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Opening Comments

<NancyG> As we prepare to begin, bring your attention to the heart of what we are about.  Have a glass of water handy.  It will help your body attract the energy.

<NancyG> Michael, are we ready?
Michael:  We are here.  We bring our energy to join with those of you here and together we make a glowing bridge across the planes.

This is a time of beginnings for many of you.  One of the qualities of beginnings is the eagerness to look forward.   But beginnings imply endings also.  One of the qualities of endings is the chance to total up the measures of accomplishments.  What if the ending does not seem to capture very much in the way of accomplishment?  Does that mean it has been for nothing?  Was its beginning a mistake?

You who are tuned to our teachings know that no action is without merit.  But if it does not seem to have attracted the accolade 'Well done!' you think it must carry forward some shadowed impression into the future.  Nothing could be farther from the truth we share.  You may, in your personality, be unaware of anything to be content about, but we remind you that You, in your Higher Self, will know better.

Endings and beginnings are part of the space/time qualities of the physical plane.  Beyond it they have no meaning.  But within the physical plane they mark off openings and closings and offer a means for looking at one's life in parts.  The whole is often a blur, but in parts you can assess where you have been.  Then it is the forward, the beginning again, that draws you on.

If human beings did not have the opportunity to look ahead, it would be almost impossible to close off anything, and if you could not close, you would not be able to start again.  That is the 'good work' of beginnings and endings.  Think of the seasons:  each comes and goes, begins and ends.  Think of work planned, accomplished, begun and ended. The opportunity to start again always brings with it a lightening of the spirit.

We do not suggest that you forget the past, in this case the immediate past, but we do offer this thought:  What has been attempted and has reached some kind of conclusion, is finished.  Even that which carries over into the new beginning is concluded to a certain extent.  And that is the light of the next step.  Hold to the possibilities.  Let the  next beginning open your heart and mind to the work of your soul.  Ends and starts are the stuff of the world.  If you choose to make use of them, the path forward becomes less tiresome.

We will now take questions.

<DaveGregg> Dlmrry, you have the first question.

Q & A

<dlmrry44> Hi, this is Dianne and I and my old friend Betty would like a couple of examples of past lives we may have spent together.  Thanks, Michael and Nancy!

Michael:  The women, Dianne and Betty (Elisabeth?), share several lives, as they already know. Two we will describe for you. The first was the work of a potter's shop. Both fragments were males apprenticed to a master at the age of 10. Over the years of the apprenticeship they became as brothers. When the time came for their journeyman years, they were loath to part and managed to continue with the same master until their own mastery was apparent. As two men in their early 30s they set out together, married, and settled into a community large enough to support two master potters. There are examples of their fine work in homes in Bavaria.

The second life that these two fragments chose might be considered much less successful by worldly standards, but there was great joy in it also. These two fragments were cousins, one a male, the other a younger female. They hoped to mate and in the time when this could have happened the parent of the male decided that there was a better attachment in the offing and arranged it.

Both fragments were heartbroken, as you say.  This was not their hope or plan.  They did concede to the situation, however, and each mated successfully with another.  Their children became close and in that generation there was a match which both were delighted with.  Their affection for each other remained an important part of their lives to the end, bringing their two families together in the process.  That is why we say that  joy came out of the initial loss.

<DaveGregg> Glenn, you're next...

<Glenn> I am curious to know about possible agreements between myself and 2 Michaelists who have moved in downstairs from me - Mature Warrior and Mature Sage.

<NancyG> Michael, please take the image of these two women from Glenn.

Michael:  We are aware of a coming together of this trio of fragments who have had a couple of previous lives, one in great antiquity.  There is an agreement to complete a monad here that has been hanging between these three for several centuries.  This work does not require that any of the three have direct knowledge of the matter of the agreement, therefore we do not see any need to describe it.  Let it be known that the finishing of it is even now happening.  The relief that it CAN be completed, that events have worked to bring these three together, does color the human relationships being crafted in this instance.  To add here: There is some tension among the three fragments, but the overriding feeling is one of relief.

<DaveGregg> Sanotter, you're next...

<sanotter> I'd like to know more about my previous incarnation here on earth before this current life. Where was I and what did I do? Have I been a religious or spiritual leader?

Michael:   We greet you, Hannu. The fragment Hannu has a misty memory of preaching to large groups. This accounts for the sense that spiritual leadership happened in a former life.  As a male, Hannu was a well-known pastor and preacher in the time of the wars of religion, Eastern Europe, your 17th C.  In a time of violence and intolerance for the other viewpoint, this fragment fanned the flames. His approach was on the side of the fiery and the righteous.

