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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> Everyone take a nice deep breath, please, and begin to feel centered. 

You may focus on an image. If you like, an image of the glowing fiery ball that is your sun. Fix on that for a bit and feel its warmth permeate every cell in your body; sending each and every cell, each and every part of you -- both the conscious and the unconscious parts -- a message. It is a message of hope and love and joy and acceptance, one that then becomes part of you. You feel the warmth from this message, this love, begin to spread throughout your body, pulsating a little as it does so, becoming your blood, your breath. Becoming you.

You know, then, that the you that is You, is a part of every single other thing that exists. You are not separate as your reality tells you that you must be. You are a part of this fiery warmth, this love, this joy. And it continues to radiate around you, growing ever larger. You are a part of it and it also becomes you, a larger and ever larger You, that then breathes with the entire Universe and beyond. You are connected, then, because this IS you.

Feel what this brings to you, then, this feeling of connectedness, this joy in reunion and discovery that you are not alone, not separate. Feel what this is for you and remember it. You will have this experience, this feeling, to continue to draw from during such times in your future as you need them. They are a part of you, now and forever and always.

<KarenMurphy> You may begin.

<DaveGregg> Robin, you have the first question...

Q & A

<robin> Do pets reincarnate and do they return to previous owners?

<KarenMurphy> Yes. it is not always the case, however, that they do so. More often than not, companion animals are absorbed back into the greater hive soul and then reincarnate again, maintaining little of their individuality that may have existed during a particular lifetime. There are times, however, that that portion of the hive soul wishes to experience more of what has occurred, and so will endeavor to reach  a particular fragment again in a similar guise.

<robin> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Ocean, you're next...

<Ocean1> Hi, my name is Cheryl L. What is the past life history and relationship between Nona P., who is here tonight as Noni, and myself? Do we have any agreements, monads or karma we are working on this life together? We've been friends about 20 years.

<KarenMurphy> The fragment known to you as Nona was a daughter in rather a difficult lifetime. There were several children but at present only this particular fragment stands out for you. There were difficulties finding enough food and making a living, common enough in that time and place (1500's Germany). The daughter was eventually sold, much against your will, and you attempted to make her new life an easier one.

She was married/bonded to a brewer and set to a life of work. There was more to eat but also she had some physical frailties that made work difficult. You attempted to add her work to your own and failed in this attempt, as your own body was breaking down from years of malnutrition, disease, and overwork. You were 32 at the time, and died soon thereafter of a wasting disease. There was little you could do for your daughter, yet you were able to give her a means of exiting her situation.

You furnished her with enough of a poisonous substance that she could commit suicide, however know that at that time this was a difficult thing to accomplish due to fears given by the Church, and the fragment Nona was never able to accomplish it. She died giving birth to a daughter of her own, who died of course as well, having no one to tend her.

There is a feeling of a cycle closing within the present lifetime, as you are able to accomplish through quite a different relationship some of the intimacy issues that were simply impossible to examine during that previous lifetime. We would say there is a feeling also of success at this in the present.

<Ocean1> Wow, that would explain why I feel so strongly protective of her. Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Cherie, you're next...

<Cherie_n_Melissa> Cherie here. Very noticeable dark circles appeared around my eyes at 7 yrs old-I have had them ever since. Doctors have said they were from an iron deficiency (my iron level is only slightly deficient), others have called them allergic shiners (yes, I do have many allergies), but it seems they should have been there before 7 yrs old in this case does Michael have any comments on the cause of & any possible solutions for making them less noticeable?

<KarenMurphy> At that time, Cherie, you pulled into yourself an additional energy. We will not term it a "fragment" because it is, essentially, another "part" of yourself, but it has its own distinct energy signature that differs from yours. Being a child and with a child's point of view, you thought it was important at the time to mark this development with a change in your image, and knowing as you did that the eyes were of primary importance in "knowing " a person, you chose to then make a statement with your eyes and this is what occurred.

As far as what to do about it now, we suggest firstly exploring the idea of this additional energy (it remains with you now) and the gifts that are brought to you from this experience. You may also wish to explain to yourself, your essence, etc, that you are no longer a child and therefore do not require a visible symbol of what changes have taken place within you, but this will be more easily done after you have thoroughly explored what has transpired after this energy joined you.

