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Nancy Gordon


Opening Comments

<NancyG> Pull your thoughts away from the chatter and focus on what we are doing. Bring yourself into the center of your being and open to the energy that we are all generating here. Michael, are we ready?

<NancyG/MICHAEL> We are here.

We bring you the following thoughts: This is the physical plane. Everything that seems to you to be a troubling part of your life is part of the physical plane. But to put things in perspective, so are the wondrous things in your life. All beauty, all wonder, all happinesses are woven into this life that you live on the physical plane.

There is a kind of 'teaching' that suggests that you 'ought to' try and surmount anything that connects you to the earth, the planet, to the things physical. This is quite contrary to our understanding of the reason for human existence.

We are here to tell you that there is no profit in trying to be angels if you are in a body. (smile)

The laws of the physical world are yours to work with. Other planes do not have gravity, or ice storms, or overdrafts at the bank. These are part of life here. We bring a set of suggestions for coping with life as a human body must live it. We are not a plan for enlightenment, however you perceive that to be.

We suggest that there are several excellent patterns for pursuing that road. One of the least cluttered in Maya is the Buddhist tradition. And there are others. But we are teachers of the truths that will highlight daily life here and now. You have a saying: Pie in the sky when you die. Not for us. Have your pie here and enjoy eating it. Only the Higher Self will experience angel-ness once you have given up your body this time around. And even then, 'enlightenment' is not the goal. Remember, we are a mid-causal entity, uniting our 1050 fragments into one, or almost totally one, but we are not 'enlightened' in the sense that you hear spoken of.

Total and complete enlightenment comes with reabsorption into the Tao. That is the ultimate enlightenment. At this point, only the Tao can be said to be enlightened.

So we would suggest that you work in living within the boundaries of your physical life, on the physical plane, with our teachings for a guide to dealing with the ups and downs, ins and outs, joys and miseries of the physical plane. This would seem, in our experience, to be a full time job for most.

We do not mean to denigrate those who aspire to an understanding of higher realms. Not at all. But there is so much to learn and apply to these 'lower realms', lower only in the sense of being preliminary, we add. A great deal of unnecessary energy leaks away from you when you ignore the mundane for 'higher' thoughts. Be assured that we understand these aspirations, however. We just remind you of what is the real purpose of life here on this plane. And we are doing our very best to fulfill our mission to teach by bringing these thoughts to you occasionally.

<NancyG> We are ready for questions.

<DaveGregg> Vanessa, you have the first question this evening...

Q & A

<vanessa> Since my mother died in September my father has changed a lot. When I visited him recently there was so much distance between us, I felt like we were barely more than acquaintances. Can you give me any insight into what’s going on?

<NancyG> The time of grieving is different for each fragment. The loss of a partner is always a very distressing time for the one left behind. During the grief period, it is sometimes all that a fragment can do to honor that. Which leaves little energy for others, even close others.

This is the case here. The distance is illusory, however. It is just that the man involved does not realize how much he has withdrawn within himself.

We suggest patience and a continuing effort to remind him of his other connections. We do not see this as a permanent estrangement. If, however, it continues for more than another few months, it may be necessary to consult professionals about it. There are those who specialize in grief counseling, as you know. We do not predict and we do not command. But we can suggest and this seems to have a probability of resolving itself in time. It may seem to you to be unduly long, but for the father it may appear quite a bit shorter and he is not finished with the work of grief.

<vanessa> He's already dating.

<NancyG> He may be 'dating' as you say, but his heart is not really in it. It is a matter of loneliness.

<vanessa> I don't think he can grieve.

<NancyG> There is a sense of trying to pull edges together in any way which presents itself.

<vanessa> Thanks.
<DaveGregg> Lou, you're next...

<lou> Bonsoir, I think I am an artisan, I would like to know who is or are my guides and how can I best receive there teachings or advice.

<NancyG> There are three guides who advise you. There is a female energy who seems to be the one toward whom the other two look. Then there are two male energies who share the work of being available for emotional support. One's guides are always 'on the job', even if you do not feel their presence. One way to try to improve the connection is to speak aloud to them, much as one does to a friend. Setting up a time for consulting and connecting, just as you would make a date to have lunch or make a phone call to discuss something with a close friend, is often a beginning for opening the door to one's guides.

