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Opening Comments

<NancyG> Let's collect ourselves now. Bring you mind to the center of your being and put aside all distractions. Have a glass of water handy if possible. The body is a battery and the Michaels are pure energy, so it works better when we are hydrated. Michael, are we ready?

<NancyG> We are here, and we welcome all those who have joined us here tonight. From far and near you have come. This is the meaning of community, that no matter the physical distance, no matter the age differences, the class differences, the language differences, we are one.

Tonight we bring you the thought that there is nothing bigger than you in this whole universe. Each of you is a universe in yourself. Within this universe that is you, there is untold numbers of possibilities. When you contrive to make your options one or two, you limit that universe unintentionally, and thus you belittle yourselves. This is a common error throughout creation and not just yours alone. But whenever and wherever it happens, you tighten your horizon and pull in the barriers that prevent your expansion.

Breathe, now, with expansion. Let your mind's eye rest on the limitless space that is behind your eyelids. If you cannot see into the next galaxy (smile), then pretend that you can. Pretence is not guile, it is the matter that leads to the reality. When your day seems to fold in on you, close your eyes and find that endless, boundless infinity. Take your breath there, and when you open your eyes, the claustrophobia will seems less debilitating. In every breath you have endless possibilities. When things seem hopeless, remember that.

We offer this as a promise. When we were earthbound, we too had to find the horizons. And now we show it to you. We are ready for the questions.

<DaveGregg> TM, you have the first question tonight...

<tm> thanks. I would like to ask about a relationship that has just ended (so it seems). it was a bit traumatizing and I would like to know what it was all about and whether it is done.

<NancyG> This relationship, which was traumatic in the end, was meant to be a temporary one from the start. It was an agreement to meet but not to partner for the rest of this life. Yes, we would say that it is done. However, since there is always the chance that human beings will change their minds, we do not say that with absolute conviction. But for all intents and purposes, it is finished.

As for the reason for it, that is part of the evolution of the emotional center. Growth in this center is based on reaching out and being reached. Not all such efforts are meant to be permanent.

<tm> Have I learned what I was meant to learn here, or will I likely be repeating the traumatic stuff many more times?

<NancyG> The lessons of this relationship have been learned. We cannot promise that there never be any more emotional upheavals for you.

<tm> (oh well!) Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<GeraldineB> Hello, Nancy and Michael -- I'd like to ask about any agreements that I have with James S. and any other information about our growing relationship that might be pertinent.

<NancyG> This is what we might call an ad hoc agreement, made during a lifetime and not before incarnation. This fragment is new to you, not a form from the past. As we have said many times, if you only meet those with whom you have had past experiences, the cycle of lives would soon grow tedious. Every now and then you will meet a compatible fragment and form a new agreement. This keeps the game interesting, does it not?

<GeraldineB> Yes.

<NancyG> We observe, by the way, that there is a good connection via the overleaves in this relationship.

<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> Could you tell me anything about my spirit guides so I might know them better and is there anything they have been trying to get through to me that I haven't been open enough to receiving consciously?

<NancyG> We observe three guardians about this fragment. One is a male energy who would like to be known to the woman Christine as Kolman. The second, less forthcoming energy, is neutral, a weaver of dreams, one who has spoken to the woman Christine in sleep, especially when she has been worried or grieving. The third is another male energy, whose specialty is movement. This is the guide who promotes action in the life.

Regarding the question of receptivity, we are being told that these three guardians have no concern about their mission. They seem quite content with things as they are.

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> LoriS, you're next...

<LoriS> I am looking for some insights on why I am experiencing so much inner turmoil at this time in my life, up and down, with apparent choices to make in several key areas of my life. What is going on?

<NancyG> As the channel had surmised, the woman Lori is finishing the internal monad known as the 4th. This monad is a rending of past conveniences and dismantling past accretions that no longer work for the personality. That means a great deal of upheaval, or as the fragment has said, turmoil.

Until the 4th internal monad many of the beliefs, customs, opinions, and other robes of life have been acquired piecemeal over 30 or 40 years. Many of these are perfectly workable and valuable. Some are not. When there is a sense of wondering Who am I? What is it I really think? Then the turmoil is reaching its zenith.

