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Opening Comments

<Lightspring?MICHAEL> We would like to speak to you this evening about anger. Many of you are experiencing a sense of righteousness about how you think the world should be. We invite you, instead, to begin to expand your awareness into the perfection of every moment, as it is right now. The more you do so, the more you realize that you can let go of this sense of righteousness. And move into, instead, a sense of acceptance. For some of you, recent anger has come on a more personal level, as you grapple with internal conflict. Your anger is simply a cry that a wrong has been done. Even if there was no one there to hear it.

This kind of anger can be stored within the body for long periods of time, wreaking havoc and creating a feeling of emptiness inside that seemingly nothing can fill. This internal anger, however, can be unleashed safely by turning the world as you know it upside down. If you are one of those feeling recent internal conflicts, reach deep inside yourself to that empty place, and bring it out for the world to see. For then this "emptiness" will be filled with everything the universe has to offer, which you already posses, and already have instant access to. Releasing this anger takes time, however, and is not accomplished in a single session of exploration of your inner anguish. Be gentle with yourself. Be accepting of yourself. And in time, you will feel the peace that you know is already there.

<Lightspring> We are ready for questions.
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're first...

<Geraldine> Hello, Michael and Karen. My name is Geraldine Bolter. I was channeled through Troy as being a Traveling Companion with my daughter, Suzanne Fisher. What agreements or task were we supposed to work on this life?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> We see that the agreement here is threefold. One, there is the obvious parent-child agreement. Two, there is an agreement to mutually trigger some underlying issues from previous lifetimes spent together. It was planned that the exploration of these issues take many years to complete. And indeed, are still undergoing this exploration. Three, there is a mutual support agreement for the accomplishment of your respective life tasks. Each life task supports the other's. There is also a good deal of mutual affection, at least on an essence level, as these two fragments have indeed spent quite a bit of time together.

<Geraldine> Thank you very much :)
<DaveGregg> Umi, you're next...

<umi> Earlier this year, I had my conflicts with a high school teacher, he had the ability to drain my aura, I haven't been the same since How can I heal myself/aura?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> There was a minor agreement between these two fragments to provide the challenge you have described. The challenge was a trigger of certain underlying fears and insecurities on your part. This in turn felt uncomfortable. You are in the process of learning various responses to such challenges. Be patient with yourself. Learning this lesson well often takes time. Many years. We would suggest that the most effective change you can enact now would simply be one of perspective. Understanding that it was your choice to feel "drained" will eventually become empowering for you. Knowing that you at all times have choice in terms of how you react to what others do or say is also very empowering. We say to you again, be patient with yourself in this process.

<umi> So its meant to be with me throughout this lifetime, is there not a way to heal?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> There is nothing to heal. Again, the matter is of perspective, only.  It is up to you whether you choose to see it or not.

<umi> thank you Michael and Karen
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<ivytaavi> I was wondering about my most recent past life and info on that, please?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> This was a life of extreme pain, but one that was deemed successful in the end, at least from your eventual perspective. In Poland, you lived through a time of extreme deprivation and bitter cold. You hadn't the ability to communicate with others on a level that made you understood. This was frustrating and because of it, isolating. You lived until your late twenties. You decided on an essence level that you had gained everything you set out to do in that life. Although many could look upon that life as a failure as it was physically difficult and emotionally difficult. Again, it was essentially successful for despite the difficulties and the fact that there were few opportunities for connection or even interaction with others, you have taken from that lifetime a great deal of understanding and compassion, and you are able to use that energy now in order to better address the issues you are facing.

<ivytaavi> How long ago was this, 100 years?

<Lightspring> The life ended in the 1940s.

<ivytaavi> Thank you! I thought it might have been, but was told it was rare to come back so soon
<DaveGregg> Suzie, you're next...

