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Opening Comments

<LightSpring> Tonight we would speak to you, if we may, about channeling. You have read and you have been told time and again that each of you possesses a connection to us. This connection is something that is maintained whether or not you are conscious of it. As one of our students of any degree, you have access to our energy and to the information we can touch at all times. Getting there, however, is sometimes a different matter entirely. All of you possess the ability to connect with us consciously and to receive information to some extent. All of you - without exception - possess this ability.

We would like to speak to you tonight, then, a little about how you can enhance and perhaps personalize your connection to us. We will outline an exercise that you can perform at some later time, however since it involves closing your eyes, it will be difficult to both read and perform the exercise at the same time. However, you will be affected by the energy as you are reading it tonight. And you can then tap into the feeling you have now later on when you re-read the exercise and perform it for yourself.

Close your eyes, and as you do so imagine that you are closing the windows to a deep, dark starry sky, filled with an infinite number of stars as far as the mind can reach. As you close your eyes, then, you realize and recall how vast the universe is - how vast that starry sky. Close your eyes, then, and think about your own vastness inside those windows. How very big you are! And how your energy stretches out beyond you in all different directions to meet and mingle with the energy of everyone and everything else. You are constantly touching everything around you. And inside those closed eye windows you have awareness of this. You feel the bigness of this inside the room that is your mind's eye. Remember, then, that we are part of that energy you touch, and your bigness stretches out to reach ours.

Feel it now as we touch. See what this feels like in your body, in your heart. Is it overwhelming? Is it joyous? Are there physical sensations? We are touching you right now. What does this feel like to you? What pictures form in your mind? What thoughts arise from this experience?

Take a moment, then, to inscribe indelibly upon your being what this experience is for you. You will then be able to refer back to it at any time that you choose. Simply by closing your eyes and asking to feel this connection again. For some of you, this will come easily. You are used to feeling these connections and remembering them. For others, the ability is just as present but the belief in it is not. It is up to you to provide that belief, for the connection is always present for you. Are there any questions or comments regarding this?

<melinda> Thank you. I'll be working on this technique. Right now, I feel heady and a little out of my body.
<ChrisP> I feel nothing. But I am a very skeptical person :)
<laughingboi> Yes, how do skeptics overcome their own skepticism?
<ocean-cheryl> I feel filled with energy and great joy, big smile on my face... and my ears are pounding :)
<KathyDV> I feel very heavy and extra grounded...like solid.
<avatar415> Is this an astral connection?
<Jyoti_Shah> Its like an loving energy enveloping me and saying" There for you" kind of.
<mark> It's saying "how can we help you?" to me.
<KathyDV> To me, it feels like we just invite in the energy that is always there for the asking.

<LightSpring> That's exactly right.

For those of you who are feeling some difficulty with this exercise, it may be that it is a life choice that your connection with us being such as we be mainly an intellectual one, and that is a valid choice. We recommend if you are interested in feeling more of a connection that you pretend that you do for a period of time and see what happens.

We are ready now for questions if everyone would like to move on to them.

<DaveGregg> Francois, you have the first question this evening...

Q & A

<francois_p> My Essence Twin was channeled as a Priest, incarnate female. Do we know each other in this life? If not can Michael tell me about her? Thanks.

<LightSpring> This fragment lives presently in the southern part of the state of Georgia. She reincarnated approximately 20 years ago, and prior to that held a relatively strong connection with you from the astral plane. You may have noticed a shift in your life occurring at about that time. There are no plans at this time to meet in your present lifetime.

<francois_p> Thanks.
<DaveGregg> Ocean-Cheryl, you're next...

<ocean-cheryl> About a month ago I was contacted by an inventor opening a toy factory. I had owned a toy store in the past, and he wanted my advice. I've been consulting on the toy with him since then, and though we started out a bit adversarial, once we earned each other's respect we have become pretty good friends. What is the past life history and relationship between C. and myself? Do we have any agreements, monads or karma we are working on this life together? I enjoy the project, and am hopeful it will eventually provide income, and I am drawn to his children as well, especially 8 year old E. and 3 year old A.

