught with such concern. Past life connections can sometimes help one to understand a present attachment. Past life connections can also sometimes interfere with the kind of connection that seems to be presenting itself in this life.

<Nancy> We remind you that the LESSONS of the past are the only part of a past life that is of any moment. The emotional, physical, geographical experience of earlier lives have little meaning for future ones. A fragment may feel a strong resonance with a place, and may be correct in deducing that he/she once lived there and wonder about that life. And these resonances are interesting and often help to explain certain affinities not otherwise easily explained. But it is the LESSONS of the life, not the city in Italy, or the hogan in the forest, or the fishing vessel in the islands that is the real point. The rest reminds ones of the lessons, and of the curiosity of being someone else.

<Nancy> Bring your thoughts back to the present life. Expand your enjoyment of this incarnation. Learn what it is to be alive now. Living in the past is of no particular use to the present other than an intellectual assent to this knowledge. Lining up the lessons from the past, however, is another thing entirely. Over and over we have said that understanding what one has learned in previous lives serves one well for making sense of this one. And as long as these lives can be viewed sans romantic longing, so it is.

<Nancy> We have come to you in this assembly today, freely and gladly to bring you to a better understanding of your SELF. Go in peace.

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael; thank you Nancy:-)
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy. And hey, I think I might have found a picture of Gloria's past life. ;-)
<Kathleen> thanks to everyone!
<SandyW> thank you Michael...thank you Nancy
<mark_perkinson> thanks Nancy and the Michaels. as usual, its been facinating. bye to all for now. /m
<Julian> Thank you all. bye
<tasha> Thank, thank you. That was most enlightening.

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