<suzief> I would like to understand my life agreements with friend G.?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> These two fragments have agreed to create certain life experiences in a parallel fashion. This enables them to "compare notes" during and in between such experiences, which allows for greater growth and understanding of these interactions. This type of agreement is not uncommon and usually extends over a series of lifetimes so that the resonance between the fragments deepens in each successive lifetime. This is the third successive lifetimes that the fragments have undertaken to have such an agreement.

<suzief> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I would like to say thank you to the sky makers for the beautiful skyscapes we have been having where I live and to ask how much of the weather is made up automatically and how much by the spirits who take care of such things and how much can a medicine person who dances for rain really influence the skies?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> It is interesting dealing with a person who views natural phenomena as entertainment, and we wish to thank you for sharing your perspective, for the playfulness of it greatly pleases us this evening. We would say that the energy of such displays would likely be much changed if this perspective were shared by a greater number of people, and indeed over history we see that this has been the case. However, at this time, we can tell you that weather patterns are largely caused by the collective energy of all the beings in, on, and around your planet. This includes all beings of sentience and those without. There is a collective energy that migrates around the planet causing transformation. The resulting reverberation from even small changes escalates until they create the greater weather patterns that you see. Therefore there is some truth in what is known as "the butterfly effect."

Thinking that your smallest thought, your most mundane action, can send shock waves around the world that end up as thunderstorms, hail, or brilliant sunshine not only affords you a sense of universal connection, but also imbues you with a sense of your own vastness. It is well to remember from time to time how very connected each of you is to every other one of you, and every other thing that exists in your world.

<laughingboi> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Mark T, you're next...

<mark_t> Hello Karen & Michael. I recently received my Reiki Level 2 attunements. I feel drawn to doing Reiki on animals. I may have done a similar thing in a previous life in Ireland. Is this good work for me in this lifetime?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> We would say that the giving and receiving of Love, which is of course what this type of energy really is, is always beneficial to those concerned. We see that you are feeling drawn along a certain path, and we would encourage you to allow yourself to continue being drawn this way. As it will likely lead to interesting transformation, not only for you, but for those around you.

It is said that "having Reiki" changes one's life, and we would say for the most part this seems to be correct, as Reiki attunement tends to trigger transformation. We would suggest also that an exploration of your connection with this previous lifetime may reward you with some interesting insights.

<mark_t> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> LisaF, you're next...

<LisaF>  I am curious of any karmic or life agreements with G.

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> There seems to be still some reverberation of past karma that was more or less cleaned up. These twinges express themselves in unlikely places and at unlikely times and cause feelings of discomfort that seem to come from nowhere and for no reason. Despite this, there are agreements between you to look at certain issues in your life, mostly relating to security and safety.

The converse of these issues, for you, is isolation and independence, and the struggle between these two sides of the fulcrum has been a difficult one. As you first move to one side and then tip the balance over to the other, when these little karmic twinges come at you from almost nowhere it creates a sense of being unbalanced again and you struggle to find your place closer to the fulcrum. Despite this, there is enough residue of past life affection that seems to hold the two of you together despite the difficulties. Since the agreement involves not only being presented with challenges, but also being provided with a venue in which to work them out, there does seem to be a likelihood of continuing along this path despite the discomfort.

<DaveGregg> Robinette, you're next...

<Robinette> Do I have any mate agreements or have I pre chosen the life of solitaire I so enjoy?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> You entered this life with 3 mate agreements. At present, all of them are quite far away. Not necessarily out of circumstance, but energetically as you have actively resisted their advance. There is no obligation, of course, to implement any of these agreements and it would appear that you have plenty to work on as your life stands as it is. However, it is possible that at some point you will yearn for change. Change of life, change of venue, change of habit, at which time closer interaction with another could become much more appealing as you have transitioned into exploring different issues which then require a closer kind of interaction.

It is true that humans learn through interaction with other humans. There is not much to be learned through interaction with a fence post, other than the occasional splinter. However, many fragments choose a lifetime of observing interactions at levels other than in close proximity to another. While this choice is unusual, it does not preclude one from learning what one needs to learn.

