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Karen Murphy


Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> Welcome. We see that some of you have traveled far to be here. We do not mean, of course, travel in a physical sense, although we see also that some of you have changed physical localities of late as well. We do mean, however, that each of you has begun a journey peculiar unto yourself, one which has brought you to this very point, in this place at this time, tonight. There is no mistake about this: you were meant to be here; that is, you meant to be here, to experience this gathering at this time. If you feel it is happenstance, think again. There are no coincidences. We repeat: there are no coincidences. All has come to you at this time so that you could be having this moment, right now. And because this moment in time is perfect for you, we suggest to you that you begin the practice of enjoying this moment, as you may enjoy every other moment that you experience as well.

You are most likely aware that there are many in various cultures in your world who espouse the practice of "living in the moment". This is not a new idea to you, yet why is it that you cannot be in that moment at any given time, giving your whole attention to it to savor its perfection? The truth is that the demands of the physical plane are so numerous that this type of "being in the moment" is hardly possible for any length of time, especially in the more frantic western cultures in which the majority of you reside. That is not to say that what you experience in beingness is wrong, or purposeless. We do not say that at all. But we do wish to give you the suggestion of your ability to savor a moment, a particular experience set, at will, so that you can then use it as a touchstone to bring you again to that experience at some later time. Many of you will find this exercise useful.

There is, of course, the usual limitations given any of you at any time insofar as your perception of your ability to retain memory of an experience. You are aware, then, of the fact that even when retouched upon in the future, such as the future exists within the structure of time as you have made it, is often fraught with such change that it becomes unrecognizable. This distresses you, and you then at such times refrain from reaching toward this touchstone again. We suggest, then, that you allow yourself the ability to retain that perfection of moment even when you feel it is no longer possible.

Reach, then, toward the light of being that you are, and reach toward that perfection that is you. Reach toward that which grounds you and gives you a renewed feeling of purpose. This is always within your reach.

<DaveGregg> Alexandra, you have the first question...

Q & A

<Alexandra> Thanks Karen & Dave. It looks like my good friend, Terri Green and I are both confronting similar challenges at the moment. We are both in Self Dep. Is there something that Michael could tell me that might guide us both at this time?

<KarenMurphy> We wish to tell you at this time that this similarity of circumstance is by no means an accident, which you have already identified on many levels.

<Alexandra> Yes.

We see that by allowing yourselves to feel stuck in the chief feature, you remove choices that would have seemed more present had things been otherwise.  In other words, you are creating self-karma by removing your own choices from the possibilities that seem open to you. You can negate this by focusing on the positive poles of your Attitude, which seems to be a key for both of you in releasing the bonds that hold you in Self-Deprecation.

We wish to tell you also that there are issues confronting both of you from your respective childhoods that relate to the choice of Self-Deprecation as a chief feature. We see that your thorough investigation of these issues may assist as well in releasing you from the negative aspects of Self-Deprecation.

<Alexandra> Thank you very much.
<DaveGregg> Mardel, you're next...


<Mardel> What does essence most want me to know right now?

<KarenMurphy> Mardel, your essence is attempting, like the essence of everyone present here tonight, to make its way through this incarnation learning the lessons set forth and agreed upon. Although we do encourage essence contact, we also say that a certain amount of "blindness" through maya is also necessary to fully experience the physical plane. There is no physical plane without maya. With that in mind, we suggest then to simply keep your eyes and ears open and to strive to experience each moment for what it is.

<Mardel> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Vanessa, you're next...

<Vanessa> For a long time Iíve been feeling stuck, as though Iíve been in a holding pattern, with no end in sight. Iím going to Peru next month to study with shamans in the Amazon, and Iím hoping that this will provide the shift that I need in order to regain some sense of direction and purpose. Is there anything I can do, before, during or after my trip, to enhance or otherwise get the most out of this?

<KarenMurphy> Vanessa, we see that in some ways you have been spending a lot of time, money, and energy moving from one spiritual practice to another in the hope of becoming whole. We say to you that this activity has thus far been somewhat fruitless, as you have not yet realized that you are completely whole and perfect as you are. While there may be quite a lot of useful information and worthwhile experience from your upcoming shamanic studies, we say also that you may receive tenfold from this experience if you choose to simply be there and take what occurs for what it is, and release the expectation from the experience that it will "fix" you. You are already whole, as is.

With that in mind, we smile and wish you blessings for this trip, for we see many on your horizon should you choose to accept them.

<Vanessa> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Janie, you're next...


<Janie> Can you give my any information regarding my daughter Tracy? I am very concerned about our relationship. She lives some distance from me....what can I do to help this situation?

<KarenMurphy> Tracy is manifesting as a late Young should at this time and does not wish to see certain aspects of either herself or of you for fear they will damage her perception she has carefully built of your relationship.