Another way is to write them, or one of them if you choose, a letter. Sitting quietly and putting your thoughts down for them, including questions you may have and analyses you may be making of problems, etc., is another way to connect. A third way is to make the intention before sleeping to meet your guides on the astral during sleep and asking them to make this easy for you.

<lou> and do guides change in the course of a lifetime?

<NancyG> Usually your guides are permanent fixtures from the beginning of a life to the end. But occasionally there is need to add a new energy for its specific assistance. This new addition may not be permanent, but rather may join at the invitation of the others, and we might add, with your higher self's consent, to get you through a temporary difficulty.

<lou> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Woodlark, you're next...

<woodlark> Hello, Michael. This is a 2part Q., if I may. I'm level 1 old, in Growth in this LT, and age 55--all relevant, as is your comment about the mundane "versus" the higher. They seem to happen every couple of years now, accelerating - this time, that I need to let go of the goals, classical-music repertoire, most of what I they seem to happen every couple of years now, accelerating - this time, that I need to let go of the goals, classical-music repertoire, most of what I have devoted myself to the "perfection" and enjoyment of singing for over 30 years. Scary, yet that path has never felt complete, nor as though I've been able to express what you've encouraged as "my Danielle-ness." The musical path I'm taking is a "lower road," as it were, than the classical world. But I'm more creatively active and alive, though this doesn't feel complete yet either.

The second part of the Q is whether this shift is the main thing underlying my physical exhaustion at this time, or if that has to do with other dramas or an underlying body condition.

<NancyG> The dissatisfaction you are experiencing is partly based on what you have been imprinted to think about any musical expression that is short of the 'classical'. This residual judgment is causing you to make excuses to yourself about your involvement with something less than the 'high road'.

At this time it may be necessary to stop and ask your self how YOU feel about what you are doing. Need you make excuses for feeling more creatively active and alive in what you do? Your mind tells you that to put a hierarchical value on the musical world is nonsense. Your emotions, however, are being wrestled with here by your allegiance to the possibility that what you love is not quite as honorable as it might be. We would say that this is at the basis of your feeling of incompleteness at this time. It takes a lot of physical energy to defend a choice like this, one reason for your exhaustion. We do not believe you will find a malady at the bottom of your physical state. A serious appraisal of yourself at this time, weighing your choices and your wishes, seems called for. You may find that this is a good time for summing up the past and making assessments of the future.

<woodlark> What about content rather than form? I know that people have often found the sound itself of my voice to be healing - so how much does content matter in our troubled world?

<NancyG> We do not understand this question. Are you asking if the words that you sing are important?

<woodlark> All of the elements - the sound itself, the words, the music - would seem to have their own vibratory levels. yes?

<NancyG> Let us end this by saying that your contribution to the pleasure of the world involves both the notes that you put into harmony and the words that you choose to attach to those notes. You may wish to select music that is both melodious and thoughtful, with words and music being in balance toward offering energy to your listeners. This energy may be in the form of healing or it may be  entertainment, or it may be as simple as lifting the spirit momentarily. All of which are honorable extensions of your gift.

<woodlark> Thank you, Michael. Very helpful.
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I feel like I've been trying to clean up my act so to speak and finish some kind of soul project, but I'm not sure exactly what kind. I would like to know of any negative karmic ties that might be holding me back from making the next big step in my life of possibly changing jobs or pursuing a committed relationship with someone of my own choosing who is willing?

<NancyG> Karmic ties, as you know, are serious connections with another individual. Even when a mass murderer creates karma with many others, the connection is with each one individually. Decisions to deal with karma are almost always made on the astral between the two fragments involved in the karma before they both incarnate. Therefore the timing and situations necessary to clear karma, if that is the agreement, will happen whether each of you knows when or how. If you are planning to change your life in any way, by all means continue to develop your plans without any regard as to whether you are interfering with karma repayment or creation.

We repeat, if you have agreed to join another fragment in resolving a karmic ribbon, it will happen. We would say that rather than the possibility that a karmic debt is holding you back, it is much more probable that your tendency to procrastinate is on the job here.