<LightSpring> It appears that there is an agreement in this life that is karmic in nature. In the past, you were rival chieftains in the north of Scotland. There was much warring between you and he eventually stole from you land, cattle, and several women of your clan, including one of your daughters. These actions were relatively common in that place and time, but it did hurt you not only emotionally but also financially, and as you were getting older, you found it difficult to recoup what you had lost. It was not long afterwards that a younger member of the clan staged a coup and moved you out of your leadership position.

The intent towards the karmic repayment in this life is likely to help provide you with financial stability and a sense of groundedness in interacting with another family. Although there is some tension, there is a greater amount of contentment and peace found within this man's energy for you.

<ocean-cheryl> fascinating... so the project has a good chance of success?

<LightSpring> Success from our perspective is a relative term. We would say that repayment of karma and associated growth experience are to us considered successful. However, on the physical plane there could well be some pain involved with karmic repayment and when any growth and learning takes place.

<ocean-cheryl> Thanks very much
<DaveGregg> Lou, you're next...

<lou> My eldest daughter is to give birth to a son any day now. do you see when it will be and what would be the relations Michaels wise between us3 it is a anxious time for us because the weather is bad and the roads are not good.

<LightSpring> The birth of any child acts as a catalyst, moving those around him into a completely different space and awareness. We see this birth as likely being no different. There are ties from the past among you, ties that serve not only to bind you more closely but sometimes also to confuse relationships. Children especially retain some awareness of where and who they have been before, and sometimes find it baffling to find themselves with familiar energy yet among unfamiliar faces.

You were never all three together in a single time and place. However, the energy of any two of you is certainly familiar enough, having touched one another in a number of lifetimes. We see at this time nothing notable that holds on from a previous lifetime, only that sense of comfortable familiarity that grows between fragments who have interacted with one another before.

<lou> I do not understand cathalyst

<LightSpring> A catalyst is an agent of change, a cause of changes. In your daughter's case there will be some difficulties making room for the new energy of this new being. Adjustments will have to be made. How strongly the ripples from accepting a new person into the family affect everyone else depends on a variety of factors that are difficult to accurately pinpoint at this time, but we can say that change will come and that perceptions will be affected and these could of course lead to further changes as time goes on.

<lou> merci beaucoup
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti_Shah> Do I have an essence connection with P. (female). Are we traveling companions or task companions, with some pre-incarnational agreements, monads or karma issues to resolve together?

<LightSpring> You have spent several lifetimes together. The one that resonates most clearly for you at this time is when she was your mother. This occurred in more than one lifetime as you explored different ways of interacting within the confines of a similar relationship. As a result, there is a great deal of love and acceptance between you that transcends time and social norms.

In this lifetime, you chose to interact again on a more equal basis while allowing that parent-child relationship to act as an underlying sense of nurturing and acceptance. There is a mutual agreement to share individual spiritual explorations and to merge energies so as to enhance your individual understanding of the cosmos and of your selves.

<Jyoti_Shah> No wonder I always feel safe when she is around. She has a warrior kind of energy, protective and caring. Yes that is true, we do share spiritual explorations together and expand on our understanding. It explains one of the past lives she saw me in when she went through a PLR
<DaveGregg> Melinda, you're next...

<melinda> Id like to learn about my life task and how to move ahead despite harsh criticism from a small (but loud!) group of detractors. I let this criticism get to me because, as a Scholar, I wonder if they have valid points beneath the angst. Id love to know more about my life task so I can walk tall when the going gets tough. Thank you!

<LightSpring> For you we would like to explain a little of how a life task may manifest. Your task, if we were to put it succinctly, would be: allowing the energy of others to permeate you while at the same time you give yours; in other words, you are an agent of interaction. As you can imagine, there is almost an infinite number of ways this can manifest in a given lifetime. Often such tasks are chosen over a course of a number of lifetimes, each one with correspondingly different overleaf choices, to examine how the task might change given other influences, and what can be learned from that.

