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Opening Comments


NancyG> Michael, are we ready?

Michael:  We are here.

Michael:  One-ness is evident among you tonight.
Each of you has come to this place at this time to be a part of the work we are also a part of, making a small one-ness where there was a many-ness.  It is certain that some of you do not realize that the decision to attend this circle is part of your attention to your work in this world, that is, the enduring and enjoying and participating in life on the physical plane to your utmost.

In order to comprehend the energy you are creating, bring yourself into yourself.  How does this happen?  By stilling the mind and letting the energy of your higher self pervade both your consciousness and your inner knowing.  You call this knowing your Third Eye.  So be it.  Open that eye to the reality of this work.  You may think it is strange to describe what we are about here as 'work'.  Indeed, we commend you for volunteering to labor here, although not totally comprehending its requirements.
Yes, participating in our energy is indeed work.  You will be exhilarated as well as physically tired by the time this session is over.  Now that we have alerted you to it's responsibilities, we will take the burden away from you and say that most of the work tonight is on our side!  (Michael is smiling)  That is the way of our teaching, to put forth the pattern of truth and then to let you apply it to yourself.  You each will apply it uniquely, as befits a fragment with the power of choice.
Unless and until you bring understanding of how much power your choices generate, you will be somewhat puzzled by some of our words.
We remind you of your true work:  to walk as spiritual beings on a human path.  We cannot say this too often.  Therefore, expand into the energy being created here by yourselves, each of you, and by us toward you as we come together, to understand some little more of the ways of the physical plane and your place in it.  We are ready for questions now.

<DaveGregg> Mario, you have the first question...

<MarioNiebles> Recently, I felt my intuition telling me that I needed -at last- to travel to a place that I have been thinking about for so long now. The problem with that place is that it has Immigration issues. Is there any recommendation that you want to give me, or advice? I took this intuition as a clear thought when a Psychic told me that I was at the edge of a great change, including my job...and love life.
Michael:  The physical world that you inhabit today has more barriers to travel than was the case in the past.  It is much more difficult to relocate permanently, especially if you are in need of doing work that you must be paid for.  If it is your intention to pursue the path of immigration, it will be a long and difficult, tedious effort, not to mention an expensive one.  We cannot say whether it will be successful in the end.  We can only evaluate trends and give you these odds:  There is a 1 in 8 chance that you will be able to successfully accomplish this.  It is for you to decide whether these odds are worth your effort.

<MarioNiebles> So, I shouldn't keep my hopes up for it taking place really soon??

Michael:  We do not see any changes in your present situation that could be described as happening 'soon'.  Not within the next year.

<MarioNiebles> Can I use spiritual influences?? Like agreements, connections, if they are the case?

Michael:  In the absence of agreements, it does not seem likely that there are energies working to help you accomplish this.

<MarioNiebles> Thanks, I think I will need to relocate inside town; I bet I can do that!!!   :)

Michael:  We agree.  Keeping yourself within your current environment may actually satisfy your urge to 'travel'.

<akira> My question is about some channeled information. The information was channeled from a being call OCOT from Sirius. It's about the internal workings of the creation including the various  dimensions/planes. I would say the material is highly "technical", in a sense that it's just like a physics text book. The material was unintentionally received in Japanese by K. H., who  is not a channel at all, in the form of internal dialogues with OCOT. K. has published several books using some of the information in the material because the material was somewhat provided in an "encoded" format. Many strange words were used and the author has to decode them using his knowledge from other fields like mathematics, quantum physics, philosophy and religion, to name a few.

