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Princess Diana's Death


Princess Diana's Life Task and (untimely?) Death 

Princess Diana was a 4th level Mature Priest with a 2nd mature Server et, Charles, a huge karma to complete in public and private with him and an inspired life task (oh those priests, making the most of difficult situations) of bringing the repressed, stiff-upper-lipped British into full expression of mature soul consciousness. (Joya comment: Have you ever tried making your upper lip stiff?? Feels sour and diligently shut down. Imagine a whole life of it! But I'm a Sage, California raised at that.) Britain obtained a mature soul majority some time after WW II, but had failed to heal or transform itself emotionally because of the long time cultural bias against self-expression, not to mention self-indulgence, spontaneity, creativity etc. People were mature, but still imprinted into the same old rigid boxes and not vigorously questioning these limitations.

So life task: bring her country into full expression of its soul age. Mission accomplished, most clearly, vividly seen with her death.

Since through karma with Charles she was going to be rejected by him and the royals, her life task of emotional closet-cleaning in Britain began in an impactful place, a central place, Buckingham Palace. She had a hidden-revealed karmic monad with Queen Elizabeth and as Diana showed the world how rigid, non-compassionate, and even downright mean the royals were, people began shining light into their own closets, their own dark places. Where did they need to break their own mean habits, their non-compassionate streaks? Or, where did they need to break their own shackles, to find themselves worthy of self-worth? Diana made folks feel that courage and honesty might make them winners just like her. Pushed again and again to go public with private secrets, Diana with her shaky but appealing vulnerability and her clear courage to face down her demons, ambled into Muse position for millions in the world.

A Muse position person often stands for some kind of freedom (many times for freeing sexual energies as it did in recent Muse icons Jimmy Dean, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Rajneesh). In Diana, people saw that they yearned for a new kind of honesty, sweetness, beauty, strength and usefulness in their own lives. The inspiration was to break the old, limiting structures and go for life!

It is a shock to human instinctive centers when anyone dies, especially someone dying young and even more especially shocking is someone dying young who was such a bright light. This shock happens whether it is old age or young age death, or a karmic death or not; death brings the reality of your own mortality to the surface, but the shock is always worse when fresh karma being formed. Everything feels much more raw then.

One reason Diana's death has so intrigued millions is that it is a complicated puzzle, a mystery, a confusing mixture of completed karma and newly-formed karma all mixed with the Priest's proclivity for making a big splashy exit to a short life to make people examine what they want in their own lives. The completion of her karma with Charles required her sudden death in a way that would greatly effect him and would keep her in the public notice. Her earlier suicide attempts were, so-to-speak, premature since she wasn't well enough known (and furthermore there was still many more rounds to go through with Charles). So this completion with Charles dovetailed spectacularly with the glorious completion of her life task: Make Brits proud to own their feeling natures. Diana and her son Harry also were completing a karma that mandated her exit at about this age from his life. With William, she appears to have formed some new karma though he looks in good shape and his imprinting from her will hold him in good stead for the rest of his life. Interestingly, with her gone it seems he will be more vocal in standing up for her values within the royal family.

But as a complication, fresh karma has now been formed between Diana and Dodi Fayed and the driver, the bodyguard and paparazzi and a manager of the hotel who knew the driver had been drinking. But when a scenario like that starts playing itself out, if there is any essence agreement at all, people tend to fall into line. There gets to be a sense of hypnosis, inevitability. If not they resist, get conscious - put on a seat belt, tell the driver to slow down, decide to stay at the hotel etc. For Diana's essence, once this scenario showed itself, it was clear that it worked on many levels and off she went.

Early death always reminds people to look at their lives to see what changes might be needed. Diana found power to use when she needed it, yet filled her life with inspiration and good intent. She is a beautiful reminder to fill all lives courageously with love.


Author of two Michael books, including The World According to Michael, and a co-author of The Michael Game. Joya is a professional Michael channel who offers personal Michael channelings and some travel. Visit her site at: http://members.aol.com/joyapope or e-mail her at: JoyaPope@aol.com


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