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Channeling the Michael Entity
The Channeling Agreement: A Message from Michael


We are your friends and family. We are people, just like you, who struggle with everyday problems such as getting along with others, living in integrity and accomplishing our work. Because we are detached from the physical plane, we are able to see a larger picture of what you are creating in your life. This perspective allows us to project your likely paths and experiences, but we cannot predict the future. We agree to be teachers and you agree to be students because it is a mutually beneficial learning experience. We sometimes argue amongst ourselves about what is appropriate information to pass along and what is not. Sometimes we have power struggles. We are emotional beings just like you who have the benefit of completed experiences on the physical plane. We are very much like you except for a few key differences.

The main difference is the perspective of planes of existence. Although we cannot fully experience the planes of existence beyond our own, we are aware of their existence in a more tangible way than you are aware of ours. You need faith in order to know something exists outside yourself. This greater understanding of the overall picture makes a very big difference in our lives because we know that there is always a larger plan being played out. This enables us to be more gentle in our approach to life and more compassionate when we see others behaving in ways that don't make sense to us.

Another difference is the perspective of time. You, on the physical plane, feel that your time is limited. You believe that it is possible to run out of time and so you feel you have to fight to accomplish your goals and fulfill your desires. In a sense, you are limited in time because you really do die a physical death with every incarnation. But this is not a true limitation because you are able to return time and time again in order to have every experience that appeals to you. You always get what you want because you keep pursuing it until you feel satisfied. Sometimes this can happen within a lifetime, but usually it takes many lifetimes to complete and experience fully. Outside the physical plane, we are able to create whatever realities we choose. This is a source of great amusement for us. We invite each other into our created fantasies (as parties) for entertainment. Because we are able to play out our fantasies in this way, we do not feel constricted in our ability to have what we want. The physical plane is slower, but you too can have everything you want and you can take your time to enjoy it.

Given that our environment is different than your own, we try to deliver messages that will encourage you to be more creative with your use of life, while at the same time not confuse you about the limitations of your physical plane. We do this balancing act while being very conscious of not interfering with your physical plane lessons and karmas. Giving you information is a challenging task indeed!

When we reach a consensus about what information to deliver, we focus on sending you telepathic and holographic communications. We flood your system with energy using as many of your senses as you are willing to use. You can see that it is useful to develop as many of your senses as possible. Keep your physical eyesight clear and strong. Smell flowers and foods and other scents; try to identify them and what emotions they elicit. Do the same with sounds, textures and flavors. If you learn to play a musical instrument, you will more easily channel information about music. If you play sports you will be more connected to your body and better able to access memories within it. If you learn to develop your psychic ability, you will receive more detailed channeled information. All of these experiences enrich your personal vocabulary so that we have more to communicate with.

Most people think that channeling is like listening for a voice in your head that gives you the answers to questions. This is impossible because we do not practice speech since we do not have bodies! We are quite familiar with your languages because we have spent time on your planet, but we no longer use speech or language the way you do. What we send "through" not "to" channels is a stream of life force that contains emotion, concept, ideas, pictures, energy patterns and more. As a channel, you receive this force and it is translated by all of your chakras into a coherent story. The better channel you are, the more easily you enter deeper trances and the less you think about the information. This allows it to flow rather quickly and you can sometimes feel as though you are speaking too quickly! Sometimes this force can trigger a memory or fear that exists somewhere in your being and this will cause you to react with emotion, concept, ideas or pictures of your own. When this happens, your response will interfere with the channeled answer. To compensate for this tendency, we utilize these techniques:

1. When you consciously agree to become a channel and you channel consistently, we agree to be personal spirit guides for you to help you with your issues. You meet with us on the astral plane where we have more direct contact and there is less resistance to our teaching. Most of your issues and chakra imbalances are created through faulty thought forms and belief systems, so your first few years as a channel involve exploring these and making adjustments. Some of these adjustments can be experienced as quite painful and many of you can get sick in the process of releasing and readjusting to new thought patterns. We always work directly with your essence and with your best interest at heart and you keep us informed about the pace of this process. We never give you lessons that you feel are too difficult.

2. The people that you channel for are arranged by both of you at an essence level, and are never strangers. Many times the channeling occurs on the astral plane and the physical plane channeling can feel like "remembering". If there is a specific important message that needs to be relayed to the person, then the channel will receive prior information to assure that the message is delivered. For example, let's say that a good and gentle body toxin remover is goldenseal but the channel has no experience with that root. We will then create an opportunity for the channel to add the experience of goldenseal to her channeling vocabulary.

3. We are quite aware of the issues that elicit great emotional responses in you and we avoid these hot spots as much as possible. If, for example, you suffered child abuse in this lifetime, we would be careful not to channel this type of information through you. We would work on these hot spots slowly and gently, being careful not to surprise you with sudden, intense images. When you've acquired a certain amount of healing and stability, and feel ready to add additional understanding, we then introduce information that will help you continue to heal.

We, as your guides, will never interfere with your karmas and we cannot over-facilitate your experience of the physical plane. If you choose to channel, please keep in mind these following thoughts: 1) You must remove any notions that you will be able to channel lottery numbers or other physical plane winnings. 2) Do not assume that you are a more enlightened individual because you have developed your ability to channel. Many people are quite proficient at living their lives without ever consciously channeling anything. All paths are equally valuable and each individual chooses what path is most appropriate. 3) Do not rely too heavily on channeling as a decision-making tool. Your decisions and choice of direction need to be developed at the personality level. If you procrastinate and wait for us or any other person to make your decisions for you, you run the risk of creating self-karma due to not taking responsibility for your life.

The purpose of channeling is to help you connect with your higher self and your spirit guides. It is a wonderful tool that helps you focus on the larger context of the events of your life. You have work to do on the planet, as do all your friends, and channeling can help you live your life more gracefully.

Channeled & by Alma Perez - 1999


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