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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> We are here with you tonight.

<KarenMurphy> Many of you were aware of the recent full moon and the energy it brought to you. Not only did it bring energy to you, but with it came promise, promise not only of your own intentions but also of that of the earth as a whole. Several of you here are active, whether or not you have awareness of this, as "stewards" or protectors of this planet on which you reside. You nevertheless, many of you, feel a connection to your home here as plainly as you do with your own family, whatever that may mean to you. We have stated before, and we shall continue to do so, that you are all of you connected. How you choose to bring this to your own awareness is, of course, your choice, but we see that many of you are ready now to take a giant step toward conscious connection not only with the realm of "spirit" but also with your own human brothers and sisters.

Bring your focus, then, to the recent full moon and the light that reflected back to earth from it. See its shiny silverness, and the peace that flowed to you from it. Bring your awareness then to the light itself. You feel the stillness within you. You feel the coolness, yet you feel somehow protected by this cool still silver light. Take that light, then, and shine it on your own intentions. Bring them to light and give them the power that emanates from the reflected light of the sun that shines upon you in the coolness of the moon's embrace. Use this light as you would a magnifying glass in the sun's rays, intensifying its already powerful effects. Bring the light of your intentions to the surface, and know that in so doing you will bring your intentions to fruition. Feel others around you doing the same thing, and bring the power from their actions to you by the connection you feel. Feel the vibration of this light as it shines forth to create new possibilities in your live and the lives of others. Continue to hold your intentions in the highest possible way and allow them to shine forth. Use this power for good and it will always come back to you hundredfold. Seek your dreams and they will surface.

<DaveGregg> Ann, you have the first question...

Q & A

<Ann> One of the most important part of the teachings is the concept that we are here to experience. Besides the Chief Features, what are the greatest blocks to fully experiencing being human and "relaying" that to essence? What can we do to more fully understand the nature of experiencing our lives?

<KarenMurphy> Since lives are lived on the physical plane, this "playing field" is of its own design fraught with Maya. And in so doing it is the illusion, which the chief feature preys upon as do all the negative poles, that reigns supreme. The biggest stumbling block, then, is simply that of the physical plane itself and it design. If the illusion weren't there, it would be impossible to "fool" oneself long enough in order to set up and experience the lessons which offered themselves on the physical plane. We have said before, there is no need however to have awareness of this, in fact in some cases it serves to add en extra layer of Maya. Being human, then, is the simple act of existence on the physical plane. Essence is fully aware of what is happening but may lack awareness of the extent of the pain involved. The perspective of essence then differs from that of personality. Understanding is not necessary and may as we have said bring additional stumbling blocks. This, of course, is not a "bad" thing and may in itself help to bring additional experience to the fragment. Some fragments feel it important to secure deeper awareness of essence, in order at times to "make sense" of their lives and the patterns therein. Again, we repeat, this is not necessary, but is sometimes useful. This can be accomplished by learning to access the Akashic records, or by increasing connection with Essence.

<Ann> thank you.
<DaveGregg> Carrot, you're next...

<CarrotWax> I would like information on my immediately previous life, and any resonances/carryovers to this one.

<KarenMurphy> Matthew, we see that there is not only the previous life in the "branch" you are presently occupying that is significant for you now but also there was a parallel lifetime that plays into your present as well. We shall tell you of both. In one life you were a mother of four in Germany in the 1940's. Although you were not Jewish in that lifetime, many of your friends and fellow villagers were and you felt keenly their loss. In addition, times were hard and there was little food and it was all you could do to keep you family together. Your husband was conscripted to fight in the war and was killed, although you did not discover this until almost the end of the war. Your youngest son died of a fever and your oldest was sent to another town to live, as was commonly done then in order to keep children from starving, as your family was close to doing. You never saw that son again. You were left then with two daughters, one of whom was "retarded" and required extra care. You hid her deficiencies from the authorities and because it was a small town of little importance and your neighbors did not report you, she was not taken from you as so many like here were. She owes you then a debt of karma, and she will again figure for you in this lifetime, although you have not met.
<KarenMurphy> This fragment is currently a man living in Israel, and he is hoping to make a trip to your city in the next few years if he can manage it. it is then you would meet.

