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Opening Comments

<shepherd> MICHAEL'S OPENING COMMENTS: Greetings to you all. We wish to help you establish a group energy. See if you can sense your vibrational connections to others in the "room."  There's a shape to this. What does it feel like to you?

<Suzanne> Luminous eggs.
<barblu> Warm.
<msky> Round.
<SilverOne> Round with a lot of bumps on the sides :)
<Kathryn41> Very bulbous with lots of bumps all over the outside edges.
<corianna6> Circular.
<CarroWax> A wheel.
<xenobia> Oval.
<colleen> A circle.
<LMT> Star bursts.
<Laurel> I get bumpy too.
<lucas_12345> Circle of people holding hands.
<starter> Overlapping spheres.
<cctunes> Pentagonish-on steroids.
<aeone> Full of light / energy / illuminated and colorful -- white / blue stars
<oldwarrior> I'm smiling...and so relaxed.
<Kathryn41> Smoothing into more round and smooth now.
<winsome> What's happening?
<Ann> Spokes coming to center in a wheel of light.
<artur> Round, but really jagged in places.
<shepherd> M: You have quickly begun to establish a sort of molecule. The molecule is beginning to become an organism, so to speak. You are discovering that consciousness transcends physical space, that you can feel things with people who are spread across the planet. Every group energy has its own stamp. This one, at the moment, is characterized by clarity, which is a quality of causal function. What else do you sense about this current group energy?
<Diane> Feels like love.
<aracich> That it is heavy with anticipation.
<Laurel> Buoyant.
<xenobia> Friendly.
<Kathryn41> It feels lightweight, as in not weighted down and heavy.
<colleen> Togetherness.
<Suzanne> Zaps of connecting sparks.
<barblu> Lots of electricity.
<corianna6> Feels familiar.
<SilverOne> Yes, familiar.
<Ann> Excitement and connection.
<aeone> The group is ready to enter a stage to grow in relation to mother earth
<Ann> Familiar, yes.
<starter> Steadying, smoothing current.
<cctunes> Looking at differences and transmuting them.
<aeone> Everything is ascending ... expanding .. and enlarging.
<oldwarrior> Playful and joyous anticipation and support.
<barblu> Love flowing to and from each of us.
<shepherd> M: We may not get to all the questions tonight, but take a moment to receive this energy. Allow it to permeate your being. Allow it to bring clarity and release wherever it can be of benefit.

Q & A

DAVE GREGG: What is Elf teaching me? What am I teaching Elf?

<shepherd> M: Elf is teaching you flexibility. You are teaching Elf anchoring. Do Dave or Elf have any follow-ups?
<DaveGregg> Could you elaborate on both terms?
<shepherd> (BTW, I'll try to remember to preface Michael's comments with M: -- otherwise, it's Shepherd.)
<DaveGregg> Ok. ;-)  I'll add that to the transcripts, too.
<shepherd> M: Since this is a group experience, we invite others to psychically tune in to Dave and Elf, using the causal energy present, and see if you come up with any elaborations on those words for them.

