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Shepherd Hoodwin


Opening Comments

<ShepherdHoodwin> For those of you who are new to my work, a few words: Michael's work through me is as much as energy as it is about words. Therefore, I invite you to experience this session as a kind of open-eyed meditation, noticing what you feel as much as the intellectual content. We've found in past global chats that no matter where you are, you can tune in to the energies. We form one giant energy field encompassing the planet, for the benefit of all. I never know in advance what Michael will do. Sometimes the sessions are more informationally focused. Some are more about an inner journey. Sometimes there are a lot of questions and answers, sometimes few.

<ShepherdHoodwin> If you, at any time, you feel uncomfortable, especially headachy or top-heavy, grounding usually fixes that almost instantly. Send your energy down into the earth. Imagine that you're like a tree with great roots. If that doesn't help, ask Michael for assistance.

<ShepherdHoodwin> MICHAEL: Greetings.

<ShepherdHoodwin> M: There is a lively quality amongst you. Rather than start with a meditation and lecture, we will start with questions, and then weave our teaching throughout. Dave?

<DaveGregg> Alexander, you're first.

Q & A

<alexandermcdonell> How do you recognize an infinite soul person? How are they different from transcendent?

<ShepherdHoodwin> With previous infinite and transcendental souls, recognition depended upon what has been referred to as "purity of heart." The heart is the entrance point of essence into the personality. When a person's heart is closed, we say that she or he is predominantly in false personality. One can recognize essence through others to the extent that one recognizes it in self. When a person knows his or her own essence, he knows it in others, by the qualities of love, generosity of spirit, wisdom, kindness, grace, and so forth.

<ShepherdHoodwin> The qualities of transcendental and infinite souls are not materially different in this regard, just amplified. The channel for the transcendental soul brings forth the impact of a fully reunited entity, not unlike what is happening right now. Of course, through a causal channel, the impact is more temporary, a few hours at a time, at most. When a transcendental soul takes up full-time residence, there is more impact because it lasts for a longer duration and accelerates. The infinite soul is, in a sense, the transcendental soul times seven. A reunited cadre is brought to bear through its representative through the body of its walk-in. The transcendental soul is more focused on the ordinal, or concrete; i.e., social transformation (e.g., Gandhi). The infinite soul is more focused on the cardinal, or abstract; i.e., spiritual transformation (e.g., Jesus and Buddha). No one can mistake the presence of these great souls. Some call them trouble-makers, others, messiahs. Few are indifferent to them.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Do you have a follow-up question on this subject, Alex?

<alexandermcdonell> I wonder what it is like to be one??

<ShepherdHoodwin> We would guess that, from the point of view of the body and the body's personality, it would be very challenging. Much is made in Christianity of Jesus' sacrifice. We'd say that the sacrifice is in taking on such intense energy into a body not designed for it. It is extremely taxing. Only those who have diligently prepared for this could withstand it without experiencing great damage or even quick death. Jesus, for example, had been very well trained prior to the seventh-level old king stepping aside and allowing the infinite soul to come in. One must raise one's vibration gradually and build up tolerance. It's similar to athletic conditioning. Our channels need similar gradual conditioning so as not to sustain damage to their bodies. Too much channeling from the high planes (causal and above) could literally kill the channel. By "too much," we are speaking of, say, 20-30 hours in a week, depending on the individual. Still, those who volunteer to be vehicles for the TS or IS have a great sense of the honor.

All human concerns must be put aside in order to serve this exalted task. Surely it is most satisfying to know that one is participating in a key event. It's true that the old soul who was previously incarnate has walked out of the body, but the body consciousness retains some sense of who he has been for that lifetime. Personality is subsumed but not entirely erased. This sense of honor and greatness is available to all souls, such as yourselves, who fully dedicate themselves to the spiritual path. It is not reserved only for those who become famous. Each of you, in dedicating yourself to living in Essence to your greatest capability, can know the exaltation of serving humanity and the Earth. It's easy to be distracted by the necessities of survival. Those are part of your lessons. However, bringing a higher awareness of spiritual purpose into the mundane can lift your experience into a new realm.