Working through these questions and others like them is the work of this monad. When these questions have been satisfactorily dealt with, and the fragment emerges with a sense of exactly who it is, then we say that the monad has been completed in the positive pole. At that time there is often a change that may include altering friendships, dogmas, even professions. Anything that was undertaken at the instigation of others and was not fully accepted by the fragment as part of itself will be shucked off like the wrapping of the corncob. The emerging SELF may find it necessary to undertake a number of changes, changes which may be unsettling for a time, but in the end the 'new' person finds things far more to his/her liking.

<LoriS> How am I doing as far as completing this monad in the positive pole?

<NancyG> We see that there is some distance yet to go, but that there has been much progress made toward the desired end. We do not predict, but the probability that the woman Lori is about 75 percent of the way through seems accurate.

<LoriS> Thank you - I just did change my profession. :)
<DaveGregg> Danielle, you're next...

<Danielle> Would you please tell me what connections R. M. and I have? Especially from the past. I recognized him right away when we first met.

<NancyG> The woman Danielle is correct. There is an agreement between herself and the man R. They have shared four lifetimes, one as mated partners. One life time they only briefly connected as sailors working for the same shipping company but not often on the same vessel.

<Danielle> Thank you. Anything I need to know about this lifetime?

<NancyG> We suggest that this fragment will have an interesting time learning about this old/new friend all over again. We do see the undercurrent of the mated lifetime behind the present attraction. We remind all of you that this may not carry over into subsequent lifetimes. Each new coming together must be built anew. Knowing that there was a past connection may or may not help this current relationship. Too much reliance on past connections can sometimes fray an incipient connection. Let things take their course and the old saying Time will tell, is appropriate here.

<Danielle> Thank you very much!
<DaveGregg> Vanessa, you're next...

<Vanessa> My sister died in January and now my mother has been diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer. And while my inner world is in upheaval, my outer world feels rather stuck in almost every area. What can you tell me about all of this?

<NancyG> We offer our consoling energy to this fragment for the loss of her sister and for the approaching difficulties she will be facing regarding her mother. These are elements of the physical plane where nothing is forever.

The fixedness that this woman Vanessa is experiencing is a reaction to the turmoil of the inner concerns. The human psyche protects itself when it can by not having to deal with too many problems simultaneously. The patterns of daily life that the fragment has established have become static and seem boring now. And quite likely they are. Would you, Vanessa, prefer that all parts of your life were in upheaval at once?

<Vanessa> No, not at all.  My sister also died of lung cancer and felt that my mother was competitive with her. Is that part of why my mother got lung cancer as well?

<NancyG> Then we believe that you have answered your own question. We suggest that any particular area that you would like to change you should consider doing so. IT may not be possible to alter your professional situation, but other elements may lend themselves to change. However, the greatest and most satisfying changes will come from your altering the way you think about the things that you find boring or unsatisfactory for whatever reason. Changing the way you think about them will effect the greatest sense of satisfaction for you.

<Vanessa> Is there a connection between my sister and mother's both getting lung cancer?

<NancyG> Not in the way you might think. There was no karma connection here. There is, however, a genetic propensity for these two fragments to submit to the disease you describe, and this is why they both have or had it.

<Vanessa> Do I have the same propensity?

<NancyG> We do not see this same genetic pattern in your physical being. Unless something changes drastically in the next few years, we think the probability that you will also suffer from cancer to be in the neighborhood of 30 percent.

<Vanessa> Thank you Nancy and Michael.
<DaveGregg> DianeH, you're next...

<Diane_H> I recently read about pre-Colombian cultures in the Americas and became very fascinated by recent discoveries about them. What past life connections do I have with these cultures, if any, and in which culture (or part of the continent)?

<NancyG> The woman Diane is responding to the lure of a past that she experienced not once but several times. During these lifetimes she sampled several of the cultures that were extant before the European conquest of the Americas. Three lives were lived in the south western part of the United States, among the Hopi, the Navajo, and among a group who called themselves the Children of the Moon, but which is no longer a separate tribe. Then there were two lifetimes on the southern American continent, one on the western coast, one in the highlands of what is now Argentina.