Bear in mind that as she ages, this will most likely change to some degree but there may always be some residual effect from this lens she has erected around herself. We see that some of these challenges were wrought by bleed-though of a difficult previous lifetime, but mainly this was a choice of Tracy's in order to experience this sensation of separateness in this lifetime. Your understanding and acceptance of the situation, as well as your self-release from guilt over her perceptions, will most likely do the most to ease your comfort in this relationship.

<Janie> Was I related to her in a previous lifetime?

 Only by marriage. The woman Tracy was your son by marriage previously, but was abusive toward your daughter and you attempted to cast him out of your home, but in so doing you caused his anger to swing back to your daughter, who he then killed. You were then forced by circumstance to help him cover this from the authorities so as to protect your grandchildren and give them a proper home, thus  effectively becoming captive to a man with whom you uncomfortable with and who murdered your daughter. There is little if any awareness on your daughter's part today of this lifetime, yet the residual energy of discomfort remains to some small extent.

<Janie> Thank you very much!
<DaveGregg> Vince, you're next...


<Vince> My long-term relationships appear to run in 8 year cycles. I am again at a crossroads. Is there anything I can or should be doing to save my relationship with Emma-Lee?

<KarenMurphy> Although it appears that you would be at a loss if this woman exited your life, we see that the agreements between you have for the most part been fulfilled, thus there is less at this time linking the two of you than there had been once. That is not to say that there could not be quite a satisfying relationship between you for some years to come, but some of the impetus to remain together has waned and you are left with the other elements of  attraction that are between you, which feel less  compelling and therefore a sustaining relationship would take more effort that it has thus far.

<Vince> Thank You
<DaveGregg> Lisa, you're next...


<Lisa_I> Good evening, I am seeking information if my daughter Stephani and I have had any past lives together, how many and which one was the most significant?

<KarenMurphy> We see that although you do feel a strong connection to Stephani in this lifetime, this is the first physical incarnation you have shared. Your connection-feeling some, then, from the work you have performed between lives, as you have several times worked in a teaching and assimilating capacity with fragments becoming discarnate at the end of a lifetime.  In this life, you chose to see what is was like to work together on the physical plane instead.

<Lisa_I> Thank you so much
<DaveGregg> Barbara, you're next...


<Barbara> Thank you. After 30 years, I've reconnected with my friend, George. Have we a special relationship in this lifetime or any other?

<KarenMurphy> The man George was a former lover in a lifetime of intrigue and mystery. Some of those aspects remain, especially as you have romanticized that era somewhat (16th century England/Scotland/Wales).

You were something of a buccaneer, a swashbuckling fellow, with the fabled "girl in every port". The woman who is now the man George lived in Spain and came to the British Isles at your request, later to make her way as a madam of some ill repute when you refused to make an honest woman of her. Still the effect today is a positive and playful one, as there were few of any regrets or ill effects from your years together in that lifetime. We would say, then, that this connection could be a comfortable and useful one, especially if you focus on the playful aspects that still abound between you.

<Barbara> any specific agreements left unfulfilled?

<KarenMurphy> From that lifetime? Not that we see.

<Barbara> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Brother_Rob, you're next...


<brother_rob> Good evening Michael. My name is Robert Leteff. I am a 2nd level mature scholar, priest cast. My essence twin is a sage who is discarnate right now. Can you tell me if he has any advice for me and how he thinks I'm doing in this incarnation. And do you have any advice for me, something I might be missing? Thank you.

<KarenMurphy> This sage fragment surrounds you with the most bright and loving awareness, and wishes you to make connection more frequently so that you may continue the intense intimacy shared in several lifetimes of incarnation.  At the same time, this fragment wishes you also to hold the awareness of the twin aspects that exist between you and to know that the completeness you feel you lack is surely yours for the taking at any time.  Again, we wish to encourage you to feel the perfection that is truly yours at all times.

<brother_rob> thank you
<DaveGregg> John Roth, you're next...


<JohnRoth> Hello Michael. This is with respect to the material Sara Chambers channeled on the 7 levels of the mature soul. What's the percentage of the current US population that has assimilated each level to where they can apply it effectively?

<KarenMurphy> Level 1 - 9%. Level 2 - 13%. Level 3 - 16%. Level 4 - 22%. Level 5 - 23%. Level 6 - 14%. Level 7 - 3%.

<KarenMurphy> John, I want to be sure I answered what you were asking.
Did you want to know, of all the mature souls, what % was at each level? Or what % of total US population is at a given level of Mature soul age?
<JohnRoth> No, I was asking about population in general, and that includes old souls as well as precocious young souls. It's a matter of application, not soul age.
<KarenMurphy> I took your question to imply that a fragment is manifesting at a particular level *right now*, and this is the given percentage doing so.
<JohnRoth> Ah. I was more looking for people who could effectively apply the lessons of that level, that is, right relationships with self, with intimiate others, with their usual workgroups (3) in society (4), etc.
<KarenMurphy> Well lets do it over, then.