<shepherd> You didn't realize you'd have to work, too, did you?  :)
<aracich> Where one anchors, the other explores, it is like she teaches you to have fun and you teach her how to be serious. Or the other way around.
<aeone> It could be likened to that of a kite and a string ;)
<Suzanne> Flow and growth mirror.
<cctunes> Spontaneous, responsible.
<barblu> Dave - learn to bend like the willow - Elf - learn to focus.
<DaveGregg> Yes, I can see the connection between flow and growth.
<NancyG> But given their roles it seems backwards.
<corianna6> Polarity, balance each other.
<aracich> Should we not play both roles when possible, given there love for each other?
<msky> Opposites attracting?
<Suzanne> ahh, complimenting.
<aracich> Lightening the load, so to say.
<aeone> Let the wind carry you to greater heights...knowing you are safely anchored.
<shepherd> Dave is an artisan with a scholar e.t,, and Elf is a scholar with an artisan e.t., so they carry both energies. Of course, there is more to us than our role influences; we are each unique.
<Suzanne> Kewl, and same entity...right?!
<DaveGregg> Yes!  :-)
<Suzanne> :-)
<aeone> Remember the one doing the anchoring, might need help grounding
<DaveGregg> Yes.
<msky> Puzzle pieces fitting together nicely
<barblu> Truly the love story of the century!
<shepherd> When I think of Elf anchoring, I get an image of a tree being well rooted in the earth, and a sense of Elf engaging more in "what is" rather than with a theory about what is (negative pole of scholar) or the excess subjectivity of the artisan negative pole.
<aracich> But even a tree knows when to bend, to shade a loved one from harm.
<barblu> What is might be neat - it's all about NOW.
<aeone> The kite in the sky, knows only the limits of the length of the endless spool of thread.
<DaveGregg> Trust me. I bend..If you only knew..;-p
<aracich> I'm sure you do, no offense meant.
<ardis> Keep it clean.
<aeone> We can sense her "causal" smile ;)
<DaveGregg> No offense taken. ;-)
<starter> Trust that what is gained will not be lost.
<aeone> i'm sure she's not on any "short" end of a stick.
<barblu> Dave - you and Elf are SO lucky
<ardis> is Elf a realist?
<DaveGregg> Yes. So am I.
<ardis> me too ; )
<DaveGregg> Ok. Thanks everyone for the responses. Shepherd, you can go on to the next person now. :-)
<barblu> Finding someone so far away and yet so close is like a dream.
<shepherd> When I think of flexibility for Dave, I think of the ability for thoughts and feelings to flow through the body rather than getting stuck; I get an image of a stick figure that can be straight or wavy, so that there can be a flow.
SUSAN S.: Please advise those of us who are currently trying to follow the path of ascension. I feel that I have arrived at a new level. is that an accurate assumption on my part?
<shepherd> LINDA W. also asked about this: What is ascension? Is there actually a process of changing our vibrations happening now?
<shepherd> M: Ascension is always occurring because souls are growing and learning, although sometimes the path seems downhill rather than up. However, momentum is increasing as the world approaches a shift into the mature cycle. It is common for there to be an acceleration in growth late in any soul age as momentum increases toward seventh level. On Earth, there is also acceleration due to its place in the cosmic scheme of things. Every planet is an experiment of some kind, and this experiment is "coming to a boil." There is much assistance from other planets and from the non-physical realms. The experiment concerns whether a planet of such diversity and extremes can find balance; of course, it is hoped that it can. You cannot help but grow and "ascend" in vibration, although you can slow it down with effort and you can allow it to go at full speed if you are diligent about removing the blocks. We suggest that you not work too hard at it, but instead seek to be fully and authentically present in each moment. The new age ideas about ascension are mostly valid but perhaps a little romanticized. The core of them is that when consciousness rises, the nature of the game changes more than most could predict.
<shepherd> Does anyone have a follow-up?
<aeone> have i completed my 4th im?

<shepherd> (Susan asked if she completed her 4th IM.) M: No, you are at the 5th level of it [4th monad]. However, there is much growth occurring. You raise your vibration, or ascend, as you purify yourself of what has been holding you "down."

<colleen> How does the "nature of the game" change?

<shepherd> M: The "rules" change when consciousness grows, just as the rules of kindergarten are different from those of high school.

<Laurel> Are you talking about individual consciousness, or planetary, when you say the game changes?
<jonesy> Ok I am not clear what the rules are, never mind how they change??
<shepherd> M: We cannot say too specifically what will change because we don't know. But one change we see coming is how change itself occurs on the planet. This will also affect individuals.

<jonesy> I've seen some channelling, not Michael that Gaia is going through changes
<shepherd> M: One of the "rule changes" we see is that change can more easily come from within humanity as a whole rather so much from the top down or from specific individuals. There is slightly more upheaval at this time than is generally the case, but it is also valid that it seems like much more because of the greater ability to know about it, in detail.