<Diane_H> Thank you Nancy and Michael!
<DaveGregg> Mardel, you're next...

<Mardel> At a large Michael student gathering in Atlanta a number of us had headaches that wouldn't go away, despite ibuprofen and grounding exercises. What was the cause of this and how can it be avoided at future gatherings?

<NancyG> There was an invasion of local spores, of plantings that are native to the area, that affected those who were not physically prepared for this. In most instances, the ingestion of a suitable inhibitor will probably ease the symptoms the next time. It was a tree spore, by the way.

<Mardel> What is meant by a suitable inhibitor?

<NancyG> Something like the syrup or capsule named Benedryl. Or another like it.

<Mardel> Thanks, Nancy and Ms. :-)
<DaveGregg> MHeinze, you're next...

<MHeinze> I recently held an interview with a film & musical producer and applied to be his personal assistant and provide child care to his son. Do I have a chance of getting this job? Am I in the running?

<NancyG> Since the fragment Margaret knows we do not predict, we can say this: There is affinity between herself and the man R. This should have been apparent to the woman Margaret during the time of the interview. The man R. has spoken to two others about this job, and is at present wondering which person he thinks he will be most compatible with. Only one of the other two is really in the running, as you say. So it comes down to a 1 in 2 chance. Actually there is a slight weight on the woman Margaret, so that we suggest the probability is near 60 percent. It would not be amiss for her to follow up with another reason for contacting the man R. Perhaps she can think of a question that she did not ask about the duties. Perhaps she can offer an insight that she has only just now thought of that will bring her uppermost in the mind of the gentleman. These ploys are quite reasonable when one is dealing with employers.

<mheinze> I truly appreciate it , Nancy, thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Shannon, you're next...

<ShannonB> This past week a pair of humpback whales swam 90 miles from the Pacific, up the Sacramento River in California. Humans tried all manner of tactics to get them to turn around and head back to sea. What did the whales think of all the noise-making, the water hoses, and the crowds on the shore? What did they think was going on?

<NancyG> The cetaceans who were thus confused where only made more confused by the attempts to turn them via noise. Cetaceans respond to vibrations much the way humans respond to sight. The attempt to frighten them into turning around only confused them. The siting of the river has confused whales before. There seems to be a tendency for them to mistake it for a route north, which they were intent on, and since the mouth of the river is still fairly salty, they do not realize that it is a mistaken pathway until the water turns sweet. And then they are so disoriented that they think that continuing on will solve their problem. You will notice that eventually the mother/daughter team found their way out. They did this by pure chance, not because they actually knew what to do.

Cetaceans, by the way, do not have very good eyesight. The crowds on the shore appeared to them as multicolored blurs.

<ShannonB> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Ivy, you're next...

<ivy> I recently graduated from college and this ending seems to be precipitating other endings. Some things have happened in general and at work that are making me think that my life "as is" is not so good a fit anymore. I feel like I'm needing to be in a different place but not sure where. Can Michael comment on this at large and also possibly suggest a job field which would be a better fit, for a start?

<NancyG> The woman Ivy has worked her way through the 4th monad to finish it about two years ago. The decision to return to university as she did was part of the sorting she was doing toward shaping the person she is most at home with. The particular decision about employment, however, is another question. As these endings occur, the need to reevaluate and regroup becomes paramount. We see a woman with talent in organization and personal consensus building. The opportunities in this direction are numerous. Perhaps her vision has been circumvented by a past situation that no longer exists? In that event, let her open herself to the possibility that it would work to relocate herself, either into a different channel, doing this kind of work, or actually moving to a new locale.

<ivy> Does Michael have any suggestions for a new locale in particular which would be compatible?

<NancyG> The woman Ivy might consider the northwest area of this country. We do not believe she would be comfortable in the southeastern states, and her need for community may be most readily understood in the relatively newer environment of the northwestern states. Medium sized cities in this region would seem to have enough scope for 'starting over'.

