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How Did Michael Arrive In South Africa?


Somewhere around 1979/1980 I chanced across a rather unusual paperback with the title "Messages from Michael" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Synchronistically a friendís husband brought back the same book from the States "for a good laugh", knowing his wifeís penchant for the unusual. The book told of a pattern or a blueprint, we decide upon before our birth in which we agree to play a certain "game" in order to better understand life. Sceptical about the way the information was obtained, I nevertheless looked at the actual text that was brought through to see what sort of sense it made. And thatís when my friend and I both became intrigued with the Michael Teachings.

This intriguing system of classification works around the number seven. Each soul chooses to learn the lessons of the physical plane through one of seven ROLES. There are seven ages to the understanding of each of these roles. Each lifetime we choose a number of traits which are known as OVERLEAVES. We choose one out of seven of each of the following to work with: GOALS, MODES, ATTITUDES, CENTRES, CHIEF FEATURES and BODY TYPES

Finding out that the seven ROLES were: Warrior, King, Scholar, Artisan, Server, Sage and Priest, we hesitantly guessed what ROLE each of us could be as well as members of our family. This gave us a reference to understand ourselves. After all if one of us was a Scholar it might explain the fact that there were always more and more interesting courses to go on and that collecting books and pages of information had a definite purpose and not just neurotic behaviour. But what if we had guessed wrong?

Six or seven years later one or two copies of "More Messages from Michael" reached us and we eagerly pounced on them to find out more information about Michael and the Teachings. We discovered that the Michael Group is an entity of 1050 discarnate souls who have completed a reincarnational cycle on Earth. They are teachers whose ultimate goal and final lesson on this planet is that of unconditional love. The nature of their teaching is to offer a unique method to study these building blocks that we have chosen, and also to give us tools to make positive changes in our lives. The information is brought through by channels. Initially the channeling came through the Ouija board but subsequently via conscious and deep trance channeling as well as via automatic writing and via computer channelling (another form of automatic writing).

In 1992 another book, this time by Joya Pope, "The World According to Michael" found its way to South Africa. This time we discovered that more than one group in America had started channeling Michael, however all giving recognition to the original work in the books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Whereas the group mentioned by Yarbro was very much a closed circle, these other groups were out in the world offering services and writing books madly. We were more than intrigued. The facts were there - you could attend Michael Study Groups in California, get your chart drawn up for you with your role and all your overleaves. You could then take one of many books and look up what concerned you to better understand your place in life as well as that of those around you.

Gauteng (Johannesburg) South Africa)- October 1995. In an out-of-the-way bookshop, I had just found a book "The Journey of your Soul" by Shepherd Hoodwin. The sub-title is "A channel explores channeling and the Michael Teachings". Here was a really big book of facts all about the Michael teachings. Whilst reading it I discovered that the author talked about his "significant other" as being a cat called Agape. As I have been working for many years as an animal healer, here was a prompt from the Universe too big to miss. I wrote to the author telling him about my distant healing work for animals. Could he please channel my chart and by-the-by was there a Michael channel in South Africa, and if not could I do the work.

Saturday morning in November 1995. A delightful reply from Shepherd, took up my offer of healing for Agape, sent me my chart and confirmed that if I felt deeply motivated, I was quite acceptable to be the channel for Michael in South Africa. Trembling with nerves at the commitment I had landed myself in, I sought solace in visiting a bookshop quite a distance from my normal haunts. I had just noticed that there were four copies on the shelf of "Messages from Michael". In my mind I had four friends lined up who might be interested to read this. Suddenly a hand reached down and took all four of the copies - I just had to speak up. It was like meeting an old friend and she was even more delighted to find out that I had just been given the O.K. so to speak, to channel Michael.

In January 1996. I was approached to exhibit and talk at the CNA "Experience" which had proved to be so successful in 1995. (The CNA is a major book outlet among other things) I was prompted, no doubt by the Michael Group, to offer to present the Michael Teachings. Much to my delight, for this event CNA were able to bring in a number of the much needed "Michael" books. and so for the first time Michael came to South Africa on Sunday, May 19th 1996.


(South Africa) A Michael channel and healer, Gay holds regular meetings and has a web-page with a lot of Michael teachings information, including a Comic Book that generally describes what the Michael teachings are all about with a clever corporate analogy. E-mail: entrance@icon.co.za.

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