<laughingboi> lol...You're probably right there...<g> Um, is there any insight as to what my big plan has in store for me next...if at all?

<NancyG> We suggest that you yourself have more insight than anyone else. There is no possibility that we can predict which of several routes you will decide to take. Remember, if you do not have complete control of the choices you make in your life, then you are not truly a human being.

<laughingboi> hmmm...ok have to think on that for a while...thanks.
<DaveGregg> Robinette, you're next...

<Robinette> Can Michael tell me of any past life associations with my friend G.?

<NancyG> There is a connection of friendship here, of two fragments with similar outlooks and an easy connection. We do not see any other association from the past, not kinship nor mating. This does not mean that there cannot be a new exploration of your connection in this life. It just means that there is no other basis from the past to look to.

<Robinette> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> RL2072, you're next...

<RL2072> I am in-between jobs at the moment, and I know that gaining employment in my current area of expertise is not really a problem. I'd just like to know, given my current circumstances, if Michael can comment on the viability of pursuing an alternate career path in the creative field?

<NancyG> When there is well-worn path ahead of a fragment, it is usual to trod it, since it is the easiest way to continue. It may be more secure to continue with what you know will bring you a living, while at the same time exploring avenues which attract you in the arts. There is little joy in being a starving artist of whatever stripe. If you choose to experience an alternative to the path you have been on, let it be from the safety of a reliable paycheck.

<RL2072> I think that says it all. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Avatar, you're next...

<avatar415> Was the marriage at Cana, mentioned in the New Testament, the marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdeline? Follow up question : If so. how many children did they have, if any. If so, are there descendants of them alive to day?

<NancyG> Yes, the wedding feast at Cana was the celebration of the man Jesus taking the woman Mary in marriage. There were no living children from that union, although there were several born to them. Which means that there are no descendants today.

<avatar415> Did they die in childbirth?

<NancyG> Three were stillborn, one lived to the age of 5, and two others died in their later childhood. We should have stated it thusly: There were no children who lived to adulthood from that union.

<avatar415> How old was Jesus when he died?

<NancyG> The man known as Jesus was 37 years old when he died. The man Jesus never left the geographical area in which he was born.

<avatar415> ok thanks.
<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> My father didn't receive the operation on his colon cancer since the doctors thought he had missed the opportunity. But to our surprise, he barely has any pain or discomfort. Also, as you pointed out last time, I do not feel much energetic connection with him. I go to the hospital everyday but that feels to be just routine work and I wonder what can I learn from such a "boring" relationship. Any suggestion/information about my feelings and about my father's current situation?

<NancyG> There are lessons to be learned from every situation in one's life. Some of them are very apparent at the time, some of them are not but later they make themselves known and understood. And then there are those that will only make sense when the life is finished and the assessment is made on the astral. There is always an element of cultural conditioning in the case of the relationship between parent and child. In your case you, and they we might add, agreed that they would give you life. That is a serious agreement, we would say, but does not imply an emotional attachment. The mischief comes in when the parent or the child, following cultural mores, feel that they OUGHT to have an emotional attachment, but one just isn't present. We suggest that being grateful for the body you own and the haven of the household which gave you a safe place to reach maturity is sufficient all around. As to the health of your father, this is a temporary respite as we understand it. There will be some more time on his clock, but not a great deal.

<akira> BTW, has his essence decided whether to use this illness as an exit point?

<NancyG> The agreement to exit a life is made jointly between Essence and fragment, not by Essence alone. And yes, at least at this time, the agreement has been to use this physical condition as an exit point. But remember, this decision can be abrogated at this time and pushed into the future.

<akira> Thank you so much. I'm much grateful for the body and home they provided me
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine-B> Have I been a Michael Student in other lives? If so, which one was the most successful at receiving you, Michael?

<NancyG> The woman Geraldine has been a student of ours for many past lives. Most of those who respond to our teachings are returning to truths that they identified long since. The one lifetime that allowed the most open connection was as a contemplative nun in Spain in the 16th century. At that time you were the only female child of a scholar who shared with you his pleasure in history, philosophy, languages, and other pursuits. You took this rather universal outlook with you to the Carmelite convent and let the rather narrow interpretation of religion prevalent at that time roll over you, leaving little that conflicted with your early learning. We were able to reach you at this time and we had a great many conversations with you then.

