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Opening Comments

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Everyone, think about your own connection with Michael. Each of you has one, whether you have awareness of its strength or not. Think for a moment about how it feels, about what it means to you and in your life. Think of what it gives you, this connection. Think, too, what the entire Michael community means to you, not simply this online gathering but the wider, more diffuse community of students around the world. Think how you are connected with each of these students, whether by energy, time, space, or prior connections. There *is* a connection with each of them, no matter your own awareness of it, for it is through us that you are connected, as it is through your own Oneness with one another that you are connected as well.

Take a moment, then, and relish this connection, this feeling of sameness. Allow it space within you to expand, and invite further expansion as the next days, weeks, months and even years pass. Allow your own connection to Self to grow in this manner as well, and again, invite its growth as well.

Allow the next few breaths, then, to deepen this connection and your awareness of it, as we take the first question.

<DaveGregg> Umihiko, you have the first question...

Q & A

<umihiko> I have developed an intolerance to indigested protein. Was this condition meant to appear in my life?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Each of you come to your lifetime with all the genetic material required to have the lifetime and experiences that are intended. Often, additional choices are made within the scope of the lifetime that create additional circumstances of health or disease that manifest in various ways.

<umihiko> So I was supposed to develop this intolerance?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We would say that in your case, there are certain limitations of physicality and of energy that were chosen to be experienced within the scope of this lifetime, and some digestive issues are indeed a part of those choices. It is how you deal with these choices/limitations that determines much of your growth in this lifetime.

<umihiko> Is this condition rare?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> It is yours to keep or deal with, as you choose. We see that much of your journey, as we have said, is in the choices you make surrounding how you ultimately deal with various choices and limitations.

<umihiko> Thank you Michael and Karen.
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<GeraldineB> Hello, Karen and Michael :) I've been developing an interest in Tarot and one thing keeps coming up repeatedly -- a "new love." Other readings have said a "third marriage." While I'm not terribly crazy about this idea, I need to ask: Are there any extant mate agreements? Or, in the percentages thing, what seems to be on my horizon?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There are presently two outstanding mate agreements; however, we see some issues of logistics with both of them. Perhaps, then, you could think of yourself as being "married" to a project? It is likely that such a magnificent obsession could be yours this life; does this idea fascinate or repel you?

<GeraldineB> Fascinate. I'd muchly prefer it :) Any "clues" on what it might be?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Either way, we see an actual physical relationship of the intensity that includes marriage or mating as being, presently, fairly low. That is not to say that this would not change, but at this time it seems low. On the other hand, the actuality of a fascination in your life does seem high at this time. You may ask yourself what interests you presently, as this could give the necessary clues.

<GeraldineB> Thank you -- I'll chew on that!
<DaveGregg> Ocean, you're next...

<ocean-cheryl> I'd like to know the energies surrounding a possible move to Indiana that Lori S. and I have talked about making next month... things seem to be quickly falling into place, such as getting a van, that would make the move possible, but I am not sure if my work is done here in Maine... Realizing that all is choice, is a move to Indiana at this time in line with agreements etc in place for my life plan? Any information on why/how this is happening now is appreciated. I almost feel like this trip is choosing me, rather than me choosing it.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> If that is your feeling, then that is likely your reality as well. It is beautiful, is it not, when things in life seem to occur without effort? You may, then, in most cases take that as a sign that you are acting in alignment with the allowing of what your major life choices are. It is almost always easier to allow things to flow then it is to enact your will upon them.

<ocean-cheryl> being in Flow and Passion gets me into trouble sometimes, but it is a great adventure.... I just hope I am doing the right thing.... and I will surrender to the flow, I know!

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Michael has another word for you: Again, we urge you to trust the signals you are already awarding yourself so thoughtfully. You have placed landmarks for yourself along the way of your life's journey, and they are there simply to remind you that you *are* indeed on the path that's closest in alignment with all choices. There is no shame in accepting these markers as simply what they are for you, reminders that you are doing a "good" job.