This lifetime, however, was not the one most immediate to this one. The last life but this was lived as a simple knife and tool sharpener in the great mountains you call Himalayas.  He was the father of 11 children, only two of whom lived to mate, and he died relatively young, at the age of 28.

<sanotter> Where comes that connection of India energy, what I'm receiving now?

Michael:  This interest in the culture and art of India is one that is built on a romantic, in the best sense of the word, understanding and sympathy for another way of life. There is no past life residue fueling this interest.  Perhaps there will be a future one building on it. The location of the immediate past life was in a Muslim part of the mountains, not on the plains where the Hindu way of life was lived.

<DaveGregg> LoriS, you're next...

<LoriS> For the “foreseeable future”, what are the probabilities of a type of large scale disruption to biological and economic life occurring in the coastal New England areas of the United States?

Michael:   The 'foreseeable future' is a rather vague term, but we will say that there is little chance that there will be a major disruption of life as it now is lived.  The probability that such a 'large scale' disruption will take place is about 1 in 20.  We think these are fairly good odds for putting such fears behind.

<DaveGregg> ShannonB, you're next...

<ShannonB> I understood that the tsunami that hit in the Indian Ocean in 2004, and the hurricane that devastated Louisiana in the United States in 2005 had some lessons within them; lessons that should help this world become the Mature Soul world it must become.  What also about the recent disasters; the cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China; did they happen to help the world on its path to being Mature Soul also?   If they didn’t happen for that “reason”, will that nevertheless be the outcome?
Michael:  The various natural disasters that this fragment is describing are a result of the forces of nature, that is all.  There is no cosmic attempt to use the wind and rain, as well as the tectonic plates of the earth, for 'lessons'.  We understand that these serious events, which have affected large numbers of people around the world, have been made to fit the vision of some as portents of a metaphysical taskmaster, keeping score on the world.  This is part of that same 'delicious fear' that sees cosmic events looming in your calendar year 2012.

The earth is slowly moving toward a Mature soul level, although the timing of this will not be evenly experienced by all peoples.  This movement is part of the nature of soul evolution and has nothing to do with cataclysmic geology. There are always lessons to be learned from any event, global or familial or personal.  But to ascribe a tidal wave to the effort is to assign anthropomorphic emotion to the universe.   We suggest that remembering the difference between the physical aspects of nature and the metaphysical aspects of souls will serve to strengthen the understanding regarding the place of natural 'disasters' in the world.

<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira>  My question is about my physical health. After I came back to China in January, I started receiving traditional Chinese medicine (herbs) treatment. The result is noticeable but not quite prominent. 2 days ago, I started receiving acupuncture treatment and wonder if this will have better results. Do you suggest I do anything to maximize the result or try some other treatment, considering all possible modalities that are available to me? Also I dream way to much and always feel exhausted, does that have anything to do with my current physical discomfort?

Michael:  We suggest that dreaming extensively has several causes.  The one most prominent in the life of Hao Zhang is the imbalance within the body that has been felt and is now being treated.  We agree that acupuncture may well resolve some of the more obvious physical disease.  As the body becomes better balanced, we think the dreams may soften and fade. Other than a program of nutritious food and efforts to put aside too much concern for the body, there is nothing special that this fragment 'should' do as the acupuncture program continues.  We do suggest that such a program may take some time and immediate relief, although noticeable, is not the whole picture.

The whole picture is one of various elements coming together to bind themselves into good health.  There is much to be said for the attention of a professional nutritionist, and as well as acupuncture, a manipulator of the body, a chiropractor, might be an addition to the regimen.  These, working together, have the possibility of effecting quite a successful recovery.

<DaveGregg> YY2, you're next...

<yy2> Lately I have been feeling very tight on my upper back and chest. I am also feeling some degree of low blood sugar and tired. How much am I absorbing my mother's and my brother's energy as they are both ill, and how can I change my habits in absorbing energy from them?

Michael:  We have commented before on this situation, Yung Yung, and remind you that you respond to the discomfort attendant on the bodies of your mother and brother. We would say that nearly all the tightness you are feeling is a result of your sympathetic nature and your wish to relieve these two fragments of some of their pain and discomfort.  The mind can help here with a concerted effort to turn worry into concern. Worry is self-immobilizing. Concern is self-energizing.

As to the low blood sugar reading that defines your tiredness, have you thought of lowering your intake of carbohydrates and replacing them with more protein? This is often useful for balancing blood sugars. Such a diet may only have to be temporary, as the body finds its appropriate level, or it may be more permanent, given the way sugars are or are not metabolized properly. If you choose to experiment in this direction, let the way you respond be your guide.

<DaveGregg> Deborah D, you're next...