DANIEL M.: Have I met my ET in this incarnation? If so, could you give some hints who he or she could be?
<shepherd> M: No, your essence twin is discarnate. However, this soul is active in your dreams.

<dani30m> Thank you.

MICHELE D.: Re: A friend [person's name removed]. We have been through so many storms in our short friendship that we are no longer speaking. Now I find myself thinking of her so often that I wonder what is left for us to work through. Is there any purpose to pursue a loving relationship?
<shepherd> M: We sense you need some space for perhaps a couple years; then, you might be drawn to reconnect.

<shepherd> A great thing to do during the pauses is to go back into meditation, feeling the group energy as it evolves.

KEN S.: I'd appreciate receiving current information regarding countries and cities abundantly populated by old souls.
<shepherd> M: One thing we've noticed is that during the past 3-4 years, old souls have been migrating to more isolated places and somewhat away from their old "haunts." This includes more severe coastal areas and also high altitudes. It's not so much that the profiles of countries has changed; it's that old souls are leaving cities that once may have provided a haven.

<artur> Any areas here in Alabama? ; ) Many old souls wish to "watch the show" from a "safe distance." Yes, in central Alabama. We don't have a map to conveniently refer to for names, but there is an area there with some interesting geography.

<shepherd> (Any ideas of what that might be?)
<artur> ...central Alabama..  close to Birmingham?
<artur> I heard that south florida  has been a big place for old souls.
<Kathryn41> yes, the keys.
<Kathryn41> Miami south is 'chronologically old':-)
<shepherd> M: We think the area in Alabama we're picking up is roughly sixty miles from Birmingham. Old souls in Florida especially like the smaller beach towns and some isolated places in the center of the state.
<artur> Shepherd/Michael if you have time: what is the general or collective, if you will,  soul age of the ever expanding Birmingham metropolitan area?

<shepherd> "What is the general or collective, if you will, soul age of the ever expanding Birmingham metropolitan area?"
M: Late young.

GLORIA C.: What's my dead dad's focus and progress on the astral? Does he think about his children? What are his plans for his next incarnation (male, female, locale)?
<shepherd> M: Gloria, your father is still in an unwinding phase and will likely be so for quite some time. His energy was tied up in knots, so to speak, when he died. He's not doing much of anything, and nothing is planned for the future at this point. He doesn't think about much of anything.  He's not quite sleeping, but more in a space of suspended animation while his deeper essence and guides, as well as specialized healers, look after him. He is in good hands.
<Glo> Thank you.
<shepherd> SH: It's interesting to see how differently people die. Some need the equivalent of many of our years to recover from traumatic experiences. For my mother, it was over 20 years. Others hit the ground running when they land on the astral.
<colleen> i've read about that.....it is very interesting.
<aracich> What do you mean shepherd by over twenty years?
<Diane> I was thinking it was related to how he lived, but it's about how he died?
<Starlighter> Like our physical years?
<aracich> do you mean twenty years after her death, or she suffered for twenty years
<shepherd> SH: My mother took 20 of our years before she was recovered energetically from her long illness, before she was "herself" again." She also happened to be ill for 20 years before her death, but it doesn't have to be an equal recovery time. Time on the astral goes a lot faster. It's just a coincidence that it happened to take about that long for her to return to a vibrant place, soul-wise.
<aracich> Well my heart goes out to you.
<shepherd> Thank you.
<Suzanne> Thank you for sharing that with us, Shepherd.
<shepherd> I didn't mean to imply that the form of death itself is the key factor, but, yes, the way the life is lived is central. if the death was long and traumatic, though, there usually needs to be a period of recovery after passing over. Dealing with trauma is similar to on the physical plane.

