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Opening Comments

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> MICHAEL: Greetings.
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We'll take the first question.

<DaveGregg> Ann, that's you.

<AnnH> Does the ossuary recently discovered and discussed contain Jesus' and his family?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: No. It is a hoax, albeit an old one. Follow-up?

<AnnH> How old a hoax?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> About a hundred years old, we'd say.

<AnnH> Thank you! (That was a quickie)
<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<CarrotWax> I had a dream a couple weeks ago where I was in Ladakh, India, as a villager. (Ladakh is the northernmost part of India, and is essentially a cultural part of Tibet that was not taken over by China). I've been there twice in this life already, and had very interesting dreams while there as well. The interesting thing was that after this dream, I was infused by a feeling of great joy which lasted me the entire day

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: We think that this place represents expansive spiritual accomplishment for you. You had two previous lives there in which you experienced much growth, coming into your power.

<CarrotWax> What was I doing in the last of these lives?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> You assisted the equivalent of the major as a sort of ombudsman. You heard complaints and problems and tried to solve them. You were instrumental in bringing the community together and were highly regarded.

<CarrotWax> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Kent, you have the next question...

<Kentagram> Please comment on the challenge of having high standards for oneself without looking down on others who either don't have standards as high, or who don't live up to their own standards? In other words, how can you be a good judge of yourself against your own standards without being judgmental of others?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Part of what we have set out to do with these teachings is to illustrate the different sets of circumstances each fragment finds itself in on the physical plane. Keeping in mind other people's overleaves, imprinting, history, etc. can help you appreciate that what may come relatively easily to you may not for them, and vice versa.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> No one meets his or her own standards all the time. Sometimes they are set too high, sometimes too low, in terms of what is achievable. You are truly not in competition with others. The object is simply to accomplish at least progress towards the goals set by essence.

<Kentagram> Thank you. Beautifully stated.
<DaveGregg> Susan the Oboist, it's time to test that new reed...;-)

<susantheoboist> I would like to know if there is anything I can do to lessen the frequency and intensity of my migraine headaches. Thank you!

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Yes, there are a couple factors blocking your energetic pathways. One is a severe lack of some minerals in your diet, including iron and manganese. We recommend a liquid multi-mineral supplement and lots of iron-rich foods, including leafy greens.

Also, there are places in your body, particularly your middle back, where there are some knots that never release.  We'd suggest deep tissue bodywork and time spent each day stretching and deep breathing. This would also help with a tendency to accumulate tension from the stresses of life. Take time to relax and fully unwind.

<susantheoboist> Thank you so much, Shepherd and Michael. Y'all Rock. I am going to get the salad out of the fridge....
<DaveGregg> Jeremy, you have the next question...

<Jeremy> Hi Michael and Shepherd, I would like to know the difference(s) between "inner child" and essense(generally), or if its two words for the same thing.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> These are different. Inner child is a subpersonality, part of the personality that is developed during childhood that, in a healthy adult, maintains the lessons of childhood, such as play. In a person with a well-developed inner child, aspects of essence can shine through that might be otherwise blocked.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Essence is before and beyond personality. Essence includes all the past-life selves and the potential future selves. It is the role, casting, and history of the being.

<Jeremy> Thank you. That was very good to hear.
<DaveGregg> Suzie, you're next...

<suzief> I'm currently working with a non-Michael channel, named J. The energies are triggering tensions. Should I continue to work with her or find another method? Thank you.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Our sense is that you and J. have some unresolved conflicts from a past life. There is a push-pull under the surface. On a conscious level, you are sincere in your desire to learn from her, but you unconsciously mistrust her, so you resist. We think that this conflict could be resolved.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> In the past life in question, she was your aunt. You felt that she manipulated your father so that you would marry a man of her choosing. She felt that she was acting for your best interests. This was not karmic, but it left a bad taste in your mouth. You were both right to some degree. She was genuinely fond of you and wanted to see you be prosperous, and there was something in it for her as well.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We suggest that you work with forgiveness, releasing the undercurrents, and then see how you feel relative to continuing to work with her.

<suzief> Very intense. thank you = no follow up at this time.
<DaveGregg> Glenn, you're next...

<Glenn> I'm interested to know about the fragments James Marshall Hendrix, Robert Nesta Marley, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I feel these souls made a major impact on humanity, while leading brief lives, and exiting quite suddenly. I'm curious if they're walk-ins, manifestations of the TS, or what?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> The greater one's openness to the creative force, the more internal balance and development there must be to contain it in a balanced and sustained manner. Many people open themselves well beyond their internal wholeness, blessing humanity with the gifts of their creation but burning out quickly because their container is weak.

