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Why Study Personality?


Following are the benefits I have received from a study of personality. Each of these items will be discussed in detail further on.

1) Increasing personal integrity: The greater self-awareness that comes from self study has lead me to greater personal integrity by discarding what was false in me and revealing what is true. This should be the first step of any psychotherapy or spiritual path to find out who we really are in personal terms. Then we look for who we are in "transpersonal" terms.

2) Increasing personal freedom: This is due to conscious control of my life resulting from release from subconscious controls and external influences.

3) Objectification of self and other: With an overall personality system in mind, I can see that myself and others are all pieces of a pattern. I would like to have an accurate view of the world and of other people. I don't. My perceptions are distorted, as determined by my personality traits. When I compare my traits with other's and with the entire personality chart, I see the ways we are different and I do not worry about it.

4) Increasing tolerance and understanding of others: When I have a personality chart on someone, it helps me get to know them quicker and I can relate to them easier. It helps me understand their motives and perceptions and values. With their traits known, I can cut through the garbage and begin to see people for who they really are. I can think, feel and act more appropriately and lovingly toward them. If we become friends, knowing the chart becomes less important of course, but it is a place to start. It helps me to have a system.

So how do we apply this psychotherapy of personality? We don't have to take any time out of our routine. We don't have to go anywhere, such as on a pilgrimage or quest. We don't have to talk things out with a therapist. It requires no exercises, rituals, postures, or other works. There are no accouterments such as candles, robes, icons, mandalas, or mantras. All that is involved is to become more aware of all aspects of ourselves and others in our daily lives. What the personality system does is give us clues about what to look for. It is really just that simple. The following is a brief introduction to the system. Following that, there is an extensive review of how to apply the system.

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Phil Wittmeyer is a longtime Michael student and scholar of the teachings.  He can be reached at: wittmeyer@hotmail.com

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