<ivy> Thank you so very much!
<DaveGregg> Morningtree, you're next...

<Morningtree>  My question is: Why is it so hard for me to meet the full potentials of my current relationship? There is a big spiritual connection there (?), but all the fears and ghosts from my past, that I thought I had dealt with and that had made me grow a lot, seem to be back haunting me. I find myself fighting the same insecurity and jealousy issues than before and find my attitude towards sexuality unnecessarily complex. Why is that, and especially: How to finally overcome it all and enjoy the great happiness I've finally found?

<NancyG> The woman Miia is at a point in her life where she finds that she simply does not have enough experience with life to allow for riding the waves of emotion. Jealousy is a product of insecurity. Those who experience it are in actuality saying that they do not believe that they are attractive enough, smart enough, to hold the attention of one of the opposite sex.

Since fear is at the bottom of every negative thought/feeling, it is fear that feeds jealousy and every other barrier to acceptance and agape. The need to learn, to understand, one's relationship to the opposite sex is part of the identity that is being formed in the 3rd internal monad. We wonder about the usefulness of finding a person of sense and pragmatism to discuss the 'attitude toward sexuality' that seems to be hindering this current relationship. We believe that this may go far to relieving the woman Miia of her concern and will foster a better understanding within herself of what and how she wants to make of her new friend.

<DaveGregg> Lila, you're next...

<Lila>  I've been dating a guy for a few months and I think that there's a lot of karma between us. His presence has activated my subconscious to almost an overheated level and I've got a feeling of several shared past lives, which are mostly very war and conquer-oriented. I think that we've been fighting in the same side however I can't help thinking that he's a betrayer and he thinks that I'm some kind of a vulture. I'm afraid that I may have killed him in a PL. If this is so, could Michaels tell more in detail what has happened between us.

<NancyG> The woman Lila has shared several lives with the man A. He has not always been a violent partner, but was in three lifetimes. Within these lifetimes there was ample reason for the woman Lila to wonder about the current relationship. Two of these lives were as comrades in arms and during one of them there was a leaving for dead, considered a betrayal by the one left behind.  In return for that 'betrayal' the man A., who was the one left, managed in the next life together to return the favor in almost the same circumstances. Since the first leaving was not a conscious 'betrayal', the karma was created in the second leaving. That is the shadow felt now by the woman Lila. She is owed the Karma and it is uppermost in her consciousness. This relationship does not have much chance to develop in the ordinary way of an agreement between a man and a woman. There need to repay the karma is the reason for the 'heated' sense that the woman Lily feels. For the man A. to repay, not the woman. We also do not see that there will present, in this lifetime, an opportunity for these two to discharge the karma. It may be just as well for them to let it go for the present.

<DaveGregg> BrettB, you're next...
<Lila> Thank you!

<BrettB> I think that I'm currently in the 4th internal monad and feel very confused and unsettled most of the time. What I can do to help myself complete this monad in the positive pole and manifest my true personality?

<NancyG> The work of the 4th internal monad has just begun for the Fragment Brett. This is the basis for the sense of confusion and unsettled feeling that permeates this life. Confusion implies that there is something going on, a turmoil of thought and feelings. That is all to the good. By examining the torrents of questions that are swamping the personality, the shape of the SELF will ultimately be made.

One of the ways in which a fragment can come through the 4th internal monad is to sort out the questions that are swirling around inside. What do I believe? What do I like about myself? What do I not like about myself? What is it about my life that seems out of kilter? What am I doing because I think I OUGHT to? These are only a beginning, but they are that. When these answers are made with perception and clarity, the fog of turmoil and confusion will lift and the true person will emerge. Life many births, however, for some these pangs are extremely distressing and only the deliberate attention to working through them will bring the fragment through successfully. That is the main thing that the fragment Brett can do at this time: Make a deliberate attempt to acknowledge who and what the final person will be.

<BrettB> Thank you very much! My new job is likely to change, then it seems.
<DaveGregg> Dikajo, you're next...

<dikajo> I am perceiving a lot of obstacles in my professional career and a lot has to do with procrastination. I wonder whether Michael can shed some light for my understanding of what is going on.

