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A favorite in Latino cultures, the Venusian body type is typically full-bodied, and sensual.  Venusians can be very attractive, with a soft, warm, cuddly appearance that makes them almost irresistible to hug.  In many ways the Venusian is the human approximation of the teddy bear. 

Weight is carried low with this body type, leading to the infamous pear shape that haunts so many diet clinics today.  But if a healthy lifestyle prevails, Venusian women can be soft and voluptuous, with those seductive curves popularized by Hollywood bombshells like Marilyn Monroe.  

Thick, wavy hair is another trait shared among Venusians.  In fact, along with a proliferation of body hair, luxurious beards or the unshaven 5 o'clock shadow is common among males.  Venusians have round, oval faces, with very expressive eyes, and dark hair and skin.  

Kind, gentle, and easy going, Venusians have a warm, and accepting nature, and by default will tend to go with the flow.  

Venusians can be slovenly in appearance, and demonstrate a natural inclination towards laziness. Their taste in clothes, which are loose-fitting and chosen for comfort alone, attests to this tendency.  While they make great lovers and mates, their ability to handle simple domestic chores leaves much to be desired.  The Venusian household is equally disheveled, with dust curls in every corner, and a pile of dishes in the sink. In the negative pole, the Venusian bears a strong resemblance to the inert and vegetative "couch potato."  

The genuine kindness, loyalty, and physical warmth of the Venusian makes up for the occasional bouts of inertia they display.  Venusians can be truly benevolent in spirit, and are willing to dispense seemingly endless amounts of love and support to those that need it.    

Characteristics:  accepting, affectionate, benevolent, considerate, empathetic, emotional, gentle, good health, indecisive, lazy, loving, loves pleasure, non-judgemental, nurturing, sensitive, sensual, slow, sociable, sympathetic, supportive, vegetative, voluptuous.     

Famous Venusians:  Venus di Milo, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Travolta, Linda Ronstadt, Bill Pullman, Val Kilmer.    


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