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Shepherd Hoodwin


<ShepherdHoodwin> I've been aware over the past 20 minutes or so of the vibrational space that we're co-creating around the world. I've asked our guides to assist us in allowing for the highest possible experience for each of us and in blessing to the world. Many of us here are gifted channels and healers. I invite each of us to bring forth the highest possible energies into the group energy field. Even if you think you're not a channel, allow yourself to channel the clearest, most beautiful energies from your deepest self. These evenings are always a collaboration among us all, so let us each take responsibility for creating the highest good. Michael will take over now.

Opening Comments

<ShepherdHoodwin> M: Greetings to you all.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Group consciousness has always had the capability of multiplying power, both constructively and destructively. We are impressed with the potential of this chat format to impact world consciousness. It seems that, all other things being equal, 50 people joining together "in one mind" from around the world has more impact than 50 people gathered in one physical room. On the other hand, when all are gathered in one room, the group energy may be more easily felt by those who are less sensitive to energies. It might help to imagine that you are, in fact, in one physical room with all those gathered. What does that feel like?

<Kathryn41> Friendly, eager, interested, supportive.
<carterc> A comfortable living room...cozy. But BIG!
<CarroWax> One big musical chord.
<Ralf> Fresh air.
<Cheryl_Long> Warm and friendly.
<kimberly> Beautiful light.
<Elo-Maria> Inner light.
<chknltl> Warm.
<sedonagirl> Connected like spokes of a wheel.
<dianekeith> Close and loving.
<colleen> Radiating love.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Part of the maya of the physical plane is the common sense of isolation and aloneness. The nature of your dense bodies contributes much to this illusion. On a soul level, this warmth and connectedness that you described is the natural state. You might say that these online gatherings are a respite from the illusion of separateness, a chance to remember what is already the case on a higher level. This is not to dismiss the challenges of being physical. This is not to say that the feelings of loneliness and alienation aren't real. They are real within their sphere and need to be respected for what they are. Still, it is helpful to remember the context of physical existence. All spiritual and religious practices seek, in their own ways, to remind people that there is a larger context. Sometimes that context is presented in a way that fosters fear, such as the fear of after-death punishment. However, a true understanding of the context of physical existence brings a sense of awe like that of gazing upon a clear, starry sky. This is true even for us, because we, too, have a larger context for our existence that brings wonder and excitement to contemplate. There is always more awaiting one's experience. On the physical plane, especially during these challenging times, it is easy to lose sight of the larger picture because of the demands of survival. However, taking some time to remember your context can help you deal with those demands with greater equanimity.

<ShepherdHoodwin> What is your experience of the group energy now?

<Kathryn41> Focusing, beginning to balance and coalesce.
<kimberly> I feel tenderness.
<Glo> Awe and wonder at the greater context that our union together creates.
<TziporahMiriam> Very deep and centered.
<dianekeith> Peaceful calm serene.
<Cheryl_Long> Lifted to a higher level of awareness.
<colleen> I'm in awe contemplating the expanse of consciousness.
<miami215> High energy level, fidgety.
<Teresa> Peaceful contemplating.
<carterc> the bubbles have come to the surface and are popping!
<chknltl> Comfortable.
<beryl> yes, FIDGETY, good word.
<lindapostal> Deeper wonder, more unity as I realize -- I am really not alone here.
<sedonagirl> I feel warmth but also fidgety.
<TziporahMiriam> I felt nervous excitement before, now I feel a huge deep calm flow of energy.
<Elo-Maria> Calm, yes.

<ShepherdHoodwin> About a dozen of you are significantly channeling energy into the group, and this is assisting greatly. Fidgeting is normal when first opening to higher energies, which bring to the surface the unease that's been below the surface. As you stay steady in the higher energies, it will pass. You might each visualize yourself as a conduit of energy. See light coming into you from higher realms and flowing into the earth without obstruction. At the same time, see yourself receiving light from the group energy that flows into your body.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Any comments?