In your case, this is the third time you have chosen a similar life task. Each time you have done so it looked and felt different. In the present lifetime, you are somewhat reticent about allowing the energy of others to touch yours, and this causes some amount of tension within you as you at the same time attempt to allow that energy in because it is a life choice to do so. You have chosen such conflict in order not to "get over" it, but simply to allow its lessons to be present for you. Your essence is just as happy to be present with the lesson as it is to "learn" something from it, as there is learning, of course, in either case.

For you, then, the learning in acknowledging that tension and from what source it comes is likely a greater lesson than would be learning to think you are liking or are comfortable with others' energy in the way you think you should. Learning and growth from the life task, then, is simply in the ATTEMPT, not so much in the RESULT.

<melinda> My dad used to call me a sparkplug (my first understanding of the term "catalyst"). This really helps me to feel that I can be more gentle with myself. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> SandyW, you're next...

<SandyW> I have a question about my mom, D. She has been having some puzzling health problems and within the past several months has been transfused with 3-4 pints of blood every month. There is no obvious bleeding and despite innumerable tests, the doctors cannot find the cause of her continually worsening "anemia". Can Michael shed some light on what is going on with mom?

<LightSpring> It appears that your mother is dealing with some preconceived notions that she has carried in this lifetime regarding the decline in old age and the gradual lessening of the physical body and spirit during the aging process. As a result, she has for some time been manifesting ways to allow her body to deteriorate slowly and gradually. It would appear that it is a strong life choice for her to experience such a gradual, and to her, inevitable decline.

Treatments of various sorts can be helpful but it appears at this time that a long term solution would be difficult due to, as we said, a strong life choice on D's part to experience a gradual decline in her physical being. We acknowledge that this is the sort of experience one fears to witness in someone else, and that doing so is likely painful for most others around her.

<SandyW> thank you, I can accept it whether the rest of the family can or not
<DaveGregg> Daniel, you're next...

<DanielE> Can you tell me about my ET? I have I felt some issues of acceptance with him or her (because the warrior energy, which conflicts with my priest). Is my ET the fragment known as Z. If not, will I meet my ET and can you tell me more bout him or her? Are there agreements in between us?

<LightSpring> We would say that the energetic conflict you are perceiving stems mainly from your preconceptions of male energy and your reaction to that. This comes from your relationship with your father. You are then perceiving warrior-like aspect of yourself that you are attempting to deny, thinking that to embrace it would somehow change or deny the gentleness that you acknowledge within you.

We can assure you that this is not the case. In other words, for you, this warrior energy enhances, for instance, your role in essence, by allowing the far-seeing priest to feel nurturing and protective of his flock. In addition, the warrior energy grounds you somewhat and brings you down a bit from the heavens so that you can interact with the other "mere mortals" on Earth.

Your essence twin is at present a female child and there seems to be some potential for meeting at some point during your lifetime. However, at presents there are no clear-cut agreements to do so.

<DanielE> Thank you Michael and Karen!
<DaveGregg> Mark T, you're next...

<mark_t> I know that in my last life, some of my cadence members shared a very similar life experience in Poland. Are there members of my cadence in my life this time? Have I met them? Will I meet them. Can you give me names?

<LightSpring> Of the six other members of your cadence, two are presently discarnate. The four remaining do not at present interact with one another or, so far, with you. However, it would appear that over the past two years you have begun to form on an astral level various projects and also have been attempting to forge some agreements to interact on the physical plane. At present, we would say these are tenuous at best, but there does seem to be a pull to attempt to meet at least in pairs at least in pairs at some point. You are situated geographically close enough so that this could be possible. In other words, you are all at present located either in North America, Western Europe, or the Pacific Rim.

<mark_t> Thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> Deborah, you're next...

<Deborah_D> I was raised Catholic, but I guess you might say I have shed that imprinting. I wondered if Michael could comment on the stories of Mary, the mother of Jesus, supposedly appearing to children, such as at Fatima and Lourdes. What actually happened in these 2 places?