I see beauty in this material and feel strangely attracted to it. But on the other hand, it's very difficult for me to fully understand it. So I'd like to ask Michael from which plane the material is from and why I feel attracted to it and if it will be beneficial for me to study it further

Michael:  This information is part of a work best described as an intellectual puzzle.  It has little meaning for most people and almost no value for the living of life on this plane.  It is associated with the astral and is not a "teaching" as such.  It is just like a game, a way of engaging the mind.  You may describe it as a 'channeled information' and, to a certain extent, it is.   But it is more of an exercise than a roadmap.  One of the earmarks of astral 'channeling' is complexity.  Truth is always simple.  The more complicated information is, the less it partakes of the higher planes and the truths they work with.
<akira> Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> Lotus, you're next...

<Lotus> I read somewhere that the West Coast risks serious flooding in the upcoming Earth transition around 2012. I wonder whether there is truth in that prediction, and whether it makes sense to buy real estate in the San Diego area at all? And when would be the best time? Thanks.

Michael:  We have commented before on the hysteria that seems to connect to the year 2012.  There is no magic attached to that date.  The visions and warnings that have been published surrounding the probability that there will be cataclysmic events along your western region, causing mountains to fall and oceans to inundate the whole coast, are playing on the delicious fears that these 'predictions' generate.

We are not in the business of offering advice on real estate. What we can say is that there is a very real situation arising from the warming of your oceans and the melting of large masses of ice which will eventually cause areas at sea level to flood. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the calendar.  It is a part of the geological history of planet earth. If you are concerned about the safety of living near the ocean, then you might consider living elsewhere.
<Lotus> Thanks!
<DaveGregg> Deborah D, you're next...

<Deborah_D> Could you please tell me if I had any previous lives in Tudor England? When I was younger I couldn’t read enough books about it. I still find it very interesting. Thank you.

Michael:  Deborah, you have indeed had two lives during the several decades of the dynasty that is known as Tudor. You were a soldier under the command of the Duke of Northumberland during the years of the Henry you label 8th.  You were a merchant's wife during the late years of his daughter Elizabeth's time, an example of an incarnation of one life immediately following another in the same period.  This choice was to finish a monad with a fragment who was incarnate at those times.  It took two lifetimes to do the thing properly.  In the end you were both satisfied with the results.
<Deborah_D> thanks very much
<DaveGregg> YY2, you're next...

<yy2> Hi, Michael and Nancy, I'm Yung Yung Tsuai. Last time during Nancy's channeling, you have mentioned that my mother and brother are both very ill. Since then my mother have had a heart surgery and diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. What do I need to do to prepare myself psychologically and emotionally in order to relate to my current family situation? Thank you.

Michael:  We offer our sympathy to you concerning the coming end of your mother's incarnation.
The preparation for the 6th internal monad and subsequently the 7th is one that requires a certain strength.  Depending on your situation, as we see it, you have this strength if you choose to exercise it.  There is no pressing need for you to assume all the responsibilities attendant on helping your mother through this ordeal.
The weight of knowing that an end is in sight can be devastating for those who do not understand the dynamics of reincarnation.  Nor is it of much use to try to instill this teaching into another at this late date in the life ending.  Although we can touch your mother's higher self where this knowledge is dormant, we feel a reluctance on this fragment's part to consider it now.
That means that you may choose to limit your support to very mundane things and leave the helping hands of her guides and guardians to the business of assisting in the departure.
Being present when possible, contributing good sense and affection to her may be all that you can do.  And if you accept this restriction, you will assist yourself toward letting things happen as they will without putting obstacles in the way.

This is what we mean by strength.  The strength to know when there is not much you can do.
<yy2> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Laurel, you're next...

<LaurelB> Coping with loss seems to have been a big "theme", at least for me personally, since New Year's Day when one of my beloved birds hit the window and was killed. Now I am struggling to understand the sudden death of a young man who has been a very integral part of my Welsh dance group. Naturally, my scholar mind wants to know the "why" of everything. Can you offer any insight into the larger global patterns that may be at work here, and how can we keep ourselves grounded through events that don't seem to have any meaning?