<ocean-cheryl> Thank you for our connection, it is a strong reminder and influence in my life to listen to all the signals..... it is much appreciated. Sometimes I need a mirror held up, to remind me what I already know.

<DaveGregg> Robin, you're next...

<Robin> I feel my guides block information I try to access. This leaves me very annoyed wondering why. Can I change my guides to others more helpful? I even had a power failure and had trouble getting back to the chat. lol

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> In general, guides are chosen carefully after a lengthy "interview" and "application" process. The relationship, therefore, is a two-way affair and guides *and* fragment work together closely, even if the particular fragment has no conscious knowledge of this work. The connection must be, then, also a two-way affair. Information can go in both directions, as it were. Blocks can be erected by any parties, but be assured that it is not within the power of your guides to attempt to trick you or block you from information unless this is a choice you have made. Again, this may not necessarily be a conscious choice, but it is not typically within the best interest of fragments or within the scope of those acting as guides for a lifetime or set of lifetimes to act in a way that is not loving and helpful.

You may wish to review your connection with your guides and initiate a series of discussions with them to re-establish the trust that you feel you have lost.

<Robin> Thank You so much
<DaveGregg> Candace, you're next...

<candacel> Hi Karen and Michael. Do I have a past life connection with Jeremy G.?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There are a number of passing associations in this grand cycle, but a major reason for feeling resonance at this time is a choice to make some amount of conscious recall surrounding experiences from a previous grand cycle. The energy is muted but still recognizable, and is made stronger by this choice to remember prior experiences. In one lifetime during that prior grand cycle, you were rival war craft operators, or "captains", who eventually assisted with strides made in uniting warring peoples. This "being apart yet coming together" energy is what is drawing you at this time.

<candacel> Thank you so much. I knew there was a resonance, but I couldn't see anything in casting.

<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I have been told that my essence twin is disincarnate (not sure if that means cycled off or just sitting things out for a spell), I would like to say hello to them and find out if there is anything that I have made choices about that would effect their eventual incarnation that they would like to comment on.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There are a number of messages, as always, but the very strongest one at this time is simply a reminder of the enormity of the unconditional LOVE this fragment, so much a part of you, feels for you at this time and always. That there is no difference, no parting between you, is a message that this fragment feels you may carry with you in a safe and special place. And also a gentle reminder that there are no wrong choices, that every choice ALWAYS leads to reuniting with LOVE, always.

<laughingboi> Thank you very much
<DaveGregg> Littlestar, you're next...

<littlestar> The question then is are there any best places for me to live or is this Question of where  something I chose to struggle with prior to incarnating.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Best in what way? In terms of occupation, physical health, soul growth, etc.?

<littlestar> Best to help me evolve and do my life's work with the people.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We see three geographical areas as being fairly well suited to how we view your energy at this time:

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> 1. Mountains of Utah.
<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> 2. southern Georgia/northern Alabama
<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> 3. Vienna/Salzburg

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> These areas all contain energetic imprints of earlier times that may resonate with you and assist you in unlocking buried emotions and past-life resonances, not necessarily from those places but from others that may assist you in your journey. These resonances may, of course, be present in other areas as well, but these three came to the top of the list quickly enough to be statistically significant.

<littlestar> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lady Lapis, you're next...

<LadyLapis> I believe my path lies in helping & leading people spiritually. To that end, I own a small metaphysical store in Chattanooga, TN. Is this truly my life's work and if so, what can I do to make my store more successful?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There are, at present, multiple ways to accomplish your chosen life task, which involves, as we see it, an undertaking of spreading energetic branches through a small community. Working on one's life task while at the same time becoming immersed in something that provides interest and passion can be quite rewarding.

It appears that your present circumstance fits the requirements, yet at the same time, the fact of your asking about it signifies either some deeply held doubts or some trouble trusting your intuition. You may wish to regard this more thoroughly. Determining which of these categories your present circumstance falls into may help you decide what your best course will be.

<LadyLapis> Thank you, Karen & Michael
<DaveGregg> Dino, you're next...