<Cherie_n_Melissa> Thank you so much, I'll do that :)
<DaveGregg> AnnaB, you're next...

<AnnaB> Hi, my name is Anna B., and I sent you a picture of myself and a male acquaintance, Brett. Does he feel/recognize any sort of connection between us and to what level? What issues are between us this time around and will we settle them?

<KarenMurphy> There exists on the surface a very brotherly sort of energy and exchange, however there is something "darker" underneath that is not a part of the consciousness of this fragment. That stems from a passing relationship between you during what was known as the Spanish Inquisition. He was a jailer and you were a prisoner scheduled for interrogation while he was there. He had an opportunity to aid you slightly (although it would have made little difference in your final fate), and still carries a small portion of guilt over the matter.

If you are able, we may suggest that you can contact him at an essence level and assure him that it is your understanding that his actions made no real difference in that lifetime for you. This may help the matter, but understand too that this fragment is also engaged in a life review and so may not be as open to this information as he might be at other times. This review, then, has led him to remain in the negative poles of his chief feature which of course makes it difficult for him to see clearly.

<Anna B> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Lori S, you're next...

<LoriS> In which life did I first become a Michael student and how did that come about?

<KarenMurphy> You are no stranger to this information, as you know. Your "first" exposure to the energy you now know as "us" was in Atlantis, and also again in ancient Greece. Both times you used this information not only to better understand yourself but also to teach others to practice various methods of perception, both in physical reality and non-physical reality. Your essence would like you to reconnect with the freedom from physical reality that you enjoyed during those times, but in this lifetime also you have decided to examine some very grounded and physical issues, making this somewhat difficult (but not insurmountable).

<LoriS> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> TM, you're next...

<tm> Thanks. What are my Life Task and 4 Trues?

<KarenMurphy> To engage in as much play as possible while encouraging others to do the same.

  • True rest -- allowing the hands to flow and float through water.

  • True Play - Balloons and air play.

  • True Study -- How people are affected at a soul level by their religious choices.

  • True Work -- allowing the best of what there is to come to the surface.

<tm> How'd you know? :-) Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Elo, you're next...

<Elo-Maria> From my Essence point of view: how am doing so far in fulfilling my life tasks and to growing as Essence planned before incarnating? Are there any bigger obstacles or things my Essence would like me to know or focus more?

<KarenMurphy> As can be expected at this point chronologically in your lifetime, you have made some detours along the way, yet you have kept your goals in sight. We would say, again, that this is not uncommon. Your attention to your own awareness of self dictates that you not veer too far from your chosen path. There are, of course, always obstacles and we only say now that what comes will be not more than what you have planned. [smile]

If you are looking to "check in" with your "progress", we remind you only to look around yourself and those you have gathered around you, and we feel that this question is answered by sheer dint of what remains in your circle at any given time.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi1> With people living longer and rising expectations on an already stressed out medical system, how is the best way to improve the system so the people who pay into it are taken care of and the people who cannot afford it are not abandoned?

<KarenMurphy> It seems incomprehensible to many of you who righteously feel the growing pains of a changing society that in fact many of these growing pains were planned. Think of your society, your country's culture, as a growing living being much as yourself (because it, in fact, is). Then imagine the changes that take place within a growing and evolving human being during the course of its lifetime. If you consider that model and then apply the much larger country or social model, you will see that change and pain and mistakes, if not downright failure, are inevitable, a part of the evolving process. In other words, this apparent failure was planned and is a part of the collective creation of every member of this society. It will, one day, look very different, and this failure may well be a part of the changes that take place.

<laughingboi1> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<marjorie4pigsandadog> I am struggling regarding returning to my profession and the future. I feel confusion about what I want right now and fear judgement from others, feel shame over mistakes I've made. Returning feels insurmountable. Do I need to go inpatient before I return to my work, or is there another way...I feel lost, confused regarding my feelings, need guidance. Am I meant to be in medicine this life?