There are many lessons in doing this, but it helps explain why creatively gifted souls generally do not apply their artistic gifts in every lifetime. Some lifetimes are devoted to strengthening their foundation. It is not unlike those with psychic gifts. Mental institutions are inhabited by a number of people who opened to their intuitive gifts before they could steadily contain them.

<Glenn> No, thank you. I'll process this info.
<DaveGregg> Domino, you're next...

<Donimo> My question is about astrophysics. From your perspective, specifically, which is more true -- that matter collects to form stars, or that stars form matter to begin with? I realize that this might be like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg, but is one more true than the other here, in general?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> The latter. Stars attract matter.

<Donimo> The current studies seem to report the opposite. Is there error in the observation methods?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We'd think that they would look similar upon observation. However, stars begin as creative impulses of the Tao, and they attract matter to them.

<Donimo> Interesting. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Marjorie, you're next...

<marjorieandherpiggies> Thank you Shepherd and Michael. Please, no one laugh at me. I have a guinea pig named Puppy. Can you talk about what overleaves he manifests? Are they only some of my overleaves or all of them or some from my essence twin? I love him very much and would like to understand him better. He is right here with me.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Most animals have hive souls, which are less delineated than the sentient souls that humans and cetaceans have. They don't have overleaves per se. However, some of their traits can be reminiscent of overleaves. Every being, including each hive soul, is unique. Some of their traits derive from their body and imprinting, but they also have their own histories. We'd say that Puppy often operates in what might be thought of as passion mode. His energies flow freely and deeply from within him. We also see energies reminiscent of the goal of acceptance.

<marjorieandherpiggies> No, that fits! Thank you so much!
<DaveGregg> Maggie, you're next...

<mheinze> Please will you give a dissertation on M O N E Y. Thanks guys, lv mg

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Often, metaphysical teachers overlook the practical aspects of finances. It's certainly true that negative beliefs can get in your way. However, it also can be good work to learn about good money management techniques. Money is like many things on the physical plane. People take it for granted. However, much can be learned.

Let's compare it to parenting. Most people assume that they already know how to parent. They usually just copy or rebel against what their own parents did. Books and classes that suggest alternative ways to parent can open up new worlds. With money, most people think they know all about it: you have it and you spend it. However, learning how to make choices about it more consciously can open up many possibilities. Most people would say that they don't have enough of it.

There are two options: Earn more or spend less.

Sometimes earning more is simply a matter of choosing a way of earning money that pays more. Spending less does not necessarily mean enduring hardship; spending more intelligently and carefully can make a big difference.

<mheinze> Thanks! :-)
<DaveGregg> Anna Marie, you're next...

<AnnaMarieB> I sent a picture to you earlier of myself and a male acquaintance, B. I would love to know if he and I have any sort of past life or spiritual bond, and what they might be.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: You have had many past lives together in a variety of configurations. Most recently, you were his father, and he, your son. You have not been mated but you have had most other close relationships. The tone of your connection is one of protection and caring.

<AnnaMarieB> What are our soul ages and our roles this time around?
<Shepherd_Hoodwin> SH: Anna, we're not doing chart material on the chats. Would you like to ask another follow-up?

<AnnaMarieB> Will he and I continue in this life with a stronger relationship?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: We cannot predict human choices but your history is one of being there for one another, ports in a storm. The relationship is not necessarily constant but is generally there when you need it. Does that answer your question?

<AnnaMarieB> Thank you! Yes it does.
<DaveGregg> Jyoti, you're next...

<Jyoti_Shah> Would like to know if the whole planet is moving toward Mature Soul Age then what happens to those infant, baby souls who cannot move at that rate? Do they experience more pain in their growth.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> For the most part, each soul goes at its own pace. That said, the more external stimulation there is, the faster growth tends to be, although it is still always a matter of the individual. You obviously live in a time in which there is a great deal of stress (stimulation) for most people. What the mature shift really means is that souls of all ages will be increasingly imprinted with mature soul values. The young soul values that have heretofore imprinting much of your civilization are beginning to look worn out, especially their negative aspects. People are both more ready to learn about mature soul values and more exposed to them.

<Jyoti_Shah> Would hastening them up not result in some growth being lost in the process? Would they not feel unwillingly pushed? How can Old souls help them in their growth?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Those who feel over stimulated sometimes react negatively. It's not that growth is lost; it's a different kind of growth--a different set of choices to be made compared to when life is quieter. Some simply choose to remove themselves from the "fast lane" if they can. Some burn out. Generally, physically younger people adapt more easily to any societal change. Older souls can help add a reassurance that all is well, that although some things are breaking down, other things are building up.