<Deborah_D> Thank you. Could you please tell me if there were any agreements or past life associations between me and my late mother, Helen?

Michael:  The fragment Helen and the fragment Deborah have chosen to work through a monad of helper and being helped, an agreement that was planned for four lifetimes.  The one just finished for the fragment Helen is the third of this agreement.  In this agreement, the fragment now known as Deborah is the helper, the woman known as Helen in this lifetime is the helped.  We believe that this arrangement will probably reverse in the next life, the helper becoming the helped.

<DaveGregg> Mario, you're next...

<MarioNiebles> My question for tonight is: I'm having problems healing/balancing my chakras due to many reasons from the past, plus right now I'm living with a cording neighbor (he's a 'psychic vampire') and also with the people around in this society. Any suggestions on how to overcome this for now and future events?? How to heal my body and energetic center, aura, etc.??  Thanks!! :)

Michael:  To take these concerns in order:  The balancing of the chakras is an art as well as a science and there are many approaches that have been found satisfactory. We suggest the fragment Mario investigate and choose the one that seems most attractive to him.

Next, cording can happen with or without compliance. The suggested way to dissolve unwanted cording is to make it a part of  the body's hygiene, during a shower, for instance, or when washing the body all over. We suggest that one make the intention to remove any cords and to send them back to their promoters with love and understanding. This intention is reinforced by the motions of washing the skin.

Finally, meditation and the formation of the mind with a positive intention toward the body, its energetic center and the aura that defines this energy, is one plan for healing.

<MarioNiebles> Does an energetic unbalance have to do with my inability to see "sex" as a natural thing/function??!! :o

Michael:  Whether one sees sex as natural or not is usually a part of cultural and/or familial imprinting.  It is, of course, a perfectly proper function of the human being and has no 'bad' energy attached to it as such.  In this case, any negative elements attached to the sexual act are certainly in the eye of the beholder.  We do not here refer to couplings that are not totally consensual.  When there is not consent by each of the fragments involved there are ramifications not being considered in this response..

<DaveGregg> Shelly T, you're next.

<shelleyt> Hi, Michael.  It's been a long time!  I'd like to understand why the job with Scott K. turned out the way it did and if I should go after the money owed? Thank you for any insight.

<NancyG> (Shelley, I do not know you or S. or anything about the job you are asking about.  This makes it difficult to pin down for the Michaels.)

<shelleyt> I did an interior design job for SK but before it was finished he refused to pay me.

Michael:  The work decided on between these two fragments began as a project with defined objectives.  In the end, the fragment Scott convinced himself that the objectives were not reached and so refused to pay up.  Why he did this is more a part of his human personality than it was any offsetting agreement between the two fragments.

<shelleyt> Would it be of any use for me to pursue being paid?

Michael:  There is always the possibility of bringing the abrogation of an agreement to the attention of authorities. We think this has almost no chance of being successful. What one might do here is weigh the cost of pursuing the thing to a conclusion that may not be positive against the satisfaction of doing it. The lesson is one of practical usage between human beings. One cannot always foretell how the other is going to act and so must make decisions as best suits the situation.  For the optimistic fragment, this kind of outcome does not poison future situations. For the pessimist it only reinforces the gloom.

<DaveGregg> AnnH, you're next.

<annh> Last night, as part of a fearful dream, I dreamt that a group of small mechanical-type people swarmed out of an old wardrobe towards me. In the dream I said to myself, "These are parts of your chief feature." What was I working on in that dream? Is it related to the documentary on Mt. Everest I watched last night? Was I accurate in my assessment of that symbol of the mechanical people?

Michael:  The fragment Ann has a good imagination.  Identifying the swarm as elements of chief feature was
an interesting association.  We remind all of you that the conscious mind relies on sensible feedback, but the self that is released into the astral during sleep is not fettered to the senses.  Therefore it is free to make associations as it chooses.  Having watched a feature about an alien culture, tied to a meal that was sitting heavily in the stomach, brought about this dream.   Not what we would regard as anything seriously loaded with symbols.  We do not see any great insights to dwell on here.  (Michael is grinning.)

<DaveGregg> Littlestar, you're next.

<littlestar> Hello, Michael.  My question is about a psychic that has gotten angry at me.  Is there a way to heal this  and can you tell me about the validity of the work that is done by the group at large?  The psychic's name is [omitted]

Michael:  If one who promotes the semblance of being tuned to the metaphysical world indulges in emotions such as being 'angry with someone, then we suggest that this may deliver a number of caveats concerning the validity of the medium and the office he/she is occupying.  We assume that the fragment receiving the anger was a client.  This fastens a sense of emotional involvement to the relationship that of its own will damage anything the medium offers as insight or truth.