Michael:  We bring back to your mind, Laurel, one 'constant pattern' of the physical plane:  death.
There is no creature born anywhere in creation that will not enter the 7th monad eventually.  Taking this to heart may be the balm you are seeking. 
We do not see a particular 'pattern' in the losses you describe other than that of endings.  The young fragment who died so suddenly was quite ready to do so.  That choice was made about as suddenly as the event itself, but it was a choice.  That some fragments, like yourself, seem to notice more deaths than one might expect is purely being at a particular place at a particular time.  There is no cosmic explanation for it as a phenomenon.
We add this:  'Meaning' is in the eye of the beholder.  Every life has meaning, every death is told at the time of birth.  All such events: birth, death, illness, joys, are part and parcel of the experience of living as a human being.  Everything that comes from that original choice, to be part of the physical plane, has meaning in the ultimate sense.  It takes the Third Eye, sometimes, to discern it, however.  Be assured that the young fragment who departed from your circle did so with intent and eagerness.  This was his choice.

<LaurelB> I have no doubt about that.  It has nothing to do with the frequent Nexus events that we have had this year, then?

Michael:  No, we do not connect this transfer to the astral with any special energy vortex.

<LaurelB> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> My question is for my friend Barbara who I asked about last time and whose photo I sent previously.  Her mother died recently and some items are missing from her estate, including a sizeable number of savings bonds.  The family has determined they went missing June-Dec. 06.  There is a distinct possibility they were stolen and fraudulently cashed.  If not, they may be in 2 large houses - Barbara's or her mothers.  Can Michael offer Barbara any insight into where the bonds are now, or if they have indeed been cashed?

Michael:  It would seem that both deductions are correct.  There has been a loss of part of the holding and it is unlikely that this part will be recovered, although certain records may turn up which will identify the culprit who benefited from them.  There is another cache that may be discovered in the house with the gable porch.  There is a box within a box on a shelf with towels and other cloths.  The remaining items may be found there.  We are aware that this box has been moved several times, and so are somewhat surprised that it has not been examined.
<Kathryn41> Thank you:-).  That sounds like Barbara's house.
<DaveGregg> Linda, you're next...

<LindaW> Do you see a publisher for my daughter Jennifer's novel any time soon?  She hopes to earn a living as a writer.

Michael:  There is no publisher who is as yet on the case of this book.  The work of putting something that is pages into a bound volume is long and tedious and we do not mean the action of printing.  We see that there are those whose work it is to shepherd such through the mazes of the business and they are still attempting to find the match for this author.

<LindaW> Yes, her two agents.

Michael:  It will be sometime before either of them finds the publisher who will value this work.  If we were in the predicting business, we would say that it will probably be two more years before it will be purchasable in a bookshop.  We do, however, suggest that once this book reaches the public, it will open the door to others that the fragment Jennifer has in mind.

<LindaW> But it will be published?

Michael:  It is the first one that will pave the way for the rest.
<LindaW> Oh excellent news!  Thank you.
<DaveGregg> RL, you're next...

<RL2072> Hi, Nancy & Michael.  I have not been working for a few months now, and I'm actually feeling strangely unmotivated to find work.  I feel like essence has "arranged"  this lull period for a lesson.  My skull's probably a little thick since I can't seem to figure out what it is I'm supposed to learn.  Can Michael shed any light to help point the way?

Michael:  There is a tendency when on a particular path to continue on it.  It is a matter of inertia.  It takes considerable effort to step off such a path and to explore a new one.  This lack of motivation has all the earmarks of this tendency.  Once the urgency to replace the lost work has passed, the effort to find the new one lessens as the weeks/months go by.