No act is insignificant when it is done with love. No soul is less important than another when living in truth. Yielding to oneness with universal energy makes one an essential "cog in the wheel" of human transformation. Humanity is not only transitioning from the young to mature cycle, it is , you might say, changing cosmic gears. The higher chakras are awakening in many people. Each of you is part of that. Take a moment now and imagine yourself as the infinite soul radiating high-plane energy into the world of human beings.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Would any of you care to share what that is like for you?

<ElisaMcdonell> It has hope in it.
<vanessa_favero> It leaves me wishing for some kind of evidence that it is really working...
<Mark_Perkinson> It felt beautiful enough to bring tears to my eyes. The type that come from being profoundly moved.
<Gabriella_> A heart opening but even bigger than that, totally and complete heart opening, all encompassing.
<EvaDillner> The energy felt really strong, focused yet not. 

<ShepherdHoodwin> Vanessa, perhaps just experiencing the outward flow of blessing from you is enough.

<BarbLundeen> It's like when I walk thru the mall and babies in strollers call out and reach for me - My heart just sings.
<vanessa_favero> Have faith you're saying? Or it doesn't matter?
<Elo-Maria_Roots> I was dancing all the time (meanwhile reading), my moving center just felt like... moving :-) Great grounding and strong energy.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Vanessa, results, of course, matter, but focusing on right outflow, with a loving intent, brings the best-possible results. Sometimes you can measure them, sometimes you can't. If you focus on being right cause, you can't go "wrong." You just keep putting out the best of which you're capable in any given moment. When you do, you align with others who are doing the same. The movement of higher energies then gathers momentum. You feel less alone in your quest.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Thank you for this rich question, Alex. It was effective in bringing together the group energies.

<DaveGregg> Anne White, you're next...

<Anne_White> I would like to ask about previous lifetimes I have had with my husband and my mother relevant to the Karma being done in this lifetime?

<ShepherdHoodwin> You have no karma with your husband but some intensely interesting lifetimes with him. There were two when you were involved in clandestine scientific experiments not sanctioned by the Church; they could have cost you your lives. They were medical in nature. You have repaid some relatively minor karmas with your mother, which are now complete. We'd think that your relationship would now be on a more even keel. Is that correct?

<Anne_White> Yes it is although she is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's which is causing me profound sorrow. But because of this I am able to experience how much I love and value her.

<ShepherdHoodwin>These karmas involved competition, trying to keep each other back.

<Anne_White> My Mother has always been intensely competitive with me in this lifetime.

<ShepherdHoodwin> When you were sisters, you tried to hold her behind; you were jealous of her successes. This is not major karma, more of an intermediate level, but it certainly gave you challenges to meet, which you did.

<Anne_White> Thank you so much for this I really appreciate the insights.
<DaveGregg> Graham, you're next...

<GrahamTimmins> Can you tell me anything about my most recent past life and how it ended?

<ShepherdHoodwin> You were female and died young, around the age of nine, during the Blitzkrieg. This was not part of your life plan but you didn't mind it terribly, either.

<GrahamTimmins> I have a seeming past life memory I think from the 2nd WW in which I or someone I love dies or is rescued from death, maybe involving airplanes or boats or both!?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Your mother was injured and rescued about a week before you were killed. You ran out to try to help someone and were hit. On an essence level, you were having second thoughts about sticking around for more of this sort of thing, so, again, you didn't mind.

<DaveGregg> Ok, Jon. Go ahead.

<JonThrasher> John William Thrasher Jr. here. Namaste`. Let's elaborate on the 'need' for 'sacrifice'. The Doctine of Ahimsa states that: "No living being should ever be sacrificed." Moving towards the collective embodiment and promulgation of that Noble Truth is part of the evolution of consciousness. Question: Does Michael consider 'false personalities' to be living beings?

<ShepherdHoodwin> M: In that context, no. To the false personality, what looks like sacrifice is, to the true self, the release of blockages that facilitates essence contact. In speaking of sacrifice, one runs into the issue of semantics, as one often does in human language. If you wish to be a professional athlete or dancer, for example, you might be willing to risk injuries. Some might see that as a sacrifice. However, we'd see occupational hazards, when the occupation is freely chosen, as by-products. Your body is going to eventually die anyway. There's not much use in doing nothing with it in order to keep it "perfect." Still, there are risks that are not worth the benefits they bring; that is for each one to decide. In "sacrificing" false personality, one is simply letting go of fear that blocks the fulfillment of the life.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Any follow-up, Jon?

