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Shepherd Hoodwin


Opening Comments

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Listen with your wholeness to your connections with the other souls in this "room." On a soul level, you always are aware of your interconnected with everything, especially with other souls with whom you are close. This is a good opportunity to bring that awareness into your personality. Perhaps you can now notice spiritual connections that are less obvious when you are more focused on your physical existence.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> What is this like for you?

<aeoneSusanKingCastSage> A sense that when we interact with others that we are alot closer than we think
<CarrotWax> it feels like I am high above the ground, and I can see the landscape and the scope of the community
<kimberly> It feels like I'm home.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Causal plane existence vividly illuminates the matrices of connection among souls and among all things. During our time together, you are experiencing some causal energy that can help illuminate the underpinnings of your lives. Some people are more sensitive to such things than others. If you not directly feeling what we are referring to, try imagining it. Thinking *about* it won't work, but putting yourself in the picture might. Perhaps some of you are experiencing being part of something larger. This is a great antidote for loneliness.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> The energy of the group is undergoing striking changes. Would anyone care to comment on them?

<tziporahmiriam> I feel an amazing calmness pervading me and a sensation in my heart and solar plexus.
<aeoneSusanKingCastSage> what we think can have a profound affect on where this world is heading
<fireflySuz> It feels like Family, closer than just family
<Rhua> I know I have moments now every day where I am overwhelmed with joy at knowing I am a part of something larger
<Elisa17> It feels like the connections between us are becoming brighter
<Rhua> Yes, for me it was like coming home to Family.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> You as a group are now bringing forth a more cohesive and powerful force than ever before in these chats. If you feel frustrated because you think you aren't feeling anything, focus on your body's sensations.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Feedback?

<SophieBrunet> I feel hotter in my body.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> It is almost as if the group energy is forming a small star.

<SandyW> more focused, peaceful too yet anticipatory...
<tziporahmiriam> the energy feels very grounded and stable like a heavy blanket of clarity and calm.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> SGH (not Michael): I feel my body being used more strenuously than ever before in these chats, like something big is happening.
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> SGH: It's almost as if gases are interacting.
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> SGH: Just now, it felt as if something came together and resolved. Did anyone else feel that?

<Kathryn41> like a loose screw got tightened and things got smoother
<SandyW> moved to a new level...
<Lila> Just a comment. Looks that I'm a strong energy sender here. All your feelings sound like my basic energies.
<aeoneSusanKingCastSage> maybe you got some of the healing energy headed your way ? and, when one is healed, all are healed
<fireflySuz> that's a good way to put it, Kathryn

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> MICHAEL: We will take questions now.

<DaveGregg> Elo, you have the first question.

<Elo-Maria> I don't understand the concept of parallel lives very well. Does this means, that one fragment has more than one bodies with different overleaves at the same time and same dimension? Or something else? I just don't get it.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: This question fits well with the multi-dimensional nature of the energy this group is generating.

The physical plane is a sort of elementary school. Things are simplified for its students in order to make the lessons clearer and more specific. However, the nature of reality is not as simple as it appears to the five senses. The five senses are part of the simplified apparatus. Reality is multi-dimensional. That means that there are always many things going on at once. Your senses are designed to focus on one at a time. They exclude everything else, for the most part. Those whose five senses don't exclude everything else are either overwhelmed by all the information and are therefore institutionalized, or learn to handle more information and may be thought of as shamans or psychics.

Your essence is far more vast than your human body can accommodate. However, there are countless parallel "you's" with the same or similar overleaves and similar bodies. These parallel you's are experiencing different aspects of your life task, giving your essence a more complete experience of the physical plane. Some may think of these parallel you's as not being as valid as the you who is reading these words. They are, in fact, as real to themselves as you are to yourself. Sometimes there is bleedthrough between parallel selves, especially when you are asleep and dreaming. This brings up the bigger question of "What is reality?"  One might surmise from our words that your life in this parallel is not very important, if it is "only" one of many. Sometimes, when a person begins to grasp the vastness of even this one universe, he interprets that as implying that he is meaningless. Just a grain of sand on a beach. The opposite is true: every grain of sand is important. False personality has a need to be a "big fish in a small pond" if it can't be a big fish in a big one. However, true personality is not interested in comparisons. It knows that it is ultimately the whole pond. The grain of sand is the beach. It is made of the same substance and is connected to all the rest.

It is separate and one at the same time. It is also possible for essence (your soul) to have more than one incarnation within the same parallel and the same time frame. This is like having a future or past-life self who happens to live in the same time frame you do. We realize that all this may sound "far-out"--like science fiction. Again, it is helpful to remember that your five senses properly simplify things for you so you can focus on small things and not be overwhelmed. Still, there is a hunger for knowledge of what lies beyond the simplified version of reality. Those whose minds are awake, at any soul age, tend not to be satisfied with the explanations of what lies beyond generally offered in your "elementary school." Some learn to be at peace with the mystery. That is wise, up to a point, because in the physical body, one's ability to comprehend the vastness is somewhat limited. Still, you can awaken your spiritual senses, your 6th sense as well as your 7th and 8th.... and touch a knowing of the multidimensionality of reality.

You don't have to intellectually understand it all. We don't even understand it all. Some people find comfort in living in a small, confined world, like a cat who likes to be cozy under a bed. For most who have chosen the spiritual path because their world was too small for them, a sense of the grandness of reality is a liberation. At times, one may again seek comfort under the bed :) but the path of evolution is of being able to accommodate an increasingly large world. When you live in a large world, the little irritations of the physical plane tend to bother you less. The trick is to maintain a balance: to be able to live in an unlimited world while still being able to hone in on the details.

Some of those who are homeless are those whose world became large before they gained the ability to cope with the smaller world they had. You are here to practice your life skills. The little things, the details, are valid--they give you the opportunity to gain excellence. Balance is found by not allowing the little things to become your whole world. They are handled best when seen within a larger context. They are important and not important at the same time. They give you an opportunity to practice excellence in your living skills, but, of themselves, are not a big deal. So large and small is a polarity that can be integrated in the well-lived life.

We realize that many of you came with questions you were hoping to ask, but we would like to conclude here. We have made a good connection with many of you more directly through the energy work, and perhaps you will find at least part of your questions being answered without the convenience of this medium. Good night.

<Kathryn41> thank you Shepherd
<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Thanks, Shepherd.
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> You're welcome.
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Sorry to cut it shorter than usual, but it seemed very potent and concentrated to me.
<Elo-Maria> The idea of parallel realities is so exciting! And energy was very strong this time, too.
<Elisa17> Thanks Shepherd and Michael


Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Audio cassettes are available from his site. Visit his website at  Summerjoy Press

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