<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks Michael, Shepherd and Dave. It answers a lot of my personal questions as well!
<DaveGregg> Mark, you're next...

<mark_t> Hello Shepherd & Michael. I am working with someone named L. Do I have any past lives or agreements with this person?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We don't see much past-life history with Lynne, although she is not a stranger to you, either. She is a "friendly face" you tend to see around town, so to speak. No agreements.

<mark_t>Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Laine, you're next...

<Laine> I seem a bit off my game lately. Can you offer any advice to get me back on track.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: Laine, we are seeing a lot of tension in your lower abdomen. Are you aware of this?

<laine2> Yes.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> It is related to some unresolved issues in some key relationships. There are a couple of people you care about with whom you need to talk. You are holding back for fear of appearing too angry. Try speaking about your feelings without accusing or criticizing them. Does that fit for you?

<laine2> No.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Bring your awareness to the tension in your abdomen. Ask to see a picture of what it's about. What do you see?

<laine2> I had sulfur poisoning last week.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We see that there's a physical component, but there is also a strong emotional component. Ask to see that, too, what is beneath.  Laine, does anything arise when you look within?

<laine2> No.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We suggest you continue to work with this and see what happens. In the meantime, we have been doing some energy work with you. Hopefully, that will help you.

<laine2> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Robinette, you're next...

<Robinette> Are spirits in visitation be a soul in astral projection during sleep, like visiting a past life?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: Yes. We take you question to mean that when you sense a discarnate soul around you, can it be someone sleeping who has left his or her body. That is sometimes the case, but not often. Could it be a future manifestation of your essence visiting yours? Yes, but rarely.

<Robinette> I was just wondering about haunted places.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> Generally there are souls who are earthbound because they don't realize they died or are unwilling to let go of something. Time passes very quickly for them, so they tend not to realize how long they've been in their condition.

<Robinette> Why don't their guides show them the way?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> They try, but they usually have difficult personalities that resist.

<Robinette> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> RL has the last question.

<RL> Hi. Can Michael describe my Task Companion and if we are likely to meet in person?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> SH: I do have your photo, Ricky. I normally ask to keep chart information off the chats because it can get complicated, but Michael wishes to answer this.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: It looks like you have already met your task companion. He was a boyhood friend. He's a late-young warrior, someone you still think about. You were close but you sometimes felt betrayed by him--he seemed insensitive to your feelings.

<RL> Now I'm really intrigued. Got a name?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> It looks like you're not having external communication at this time. We aren't getting a name.

<RL> Where doe he live now?

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> We don't see his current location. His energy is still strongly with you, though.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> SH: Sometimes identifying these key people can be a puzzle. If you have some ideas of people that might fit (a warrior, for example) and can send a name and photo, I'll ask for you.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> M: Let's shift focus to the group energy. Notice what you are feeling. Although we have not done a "workshop" format tonight, the group process has been powerful. Any comments on what you pick up?

<suzief> Peace love energy.
<Robinette> Total joy.
<susantheoboist> Shepherd's wonderful energy.
<Elisa17> Dim but placid, unusually stable.
<Jyoti_Shah> I feel a very healing energy
<marjorieandherpiggies> Happiness and love!
<Jeremy> Grounded.
<laughingboi> A baseline buzz just above and behind my head.
<LoriS> I've really felt it tonight, more so than usual.
<suzief> My ears, buzzing.
<Jyoti_Shah> Lots of energy at the third eye.
<Robinette> lots of yawning, releasing.
<marjorieandherpiggies> Just feel very warm and happy, uplifted spirits.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> The energy continues to expand. Feel it.

<Kathryn41> . . . holding the energy - is nicely smooth.
<Donimo> I agree, it's a smooth/strong feeling.

<Shepherd_Hoodwin> These was just a release. Now it is coming together, knitting itself into a whole. The work is complete for tonight. Love and blessings to each of you. Goodnight.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Michael and Shepherd.
<Donimo> Thanks.
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael; thank you Shepherd.
<mark_t> Thank you Michael & Shepherd!
<laughingboi> Thank you Michael and Shepherd
<JohnRoth> Thank you, Michael and Shepherd!
<marjorieandherpiggies> Love to u and thank u!
<RL> Thank you and good night, Michael and Shepherd.
<Jyoti_Shah> Thanks Michael, Shepherd and Dave. It was great tonight
<Robinette> Thank You...PEACE.
<susantheoboist> Again, thank you so much! I am truly grateful.


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