<littlestar> There were several entities from the astral and Orion system as well as prayers/meditations/techniques that felt very useful.  Can you offer any insights?  Yes, I was a client.

Michael:  Astral energy is always emotional and is often quite helpful to those who receive it. We do not say, therefore, that it is never useful. What we do say is that the interface between the person asking/receiving information and the person of the medium can be damaged by the personality of the medium. Therefore one must beware of this obstacle. If there was good coming to the fragment who asked, then there has been no harm done. It may be necessary, however, to either attempt to diffuse the anger of the medium, or to find another medium who has access to the same energies.  This may not be much of a problem since astral energies are eager to be heard.

<littlestar> What about the Orion star system?  Is this considered astral energy as well?

Michael:  What about it? Star systems are a part of the created universe. They have inherent 'energy' but do not contain messages for human beings, if that is what you are asking. The astral energies that suggest they are speaking from a star system are using a metaphor to connect with those involved with the groups receiving them. The astral plane is not a star system.

<DaveGregg> Marion, you're next.

<marion_> Hi, Michael and Nancy!  I have been having violent dreams lately, ie, a man vindictively killing a baby, stuff like that. What is up with that? I usually visualize a different ending and that helps but that one is sticking. I don't watch gore as a rule. Any insight would be a blessing.

Michael:  There is a residue in your life, Marion, that is bringing up this image in your dreams.  It is finding a home in a place in your life when you are not receiving as much rest from your sleep as you expect.  There was such an event in a very distant life, one that found you the unwilling mate of a very violent man.  You watched the destruction of your child and was afterward what is loosely described as 'not all there'.  Your psyche refused to acknowledge the scene you witnessed.  That is now playing back, not for any so-called lessons, but as we said, a residue, a shadow on the personality.

<marion_> Anything I can do about that?

Michael:  There are a couple of ways to defuse this fury.  One would be to recognize in your dreaming that you are dreaming.  If you can do that, withdraw from the event to the point where you can say:  This isn't happening.  This is only a dream.  Then it is very possible that your conscious mind will understand that it need not replay the event over and over in various versions of the same violence

Another way is to meditate on what you experience, letting it play itself out just as it does in the dream state, and offer healing to the man, to the babe, and to yourself.  This may take more than one session, but in the end the experience can then become its own past and not bother you any more.  If the violence continues in another form in subsequent dreams, repeat the meditation for each version until the residue has dissipated completely.

<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you have the final question.

<Geraldine-> I'd like to ask about the origins or reason for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It first appeared in the 1980s and has spread widely but has no specific known cause or vector, no known virus, etc. Yet, it causes a devastating lifestyle change to those affected. There is no isolated cause and no known cure. Can you shed some light?

Michael:  This malady is not a new one with a sudden appearance a few decades ago.  It has been a part of the baggage of the human race for millennia.  It does now have a label, however, and that is why it seems to have made a rather sudden appearance.  There has been a number of subtle changes in the chemistry of some humans which has not been altogether felicitous for everyone affected.  Part of this change is one of the protein inhibitors.  Those suffering from the syndrome do not have the receptors for the alternate proteins presenting and the body responds with fatigue, muscle ache, and general malaise.

For some, careful attention to nutrition as designed by a sympathetic professional has been the only solution.  And this approach has been very idiosyncratic.  In other words, it has been tailored to an individual, which means it cannot be applied willy nilly to everyone suffering from the same disease.  With continued observation, it will very likely become apparent to those involved what the problem is and what best ameliorates the symptoms.

<Geraldine-> So, it's not a the same protein for each case?

Michael:  That is correct.

Closing Comments

Michael:  We have arrived at an ending once more.  From our beginning some hours ago to this end we have crossed the barrier of time and space with you, arriving at another beginning.  We cannot foresee what kind of day each of you will have next, nor what aches, physical or heartfelt, you are facing, although some of your questions seem to imply that we have our fingers on everyone's pulse constantly.  (Michael is smiling)   No, we undertake  to point the way to agape, to soul evolution, to a roadmap for making your way through the minefields of the human condition.

You do not need us for the joyful parts of the path.  These are self-evident and welcome spaces to savor and to cherish.  When the endings come on those notes, there is satisfaction and a sense of light and ease.  On the other hand, when an ending is less than joyful, there is no sense of closure, no rejoicing or congratulations to the self.

But we suggest that the lightening of these memories comes with the new beginning that tomorrow always is.  Think about the number of times in your life that herald a beginning: each day, each conversation, each new season, each element of the steady march of life, even each drawn breath.  If you can make this newness a part of your attention, endings and beginnings begin to make much more sense.  We offer these words as a guide to all of the tomorrows of the rest of your life.  Go in peace.


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