<JonThrasher> The false personality does not freely choose - Essence does. Is your POV perhaps an indication of the hubris of the discarnate?

<ShepherdHoodwin> False personality does choose, but it chooses mostly in a pre-programmed, "auto-pilot" way. True personality is in alignment with essence. It's true that essence makes mistakes sometimes and can sometimes get one in over his or her head. Perhaps that's what you mean by "hubris." However, that's part of the soul's growth. We will all sometimes both overshoot and understood our aim.

<JonThrasher> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Elisa, you're next.

<ElisaMcdonell> Hi. I've been ill for many years and I've been looking for a cure... Is it worthwhile continuing to search, or is health just not possible in this case?

<ShepherdHoodwin> SH: Why don't you briefly outline your condition?

<ElisaMcdonell> Endometriosis. Womb lining tissue growing in the wrong places in the abdomen. Internal bleeding, scarring, pain.

<ShepherdHoodwin> SH: While Michael is working on this, let's all send healing energy to Elisa.

When I tuned in earlier, I got an image of dripping pipes in that area. Before Michael answers, Elisa, let yourself feel the healing energy from this group. Do you sense anything?

<ElisaMcdonell> Intense! Thank you to everyone.

<ShepherdHoodwin> MICHAEL: You hold much grief here. You are ready to let it go, after having nursed it for many years. There are, of course, past-life factors here. You carry residues from three lifetimes in which you were raped and mutilated. Many women have suffered in such ways throughout history, so many people now, both men and women, but especially women, carry such residues. However, for you, they are particularly fresh. They are part of your life task of healing.

The key to healing this is forgiveness to all who have harmed you, and, secondarily, all you have ever harmed, in this and all lives. This is not something that can be done overnight. It might take daily work for as long as a year. Forgiveness is not as easy as simply saying, "I forgive you." It means going to the core of your pain and releasing it in the spirit of agape. Since most of you have experienced such cruel aggression, let's do a group journey. Both men and women, bring your attention to your abdomen. Ask to see and/or feel the violations you have sustained in the past in this part of your body.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Would anyone like to share, starting with Elisa?

<ElisaMcdonell> I can see a rape. A revulsion about dirtiness.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Anyone else?

<KathrynSSchwenger> I felt a great reluctance to bring the attention of such violations into the area - and then felt a tightening in my throat
<GrahamTimmins> This is certainly bringing on my recurrent wrenching gut pains so I hope the cure is coming up!
<Elo-Maria_Roots> Itīs hard even to think about raping. I feel like I want to reject all these things.
<Gabriella_> I see the need to forgive oneself for having been in this situations, in order to learn to love oneself, not only to forgive the violators..
<ShannonB> A botched abortion, I think.
<vanessa_favero> I sense all kinds of violations.
<EvaDillner> I've been raped in this life, was a prostitute against my will in a past life, made to feel shame for allowing man to come into me and make me pregnant in past life, condemned by church.

<ShepherdHoodwin> When you continue to carry old energies from past traumas in your body, you re-experience them daily, in a sense.

<Mark_Perkinson> I felt a dull not really hurtful sensation in my lower abdomen, and then sense of nausea that has yet to fully subside
<KathrynSSchwenger> Yes, the nausea sense for me as well and a tightness in the pit of my stomach area.
<EvaDillner> I carry tremendous fear in the womb area.
<ElisaMcdonell> I see blood on a dying body
<GrahamTimmins> How did we get to rape, are we talking abdomen or genitals? I see disemboweling by sword, being kicked in the guts etc.

<ShepherdHoodwin> M: Graham, we find that rape experiences are often stored in the womb for women.

<JonThrasher> I feel anger that my Essence would lead me to rape and be raped.

<ShepherdHoodwin> M: Jon, there is free will for the personality. Essence would not likely lead you into such experiences.

<JonThrasher> Dharma and Karma demand such experiences. Karma is oppressive.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Jon, it is true that sometimes being raped is a karmic payback, but if that's the case, the cause was a prior choice by personality. Essence cannot be "blamed"--when an energy is set in motion by personality, it naturally seeks resolution.