<LightSpring> When enough collective energy is focused on the perpetuation of the existence of an actual person, this spirit-being begins to take on a life of its own. Each of you, upon your death, leaves behind an energetic imprint. Typically these dissipate over time as the reality of you is allowed to dissipate with people's memories and their understanding of death and physical reality. However, as we said, if there is a great deal of collective energy brought to focus on a particular person after their death, then that person "lives on", after a fashion.

Mother Mary, being the embodiment of Love for many people throughout history, has taken on a certain degree of reality. People who are energetically sensitive and who have cultivated a strong belief in her existence, as well as a desire to connect to her energy, have been able to have awareness of her energy in such a way as she would appear completely real and life-like. This is what occurred in these two locations, as well as in many others around the world. In other words, what was seen may be thought of as an apparition, however, there was a great deal of elements of reality about what the children saw, felt, and understood. It is only through your particular perception of reality that you do not see the leftover energetic imprints of dead people. But then are present and "real", just the same.

<Deborah_D> Thank you. That does make sense.
<DaveGregg> Lisa F, you're next...

<LisaF> I was wondering if there are any mate agreements or other agreements with G. and is he a Task companion?

<LightSpring> We would agree that the man known to you is one of three task companions for you. It appears, however, that you are having a "rest life" in terms of working on a task with him. In other words, this is a bond of comfort and familiarity as well as laughter, rather than the facilitation of a particular project. That is not to say that the energy between you does not lend itself toward working together well, but your task companion projects in this lifetime are engaged with your other task companions.

<LisaF> Do we have any agreements?

<LightSpring> Again, it appears that this is a connection of mostly familiarity rather than striving to work on something in particular at this time.

<LisaF> wado.
<DaveGregg> Renee, you're next...

<Renee> I'm hoping you can tell me anything about my father, who just passed, Dec, 3, 2007. Also, anything about the nature of our relationship and the relationship with his immediate family (my other siblings).

<LightSpring> This was a somewhat reserved and secretive man whose outward appearance often belied his sense of holding burdens and the resulting inner pain he felt from this. He was unsure about the strength of some of his qualities and never saw himself the way that others viewed him. Others took his reserve as strength, whereas for him, it was a way of keeping himself distant because it's what he thought he had to do. That did not diminish the love he felt for those around him, but it made it difficult to connect with all of him because he found it difficult to connect with himself.

His relationship with other family members, therefore, was one somewhat built on pretense. There is no judgment when we say this. only an understanding that it is easy to become caught up in how you perceive someone else and interact with them solely on that basis, rather than interacting with their completeness. If someone feels inwardly complete, then they can bring all of themselves to the interaction, which makes it deeper and more intimate for everyone.

<Renee> My dad appeared to be nothing close to reserved. can you try to explain that more?

<LightSpring> Again, we say that his outward appearance belied his inner feeling of reserve and disconnection. It would appear that he took great pains to appear and feel jovial and lighthearted.

<Renee> That makes much more sense.
<DaveGregg> Lori S, you're next...

<LoriS> Another Michael student, C. and I have found ourselves sharing an apartment after an amazing set of life circumstances for each of us. We know we have had many past lives together from previous channeling, but we would like to know the nature of our agreements/karma for this life. My life has completely changed in the last six months. What part does Cheryl play in this and the future?

<LightSpring> Having been sisters in previous lifetimes, you chose to draw some of that energy forward to complete some elements of that relationship left over from a previous lifetime. In that lifetime, your lives were cut short when you were out walking the fields surrounding your family's English estate and a marauding band of renegade soldiers happened upon you and ended your lives. At the time, you had agreements to complete certain growth and support experiences in that lifetime, and those are what you are drawing from and acting upon at this time. In other words, there was support agreements to share experiences and aid one another's exponential growth.

<LoriS> Thank you, Michael and Karen!

[A disruption brought the chat to a conclusion].

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