DONIMO S.: Rosey and I have determined to work together in the near future. What are the most promising fields for us to look into? Are there any agreements, monads, or sequences of note that may be impacting our choices?
<shepherd> M: There are many solid possibilities here for you that wouldn't require a lot of overhead to get started. There are no particular agreements here made prenatally but your essences are quite positive about the possibilities here for both you, and are in the preliminary research stage.  We suggest that you look into what others are doing that might interest you. Perhaps some kind of service for homes such as cleaning or maintenance, perhaps painting, or a combination.
<starter> With all the potential that we know our relationship provides, is focusing on routine, physically focused work, more advantageous to us than, say, "spiritually-focused" work -- which we are both more inclined to do -- because our mutual reaction to the answer given was Bleh! So we are seeking to gain, if not encouragement, then perhaps clarity regarding  "house cleaning and maintenance" suggestion

<shepherd> M: We think that doing a practical business together will build the foundation for other, more spiritually focused possibilities. We don't think that you have the wherewithal right now to jump into something more overtly spiritual. You would both need training and practice. Furthermore, working together in a practical arena would be fun and would help you get to really know each other. 

KATHRYN S.: What was/is the main focus or experience my essence hoped this life would accomplish and has it been achieved, or is there anything significant still left that essence hopes will be addressed during this lifetime?
<shepherd> M: One primary goal for this lifetime was to become more "in the world," less detached, and you have accomplished that, conquering a tendency toward excess aloofness or avoidance.

<Kathryn41> Is there more of significance essence wishes to accomplish?

<shepherd> M: You're well on course.

<Kathryn41> Thank you then:-)
HEIDI H.: I have been struggling for a long time on what it is that I want to do, job-wise. Does Michael have a suggestion as to what job I could get into right now or prepare for soon that I would really enjoy? I've toyed with ideas like becoming a personal trainer, dance teacher, creating a small business based on artistic ideas with clothing and accessories, and an old thought of running a coffeeshop/bar. I'm a 4th old scholar with a server ET.
<shepherd> M: There are, of course, many good choices here, but the last one seems particularly close to your heart, creating a place where "everyone knows your name," perhaps a cafe with some outdoor as well as indoor seating, a place with atmosphere and unusual items.
<Heidi> That's what I  keep coming back too, but where do I need to start, now?

<shepherd> M: Heidi, you might explore the possibility of business loans or a partner. Put out your intentions and see where that leads. Your essence strongly supports this option.

<Heidi> Thank you S/M

JENNIFER A.: I have had some very vivid dreams lately, one in which I built a beautiful retreat in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania somewhere and paid for the whole Michael group to come for the weekend, I had sent limos to the Pittsburg airport to pick everyone up, I must have won the lottery, the house in my dream was so detailed and the grounds so perfectly manicured for private meditation. The kitchen was my favorite and most impressive room but so was the open living room concept, I also hired Amos Lee to play a concert there for all of us. How much of our dreams are based in fantasy or wishful thinking and how much of them are encrypted messages from our loved ones and guides?
<shepherd> M: This dream was indeed an astral encounter, in which you provided a lovely space for a gathering of the friends you have met online. Dreams are rarely fantasies of the personality; they sometimes are the result of internal cleansing, but often have various kinds of meaning. This is not to say that you couldn't create something like this on the physical plane, but the point is that you don't need to, necessarily. You are already gathering in meaningful ways. Perhaps there will be more such gatherings after tonight.
<aracich> I suppose it is my overwhelming need to bring like minded persons together.

LINDA W.: What was the reason the 1918 flu pandemic was so virulent? Did vaccinations make it worse? What would you advise about taking vaccines for the current bird flu?
<shepherd> VALERIE S. also asked about this: Would Michael please comment on the impact and scope of the Bird Flu that is spreading on earth?
<shepherd> M: The 1918 pandemic came at a time when there was a widespread loss of heart due to WWI. This weakened the overall life force. The crude vaccines used further weakened resistance. The virus itself was, of course, virulent, but it would have had much less effect under other circumstances.

<jonesy> So people were feeling despair?
<Ed`> Most of the deaths were by pneumonia and other complications, not the flu itself.
<shepherd> M: Current vaccines are of better quality but can still cause problems among those who are more sensitive. We suggest that people consult their essence and guides as to whether they should vaccinate themselves and/ or their children. Most can safely avoid vaccines if they are otherwise taking good care of their health on all levels.