<Robinette> Thank you so much.
<DaveGregg> YY2, you're next...

<yy2> This is a question from my husband, Martin. According to the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, at the moment of one's death either one of two things happens, the Tao eats up our energetic body to promote its evolution and we are annihilated or a being has recapitulated back to the Tao, thus leaving his core intact and he is able to fly past the Tao at death and retain his consciousness. Please comment.

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> In our estimation, the actuality of the mechanics of physical death are far more gentle than what you have described. We would term it more of a change in one's perception. This sounds much more agreeable than annihilation, doesn't it? In other words, there is a separation from the awareness that one possesses a physical body. At the same time, there is a shift to the perception of connection to All That Is. In other words, one loses the sense of separation that one has while alive, and regains the sense of connection that is always present, even if one is unaware of it. This sense of connection with All That Is of course includes an awareness of the Tao. There is the retention of the awareness of one's own spark, but this is maintained as part of the sense of greater connection. In other words, the perception of connection is greater after death than is the perception of separateness. This shift in perception, of course, occurs at various speeds, depending on what various scenarios you have chosen to enact after your physical death. Once those scenarios have been completed, and you again agree to drop the pretense of incarnation, then the true shift in perception takes place, and you once again see things as they truly are.

<yy2> Thank you Michael and Karen
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks Dave. Would like to know how many past life connections I have had with my current life husband, Rohit, and what issues or karma there is between us to still work on, in this life.

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> The most significant past life association you have shared was as brothers, Phoenician mariners, in which you relied heavily upon another for emotional support during a difficult time. There remain resonances of that lifetime now. In addition, there is a mutual teacher/student monad in operation between you. Issues you have chosen to present to one another include those of trust and self-identity. We would say to some degree these have been challenged repeatedly in various ways.

The underlying affection between these two fragments, however, cannot be denied, and there is a barely conscious recognition that all of the day to day difficulties are simply a veneer under which your true interaction lies.

<Jyoti_Shah> Yes indeed issues of self-identify have been challenged in this life.
<DaveGregg> SusanOboe, you're next...

<susantheoboist> I am at quite a “crossroads” in my life. I am working towards changing my career from being a professional performing musician to becoming a public school music teacher. Also, I am in an interesting place regarding romantic relationships – I just got dumped again last Thursday. Any guidance or insight would be greatly appreciated.

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> It is no accident that you find yourself at such a crossroads at this time, as you are reaching deep inside yourself to rediscover who you are. It is easy to look outside one's self to find this identity you seek, but we remind you that all that you are is already inside you, easily accessed. All the guidance you seek, all the applause for a job well done, all the love and affection you crave, is already within you. Reaching outside you for these things only serves to deny the wholeness of you that you already possess.

It is true that these recent events create emotional turmoil that in turn throws you off balance, out of center, but we encourage you instead of feeling at sixes and sevens about it, simply ride with the waves that surround you. For these waves will always take you where it is you need to go.

<susantheoboist> Thank you so much! Sounds like I should tap my heels together three times and say.... there's no place like home. Thank you Karen and Michael and Dave.

<DaveGregg> Visitor-63901, you're next...

<Visitor_63901> Hello and Thank You All. Just as I was to start a job, after three years of not working to care for my mom until she passed, I was in a car accident and my life changed. I would like some career advice and should I move?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> We see you as having entered a period of transition. Indeed, of course, you have been in transitions of one sort or another for some time. However, the transition we speak of is an internal one, rather than external. In other words, you have begun reevaluating some of the choices you have made. This has caused you to doubt some of the validity of the choices you have made, and to reach outward to grasp new experience so as to move away from this exploration, and simply begin to make new choices again.