<Bill> That really makes things snap into focus.
<artifaker1> I feel weak tonight for some reason.
<lindapostal> Feel calmer, more accepting.
<Elo-Maria> My hands are like indicators: going warm and meanwhile cooler. Sometimes they go so warm that I barely feel that I have hands.
<oldking> It's an energy ring.
<sedonagirl> Exactly...
<colleen> My hands feel ablaze with energy!
<Glenn> Comfort, and safety, and warmth.
<TziporahMiriam> I am breathing so deeply like a huge bellows. It feels effortless, like someone else is moving moving the breath through me.
<Heidi> Acceptance.
<Teresa> Acceptance and calm.
<Cheryl_Long> A beautiful, high, calm energy.
<miami215> Steady.

<ShepherdHoodwin> The Maya (illusion) of the physical plane causes people to "shrink," to live smaller than their natural expansiveness of consciousness. In this moment, allow yourself to feel your true stature. As a spiritual being in human form, you are much larger than your human form. You are much larger than your problems. You are much larger than your worldly success or apparent lack thereof. You are much larger than your human shortcomings and false personality, no matter how limiting they are. You are pure energy.

<ShepherdHoodwin> What is this like for you?

<Sage> ... a liberating reminder.
<colleen> Happy.
<sedonagirl> I feel great relaxation into an expansiveness...beautiful...
<kimberly> Now my hands are tingling.
<miami215> Bursting at the seams
<Cheryl_Long> Flowing, expanding...
<dianekeith> Feels expansive and limitless.
<beryl> Agitated and uneasy still. I must be a drain on all of you.
<CarroWax> Like mist among the clouds - free and flowing, without the familiar perspective.
<TziporahMiriam> Bursting into sobs...overwhelming...buzzing and dizzy...like I'm breaking out of something small into expandedness
<Heidi> Significant, even though we all are one and equal.
<colleen> Not at all beryl.
<beryl> thank you.
<colleen> We'll hold you up.
<dianekeith> Breathe beryl.
<sedonagirl> Yes, breathe.
<beryl> ok
<carterc> Beryl, this is the place to be to let it go.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Beryl, see if you can relax into the agitation.

<beryl> I'll try, Shepherd.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We realize that that sounds like an oxymoron, but let whatever you're feeling be okay. Trying to feel something you're not gets in the way. Being with what is opens you to a new experience.

<ShepherdHoodwin> A new exercise:

Bring to mind one person who particularly irritates you. Now, place that person in his/her larger context. Perhaps this person in false personality has been doing hurtful, destructive things.

See that person as the eternal soul s/he is. See that person as large and expansive. See that person as light. When you're done, try it with someone else, perhaps a public figure.

Now choose the most heinous person you can think of past or present. Ask to see the core reality of that person beyond their human persona. We think you'll find that the persona is a thin layer on the surface, and that if you go deep enough, you'll see awe-inspiring beauty, that s/he is, like everything in creation, made of the stuff of love. Would anyone like to share about this process?

<Kathryn41> heehaw a lot of resistance at first - I had problems with this individual - but when I looked inside I saw a hard shell that was protection for the fear underneath then below the fear was a lost child crying out for notice but afraid both to be heard and not heard. I wish I had known that before:-)
<ShepherdHoodwin> Beautiful.
<TziporahMiriam> The people seem tiny, like their huge light is smushed into their tiny earthplane persona, so they can try out a role, like they becoming a little puppet, while we are all expansive sparkly light far above watching our puppet selves.
<LaurelB> I'm still trying to think of a heinous person......
<dianekeith> I pictured Saddam and then almost immediately his image was "blown up" by a burst of white light
<Cheryl_Long> Once you get past the layers of illusion, they are made of pure Light.
<Kathryn41> I guess the next part of the exercise is to remember to do it in real time as well:-)
<carterc> One has to rise up quite a ways to see everyone as they really are. The trick is to hold on to that perception while still coming back down to take care of business.
<TziporahMiriam> The juiciest roles are always the villains; the actors playing them are usually very cool people. a metaphor for the high and earthplane selves.