<KarenMurphy> So...you're looking to identify the number who have gotten a particular level "under their belt", without going back for further issues with a particular level?
<JohnRoth> Essentially. It's more about how they're doing right now, in this incarnation, with the issues of each level.
<KarenMurphy> Oh. Then you want the number "doing" the lessons of each particular level, at this time? Which could include, as you said, fragments from an "older" soul age wishing to revisit certain issues from a "younger" age?
<JohnRoth> Not so much doing the lessons as those who have completed them to where they can apply them to issues in their lives.
<KarenMurphy> Okay. Here we go then.

<KarenMurphy> Level 1 - 51%. Level 2 - 47%. Level 3 - 28%. Level 4 - 18%. Level 5 - 16%. Level 6 - 11%. Level 7 - 8%.

<JohnRoth> Ah. Thank you. The distribution is more what I expected, and quite a bit higher than I expected. Must by my cynicism in play!
<KarenMurphy> Quite a different set of data here, suggesting that as a country we've got just over half of us just barely into mature soul lessons. Hmm.
<KarenMurphy> I'm glad I got your question straightened out, John. Thanks.
<JohnRoth> You're welcome.

<DaveGregg> Laurel?

<LaurelB> I just learned today that my upstairs neighbor will be out by Nov. 1. This is good news. Naturally I am hoping that the new tenants will be congenial. Can Michael tell me if there are any agreements out there, or what essence might be looking for in new neighbors, and how can I support the manifestation of this?

<KarenMurphy> Laurel, we see that for you, issues of hearth and home have tended to be paramount for quite some time. We would say, then, that your focus on these issues is assisting you with being presented, over and over, with feeling of un-security and general disconnectedness from your surroundings and those who surround you. At this time, you are attending to those very lessons which essence wishes for you to attend to, and even though you feel some discomfort from your discomfiture, rest assured that this is truly the intention of essence.

Although there does not appear to be at this time an agreement with a particular potential neighbor, we see that it is likely that you will make such connection despite this and will more than likely have a relatively harmonious experience anyway.

<LaurelB> okay, thank you
<DaveGregg> Till, you're next...


<Till> Thank you, Dave. Hi, I am Till from Germany.
<Till> In June there was the world championship in soccer taking place in Germany. Energetically something totally new was happening. It felt like the whole country shifted from one state to another. Could Michael say something about what kind of shift of the collective energy I am experiencing?

<KarenMurphy> Till, we would say that the shift was more one of your own perception rather than one contained within the collective perception of your countrymen, yet truly, what is the difference, for you, between these two? The fact was, there was indeed a shift and therefore your perception has been altered.  Because each and every one of you creates and maintains the creation not only of yourselves but also of this physicality in which you incarnate, at all times, then we say that it is not only possible but common for such a shift to take place. You altered your perception; therefore the shift occurred. We would say that for you, this shift was mainly in the realm of community, in which you became at that moment more aware of the energy connectedness of your fellows.

The fact that you choose to associate this shift with the connectedness of a large-scale sporting event serves to cement this alteration of perceptivity within you, to make it feel more real. Energetically we will say that the universe, the one which you create and maintain at all times, including right now, flattened somewhat and changes its rotation somewhat, although these changes were relatively imperceptible, and again existed within the framework of the universe you have built.

<Till> Interesting. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Rhua, you're next...


<Rhua> Tonight I am asking about the nature of any agreements in my present relationship with my husband, Wesley JR., about any significant previous lives together and how they are affecting us now.

<KarenMurphy> Lori, you and the man Wesley have indeed shared lives together, a total of fourteen thus far, and the two that have been most significant for you mostly deal with lives in which you were the parent and he was the child.  It is some of these issues which you are still dealing with on some levels and which this man has been resisting, as it is difficult for him to let go of his masculine image and to feel nurtured now that he has reached adulthood and therefore must "be a man".

We see some continued strife surrounding this unless he is able to disconnect the child-Wesley that he remembers being from the man-Wesley he is now. We suggest that some education on reincarnation may be of assistance to this fragment, but understand that it may be of great difficulty for him to find balance in this.

<Rhua> What soul age is he?

<KarenMurphy> This is a 2nd level Mature soul.

Rhua> Thank you very much!
<DaveGregg> Rachael, you're next...


<Rachael> Hi, I don't believe in coincidences, my name is Zandra n I have people from all angles trying to destroy what I have, I would be here all day if I went into detail, but my partner Kelvin has marks that every one sees, he has anger and frustration beyond belief not at me but the world around, I want to help but I don't have the words, is there anything in our past lives? why doesn't he feel or see?