This path is of course a choice, and will of course lead to various consequences. However, we may suggest that in the end you might find greater satisfaction from continuing to review at a deeper level the choices you have already made. This way you can arm yourself with sufficient information to eventually begin reaching outward again to make new choices. In other words, we see that a prolonged period of introspection could be quite beneficial for you at this time.

<Visitor_63901> Thank You Michael, Karen and Dave. Love to All.

<DaveGregg> Ok, Ivy. Does David still have a question?
<ivytaavi> he does:)
<DaveGregg> Ok, go ahead. :-)

<ivytaavi> Same one as mine, as he liked it so much, please info on his most recent past life? (thank you).

<Lightspring> In the life just prior to this one, the fragment was a painter who assisted others by creating atmospheres with the scenes that he painted, primarily in health care settings, hospitals and hospices. These small murals provided a window into other worlds for people. Indeed he was seen as more than a little eccentric and so was allowed to paint at times with abandon. He had difficulty communicating and felt a great deal of emotion which was expressed through the painting. The emotion wasn't always happy, but again, afford those who saw his work a glimpse into other worlds, most of which don't exist on the physical plane as you know it. It is unfortunate that only a few of these works remain today, as most were painted over. He never had a family of his own, and died in his 30's of pneumonia.

<ivytaavi> Where and how long ago was this?
<Lightspring> South America, 1920's.

<ivytaavi> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Matt, you're next...

<CarrotWax> My question is about my favorite place in the forest here in Vancouver. It is a place of very tall trees, and the energy there draws me in to such a degree that it gives me a glimpse of the timeless. I’ve been through walks through many forests, and this seems different. I’m wondering if Michael could describe what’s energetically going on there?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> There are a number of places scattered around the globe that serve as portals between time-places. In other words, those who are energetically sensitive can to some degree, when in these places, transport to or have awareness of, the other time and places that also exist overlaying those geographical locations. The trees there themselves also serve not only as a protective community but also add their own collective consciousness to the experience and to one's ability to transport while among them. We would say that it is possible for one spending enough time in that location to continue to glimpse and even experience greater degrees of awareness of the myriad worlds that touch this one.

It is no accident that you have access to such a place, as one of your choices in this reincarnation was to enable such interaction. Lest you think that the gifts of this interaction are merely one-sided, in one direction only, be aware that you bring as much to these experiences as you feel the trees bring to yours. Indeed, when you stand among those tall trees you are one of them. You are part of that arboreal community and you are able to reach out of the confinement of your humanity to invite within you the consciousness of All That Is.

<CarrotWax> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> SandyW, you're next...

<SandyW> I would like to know information about my most notable lifetime...where when, the circumstances, the lessons learned and the bearing it has upon this lifetime.

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> Once there was a butcher who liked to think he was getting the best of people. He was one of those who tipped the scales in his favor. This was in Germany in the 18th century, a place and time where the butcher was typically quite prominent. Indeed, this butcher was of some prominence, imposing physically as well as financially. He had a wife who was afraid of him. He had a son who one day stood up to him and exposed him for what he was.

The rest of the town grew quite angry and insisted he leave immediately, even though it was the middle of winter. He tried to live with his sister in a neighboring town, but she long ago had had quite enough of him. Eventually he masqueraded as a street sweeper, and found a place far to the west from where he once held court.

This new place was rightfully suspicious of strangers, but attempted to welcome him into their midst anyway. Most of their efforts he rebuffed until one day the man known as the village idiot told him the wisest thing he had ever heard. He simply told the butcher to smile more, to be himself. From then on, gifts began to come to him. Friends were made. Glasses were clinked in camaraderie.
Soon the butcher wished to resume his old way of life to have the kind of income he had previously held.

He decided to announce to his new friends what his real line of work was, and one day in the tavern he decided it was time to make his speech. It was time to claim his own again. It was time to be what he thought was himself.

The butcher held huge expectations for what was going to be his shining moment. He stood up to make his speech and when he had done so, his friends laughed good naturedly, clapped him on the back, and told him what a good joke that was. And the butcher knew that to these friends, he would forever be the street sweeper, never again a butcher.