<JonThrasher> I disagree - the 'autopilot' is not a conscious controller.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Obviously, this has opened the door to important healing for many of you. Take a silent moment now and just be with all the pain and images that have emerged for you. Bring your radiant essence energy from your heart and let it enfold your lower body. First, ask your inner self to forgive all those who have trespassed against you, in this and former lifetimes. Feel how your essence brings soothing and compassion. Now ask to forgive yourself for all your trespasses against others, in this and former lifetimes.

Now that you've established a general tone, slowly, one person at a time, envision those who have violated you and surround them in the light of forgiveness. You might choose a color that especially represents agape and healing to you. Now hold that color or energy around yourself as you consider your past violations, being willing to fully receive forgiveness and agape. Again imagine yourself as the Infinite Soul, who can heal in a moment. Hold your hands over your lower body, wherever you feel guided to put them, and know that you are bringing healing. Hold your hands outward to bring healing to all you have forgiven. Direct the healing energy toward Elisa's abdomen. See it as completely healed.

[A pause of a couple minutes]

<ShepherdHoodwin> Any feedback, Elisa?

<ElisaMcdonell> I feel like there can be love instead of pain between me and the people who have hurt me.

<ShepherdHoodwin> How is your abdomen feeling?

<ElisaMcdonell> Like there's something intelligent, something starting to work there.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Ask that that intelligence continue to work there until the healing is fully complete. The rest of you may wish to also ask that the healing process continue until completion in you. However, it's a good idea to reinforce it with daily work repeating the exercise we did today, or your own version of it.

Elisa, to finish answering your initial question, we do think you can eventually find total healing with this problem. We don't wish to give you a limiting belief about how long it might take, because no one can really say, but we do think that you have some substantial work to do here, work that will bring you much growth and healing on other levels as well.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Would anyone else like to share your experience just now in working with this?

<GrahamTimmins> Well I still have gut ache. There were many steps in this process and I doubt I could do them all properly even without the interruptions! But there is also the responsibility for being hurt. Isn't it always 50:50?
<EvaDillner> Powerful energy, I feel freer, a bubbling inside. I have already done much work in this area and it's amazing how many layers there can be. Feel like it's close to complete.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Graham, it's not always 50/50. Karmic formation is the choice of the one violating. However, the victim also has a choice as to how s/he reacts to it. We'd suggest that you keep a loving, peaceful awareness of your gut ache; it will likely pass quickly if you still your mind and just be a loving presence to it.

<GrahamTimmins> Thanks!

<ShepherdHoodwin> Did anyone else feel something release during the process?

<Gabriella_> My left shoulder started aching more.

<ShepherdHoodwin> You could then repeat the same process with your shoulder. Bring your attention to it, ask for images, and then open to healing, in a nutshell.

<Gabriella_> ok.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Take a silent moment to notice the group energy. What is it like?

<vanessa_favero> Lighter and more unified.
<EvaDillner> Connected, lively, bubbly, deep and light.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Dave, we'll take one more question.

<ElisaMcdonell> Thank you so much. This was huge for me.

<DaveGregg> Ursula is next, I believe.

<Ursula_Tramski> Dear Michael, do my partner Chris and I have any agreements or past life experiences relevant for this life, and what are they?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Yes, you have many. Much of the growth that you have charted for this part of your lives is slated to be done together. You are like two students attending the same classes, studying together, and comparing notes. Your lessons are similar and complementary. So your long list of agreements mostly concern working together as study partners, so to speak. You have done this before, in previous lifetimes, and it worked well, although you were the same sex in those, once female, once male. This time, you're trying it this way.

<Ursula_Tramski> What were those lifetimes?

<ShepherdHoodwin> The one as females was quite a long time ago in the mountains of Switzerland. We're not certain of the century--we see no markers. You were the elder sister. The one as males was recent, also in high country, but in the region north of the eastern Mediterranean. You were traveling merchants, best friends.

<Ursula_Tramski> Thank you so much!

Closing Comments

<ShepherdHoodwin> It has been a long session and we sense people tiring.

