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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> Everyone please take a moment to get centered and relaxed....we will be adding more than our usual complement of energy tonight due to the particular mix of students attending this little group, and we wish for everyone to as much as possible be able to share in the experience.

There are, as you know, several points that we make to you on a regular basis. It seems, sometimes, that there is a particular emphasis on certain aspects of the information that we present. That is because not only are they important to your overall development, should you take this on as study, but also that they are Truths inherent in life on the physical plane as you know it. We wish, then, to speak to you about Choice.

Most of you will relate to the idea of Choice in terms of an Action. There is making a choice, or not making a choice. These, then are actions. What many of you don't realize is that what Choice is really all about, in plainest terms, is Allowing. By Allowing *everything*, that is, all things that are already present within the system, you enable True Choice. In other words, when you Allow, you Choose. And when you Allow, you let in Truth, and Love, and all that is most prevalent yet also most sought-after.

Realizing that what you seek is truly all around you and always within your grasp is perhaps, the most difficult Truth of all, but once it is grasped it is almost impossible to be unable to stop Allowing. Once you are, in your perception, in the realm of Truth there is nothing else. Once you realize how to Allow Love, you have awareness that it is at all times within and a part of you. The freedom that comes from Allowing, then, is True Choice. And, as we have said before, All is Choice. Let us begin with the questions.

<DaveGregg> YY2, you have the first question...

Q & A

<yy2> I recently broke away from Falun Gong Group after 7 years of following their ways of cultivation a d participating their activities. I am feeling great pain emotionally and physically What caused the pain and what can I do to ease the pain. Also am I going through the 5th Monad?

<KarenMurphy> There are presently still agreements that you hold with some members of this group. The emotional pain you feel is from having abrogated these agreements, even though for other reasons you felt that a break was in your best interests. It is possible to uphold at least one of these agreements on an energetic level; however the other two will likely be saved for another lifetime as there is resentment at this time on the part of the two whose agreements were abrogated. This resentment has translated into a feeling of malaise on your part coupled with some amount of guilt at having left this group. We see that the best remedy would likely be time and also a conscious attempt to heal your own pain at having been pulled between two places, making one decision versus another. We see this process as likely taking more than so some amount of loving patience towards Self would be in order.

<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I am getting burnt out working as a care giver: is there some skill or trade that I could possibly be successful at studying that would truly give me the opportunity to make a decent living that would be in alignment with my essence's life plan (whatever that is) that would allow me to keep my sanity?

<KarenMurphy> There are several, of course. [smile] However, we are aware of the difficulties presented within the confines of the physical plane. Small items such as food and shelter seem to be important. [smile] In that case, it is a matter of providing balance, would you not agree? So if you feel drawn toward something and feel that it *might* meet your other qualifications, then likely that is a useful path for you. Specifically, for you, we see that work with the hands provides a sense of being grounded. You may wish to explore possibilities along that direction, and you will likely be surprised at how many choices you suddenly become aware of!

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Danielle, you're next...

<Daniellep> I have an audition tomorrow for an amazing opportunity performing. Would you please give me some insight? Will I get the job? It's been something I've worked for, for a long time. I feel that this is what I'm meant to do career wise and I want to make sure.

<KarenMurphy> We are unable to adequately predict either success of failure at this enterprise; however we do see you likely finding a great deal of satisfaction working in the arts at some point. We would suggest, then, attempting to allow yourself the opportunity to manifest what is truly of comfort to you, and to attempt to refrain from managing the situations that arise in the meantime.  Managing your life tends to create more trouble that it is worth, as often you will find that what you are attempting to produce is really at odds with what you most desire.

<Daniellep> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Jacqui, you're next...

<JacquiB> I would like to know what sort of past life/spiritual bonds I have with [name omitted], and does he sense them in any way?

<KarenMurphy> There is an agreement between you in this life to work through certain issues relating to relationships and patterns from specifically your present-life past. The man known to you as B. is unaware on a personality level of this agreement, though he does feel a sense of comfort and familiarity with you that is common among fragments who have experienced previous lifetimes together. And there have been, of course, lives shared in the past, mainly in a peripheral way, and nothing that stands out as requiring explanation at this time or that has created any sort of energy imbalance or disharmony. We see this as a transitory relationship but one that will likely be rewarding in terms of what is brought from its outcome.

<JacquiB> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> LoriS, you're next...

<LoriS> I am considering some very large changes in my life, including a move to a totally new area of the country. Are there any particular areas that I may have agreements in that are calling my name at this time?

<KarenMurphy> Southern California may be an area to your liking for various reasons, as well as parts of Missouri and Kansas. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan holds some energy resonance as well, and there are fragments with whom you have agreements with or the potential for agreements with in the Portland area.

<LoriS> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> BrettB, you're next...

<BrettB> I am beginning to work through my 4th Internal Monad and would like to know what Family Ikon I was given.

<KarenMurphy> The One Who Gets the Job Done Despite All our Difficulties.

<BrettB> What actions can I take to reduce and even break the hold that Ikon has on me?