<KarenMurphy> We see that you are in the throes of "evolving" into yourself, Marjorie. In other words, you are in an active process of evaluating and discarding the parts of yourself that no longer serve you. For some, this is a painful process, as you choose to remain attached to parts strongly, the there is often guilt associated with discarding them, especially if there are emotional attachments to the family members or other important personages who donated them to you.

We will say at this time that there are, for you now, several paths you could take that would ALL end up in about the same "place". In all, your life task would be fulfilled. One of these paths does involve medicine. The others do not. It is up to you to decide which gives you what it is you wish to explore. Some paths might be more fulfilling than others. Some lead to contact with various other fragments that might not occur if other choices are made. But in the end, all will lead essentially to the same place. You cannot make a 'wrong" decision [smiling]

<marjorie4pigsandadog> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Sabrina, you're next...

<Sabrina_> Can you please tell me a bit about my last life and more importantly how I died in that life?

<KarenMurphy> At the age of 14 you dressed as a boy, cut off your hair, and joined the army in France in WWI. You gradually became accepted for who you were, when the truth of it finally came out after more than a year in the company of men. You were killed, not in action, but by a friendly-fire incident: the sad "cleaning the rifle and it went off" scenario. You left behind you a good many men who would not forget your courage or your humor. If you had lived, you would have had to leave the war, as you had become pregnant.

<Sabrina_> Can you tell me what city in France I died in?

<KarenMurphy> Small village at the foot of the Voges (I can say it but not spell it, the mountains near Alsace).

<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<ivytaavi> When I asked about past lives with my husband before, it was mentioned that we had 4 lives previously married.  I would like some information about them, please?

<KarenMurphy> There was a butcher who had his eye particularly on one daughter of a local farmer. This occurred in wartime France also, but several hundred years before, during what is now known as the Hundred years War. This butcher had a friend whom he enlisted in his romantic endeavors, much like many more modern fairy tales and even story lines of books. Tragically for the butcher, the girl fell in love with the emissary and not the butcher, who was 30 years her elder anyway (not that that could have made much difference, as marriages then were considered mainly economic affairs). The butcher decided to "get back at" the pair and devised a plan to humiliate them, while at the same time causing his marriage to the girl. The plan worked, the emissary was cast from the town and died. You, Ivy, were the emissary and the girl is now your husband.

In another lifetime, you were children playing together in a hard marble or stone floor. Think about the time of the great sheiks, the great chiefs of Persia and Mesopotamia. You were children who then grew up and became allies and friends in the larger-than-life chess game that was warfare at that time. You played together and fought together, at the same time knowing that none of it was really all that serious (being born so very rich did that to you, and nothing was all that important). You each raised a family and then died on a battleground years later, within a few weeks of each other, having maintained a connection the entire time. It was then decided to resume incarnating together in various guises.

Two other lifetimes were also lived on a battlefield, as you became, more or less, comrades at arms. The synchronicity and the camaraderie of the battlefield are not unknown to you.

<ivytaavi> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> SandyW, you're next...

<SandyW> I would like to ask about my ET, who I understand is incarnate at this time. What is their life that they have chosen like and where, and if we have any agreements to meet or share time in this life. On occasion I have thought that it might be my friend, Tammy P, for our lives seem to be strangely twinned.

<KarenMurphy> You and the fragment Tammy have agreed to lead somewhat parallel lives, comparing experiences while on the astral, but you are not essence twins. Your ET lives in southern Africa and is a healer there and social activist. Many lives have been touched by this fragment.

Your ET is unmarried and has no children, preferring in this lifetime to focus on the life's work of teaching and educating those in need about medical issues and fundamental living issues. Your interest in activism has come from this source, and the two of you work from time to time during dreamtime.

<SandyW> Thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Blankpaper, you're next...

<blankpaper> During a psychic reading I had last summer the reader told me she saw John Lennon superimposed over me and that we were very similar. She didn't elaborate as to whether we have some type of spiritual connection or not. I was wondering if you would be able to clarify what she meant by this and whether there really is any spiritual connection?

<KarenMurphy> The fragment known as John Lennon still manages to connect with fragments extant on the physical plane. It has been difficult for him to "move on", held as he has been to the physical reality he is no longer truly a part of, but the collective consciousness has held him fast. As such, this fragment's energy signature remains a viable and popular part of the world's collective consciousness, symbolizing various things for different people. The use of his music is also very powerful.