<NancyG> The fragment Dikajo has answered his own question when he pinpoints procrastination as the culprit regarding obstacles in his working world. There are a number of solutions to changing the job that is proving to be unrewarding. These solutions require a certain effort, however. The alternative to procrastination is action, as the fragment Dikajo well knows. This is not a natural element for this fragment, so the result is inertia.

We suggest that one way to arrive at a plan is to make one. Perhaps sitting down with pencil and paper and making plus and minus columns will be a beginning. Questions will begin to form: What is there about my work that I like? What is there that I would like to change? How do I like to work? Am I able to shape that need in my present situation? If not, what are the steps I will need to take to change the situation? Finally, the real question will be: Do I really want to change anything and if I do, am I equal to making the effort that change will entail?

<dikajo> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Littlestar, you're next...

<littlestar> Can you tell me if my mother has contacted my landlord and, most importantly, how I can achieve a peaceful renegotiation with my parents to stay where I am and find a different situation/purchase instead of the apartment they bought without losing more ground with them, more assets and life opportunities. Do I have any opportunities coming and can i still reach any of essence's original goals?

<NancyG> The negotiations with the woman Linda's landlord have been less than positive with little achieved on either side. As for the fragment Linda's relationship with her parents regarding a domicile, there is a great deal at stake here for both parents and child. From the perspective of the parents the investment solved two problems: a place for the woman Linda to live and a financial security for the future. For the fragment Linda, allowing the dependency that such a situation cannot help but emphasize, retards the 'standing on one's own two feet' that is fostered in this culture. It may not be possible to bring both sides out of this feeling that they each have successfully navigated the shoals and brought the ship to port. Attempts to talk things through should be made, and proof that there is an alternative to the present solution would probably help to shift the onus from all or nothing, the useless stand that seems to be the principle rock at the moment. Such an alternative will have to be constructed together by all parties or it will not be successful.

<littlestar> Can you comment on the karma this created/s? Whether one feels jerked around for too long? Whether or not the "gift that keeps on taking" is accepted?

<NancyG> As things stand, there is no karma attached to this problem. Karma is not created by disagreement or deciding to shuffle things around differently. Karma is the prevention of someone's choice in a serious and profound way. This does not constitute either a serious or a profound condition.

<littlestar> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Cathryn-Luna, you're next...

<Cathryn_Luna> My husband Tim and I have both had difficult working relationships with a woman named Marianna. Tim has walked away, but I choose to continue working with her. What is her past or present life relationship with Tim and with me? We would appreciate getting a better understanding of these difficult relationships.

<NancyG> We see the three persons who have attempted to create a relationship here as incarnations of three who have done this before. In the lifetime in which these three fragments met as workers in a metal fabricating shop, the woman Cathryn was in a supervisory position toward the fragments Timothy and Marianna. This explains why the man Timothy can 'walk away' from the current situation. He was never as strongly involved in the problem before. The problem involved the theft of small parts that could be assembled into items other than the products manufactured by the shop employing the three fragments. The woman Marianna took, over a period of time, enough to cause the fragment Cathryn to look into the problem. Confronted with the evidence, the woman Marianna acknowledged the theft and was turned over to the authorities for sentencing. She served her time aboard a prison ship for two years. There is the shadow of this life marring the ability of the woman Marianne to work comfortably with the woman Cathryn. Although she does not remember the circumstances, she does identify her misery as a prisoner aboard the ship with her supervisor, who is now Cathryn.

We doubt that much can be done to alleviate the distress that the woman Marianne feels in the presence of the woman Cathryn. It will be the woman Cathryn's choice as to whether she will maintain the connection or, like the fragment, Timothy, walk away. There is no karma here. There was no karma involved in the original crime. It is a natural obligation to identify and when necessary punish thievery. Perhaps it will take a few more lives for the fragment who is now Marianne to relegate this incident to the past where it belongs. Attempts by the fragment Cathryn to bridge this gap could be considered philanthropic karma.

<Cathryn_Luna> Can you give me a reference to approximate time and place?

<NancyG> We see this as a part of the industrialization of the middle 19th C Germany.

