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Discrepancies in Overleaves


I have received three different overleaves from three different Michael Channels - can you explain this? 

ANSWER: As one who is one of our students you through agreement on the astral plane are in the process of studying the overleaves. It would do you little service to be given a set of overleaves and not go through the process of evaluating them for personal validation. Without evaluation on your part they are useless, somewhat like being told you are an Aries because of your birth date., although in the case of astrology at least their is a quantifiable relationship. It is more important to go through the process of learning the overleaves through self study than by simply having them by the "magic of channeling". Through study of the overleaf material you will learn to discover your own overleaves as well as the overleaves of others. Channels only serve to aid you in this process. The bottom line is, "you are your highest authority."

You will probably notice though that there is a little similarity in the readings. This is due to the intuitive faculties of the channelers. They "read" or "see" your energy then describe it using the overleaf terminology. Some are more experienced than others but all channels bring in their personal expectations (their 'stuff') into the channeling process. Part of the process means the passing of consciousness through the subconscious mind which invariably influences the channel.

To think that we give channels the overleaves would be a mistake. We do not. We are teachers and teachers allow their students to think to find solutions. Intuitive thinking in none the less thinking. In most channeling there is a higher emotional component that helps to "feel" the "correct" answer. We teach the overleaf system which is simply a way of describing the essential energies that create the physical plane. The energies can be described in other ways and are described in Tarot as well as Astrology. Modern psychology also describes these essential energies using their terminology. We have simplified the description to its most root level. Overleaves can be used to describe all events, places, things and ideas. However, personality is a composition of these root energies and the overleaves are useful in describing the individual personalities.

You will note that there are 823,543 possible overleaf sets. Some are extremely rare or non existent. There are only a few fragments that maintain higher centering. Higher centering is not conducive to chief feature and any fragment who maintains a higher center has no chief feature. You do however, enjoy the higher centers from time to time and many of you are enjoying them more often. It takes extraordinary circumstances to plan a lifetime that will allow permanency of the higher centers. If overleaf sets were distributed on a bell shaped curve you would find about 50 among the thousands that are most popular (not including body types and roles). For example, growth and acceptance are popular goals, idealist and realist are popular attitudes, observation is a popular mode followed by power and passion.

As a reminder it is important to note that one role or other overleaf is better than another. All are vital to the functioning of the incarnational game. An artisan, cynic, in aggression mode, and goal of reevaluation is just as important as a King idealist in passion mode with a goal of acceptance. Both can be interesting personalities and both have their drawbacks.

When given three different sets of overleaves you may find that all three channels are getting one or two of the same ones. This could be the result of good intuiting on their part or luck, but it is probably accurate for you to say that you have that overleaf. Here is what we suggest you do however. Ask yourself if the overleaves feel right to you. Which one fits you the best? This requires a little reading into the material and there are many fine books to choose from. The best overleaf readings come from studying the material first and getting few readings from a Michael channel that you like. When the channel gets to know you better many of the constraints of false personality will dissolve and she will be able to see your overleaves in your body, and especially your face.

Overleaves can be seen with some practice and study. They are energies and energy effects matter. The energy in flowing water will gouge a channel in water, likewise the constrictions imposed by the chief feature of stubbornness will cause the jaw to stiffen and the muscles of the jaw will swell somewhat and look tight. Idealists will have a wider smile. Spiritualists will have eyes that open just a bit more. The cynic may have a sneer embedded in her mouth. Pragmatists will have that deadpan look. Submission will have a drop in the forehead, power mode will hold the lips tighter and aggression will throw their face forward. These are the results of the way the overleaf energy interacts with the body type.

We advise you to take your three readings and compare them to each other. Which one feels the best. You can even take the simply words such as idealist or realist and feel them for accuracy. When you think the word artisan versus sage does your body elongate a little? Do you sit up straight? The answers to the overleaves are in the words. By saying the words to yourself you can feel the correct answer in your body. The words for the overleaves were chosen for their vibrational resonance and somewhat like tuning a guitar, when the strings are in tune you will know it. It is also more likely that what is obvious to you about yourself is the most accurate. That is if you search out argument you are probably a cynic. If you find yourself constantly disappointed by the behavior of your fellows you are probably an idealist. You can easily look at the patterns of your life and apply the overleaves to them.

As for your three different readings, reading overleaves is a process for both channel and student. Channel are only students who agree to work with our energy to disseminate information. There will be so called inaccuracies in most first readings. If you get to know the material and the channel you are working with you will find though that this material will take on a greater meaning that you may have expected.


Ted Fontaine channels "Michael Lines," an on-line book of new Michael information, and a newsletter, "Channeling Arts." Ted also conducts professional channeling sessions.  E-mail: tedfont@mother.com


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