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Highly favored by artisans and scholars, lunar body types are often chosen for lifetimes of brilliant pursuits.  In the intellectual center Lunars can approach genius levels, excelling in fields such as mathematics, philosophy, or quantum mechanics.  While brilliant, the slow pace of the lunar mind tends to move at a snails crawl.  Their minds are methodical  and detail oriented, they can be indefatigable workers, and when looking at one it's easy to imagine their mental gears slowly turning.  

In the emotional center Lunars are keenly sensitive and imaginative, masking a sometimes indifferent exterior with an uncanny ability to produce art of great passion and depth.  

The most feminine of the body types, Lunar men are often homosexual.

Lunars are lovers of solitude. They're passive and rarely gravitate towards the center stage.  If given the choice they prefer to be alone rather than immersed in social activities, but they do enjoy the intimacy of loyal and durable friendships.  

Physically, Lunars will have pale, milky-white skin, and not surprisingly round, moon-shaped faces.  They don't like sunlight as much as the other bodytypes, and they're often referred to as "night people" due to a natural inclination to work graveyard shifts.  The facial expressions of Lunars if often one of suspicion or resistance. Their hair color is usually brownish or jet black, with the females showing a tendency towards blonde.  

Lunars actually lack distinctive features, and their bodies tend to be soft and round whether or not they are fat or thin.  It could be humorously said that lunars are in some ways the human approximation of the Pillsbury doughboy. 

Lunars seem to have a flare for bizarre humor, with comedians Woody Allen and Steven Wright serving as prime examples.  

Characteristics:  aloof, calm, dependable, dreamy, determined, eccentric, even-tempered, imaginative, introverted, loyal, mathematical, moody, patient, practical, private, secretive, shy, solitary, stubborn, willful.    

Famous Lunars:  Mr. Magoo, Truman Capote, Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, Alison Hannigan (Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series).  


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