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(Overleaf Study and Selection Centers - OSSC)

(Very briefly, overleaves are the vehicles of your personality. The overleaves are the foundation of Michael's Teaching. There are seven classes of overleaves, Role, Goal, Attitude, Center, Chief Feature, Mode, and Body type. There are seven overleaves within each class)

The overleaves are universal communication tools and can be taken on and off (in the less restrictive astral environment) to provide whatever communication is necessitated by the conjunction and grouping of sentient thought forms. On the astral plane you will see overleaves as patterned colors which are some what materialized by the being using them. You will literally try on overleaf sets in the astral.

Overleaf combinations are testing and experimented with at the Overleaf Study and Selection Centers which begin at the 4th level of the astral plane. At the 4th level they can be somewhat disguised to meet the belief systems of the various beings who are getting ready to incarnate. For example, a being who doesn't believe in the possibility of reincarnation will wipe out memories of past lives and the physical plane. In order to move into another incarnation she will have to be tricked (by her essence and the teachers) into testing overleaves. She will be living a reality that is based on her physical plane incarnations but without the knowledge of the physical plane. Her reality at the time is contained within her Astral Thought form Sphere. She is in a supreme denial and will assume she is going to the center to pick out something to wear on a trip she will be taking soon. She certainly will not be doing anything like the nasty business of incarnation that she has heard others talk about.

At the center she will try out the way the overleaves feel and look until she is satisfied. Of course the trip she will be taking is back to the physical plane for another lifetime. This lifetime will be Karma Generated. She will have no conscious choice over her parents and their circumstances. Karma will take care of all the details.

Higher level school participants spend a great deal of energy in choosing the right overleaves and will go to great lengths in planning the next lifetime. Every detail - in some cases - is considered, studied and tested. Groups of beings will gather together into committees to negotiate agreements. This is the case of most mature souls. They will agonize over every detail and they can be extremely perfectionist about the process. Old souls, who also teach at the facilities, are much more detached about the process. They have already used all the overleaves and have experimented with a variety of eccentric combinations. Tell an old soul that she will need to use Moving Centered, Passion Mode, Cynic, in Discrimination and there won't be too much fuss with it (until after she incarnates). Old souls have an easier time sliding when the need arrives.

The schools are like the holo-decks in the Star Trek series. They do not have desks, blackboards and lecterns but Physical Plane Reality Simulators. The simulators draw upon information in the Askashic Record and can create and replay a life scenario over and over. Practice makes perfect and you will sometimes have a difficult time convincing the participant that "this is only a dream". We recently supervised one fragment who believed he was locked in a dungeon forever - literally forever. The crimes he committed while incarnating were too much for him to bear and he felt he needed the appropriate punishment. Our service representative, a 1st level old warrior, almost exhausted all her tricks to get him to shift his awareness enough to move on to another learning stage. She even appeared as Satan to scare him out.

The schools are soul level appropriate. Baby soul schools will be very different that old soul schools. Old souls can be lazy about returning and will avoid school, skip class so to speak. Many of them will postpone incarnating for as long as possible and many of them have created an open doorway to the astral so they will remain in close contact.


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