<Cathryn_Luna> Thank you, Michael and Nancy!
<DaveGregg> JohnM, you're next...

<John_M>  I have been told about a previous life, lived in Germany near the turn of the 15th and 16th Centuries, where I was a bishop, and through my intolerance I forged a great number of karmic ribbons, which took me until the life directly before this one to burn. Can you tell me about this last life?

<NancyG> The fragment John was considered a shepherd, not of sheep, but of men. He was a bishop of the Roman church in his last life, a position which allowed him to burn many ribbons and to create much good, also. This fragment returned to the place where the karma was created, to the southern part of Germany known now as Bavaria, to burn his ribbons.

<John_M> Thank you Michael and Nancy!
<DaveGregg> IChing, you're next...

<ICHING1> Any suggestions to increase income as I'm tired of the struggles financially and healthwise (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1983).

<NancyG> The woman C. has chosen to walk this path of difficult health joined with financial insecurity. The physical part has made employment very difficult for her and we sympathize. It might be possible for her to augment her income by exploring what she might be able to do from her home. There is a growing trend for people to make money without leaving the house. There are several places on the internet which describe these jobs and for someone who finds it difficult to travel or to do any work which requires exertion this may be a possibility.

<ICHING1> I've been doing Life and Relationship Coaching on the phone from home for 10 yrs, and it's still difficult to market with $$s to spare. Making every effort to join with others in marketing meant with no $$s to spare...

<NancyG> We are not aware of the number that have turned this choice into enough income to warrant giving up full-time employment outside of the home, but there are a number who have. Beginning small and working things through may allow the fragment this relief from an otherwise untenable situation.

<ICHING1> Do you see any success with a book?

<NancyG> We suggest that it might be well to explore something other than the helping mode for the money that this fragment is looking for.

<DaveGregg> JaneM, you're next...

<janieM> What is my connection w/ Jack H.? When I met him, I felt an instant connection.

<NancyG> We address the fragment Jane: The connection that you feel toward the man Jack is mostly one of body type. Your overleaves are also compatible. There is no past life connection, and no agreement other than the one that you are forging at this time. Remember what we said earlier, that not every connection is the result of an agreement. The new links that you forge with relationships as they occur may constitute a past life in the future. Isn't that a pleasant thought! In a future lifetime you may have the feeling that you two have met before and you will be right! (smile) Go in peace.

<janieM> Thank you.

<NancyG> The work of this evening has been to sort out as much as possible the bumpy relationships that follow on the existence of living as spiritual beings on a human path. Each of you believes that your difficulties are unique and so they are, for each of you. Within the framework of what it is to be human, however, it is always a matter of compatibility or incompatibility. Whether it is a partnership, or a mating, or an employment, the matrix is the same: the need for connecting. We began by reminding you that you have come here to connect to one another this night. Remember also, that you connect all down the line with hundreds of fragments every day. When you shop, when you work, when you attend any kind of meeting or group activity, when you play, when you simply walk down the street you are connecting. Take the time to make each connection worth while. Move as often as possible into the positive pole of your role and leave behind you in each of these endeavors the fragrance of a fragment on the path to agape.

<NancyG> Go in peace.

<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael. Thank you Nancy.
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Nancy & Michael. Great job. :)
<GeraldineB> Thank you, Nancy :)
<John_M> Thanks Michael for your wisdom, and Nancy, for your hard work in a long session!
<janieM> Thank you Michael and Nancy.
<laughingboi> Thank you...it was a long session tonight...thanks for the effort.
<ivy> Thank you Nancy and Michael!
<littlestar> Michael, Nancy, Dave - thank you all!
<Diane_H> Thank you Nancy and Michael!
<BrettB> Thank you Dave, Nancy, and Michael for this work!
<NancyG> You are all so good to stick it out to the end. Still nearly 75 percent of those starting!
<laughingboi> Does it help with getting the info that the folks stay?
<Jyoti_Shah> Nancy great channelling today about relationships
<DaveGregg> Yes, a great group here.
<John_M> I find that most of the questions have at least some pertinence for everyone, on reflection.


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