There was not a lot of scope for our connection with regard to deploying the teachings, but not every visitation we make results in a wide audience. We connected then where we could. We welcome you again, Gerladine, to the Teachings.

<Geraldine-B> Thank you and I shall encourage Essence to help me listen for your voice again :)
<DaveGregg> Oceancheryl, you're next...

<oceancheryl> I would like to know the best way to improve my health and mobility. I have Post-Polio Sequelae, the Polio was chosen pre-birth, but you have said I do not need to seek further lessons from it. Is there any way to let go of it, or better manage it, and regain some strength and mobility to enjoy the physical plane more now?

<NancyG> (Are you in physical therapy now, Cheryl?)

<oceancheryl> No, the doctors say conserve to preserve, and the only exercise i am allowed is stretching.

<NancyG> We concur that stretching is necessary to assist the muscles as much as possible to their former flexibility. We would suggest that further work with a professional massage therapist would also be useful. It is not likely that there will be a return to 'normal', but rebuilding the muscle mass is what is called for here. Consultation with a knowledgeable nutritionist could offer some support for the work of improving strength and mobility. This may be difficult to manage, however. If an alternative medical person can be brought into the picture, one versed in appropriate supplementation and nutrition, there could be noticeable improvement.

<oceancheryl> Thank you, I have been on a quest to lose weight, but its a long process. Can you suggest a type of alternative practitioner?

<NancyG> Nutritional advice and support would be helpful toward a better weight, also. Both your muscle mass and your mass work on the same principles. These non-mainstream persons go by a number of labels. Asking at a local health food shop for a reference may be the best way to begin.

<oceancheryl> Thanks very much, I will!
<DaveGregg> Suzie, you have the final question...

<suzie-f> I would like to know my guides and how many and any names please. How are they communicating with me? Thank you.

<NancyG> You are surrounded by guides. There are four who hold your wellbeing as their work. We see a male who has taken on the appearance of a grandfatherly being who suggests that you can know him as Banfer. There are two female energies, one known as Grayal who supports your emotional life, and the other whose name is close to Rosa (not quite but that is the best I can do), who is concerned with your family connections. The last is male who appears young and says he is Branto. He weeps with you and laughs with you and generally cuddles you when you need it.

<suzie-f> That is so awesome.

<NancyG> Like all guides, they do most of their work when you are asleep. Earlier this evening we suggested ways to connect more deliberately.

<suzie-f> Thank you soooo much!!!! much love.
<DaveGregg> Does Michael have closing comments?

Closing Comments

<NancyG> We can see that there is much positive energy among this group tonight. This is a group well grounded in the serious business of getting on with life as best they can. This is the whole purpose for living a life as a human being. Therefore we will say only that putting one's mind and heart into developing all the aspects of human-ness that you possibly can will lead to the evolution that you desire. The Maya of the physical plane is always a deterrent, but even that can be taken for granted. No soul has 20/20 vision on the physical plane. That means that you do the best you can with constant reference to the positive poles of your choice of overleaves and the support of your guides. Agape is a feast that nourishes and pushes the soul to growth. Although true Agape is only attainable at the end of the full extension of the planes, it laps like a gentle rivulet along each life, allowing each of you moments of knowing what the full tide will be like.

Our mission is to offer a plan for moving forward in as straight a line as you can manage toward that all encompassing, totally loving, immensely rewarding goal. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you for sharing your time with us, Nancy and Michael. :-)
<francois_p> Many thanks to you all.
<Kathryn41> Thank you so much Michael and Nancy. An excellent night, again, as usual
<woodlark> Nancy, Michael, thank you so much! :)
<RL2072> Thank you, Nancy & Michael.
<akira> Thanks Nancy and Michael.
<Geraldine-B> Thank you :)
<kimberly> wonderful--thank you all
<yy2> Thank you Michael, Nancy and Dave.
<Ezkeyl> Thank you - very informative.
<oceancheryl> thank you Nancy, Michael, and Dave!


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