You are offering to yourself the palliative that 'Essence wants me to experience this, therefore there must be a lesson here somewhere.'  We suggest that this is part of false personality and has nothing to do with Essence.  There is the experience of being without earnings, no doubt, and there is further experience of taking stock of your abilities and desires as applied to remunerative employment.  This experience is one that most fragments have access to throughout their lives, the experience of doing what is necessary to put bread on the table and a roof over one's head.
If you are asking how best to use this interim, we suggest taking your own measurement of what is best for you and then offering it to those who make it their business to employ.  It will do you no particular good to wait for a lightning bolt from Essence.  Essence has grand, broad elements to work with in a human life, not minutiae such as which job do I want to do.
<RL2072> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Meri, you're next...

<MeriNW> Meredith here: An associate attorney, an employee of my law firm, Kirsten, has bouts of extreme negativity and high anxiety at least once per week. It makes keeping myself in a positive focus and doing the work of resolving conflict for our clients very difficult.  Do you have any insights into what is going on with her that would help me mentor her better & increase the firm's positive energy?

<NancyG> (Meredith, do you know Kirsten's birthdate?)
<MeriNW> I think it is in July.   7-23-1966

Michael:  The fragment Kirsten is in dominance, a goal that drives one to attempt to 'run things'.  This fragment is using negativity and anxiety to stir up the group and to set off similar energies in others.  She has entered her 4th internal monad with reluctance and, coupled with her goal, this combination offers little relief for her or her colleagues.
If you can suggest to her that she may be able to accomplish more by adopting a more conciliatory attitude rather than simply criticizing everything, you may do yourself and her about as much 'good'  as can be done at the present time.

<MeriNW> Is there hope for "turning her around"?

Michael:  Dominance often does not understand the old saying that one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar.  This fragment Kirsten is immersed in the vinegar of her overleaves and will find it hard to disentangle herself from them.
<MeriNW> Thank you so much, Nancy and Michael! :-)
<DaveGregg> Kathleen, you're next...

<Kathleen> Can you tell me anything about how my husband Barry who died a year ago is? Also, I am missing 2 important sets of keys. Is there some significance to this? (Is there some significance to there being several questions tonight about missing items?) Are there any hints as to where they might be? (Particularly the keys to Barry’s jeep.)

Michael:  The fragment Kathleen's husband Barry has passed through the 'sorting' phase and is taking stock of his situation preparatory to entering into some work that will assist him in choosing his next life.  He is in no hurry to incarnate again.
The 'time' on the astral between lives can be used by fragments to learn lessons that are not available on the physical plane.  It is a kind of classroom work, if you will, that affects the higher self and not the personality.  Remember that the personality dies with the body.  Therefore it does not partake of these 'lessons'.
As the fragment Kathleen has noticed, tonight's theme seems to be lost things.  It often happens that there is an unlooked for thread running through a group like this and tonight we see it as looking for something.  Has there been a concerted effort to examine all of the pockets of your husband's clothing, Kathleen?
<Kathleen> Ah! No... but I don't have much of it left... I'll check the coats.
<DaveGregg> I believe that was the final question, Nancy. Does Michael have any closing comments?

Michael: We can understand the anxiety that accompanies needing to find what has been lost.  Now, take this anxiety into the realm of living towards the goal of agape.  As creatures of the physical plane, you feel you have lost something that you know you once had.  And that is true only when seen from the perspective of the lower planes.  Once fragments are cast from the Tao there is a sense of loss, of knowing that once one had SOMETHING and now one does not. That is the inevitable result of becoming a creature.  Our mission is to remind you of what you have, not what you have not.

You have the opportunity as human beings here on this planet to experience life in all its parts: comfortable, miserable, indifferent.  Experiencing this particular version of creation is a choice you made as you incarnated here.  Living life after life through the whole of a cycle brings you closer to that which you feel you have lost:  your unity with the Tao.
That is why we say that you have not 'lost' anything that you must find.  Remember that you yourself are found and have the all the means for 'finding' at your fingertips.  Each of you will 'find' yourself at the end of your cycle in exactly the place where you want to be, back again within the Tao.  All we are trying to do is show you why it is you yearn and how you can navigate the way back as expeditiously as possible.  Go in peace.


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