<ShepherdHoodwin> By doing this exercise, you are inviting apparent darkness to join with light. At first, the darkness feels like a corruption of the light. However, as you continue to hold the space, there's a merging that neutralizes the darkness.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We'll come back to this later, but can start with questions. Dave, who's first?

<DaveGregg> Karen (Lightspring) is first...

Q & A

<Lightspring> Stonehenge was completed in 3 stages. What beliefs/goals drove the various peoples involved in its construction AND, what more is there about it that traditional archaeology has yet to uncover?

<ShepherdHoodwin> This fits with our discussion tonight. Sacred structures are designed to be tangible representations of the context of existence. Such structures have been strongly guided from the nonphysical realms. Those who did the physical labor often did so in a light trance state. There was a sense of higher direction. Usually, they were fulfilling agreements made before incarnating, and the work gave them a sense of meaning. They knew that the structures were conduits of spiritual energies but few who participated in the building understood much about them. Maybe one or two at a time who were in deeper trance states had the bigger picture of the design. Traditional archeology does not recognize elements of the structure deeper in the earth. Often, holes 20-30 feet were dug and implanted with designs made of specific kinds of boulders to anchor the overall design.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Would you like to follow up?

<Lightspring> No, that's good, thanks!
<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<CarroWax> My question is about my family origin. What did my essence want to learn by choosing my family? What agreements/karma was there?

<ShepherdHoodwin> You have many entanglements with your family, some mildly karmic. Your essence goal is to clean these up, to establish clear, uncharged connections with each family member. This is representative of where you are in your soul growth in general. You have many such muddied connections in general, and learning to clear them within your family will allow you to clear them with others more easily. The key is to find respect for each of them.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Would you like to follow up?

<CarroWax> What might be a positive step to clearing things up, especially with my mother?

<ShepherdHoodwin> We sense that you are rather protected toward her. Is that correct?

<CarroWax> Yes. I am very easily defensive.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We suggest that you listen to her openly, and allow in energies that you don't care for. You can raise their vibration later. Just receive without judgment. Let her feel received by you; that should help the relationship a great deal.

<CarroWax> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Nancy is the next "general" question...

<NancyG> Michael has touched before on the difference between having expectations and having hope. Would they please comment further on these two elements, and how we can appropriately apply them to our lives?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Expectations are demands. Demands are an attempt to limit choice. This not only diminishes the other person; it diminishes the one demanding, too. It creates a constricted field that says that "Only if life goes in the direction I think it should will there be okayness in the universe."

Hope, on the other hand, is an expression of intention. You desire an outcome. You are not requiring it but you are magnetizing it, opening yourself to it, watching for it. Hope is most useful when it is based on a certain amount of realism. To hope, for example, that a movie star you don't know will fall in love with you is a waste of energy. However, to hope that someone you know will fall in love with you may be quite useful when it is not yet clear what the other person's feelings are. The positive hope communicates to the other person, whereas being totally neutral does not--it might be read as indifference and doesn't magnetize the result you wish.

Once the other person makes a choice to either move toward you or away from you, hope is no longer useful in this context; then you are either pursuing a relationship or seeing that it is not going to happen, in which case you are best off letting go of the hope. Holding onto hope once the facts have been established causes heartache. On the other hand, there are instances in which hope may not seem justified but it is-- you can sense that the facts have not actually been established, even though the situation looks hopeless. Trust your gut on this. Follow-up?

<NancyG> No, thank you.
<DaveGregg> Laurie, you are next...

<LaurieG> Would Michael please comment on my own channeling session done with them yesterday as to the accuracy of the words I received and wrote down. I asked a number of questions and got answers to them all.

