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Karen Murphy


Opening Comments

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We are moved by the passion that we see evident among many of the various members of these groups. We see this passion as a symbolic source of the amazing and never-ending source of Love that resides within each of you. That such emotion arises among you at times is simply, then, a sign of the deep caring you feel toward one another as a whole, and the pulls in various directions that you feel from living in different perceptions. There are among you, as you have been made at time almost painfully aware, differing perspectives and perceptions. That you gather together despite these is in itself a small miracle. But gather you do, and have, and will continue to do, for it is only through real connection with others and with your innermost selves that you will address the lessons you are here to enjoy.

We see that there has been much growth, movement, and fluctuation within the small community of online interacting students that is in a way a microcosm representation of the larger student population. As with any group, squabbles arise, and from them growth occurs or energy shifts or students fall away or are attracted. It is much like any other group of humans who come together for any purpose. There is no message in this interaction; we see it as the necessary result of the medium and of the varying perceptions that reside within the group's population.

For the future, we have stated before that in order for the growth to increase, and by growth we do not necessarily refer to sheer numbers of students although a growth there could well be a result of other growth, then the number and frequency of in-person interactions will need to increase as well.

These meetings, or gatherings, provide an important touch point that some students require in order to continue moving through their lessons that deal with a group dynamic. We have seen how important that dynamic is to some, and it is mainly these students who will continue to seek out a more personal venue of interaction. As such, we see that there well could be an increase of smaller more local groups who band together to interact, study, and learn from one another. However, by dividing students into smaller populations, a larger number of varying directions will ensue for a time. This could feel chaotic to some students, but we see that many will find reassurance in the reminder that *everything* changes, everything fluctuates, everything moves.

Indeed, we see that a larger number of smaller, local, in-person groups will truly enhance the exponential quality to the growth we see occurring in all probability among our students over the next ten years. Students will as a result become more confident in their own connections to us and to other teachers, and may find themselves more confidently teaching themselves and others rather than relying blindly on receiving information through others. In other words, the very act of channeling or of being a channel will change in direction and definition. It was never our intention to appear to withhold information or to create a feeling of "specialness" among those whose connection to us was more strong or more consistent. It was always our intention that we are available at all times to any who ask, and it is one of our internal goals that more students feel this openness.

What has been built among you is, indeed, of import, and we see that the changes most likely to occur over the next several years will likely be just as fulfilling, interesting, and hopefully also entertaining to you, our students. We wish you a growthful ten years. We are ready for questions.

<ocean_cheryl> what can we as students do to invite a deeper connection with the Michaels?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Each of you, of course, has a different connection with us. Mechanically and energetically, there are differences too numerous to go into. However, in general, we suggest that by becoming more open to yourself and your own internal workings, you may increase your connection to other energies such as ours. That is not to imply that those who have a deep connection are any more evolved or  "better" in any way than students who struggle with a connection, but openness is surely a key in establishing or maintaining a strong connection with other energies. We invite each of you, then, to attempt to be as open as possible towards us and we in turn shall make a point of approaching each of you present this evening in such a way that will be evident and increasingly meaningful to you, if you wish.

<ShannonB> You speak of where we, the students, might be going in the next 10 years, but what about Michael, what do they have planned for "themselves"? Is there new or unknown information that they intend to make known in the very near future?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We do not wish to attempt to guide you as a group through your learning process, but at the same time realize that there does appear a pattern of growth in the presenting of new information and the direction that takes the overall student community. This direction is provided not by us but by the tacit agreement of the student community as a whole. The likelihood, then, of a great deal of new information coming to the attention of the student population over the relatively near future is rather high at this time given the present direction of interest among the students.

<Elo-Maria> What has been the most challenging thing for you when working with us during last ten years?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> The scope of our internal challenges remains somewhat difficult to express in physical-plane terms, but simply put, in many ways we mirror the growing pains that are experienced by the group known as our students. There is, of course, learning involved for us in this process as well, and we have indeed grown through this time spent with you.

<order> What you have written up above seems to be in conflict with the sense of community the Michaels have always engendered. Could you please comment on that?

<Karen Murphy> Order, I'm not sure which material above you feel is in conflict?

<order> The opening round on the internet community.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We did not state or mean to imply that there would be a lessening of the community that exists and has always existed among you, the greater population of students throughout the world. But the electronic medium is somewhat limiting; interaction via words alone is lacking in depth and warmth, and it is only via real, in-person contact that true connection can be made.