We estimate that his energy will not diminish enough to enable him to truly get on with his "work" for some years yet. Not that this poses difficulties for this fragment, having known all along that it was part of the choices made in this past incarnation.

As to the connection specifically with you, we do see a resonance, if you will, a similarity of being, that exists between you. Therefore, there is this visible symbolic tie to another that then provides a shortcut for many to see who you really are inside. The "actual" ties between you and the fragment John Lennon, however, are few. But keep in mind that everything is as real as you make it.

<blankpaper> Cool thanks!
<DaveGregg> Noni, you're next...

<noni> Can you tell me what lives Cheryl L. and I studied the Michael philosophy together?

<KarenMurphy> This was brought as a more or less "forbidden" text during the height of the Middle Ages and the power of the Church. There were many who studied together under the guise of the Masons or some such society. This was the time you began your studies. The material was kept mainly by word of mouth among fellow students, and frankly did not prove useful to many, therefore it was not a widespread phenomenon.

<noni> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Lotus, you're next...

<Lotus1> I'd like to have some info about my ET. who he is and have I met him. thank.

<KarenMurphy> Your essence twin is a medical worker, pharmacist, in Poland. There has not been a meeting nor is one planned at this time, though the connection remains strong for you in this lifetime. He is older than you and likes to advise. <g>

<Lotus1> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> David, you're next...

<ivytaavi> I'm curious about the lives I had with my wife, Ivy as comrades at arms, which wars and where?

<KarenMurphy> Okay, do you mean the two that were not specified?
<ivytaavi> Right, we were told it was 3, but if there are only 2, then those...

<KarenMurphy> Riding with the Mongols, also Africa (minor tribes in western Africa during the 1600's). Also in the Germanic tribes that settled in England and Scotland. They weren't always specific wars, simply ways of life and being, when you were comrades. You experienced various battles at various times during these lifetimes, but the general focus was that of battle and conquest.

<ivytaavi> Wow. Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Zimmer, you're next...

<zimmer> Can I have my life task and 4 trues please?

<KarenMurphy> Life Task -- to juxtapose those around you so that they are better suited to what they intended.

  • True rest -- playing with children and animals.

  • True Play -- making sounds with your mouth (snorting, etc.)

  • True Study -- music and its history.

  • True Work -- being the right man for the job.

<zimmer> Thanks.
<DaveGregg> Connie D, you're next...

<ConnieD> What are my 4 Trues and Life Task?

<KarenMurphy> Life Task -- getting more out of life and the ingredients that go into it.

  • True rest -- creating with the hands (knitting, sewing, quilting).

  • True Play -- amusement park rides.

  • True Study -- how things fit into other things.

  • True Work -- being the person for whom everything fits into place, the one that everyone looks to.

<ConnieD> Thanks for that insight!
<DaveGregg> Terri, you're next...

<Terri> I would like Michael to clarify the information on my ET. One channel said they were a discarnate scholar, and another said an incarnate priest.

<KarenMurphy> The essence twin is a Priest, presently discarnate with plans to incarnate if possible in your vicinity.

<Terri> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Jaime, you're next...

<Jaime> I've met some of my soul mates in this incarnation. I know I am going to reunite with a male soul mate of mine in the near future. I was curious if he was my essence twin or if it was another soul mate.

<KarenMurphy> This fragment is a comrade-at-arms, a very "close" fragment, almost brotherly. So the description of this fragment being a soul mate is the more apt description.

<Jaime> Thank you so much! :)
<DaveGregg> Mark, you're next...

<mark_townley_2> What are my life task and 4 trues?

<KarenMurphy> Life Task - allowing the love to flow through and on to others.

  • True Rest -- reading, especially books on warfare and implements.

  • True Play -- exploring caves and underground areas.

  • True Study -- the adjustment of weather scenarios in your vicinity.

  • True Work -- moving about so that people hardly know you are there, yet leaving a trace anyway that they later sense was you.

<mark_townley_2> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Gray, you're next...