<KarenMurphy> Realizing that you are holding this Ikon as a matter of Choice would be a good first step. Once you know on an intrinsic level that you have chosen it, you can have awareness that you may unchoose it. As always, it is your choice.

We suggest then, sending it Love. We have stated before that when Love is present (as it always is), there is the power or ability to change anything. Knowing this on even a cellular level is helpful, taking it with you everywhere, knowing that Love is always *there* all around and within you, is useful, always, to carry inside you as you tackle what seem to be, at times, insurmountable tasks. However, we realize too that often "real life" isn't as simple as we perceive it to be. Knowing all this even on a theoretical level is helpful, of course, but often the curtain of Maya extends even to the seeing, and what then? How do you peer through and beyond the curtain to see what is real? Here we say this to you: sometimes you can attempt to believe a thing, and later you find the thing to be true. In other words, if knowing that Love is all around you and within you isn't possible on a practical level, we suggest, then, acting as if you do know this.

Going back to the idea of breaking the Ikon, then, we see that if you should attempt to act as if it no longer existed, then eventually, through allowing its removal, you will find that indeed, it no longer exists, and in fact, NEVER DID.

<BrettB> Thank you very much Karen, Michael, Dave, and all! I'm very grateful for this help and will study it thoroughly.
<DaveGregg> Redhead, you're next...

<redhead_gingerbread> Yesterday evening, I participated in a very powerful ceremony in my community. We guided hundreds of souls into the light, that was stuck on this land. Can you tell me what kept so many souls here, all these years? Why was I chosen to lead this?

<KarenMurphy> What you were dealing with were fragmentary remnants of fragments who had cycled off, leaving, still, some small energetic signature behind. This small amount of energy wasn't necessary for the reunited fragments to keep with them, but was perceptible enough, especially when massed the way they were, to others such as yourself. In fact, the fragments now reunited with their entity, did contact a large group of fragments extant and request that this small mass of energy be moved from the realm of the physical plane, not so much to be "returned" but so as to not cause any sort of imbalance, as the complement of that energy residue was already engaged elsewhere. You were involved, simply, because of a minor agreement, and ability, and a choice.

<redhead_gingerbread> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> AnnaB, you're next...

<AnnaB> I would like to know what past life bonds I have with my friend, Robert Kaelin and what effect they will have in this life? Do he and I have a mate agreement in this life or is it something else entirely?

<KarenMurphy> There are several connections we see that may have influence over the present lifetime. One in particular involves a life wherein you were a homosexual couple living in a monastery in Great Britain in the mid 1300's. There was much dissension among the brothers and you ended up leaving the order because of political problems. The man now known to you as Robert stayed behind and was disconsolate. There is a sense of longing within him now that cannot be satisfied from an external source, yet he attempts to do so through others. You cannot fill this within him, of course, as no one can but himself. We see this as becoming an issue for you, and suggest some healing of this energy hole if possible.

<AnnaB> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Mister J, you're next...

<MisterJ>  My wife, Catherine, died 18 mos ago from pancreatitis. I would like to ask if she's part of my guides now and waiting for me.

<KarenMurphy> The fragment known to you as the woman Catherine is involved in a teaching exercise presently that takes up much of her time and energy. She is assisting other fragments with issues that come up in between lives as a result of terminal illness. This is part of her "processing" work, as she continues to process the lessons and issues that arose for her while extant. She holds awareness of you yet the life she lives, since it is not part of the physical plane any longer, is very different than you can imagine.

She is not a guide for you yet there are remaining some energetic ties that likely will continue to slowly dissipate through time. Your guides are well aware of your progress through this process and provide full support to you.

<MisterJ> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Turtlehorse, you're next...

<Turtlehorse> I understand that we come into this life with agreements, and make agreements along the way, sometimes resulting with a feeling that life is predestined. I have this understanding that my clock is ticking, approximately three years and counting down. There are currently many projects in my life, but is there one in which I should focus more on than others to use the time more wisely?

<KarenMurphy> There is likely nothing more important to a fragment than the ability to complete agreements and other obligations that are made pre-lifetime, especially those relating to the payment of karmic obligations. In terms of thinking about a "life well lived", then, it is also the amount of Love a fragment is able to access that becomes important in evaluating the fragment's overall success. In other words, a fragment who allows life to flow and agreements to be completed accomplishes much, but it is well to remember that the fragment who fights every step and never has conscious awareness of the Love that exists also learns just as much.

Since Love, then is already everywhere, the fragment needn't have conscious knowledge of its existence, but moving within the flow of energy created at birth does make the lifetime flow more smoothly, as opposed to constantly swimming upstream. We would say, then, to you, that allowing yourself to feel that you are in the flow of your life would likely be the most rewarding path you could take at this time.

<Turtlehorse> Thank you
<DaveGregg> TM, you're next...

<TM> I have just started a recurrence of eczema on both hands, worse on the left (itchy, inflamed, bubbles starting between fingers & on palms). The only new thing I can identify is a few days ago I started taking cod liver oil, which I thought would be healthy for me, especially as I have a vitamin D deficiency. Do you see a link to the cod liver oil—should I stop taking it—or is the skin issue caused by something else (food or otherwise)? Do you see underlying liver problems? What do you recommend I do about this and for my health in general at this time? Thank you!