We'd like to focus on the energy work one last time and help you bring it to a high, clear point before adjourning. Please relax and feel your whole body. Once again imagine that your body is the vehicle for the Infinite Soul. Let the highest-possible quality of light come forth from your essence. Imagine it filling the whole world. See it blessing everyone you know. Feel it bringing healing and joy to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Ask that this energy continue to work in your life bringing the highest possible good. Any comments?

<KathrynSSchwenger> That definitely helped with the re-balancing I needed and an aching tooth stopped aching:-)
<EvaDillner> I marvel at how connected I feel to the group energy, that we are connected across the globe.  Felt really good.
<KathrynSSchwenger> It is a good connection and world wide:-)
<ladybroker> I feel deeply connected, too.
<KathrynSSchwenger> What a wonderful thing it is that we are able to do this
<vanessa_favero> I feel good.
<ladybroker> Thank you for the forgiveness meditation.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We are not quite ready to adjourn. The group energy is just about to "pop" to a higher level. Relax more deeply into what you are feeling, especially in the larger group. Simply observe and be, in peace. What do you notice?

<EvaDillner> Activity, opening in my brow chakra.
<LaurieGarcia> Yes, Shepherd, the energy is just pouring through me and getting stronger.
<KathrynSSchwenger> Like a huge expanding ring of clarity reaching outward. and surrounding the whole world and continuing to spread outward.
<ladybroker> I will be walking on a new path tomorrow and in the future.
<EdH--strom> It's very, very nice.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Let's focus on some words, starting with:
<ShepherdHoodwin> Blessing.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Joy.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Peace.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Wonder.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Ecstasy.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Release.
<ShepherdHoodwin> Love.

<ShepherdHoodwin> All who traverse the physical plane experience trauma. This is part of the lessons. However, there is much more to it than that. In including the trauma in the consciousness of love, truth and beauty, we not only bring healing but transcendence. Let us now focus on that sense of largeness, of being much greater than our problems/challenges. That doesn't eliminate them, but it does put them in proportion. What does the group energy feel like to you now?

<EvaDillner> Wonderful.
<BarbLundeen> I closed my eyes and saw the face of a beautiful young black man who had energy and love and light radiating from all around him. It was the most peaceful scene I have ever seen. It contained all those words!
<ladybroker> My problems look very small now.
<ElisaMcdonell> Energy feels strong and resonant.

<ShepherdHoodwin> The "pop" we were waiting for finally occurred. We are complete. Can you feel the difference?

<EvaDillner> Yep.
<LaurieGarcia> Yes.
<KathrynSSchwenger> Fuller.
<ladybroker> Yes.
<vanessa_favero> Stronger.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Today, more than in the previous chats, we think that the energy work will continue to process through you for several days. It has a "pregnancy" about it.

<BarbLundeen> Joyful, eager and anticipating.
<KathrynSSchwenger> actually, it does:-)

<ShepherdHoodwin> You can nurture that birth by maintaining a still awareness of it. We have enjoyed our time with you, as always. Love and blessings to each of you. Good-day or night, as the case may be.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Shepherd/Michael
<KathrynSSchwenger> thank you Shepherd:-) Thank you Michael

<ladybroker> Thank you.
<LaurieGarcia> Likewise, Michael :-)
<vanessa_favero> Thank you Michael and Shepherd.
<AeoneSusanLynneSchwenger> Thank you Shepherd & Michael.
<ElisaMcdonell> Thank you.
<Elo-Maria_Roots> Thank you Shepherd and Michael!
<TuijaKamppi> Thank you very much.
<Anne_White> Thank you Shepherd and Michael.
<BarbLundeen> Heartfelt thanks.
<DaveGregg> Technical issues aside, it turned out to be a very nice session.
<EvaDillner> Thank you and especially for the time change.
<Maria> Thank you Shepherd and all the beautiful people :)
<Diane_Cousins> Excellent session Michael and Shepherd, very grateful :)
<KathrynSSchwenger> and thank you to all of the newcomers here, especially the International ones - it was a pleasure to meet you all.
<LaurelB> Excellent, well-balanced session -- thanks Shepherd
<Ed`> Thanks, it was the greatest!


Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Audio cassettes are available from his site. Visit his website at  Summerjoy Press

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