<KarenMurphy> The man Kelvin has chosen to remain apart from the world that some see "underneath", and wishes not to feel connected at this time with the underlying awareness that some have of who they are. For many, it is more comfortable to remain within the maya that is the physical plane. There is nothing about the physical plane that makes it "easier" or "better" to navigate if there is also awareness, and we have said
 that some amount of "blindness" can be useful. These appear, for now, to be the choices of the fragment Kelvin, and it is not possible for you nor anyone to change these choices without creating karma in the process.

<KarenMurphy> You can, however, wish for this fragment that he come to terms with his emotions and senses, and that he attain balance and perspective. These are worthwhile goals for all fragments, whether or not they possess true awareness of the realities of the physical plane and existence in general.

<Rachael> What is a fragment?

<KarenMurphy> A person. We are all connected, we are all one if you will, and each of us is but a fragment of the one that is the Tao, which is the all that is.

<DaveGregg> Desert_girl, you're next...

<desert_girl> I want to know if you can tell me anything about the agreements I have with my daughters farrah and tayler rizzo? thank you

<KarenMurphy> Farrah has chosen to incarnate with you at his time to help you with patience. She does not yet teach by example, but tests your own patience instead. In time, however, you will be able to watch her responses and interactions with others so as to find your own balance with the incredibly difficult art of patience.

<KarenMurphy> Tayler has chosen to support her sister is many ways and also offer you a support beacon as well. You see that you do reach toward her at times as a comfort, as she, for you, has been a steady presence in the past as well,  and you have come to rely on this.

<desert_girl> Thanks so much
<DaveGregg> Ameliavt, you're next...


<ameliavt> Michael, I had a very expansive, magical summer and now am feeling once again the panic and anxiety I felt earlier this year. I understand that these feelings can be part of the 4th internal monad I'm at. How am I progressing here? What is the return of anxiety revealing?

<KarenMurphy> It is easy to allow oneself to be lulled into a sense of security while nothing is happening, but when activity begins again it can be startling. In essence, we see that you took a sort of a break and have simply resumed again your progression through what has been for you a difficult transition.  We suggest, then, for you to attempt to not feel disheartened, s you have not failed in any way but have simply been at rest so as to be ready for what appears to be the last stretch of the monad.

<ameliavt> Thank you : )
<DaveGregg> Last question is Elo-Maria...


<Elo-Maria> I've had a difficult time lately. I feel like I'm stuck, nothing changes in my personal life and it's starting to depress me. I also have strange feelings I can't describe and the sense, that in some inner level I'm going thru some bigger changes. I had weird dreams in summer too. But those confusing feelings are getting stronger now and I find it difficult to deal with this inner state. I'd like Michael to comment my present situation, causes of it and where it may lead me eventually.

<KarenMurphy> This has been a time of great transition for many. Many of you are reinventing yourselves. Many of you are feeling shifts in perception. Still others have changed their physical location, which in turn will lead to further changes in perceptivity.

 Some fragments are more sensitive to changes than others. We see that you, Elo-Maria, are more sensitive than most. If this distresses you, be aware that there are changes you can make which will alter your awareness of the changes and shifts and transitions constantly taking place in and around you, but there may be a caveat associated with this. If, for example, you choose to simply block your awareness, the flow of energy in and through you will be altered to such an extent that you could manifest other situations and symptoms instead. We suggest then that for you, becoming even more porous may be useful instead. Think of yourself as being full of holes through which the energy of others flows through but does not attach. presently you are allowing attachment and that is what has been causing your dreams and discomfort.

As far as feeling stuck, we see that your attempts to block your perceptions of others has caused a blockage within you as well. Becoming porous will more than likely allow you to again feel "in the flow" and allow you to release from the sense of feeling stuck.

<DaveGregg> Karen, do you have any closing comments?

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> We spoke earlier of being in the moment. As yourself then, tonight: how did it feel? What was this moment, this gathering, like for you?

We see that many of you are feeling like you are in transition, and indeed, you truly are. We suggest, then, that you attempt to embrace this movement, to allow yourself to flow with your creation of self and universe, so as to gain the full essence of what this experience truly is.

Good night.

<DaveGregg> Thanks Karen/Michael. A great evening.
<Janie> Thanks, Dave and Karen and Michael..........
<KarenMurphy> Thanks, everyone, for being here on short notice and mid-week. it's great to see all of you here.
<cynzim> Got here late but it was what I needed to hear.
<JohnRoth> Thanks all!
<LaurelB> Interesting how many people are feeling stuck right now.
<ameliavt> Thank you, sweet peace to you all, goodnight
<brother_rob> Yes, thank you very much
<BlueLady> Thanks Karen - I enjoyed the evening.
<Rhua> thank you so much, Karen and Michael
<KarenMurphy> It feels like it, Laurel. It'll be interesting to look back later and see if any of this clears up afterward.
<Lisa_I> Thank you again Michael & Karen


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