<KarenMurphy> There appears to be an issue at this time with detoxification. Radical changes in diet will often cause an outbreak of the issue we most wish to avoid. This is simply the body's way of creating balance again. You may wish to cut back on the dosage after taking a break for awhile (1-2 weeks) to allow the body to rest. In the meantime, you may wish to concentrate on ingesting a diet of rice and vegetables, a little meat, and low dairy except plain yogurt to allow additional healing to take place. Remaining on this diet will enhance the effects of the oil when you begin taking it again in a few weeks' time.

<TM> I had only 1 tsp of the oil!, and I eat no meat or dairy, and have been mostly raw for 5 years.

<KarenMurphy> Again, there is an imbalance present within your system that was overloaded by the oil you consumed. If you are mainly consuming your vegetables in the raw state you may wish to allow rest to take place within your body by beginning to cook them lightly. Try not to make too many changes at once so as to not further disturb the balance your body is striving to find.

<TM> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Laurel, you're next...

<LaurelB> You have channeled my platform for this year as "Expansion." I feel that I am wanting to expand in so many different areas that it seems a little overwhelming right now. Are there any particular areas that essence is looking at? I assume there will be multiple "stages" involved.  I hate to use the word "should", but what should I be focusing on at this stage? Personality would like things to be smooth and easy! But I'm feeling ragged and chaotic.

<KarenMurphy> You have already felt the urge to expand yet wish to, at the same time, have a hand in this. [smile] All right, then, you may. By Allowing change and therefore expansion to take place instead of attempting to create it, you will find yourself attracted to the path most suitable. We also suggest asking for discernment, in aiding you with the task of choosing. Still, Allowing the process to unfold without undue attention on your part would likely, in the end, be the most satisfying. This stage of unknowingness is uncomfortable for you, but the chaos will bring the expansion you seek.

<LaurelB> stage 1 = unknowingness. Can you perhaps give the other stages?
<KarenMurphy> The stages of moving through the annual Platform? Well, I was getting that yours was special, Laurel. But also that there *are* stages for everyone, in general. So we'll go with those:

<KarenMurphy> There are, which will come as no surprise to many of our students, seven levels to moving through the Platform.

<KarenMurphy> 1. Possibility
<KarenMurphy> 2. Identification (of all the possibilities)
<KarenMurphy> 3. Discernment: the sifting process
<KarenMurphy> 4. Realization: how to approach the Platform
<KarenMurphy> 5. Embracing
<KarenMurphy> 6. Gathering of the lessons
<KarenMurphy> 7. Closure

<LaurelB> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> SandyW, you have the final question, followed by closing comments from Michael.

<SandyW> I would like to know if I am in line with what my essence first decided upon and agreed for in this lifetime and which directions I could best look towards to function even more effectively in line with essence. My life tasks are that of understanding status quo, who or what has "power" and not, and to learn to be self-confident in making decisions and carrying them out.

<KarenMurphy> In your case we see that there have been two abrupt shifts in course that moved away from plans made pre-life. However, realize that there is not only flexibility made in planning and execution of life plans, but there is also the ability, more often than not, to gather in what is needed despite such an abrupt shift and to rejoin the path, or a similar-enough one despite surface differences, to what was originally chosen. In your case, we see that in nearly every instance, you have managed to fined the track again despite having veered off course earlier in the lifetime.

There will likely come a time some years hence, in the course of the 5th IM, when all this makes more sense in a retrospective fashion. being in the midst of things often means that perception is altered so as to obscure the complete truth of your reality.

<SandyW> Can I know when those two shifts were?

<KarenMurphy> 1972; 1986, approximately.

<SandyW> Thank you that tells me a great deal :)
<KarenMurphy> (They thought you would know that)

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> You have seen, then, that the nature of Love is accessed through Allowing its nature to be present within and around you, as it already is. We realize this may be a difficult concept for many, but the process of letting go, of expectation or of managing, will assist in the Allowing process.

When Love is accessed on an everyday basis, as it is for very many except those who choose to experience life or parts of lives while blocking Love, it enhances each experience to the extent of becoming almost magical. Awareness of this shift in perception will create a great deal of movement, or flow, within you that will greatly enhance your ability to move through your life with ease and comfort.

It is our wish, then, to help you find the tools necessary to find your own sense of flow so that you have the ability to Love and be Loved and to hold Love and give Love within every experience. In this space, then, in the space that has been created within and among those of you here tonight, is not only the ability but also the intention and the expectation that Love will reach you in every corner of your being, as it is already present and within and around you, awaiting your awareness.

<Mudra> Thanks, Karen.
<DaveGregg> Thank you Karen & Michael. :-)
<SandyW> Thanks Karen, and Thanks Michael.
<Kathryn41> thank you Karen and Michael - a very good session tonight indeed
<laughingboi> Thank you Michael and Karen for helping out, take care.
<annh> Thanks Karen and Michael.
<yy2> Thank you.
<Turtlehorse> Thanks!!!
<KarenMurphy> You are all very welcome!

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