<dino> I've been chatting online with one of my high school classmates recently whose name is D. I'd like to know our connection such as past life relationship and current agreements. Thank you.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> The significant, relevant, relationship was this: a mother protects her son. The son is "damaged", thought to be "lacking", useless, to the culture of the time/place and to the community. The mother loves him anyway, having carried him, having borne him, having loved him. There is the thought, however, that his mere presence brings bad luck to the community, and is responsible for a recent string of mishaps. The request is made to sacrifice this child, knowing that his death will not be nearly enough, because he is "damaged" anyway. The mother refuses.

<dino> Who is the mother and who is the son?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> In the night, then, she steals not only from her people but also from herself, and kills herself and the child, leaving both bodies to decay in the hot summer sun. They are left there as a testament to failure, and the people dwindle. Their energetic footprint, however, is left among these people, the survivors, and you are descended from them, these two who suffered for an eye blink in history. You carry with you the burden of having failed a people, all for loving.

Having been this mother as well as being, now, her descendent, you find self-forgiveness difficult and painful. Being in the energy stream of this man now, having once been so much your world and now is simply an acquaintance, has unnerved you. You sense that there can be no linear-ness to the machinations of your world, yet you seek to impose it anyhow. The presence of this man tells you differently, and it is through THIS brief and seeming unimportant relationship that you will likely find yourself redefining your life.

<dino> Do we have any major agreements in current life?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Only to touch energy again so as to allow you the impetus for change and acceptance of new thought.

<dino> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Sandy, you're next...

<SandyW> I would like to ask for information about my task companion that you will give to me...are there any plans to meet and/or work on any projects in this lifetime?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There have been a series of behind-the-scenes projects which have been completed already, and the consensus seems to be, at this time, to continue on much in the same vein. There are no plans to meet at present however there is remaining an openness to do so should circumstances allow; however, it is not certain whether there would be a conscious recognition of the relationship or whether that knowledge would impede the flow of energy between you.

This is, at this time, very much as astral relationship, and as such *could* be afforded some room for expansion should you decided to attempt this on a more conscious basis. This exercise of consciously inviting the relationship to deepen may help occupy you for some time to come!

<SandyW> Thank you
<DaveGregg> yy2, you're next...

<yy2> My husband is a Michael student, too. He is a 7th level mature server. He is very attracted to the idea of 'making money' yet he feels he is not successful. He has been reading the book, 'The Secret' yet he is still feeling his limitations, especially winning the lottery. He wants me to ask you what is his limitation?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> This can be a complicated matter for some.

Expectations held on a conscious level may not align with expectations on a soul level. Discerning which of the two is "running the show" may be more difficult than it appears, as well. In other words, typically there is a fair amount of Maya surrounding expectations involving money, since there can be so many emotional attachments and triggers to the concept. Actively MAKING something happen because it's what you [think you] WANT may actually work against what is wanted on a deeper level. It's only through true self-awareness that you can be fully sure or even partially sure that your conscious wishes align with lessons/issues/obstacles/ planned for in a particular lifetime.

<yy2> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Mer, you're next...

<Mer> Good Evening. There is an appearance of what could be called increased 'turbulence' on this planet...is this an indication of a larger event?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There are ALWAYS energetic events occurring around the globe that may or may not be noticeable. Often weather can be thought of as resulting from events such as these. And when there is enough energy surrounding such an event, energy that can snowball almost instantly, then the volatility increases substantially, therefore creating conditions ripe for a major event. This can be a catastrophic weather event, a death of a public figure, or perhaps a more warlike event with long-term reverberations.

It is likely and almost certain that such an event as we describe will occur on the planet within the next, say, ten years, but which of these that occurs, or yet another choice, still remains unclear at this time.

<Mer> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Kathleen, you're next...

<Kathleen> Do I have a contract to be a channel in my current lifetime? (Sensitivity to sound, fragrance, temperature, etc.. has increased quite a bit recently.)

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There is a pre-life agreement/intention to become so attuned, yes. There are, however, other mitigating circumstances that may require further self-work in order to fully assume the scope of what was intended for this lifetime, but as we see it, this does not negate the original intention.