<ShepherdHoodwin> You are still building your infrastructure for channeling. You tune in to large chunks of information at a time and try to bring them through more than one input, which makes for disjointed results at times. Does this make sense to you?

<LaurieG> Yes. It comes in too fast.

<ShepherdHoodwin> We are working with you to pull all the intellectual threads through one input, and use the other inputs for energy and emotion.

<LaurieG> Great!

<ShepherdHoodwin> Visualize a funnel, with all the information coming into a sort of line into your consciousness. That said, the accuracy is pretty good. There were some slight misinterpretations. Follow-up?

<LaurieG> No, thank you!

<ShepherdHoodwin> We have time for one more question. Dave?

<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria...you are next...

<Elo-Maria> My sister's daughter asked me to ask a question, so it's not mine. She wants to know, does she have any agreements for this life or other connection with Finnish pop singer Lauri Johannes Ylönen. She has so strong feelings towards him, that it really seem to be beyond common teenage crush. They even look alike.

<ShepherdHoodwin> SH: What's her full name?
<Elo-Maria> Kristi Schmidt

<ShepherdHoodwin> Kristi and Lauri have had three past lives of note. In one, they were married, with the genders reversed. Lauri died in childbirth. The baby died, too. It would have been their firstborn. Kristi felt much grief. These emotions were left unresolved, and that is largely what Kristi is feeling now, a longing to complete the relationship. However, there are no agreements. Follow-up?

<Elo-Maria> What do you suggest Kristi to do about it?

<ShepherdHoodwin> Perhaps just understanding the source of her feelings can aid her in letting go of them and just appreciating the soul connection they have.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!

Closing Comments

<ShepherdHoodwin> The energy work has been continuing nicely. Take a moment to notice the group space. Comments?

<aeonesusan1> High energy/everything very flowing / in sync
<Eva_Dillner> Feels very connected.
<Kathryn41> Feels very steady and stable.
<colleen> It is good to be here....thank you.
<laurie> Cohesive.
<Suz> There is a f l o w to it that connects us...
<CarroWax> I felt a very intense energy during my question, so thank you all
<TziporahMiriam> I think the internet really helps in this energy work by leaving out many distractions of being in person and helping us to focus on pure energy
<Cheryl_Long> Connected and peaceful.
<Heidi> I think so, too, T.
<Teresa> Enjoyed being a part of the whole

<ShepherdHoodwin> Once again, bring to mind someone who hurt you in the past. See if you are able to put that person in his/her larger context. Comments?

<laurie> Easier this time..visualizing it, that is.
<sedonagirl> Yes, easier this time.
<Teresa> Exactly.
<Kathryn41> Found a young soul who is desiring power and doesn't know yet how to use what comes - but has learned a lesson and grown from our encounter, so thank you again.
<Suz> Cracking that thin outer shell of an egg...

<ShepherdHoodwin> When you are conscious of your spiritual stature, it is easier to see others'.

<TziporahMiriam> Realize that I am not hurt, cannot be hurt
<CarroWax> I brought in my mother's larger context, and felt a shift.

<ShepherdHoodwin> Take a moment and feel your stature. Take a photograph of how this feels. You can bring it out when you start to feel smaller than you are.

We will conclude now. Love and blessing to each of you. Good night.

<CarroWax> Thank you!
<aeoneSusan> Thank you shepherd and micheal :)) and and dave too
<Heidi> Thank you Shep and Mike!
<ShepherdHoodwin> You're welcome!
<laurie> good night and thanks again
<dianekeith> thank you so much shepherd and Michael!
<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and thank you Shepherd
<Teresa> Thank you everyone.
<Eva_Dillner> thanks and good night
<Cheryl_Long> thank you Shepherd and Michael
<lindapostal> thank you Shepherd, and Michael!
<DaveGregg> Thank you all for attending tonight!
<Glo> Great!
<jeanneholley> Thanks Shepherd, Michael and Dave.


Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Audio cassettes are available from his site. Visit his website at  Summerjoy Press

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