Moving toward a time of smaller, in-person groups will only serve to enhance connections made among the students as a whole; many of you have already experienced through gatherings or other in-person connections, and these will likely increase in number and popularity, as they serve to provide a touchstone that students can then take back to their places of residence and then use to enhance the electronic interaction such as this gathering tonight.

Those of you who have met one another in "real life" are aware of the energetic difference between those you have met and those you have not yet met. This seeming division will only serve to further enhance the strength and connection of the community, and will also serve, in all likelihood, to add members to the "fold". Obviously, we are referring to change here and there are those who are uncomfortable with change. This, again, may feel chaotic to some for a time, but the overall effect will serve to grow and strengthen the connections, personal and group growth, and learning that takes place among you.

<Elisa17> I like the idea of meeting other Michael students in person. But some, for instance, Australians like me, are isolated geographically from other students. Do you have any advice or suggestions for us?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Depending on locality, there are a number of ways that we see in establishing local groups who wish to meet, discuss, and learn causal plane information.

One, it is likely that at some point some published material may spur interest, therefore drawing new students to you or activating existing student agreements. There are a number of students presently with publishing plans and agreements to disseminate the information.

Two, by putting out an energetic "call" to your area you may find sudden interest where you thought there was none.

And three, it is possible that there are those within other local metaphysical populations who have interest or agreement to access our information. We do see an influx of new students over the period of time in question (ten years) and we are fairly confident that you will likely see change in this in your area as well.

<Elisa17> Thank you!

<EvaDillner> As there are M students spread out in different countries, do you see that some of the books might be translated into other languages? Are there regions or countries that would be more receptive than others to the teachings?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We see some possibility that some published works could have a crossover appeal and therefore may be available to those speaking other languages; however this is as yet a small possibility. However, we do see that the likelihood, given the relative ease of translation and use of electronic media, of works becoming available in various languages is higher than in the past. Where there are presently higher student populations is largely where the additional influx of students will take place; in other words, students who exist presently will attract other students and those with interest in the material.

<EvaDillner> Thank you!

<DaveGregg> Any other questions about tonight's topic? Ok, then if it's acceptable with you, Karen, we can move on to the personal questions.
<Karen Murphy> Absolutely!
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

Q & A

<laughingboi> I have been working with uniformity and individualism and how to keep group cohesion while respecting individual styles. How can I get across to the young souls I am working with that wearing a uniform doesn't make one inherently more valuable without disrespecting the choice to wear one? Any help on this matter would be welcome.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> It may be helpful to remember the perspective with which you are working. Not only are you addressing the fragments on an individual basis, but you must also confront the group as a whole, with its own sensibility and perspective. Attempting to do this while maintaining your own sense of identity and perspective is not easy.

We suggest, then, that you attempt to approach the problem thusly: in order to better "match" energies with those with whom you are attempting to connect, interact, and instruct, you must at the same time share their perspective while being true to your own. This feels impossible. It can be done, however, by remembering more what life was like during your own this-life time at that soul age level. You have access to those memories now and without difficulty, as each fragment moves at least briefly through the soul age levels in each lifetime, in childhood and even into early adulthood. That energy, then, is available to you.

Should you choose to, although it may be frightening in terms of recent issues "dealt with" in your 4th IM, you may easily access those times and that energy so as to allow its presence to flavor your interaction with the young souls with whom you work. You may wish to practice this at first through meditation before "taking it on the road" with your coworkers. Although *you* may not notice any difference in yourself, it is certain they *they* will perceive a subtle shift in your energy that will allow your words, thoughts and deeds to take on that different flavor and so to have a different impact. This process may take several months, but will more than likely be highly effective.

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Ann, you're next...

<annh> May I have information on my guide or guides? Name(s) and/or purpose. I know one is male.

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There are presently four. One, you may refer to him as Thor, although his name is technically much longer/difficult. He prefers to manifest in full Norse battle garb. Two, Serena. Moon energy, very female, balances the extreme male of Thor. Three, moving toward mischief, there is a semi-human energy-shape globule who is anxious that you give him (?) a name yourself. This is to help balance your CF. Four, a simple warm loving radiance, unnamed and impossible to quantify.

<annh> Those are great. Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Cheryl, you're next...

<ocean_cheryl> I'd like to know please, if I have any mate agreements left, and the best geographical location to facilitate these?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> The lifetime began with 16; at present there are 7 still available to you. Bear in mind that some may prove logistically difficult. The best geographical location, then, at this time for executing your remaining mate agreements is what's referred to as the Inland Empire in California, and also southern Oregon (coastal) as well as the Atlanta area.

<DaveGregg> Beryl, you're next...