<Kathleen> What would you suggest I do next?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Accepting and allowing physical changes to settle in more firmly to your body would be an appropriate next step.

<Kathleen> *Thank You Sooo Much, Michael, Karen and Dave. :)
<DaveGregg> In Search of, you're next...

<in_search_of> Just want to know about the marriage between me (Lubna) and A.  We are currently separated, emotional as well as physical separation. What can you tell me about the potential of this relationship? If it has potential, if its over ? What are the core issues? What is the real conflict? How can things be improved and if there is any possibility of reconciliation?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There appears to be a disparity here between wishes of one party and wishes of the other. That's what is occurring on the surface. On a deeper level, there has been an abdication of a mate agreement. This is known on a soul or essence level but has not translated into the physical plane, as feelings of longing and wishes for connection still are associated with this fragment. All this, however, is not to say or even imply that the marriage is necessarily "over" or in a "hopeless" state, simply that there are potential obstacles. What remains, however, is an essential disconnect on many levels. This *was* a choice to experience.

We realize that this is not an easy situation, and ties into other issues of powerlessness and abandonment that are core issues for the lifetime. We suggest examining those issues along with their various contexts, a process that may help lead to some resolution or at least relief in this situation.

<in_search_of> Is this a long term relationship or destined to last?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> The reverberations from the lessons presented within the context of this relationship will likely last many years, yes.

<in_search_of> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Mark, you're next...

<mark_t> Hi Karen & Michael. I feel drawn lately to energy work. I'm a level one Reiki practitioner and taking Therapeutic Touch healing classes. Is this "good work" for me? It seems like such a change in direction that I wonder also if Ive done this work in past lives.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> You are likely accessing resonance at this time with a lifetime spent largely in Ireland wherein you were the son of a shamanistic healer-priest. The knowledge of these techniques was passed on to you but circumstances prevented you from utilizing them to the fullest extent planned for. This lifetime, you have been presented with an opportunity to attempt further exploration of what was learned in that lifetime. This lifetime, you have been presented with an opportunity to attempt further exploration of what was learned in that lifetime. In other words, there appears to be the completion of a bit of a circle.

<mark_t> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Katie, you're next...

<katie_s> I recently started to follow my instincts and proceed with my life plans but I'm awfully nervous during this transition period. Some of this transition has been easy and some is still a bit rocky and I also have so much going on at once. Can you guide me in what needs to be done to accomplish these goals and am I currently on my path?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There appear to be some issues remaining involving childhood and letting-go or disengaging from old patterns. This has caused some tentativeness in making decisions and allowing situations to truly unfold.

We would suggest finding something that can anchor your physically during this period: establishing a new exercise routine, creating a meditation space for yourself, or inviting change in small ways yet that feel like "home" may be of help. Maintaining contact with this anchor will likely allow you the space and security to range further a field as you become comfortable with doing so.

<katie_s> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Final question: What three geographical areas best suit my path in life?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> The Baltic; area surrounding Portland OR; southern Florida.

<DaveGregg> Thanks. :-)

Closing Comments

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There have been some uncertainties expressed this evening by many of you on various levels. As energetic beings you are accessing the changes that occur within and around you at all times, and are thusly responding to these changes. It is what you ultimately do with these energetic impulses and inputs that decides your course. It is true that EACH of you possesses the tools to know your paths in life, and EACH of you possesses the knowledge to create the choices that are the best suited to you. There is little, then, that we can do other than assure you that you're pointed in a direction you may find interesting and appropriate. The rest is, of course, up to you.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Michael and Karen. :)
<laughingboi> Thank you.
<Kathryn41> thank you Karen and Michael
<mark_t> Thank you Michael & Karen!
<GeraldineB> Goodnight and thank you, Michael and Karen -- a most "interesting" and though-provoking session.
<ocean-cheryl> Thank you so much Michael, Karen, and Dave.
<ShannonB> Thanks Karen.
<SandyW> Thanks Karen and Michael.
<candacel> Thank you Michael and Karen and Dave.


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