He began to inhabit the energy of the street sweeper, to turn his smile upon those around him, not out of ingratiation, but out of genuine pleasure. In time, he became the most well liked man in his new village, even though he was never anything more than a street sweeper.

We would like to remind you that it is not what you do that is important, it is simply that you be who you are. Shine your light on yourselves. Allow that light to shine forth to all who see it. And you will find yourself in alignment with who you are in all your beautiful perfection.

<SandyW> Thank you...there is much to think of in this.
<DaveGregg> Akira, you have the final question...

<akira> I'd like to know about my past life on planet Maldek. Sorry for making this long, but first, please allow me to provide the information I know about that life so far. It's my last incarnation on Maldek. I was a son of a scientist who was a core member of a group which tried to control the magma at the core of the planet and take use of it. After the death of my father, I inherited his research result and expanded it to a new height. But I made mistakes and the experiment on magma went out of control and caused the whole planet exploded. I also had a ...stepmother that life, who was almost at the same age as me and we felt love in each other, although I'm not sure about which specific kind of love. This stepmother also incarnated in my current life as a friend of mine, whose name is Hiroko Kojima. But recently there was some misunderstanding between us. It seems that that incarnation on Maldek is very important to me now, so I'd like to know some detailed information about that incarnation, especially the fear or other negative energy patterns I brought into my current life.

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> Although typically the resonances one feels with other lifetimes are ones from the current grant cycle, it is possible to tap into from time to time other cycles lived on other worlds. That is partially the case here. In addition, you have chosen to retain a certain energetic openness that allows you to act as a beacon towards others who like to contact those who are open. This is often done simply out of play and seldom has much real meaning in terms of sending messages between species.

You have been the recipient of such energy for some time now, and much of this energy is being interpreted by your human mind in terms of images and remembrances that you can make sense of. Though there is some true resonance occurring, we would say that for the most part, the urgency that you feel in this "communication" is largely self-generated. That is not to say that at some future time you will not have a great deal of information to impart to others, but this particular set of images, again, seems to mostly be an interpretation of energy you have been receiving.

It is a choice to be open to such transition, and it is a choice to interpret them in the way that you have, and we would be remiss if we indicated that these choices are not being made to impact you in a positive fashion, for indeed they are.

There is learning and growth available from every kind of interaction. And we would say that to a large degree, this openness and the energy you have been receiving have been chosen in order to prepare you for tasks you will be selecting later in this lifetime, as you are approaching a time of great inner transformation. We see that the import of such practice is becoming apparent to you now.

<akira> Are you suggesting that the incarnations on Maldek are not from the current grand cycle? Where the energy I have been receiving came from? from my friend or from myself?

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> The incarnations are not from the current grand cycle, and the energy is coming from neither you nor your friend, but from others who are able to contact you now.

Closing Comments

<Lightspring/MICHAEL> We have seen tonight how each of you hold within you echoes of the past, of the future, and even of places not associated with your world. These echoes afford you glimpses into who you have been, who you will be, and more importantly, who you are now. We remind you that each of you already holds within you everything you need to feel whole and complete.

Each of you possesses all the Love you will ever need, all the joy you could ever use. By expanding that kernel of perfection within you to as vast a space as you can imagine you give the greatest gift possible, not only to yourself, but to your entire world.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Karen.
<ivytaavi> Thank you, Karen and Michael!
<LisaF> Thank you so much Michael and Karen for the highly insightful information provided it has helped greatly and is so very very accurate with what's happening in my life.
<Diane_H> Thanks Karen and Michael!
<HeatherH> Thank you Michael, Karen and Dave
<akira> Thank you Michael, Karen, Dave and everyone!
<susantheoboist> Thank you so much, Karen, Michael and Dave
<Lightspring> You're welcome, everyone...thanks for being here!


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