<CarrotWax> Cheryl, Dave lives in the Inland Empire area I think!
<CarrotWax> :-)
<ocean_cheryl> hmmm....

<beryl> Non-physical sources are conveying to me that my beloved mother is being prepared to transition soon & it resonates with me although she isn't terminally ill. I've had her charted but know so little about the two of us at essence level. Regardless, is there one significant thing I could learn (for now) from our past life/essence perspective?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> There is much love between these fragments, although this lifetime has not always been easy between them. The sense of separation and the resulting discomfort has been at time difficult to deal with, yet the obvious connection and love has been undeniable.

On an essence level, then, there have been agreements made and executed. There were certain imprinting arrangements that for a time increased the feeling of bewildered estrangement, but that energy for the most part has abated. We venture to suggest that the feeling of loss at the physical plane parting will likely be sharp. In addition, these fragments have not been without their previous times together, and it is because of that strong connection that was forged through lifetime after lifetime that the present-life challenges were attempted. What's left, then, is simply that knowingness of connection and love. There is little outstanding left between you at this time, and the sense of acceptance increases daily.

Growth occurs on both sides of a successful relationship, and we see that for the most part, what was attempted has been attained. There is a completion to this relationship.

<beryl> Yes, Michael, everything you said, true. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Shannon, you're next...

<ShannonB> I have an irksome medical malady (chronic hives) that is not life threatening, but it is certainly life limiting and unpleasant. I think you have told me there is no lesson in it particularly, but there is surely an imbalance of some kind. I had it last year and now I have it again. What can I do to stop this once and for all, and what is the imbalance?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> Hives are typically a response to an overactive or under active immune system; when the system becomes overloaded with input (allergens, for instance), things go haywire and erupt in some fashion. Ergo, hives. Establishing balance, then, throughout other aspects of your life may assist, then, in dismissing the apparent imbalance that has you so afflicted.

You may wish to examine obvious culprits such as diet and lifestyle, paying particular attention to stressors. Yoga and a holistic life approach are certainly useful as well. Thinking of things in terms of symmetry and balance will also be useful. You may wish to consult a practitioner dealing in flower essences. It is unlikely that ONE answer or approach will extinguish the problem, as there was not ONE thing that got you where you are now; however, by applying an overall flavor to your entire life we see that it is likely that you will see changes over the coming year.

<ShannonB> Thanks.
<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<marjorieandpiggies> Hi all! Michael, can you help me better understand my current conflict with the woman named V., and how to heal from this?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> The healing aspect will likely need to come from the woman Vicki in this instance. You can hold and support the relationship but the forgiveness that comes will be from her direction, and other than holding intention there is little you can do directly.

<DaveGregg> Diane H, you're next...

<Diane_H> Hi Karen and Michael. Iím asking about my ex-boyfriend. Can you explain what were the dynamics that caused our relationship to end? Were/Are there any other agreements at work besides the mate agreement?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> The man indicated has been holding some fears unrelated to you; however certain behaviors you had triggered this fear response within him. Had his awareness of his own past and primal issues been greater he may have been able to examine this objectively, but as such he was unable to and therefore there was an energetic buildup which caused him great distress and discomfort. At that point it was a matter, for him, of negate the self he had built around him as protection, or acknowledge the innermost level of himself. Fear won out and he was unable to complete the relationship.

<Diane_H> Is there any possibility of reconciliation?

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We do see things being incomplete between you, so there may be at some point that possibility, but at present he is well-wrapped in his own fears.

<Diane_H> Thank you. That does make a lot of sense.

<DaveGregg> Ok, Karen wishes to close this session for tonight. Do you have any closing comments, Karen?

Closing Comments

<Karen Murphy/MICHAEL> We wish simply to offer you at this time the opportunity to walk together and with us into what may be for some and fearful or exciting time together. The connections many of you have made will carry you through lifetimes, and no action among you has been wasted or for naught. Allow love for yourselves and for one another, as you do so in other aspects of your lives, and realize that constant change is but a part of the world in which you live.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Michael and Karen. :-)
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Karen:-)
<Diane_H> Thanks Karen and Michael!
<annh> Thank you Karen and Michael
<ShannonB> Thanks Karen. And thanks to Dave too, for this whole afternoon!
<Karen Murphy> Thank you all for being here!
<Kathryn41> Yes, I agree, thank you Dave for the whole anniversary celebration
<annh> Yes. Even though I couldn't attend. Great work, Dave and thanks
<ocean_cheryl> Thanks Karen, Michael, and Dave for the great day!
<DaveGregg> It's been a great 10th anniversary! Thank you all for attending. :-)


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