<Gray> Ivytaavi asked about his relationship with his wife and Michael answered about some warlike situations in Persia and Mesopotamia. I had a resonance with this and wished to ask what was my position in the armies of this time in relation to ivytaavi and his wife, I felt that I was there and involved in these military adventures. Could Michael elaborate?

<KarenMurphy> In Persia you were a minor slave, a scribe, who became though dint of time and place a minor leader in several battles. You served under the general known in this lifetime as David, husband to Ivy. You were rewarded for work well done and regained your independence and freedom as a result. You were given the choice to leave the war and resume a home, but as you had no family you opted to remain with what you knew. it was difficult at times with your peers but this was a comfortable place for you, and you maintained the royal bearing you displayed while in the royal service, which made it easier for the rougher men you now led to accept your authority. You also came into contact with the fragment now known as Ivy, when in trade you were sent as emissary to who had been a friend to your leader, now David. You were sent along with many gifts and managed through your smooth words, along with those of others sent to do the same thing, to smooth a minor ruffle in the feathers of the fragment Ivy so as to maintain the alliance between these two fragments.

<Gray> Thank you so much Karen, and Michael, that resonates so very deeply.
<DaveGregg> Melissa, you're next...

<Melissa_n_Cherie> I realize that I do care too deeply about situations & people but have applied for a job @ the crises intervention hotline anyway. Would you comment on this choice I have made, if a job along these lines are what I am best suited for& my chances for employment/education there? THANKS:)

<KarenMurphy> Why not revel in what makes you FEEL most deeply? For it is there that you will gather the most input, the most sensory information, and you can always slow things down later to process it.

We see you as requiring three things:

  1. Excitement (in the form of input).

  2. Emotional connection.

  3. Movement, and growth.

Having all three of these items in a job situation would be what you are most looking for on a soul growth level right now, as we see things. In other words, this likely would be ideal, especially if you posses the internal passion for it.

<Melissa_n_Cherie> Thanks To All !!!!!!!!!!
<DaveGregg> Glenn, you have the last question for the evening.

<Glenn> I would like to know more about centering, how we can migrate from one center to another, to keep ourselves balanced.

<KarenMurphy> Moving from one center to another is easy. Simply place yourself upon that which you feel most blocked, and you will then slide to where you need to be. There is no shame in being "unbalanced" by the way. Oft times one center or another are preferable for a given situation. As long as that preference is made freely and not by simple habit (or fear), then all centers are easily accessible. The trick, of course, is knowing when you have become blocked from accessing all the centers, and when locked in the throes if false personality this becomes even more difficult.

We suggest, then, exercises done regularly which will utilize each and every center. This will help keep the pathways more open and will allow accessibility even when in times of extreme stress or fear.

<Glenn> Thanks, so much.

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> Take that fiery energy you created among you earlier, and hold some close to your heart chakras. This will ensure that it continues to burn for a long time to come. In addition, you have changed from where and who you were three hours ago when this session began. Synapses have fired, cells have died and been born, and the remaining cells have been altered ever so slightly to accept the energy and information that flowed among you tonight. You will never be the same. Go then and remain in that space of wonder and enlightenment, knowing how deeply everything in your life is affected by even the slightest situation or change. Breathe the change. Keep your movement and your flow.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Michael & Karen. :-) And thanks to everyone for tolerating the disruption during our little net split.
<mark_townley_2> Thank you Karen & Michael.
<Terri> Thank you Michael and Karen.......hugs to all!
<ivytaavi> Thank you so very much!@
<Gray> Great job Michael and Karen.
<Jaime> Thank you all I really appreciated that!! :)
<tm> Wow! Thanks Karen & Michael & Dave.
<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks Karen and Dave and all.
<ocean3> Thank you do much Michael and Karen!! and Dave of course@
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Karen.
<SandyW> Thanks so much...that info really made a few things a little clearer
<littlestar> Great questions tonight -- thank you all AND thank you for the great answers and insights Michael. Karen and Dave -- thanks for making it all work!
<SylviaD> I always enjoy these sessions! Thank you!
<KarenMurphy> Nice energy, everyone! I hope you all know what a huge part of the experience you are.

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