JUDITH P.: Do you believe that "You create your own reality."? Do you see any misunderstandings of this that causes harm?
<shepherd> M: We agree with that statement if it is understood that it means that fragments get to somehow magically override everyone else's reality creation. You co-create your reality with your fellow fragments. Misunderstanding any spiritual teaching can lead to problems. Human beings tend to want to jump over the inner work it takes to truly grasp universal truths. Every planet is a co-creation of all the beings who live there.

LUCAS S.: What is the history of the relationship between Clio and Lucas Scholing both on earth and in between lives? Clio is my daughter from my first marriage. We have a pretty good relationship even though I had not seen her for an odd 20 years or so. She instigated the first contact many years ago then sort of disappeared for some years and now we happily chat, etc.
<shepherd> M: Your most emblematic association was as brothers, which you've been three times. You also have a brotherly relationship on the astral.

LAUREL B.: What do I most need to know right now?
<shepherd> M: Of greatest benefit to you currently is more lightness and play.
<Laurel> works for me....thanks Shepherd
<Laurel> I've been given "bringing forth artisan-like creations to the physical plane" as my True Play. Can you suggest other "play" that might help create the lightness that I need?
<shepherd> M: Situations that lack stress and create enjoyment such as visiting museums, enjoying lunch with a friend, or doing a puzzle.

JOELLEN V.: My husband and I dream of having a retirement business together, or selling some of the things we each make. I've been told that we have agreements about helping each other succeed and grow. What direction should we seek now, as our nest empties
<shepherd> M: We'd say that a change is about five years away but it's worthwhile to start planning for it now. You'll know the right thing when you see it.

MORGAN S.: Re: Friend Bill Daly. Have we shared any past lives? If so, can you elaborate on what  our relationship usually is?

<shepherd> M: You have had three significant prior associations, all as the opposite sex where jealousy was involved. In this lifetime, you decided to "cool it" and explore a more neutral way to relate. 
<msky> Do we have any special agreements for this lifetime?

<shepherd> M: Morgan, you have no particular agreements. You have done a good job of creating clear space between you. It has shown both of you how you can transform problematic relationships.

SUZANNE F.: What was my first incarnation on this planet?
<shepherd> M: (for Suzanne) You were male, in Egypt, about 27,000 BC, and died at the age of five due to a fall.

<Suzanne> Thank you very much Michael and Shepherd for that tonight :-)

NANCY GORDON: Have I met any of my Cadence mates? If I have not, is it likely that I will?
<shepherd> M: No and no (speaking of your primary cadence). None are in your vicinity. You all like to spread out and cover more territory. 

Closing Comments

<shepherd> M: Again, listen for the energy. What do you feel now, as compared to earlier? Something lovely can occur energetically at the end. Please come together. Tune in to the energy. What do you feel?

<msky> Hungry....want more.
<barblu> Peaceful!!
<SilverOne> More relaxed acceptance of the energy.
<Suzanne> Gratitude and luv
<donna> Loved.
<jonesy> Connected to everyone here.
<Starlighter> CRAZY
<starter> Anchored and flexible?
<donna> Very connected.
<Kathryn41> Like the dusky lavender of a late sunset just before the sun lowers below the horizon - clouds quiet calm still and restful.
<aeone> I feel like there is so much more to do, and helping others is the right path to take.
<donna> I don't want it to go - can you tell I'm a mature soul :-)
<shepherd> M: You have experienced tonight the beginning of a group consciousness achieved without regard to physicality. The energy of the group, although scattering, is expansive and rich.  
<Laurel> Thank you Shepherd and Michael.
<Starlighter> Thank You, M
<Ann> leaving love vibes everywhere ;)
<jonesy> Thank you Shepherd, Michael and Dave
<shepherd> Here in Laguna Niguel, we're getting a rare thunder and lightning show.
<Diane> Thank you Michael, Shepherd and Dave!   See ya all at the party guys!
<shepherd> Good night to you all.
<DaveGregg> Thanks everyone!



Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Audio cassettes are available from his site. Visit his website at  Summerjoy Press

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