<KarenMurphy> The second lifetime that plays into your life now is that of one from 1930's Japan. Again, this was a country at war. This features heavily by the way in your dream life and both lives were quite intense for you at the time, and still bleed through today. You were a fisherman who lived to see his sons off to the war. One became a pilot and was killed and fell in the ocean, and the other was a sailor, who managed to survive the war but you never met again despite this. You were caught up in the mass of humanity hoping to escape bombing and were trampled by carts of people and their belongings fleeing the area. You were and old man at the time and somewhat feeble, exacerbated by wartime conditions of near-starvation. Your sense of loss from both lives haunts you now. Although you have attempted to fill your life with things of meaning to you, a part of you wonders why. We suggest time-line healing may be of benefit to you. And certainly, awareness of what came before can help you as well although we see that the potential for even more disturbances as you work through this is high.

<KarenMurphy> We wish you healing on this journey.

<CarrotWax> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Kimberly, you are next...

<kimberly> Kimberly here, Karen. WILL MICHAEL COMMENT ON THE THREAT OF "BIRD FLU" AND the possible pandemic we keep hearing about?

<KarenMurphy> Although there is and has been a real possibility and occurrence of viruses transferring from one species to another, in this case, with the current level of watchfulness, we see that the probability for this happening in the next five years is 17%.

<kimberly> Thank you! Quite comforting!

<KarenMurphy> Beyond the five-year window, the possibility increases somewhat, but there are too many variable at this time to make an adequate analysis of the possibilities. We would say that if this does occur, however, the effects could be horrific.

<kimberly> thank you....
<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria, you're next...

<Elo-Maria> My mother once used pendulum to get some information about our family-members past lives and she got, that at least in one life we all were in the same theatre-troupe. I, my mother and my oldest sister still act like old comedians, when we are together. We can't even try new clothes on without clowning around till we all laugh like lunatics :-) My question is, that if it's true, then when, where and how many times our family have been related to theater and performing arts and which one of those lives have most affected us both as individuals and as a group.

<KarenMurphy> The last time you were all together in such a capacity was in 16th century Germany. You traveled as a troupe with others and lived this way together for many years. it was a comfortable grouping and way of life, and there are many pleasant memories associated with it for all of you. You, yourself, have been involved with the performing arts to some degree in several lives, and again, this is not new for you. Your type of artisan-ness seems to lend itself to performing rather than creation of other types.

<KarenMurphy> KAREN: May I have names of your mother and sister, please?
<Elo-Maria> Eve Roots, Anne Schmidt
<Elo-Maria> Dad is Gunnar Roots and other sister Signe Roots.

<KarenMurphy> The woman known to you as Eve was a patron of the arts in more than one lifetime, though not so often as a performer. Anne was a child in the theater many times including in her last lifetime in England around the turn of the 20th century. Gunnar was a juggler and troubadour more than once and also joined one or more of you in a similar capacity more than once. Signe was a popular singer of opera in Italy in the 18th century and still sings in many lifetimes. You have all had more or less comfortable times before in these performing lives, and it is a template you all know well. Within the framework of the template, then, that comfort zone, you chose to come together again and seek learning from other issues. This is a common occurrence, and one that many in the expression and inspiration axis like to use.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lady, you're next...

<ladybroker> There are many weekend seminars aimed to improving relationships and my question is that if the souls of the parties involved are finished with their work together does that mean that some relationship mending seminars could never keep the parties together? Or heal? I just sense that taking such a course could be a waste of time if the Karma is finished? Please comment.

<KarenMurphy> Fragments attending such seminars do so for a variety of reasons. Often they feel it is the "thing to do" or it is one last desperate act, or they wish to gain knowledge of relationships in general, or wish to observe others doing so, or, or or...

<KarenMurphy> Even though a particular pair of fragments may have finished what they came together to accomplish, it is of course possible to make another agreement to remain together, again for a variety of reasons. At the same time, it is possible also that choices can be made by one or more of these fragments that would make it impossible for the relationship to continue, even after having been through a mending seminar and even though also there are remaining issues to be worked out or an agreement in force. Again, and we have stated this before, no experience on the physical plane is a waste of time; all experiences carry validity. And it is not necessary for the fragment to see the validity for it to exist.

<ladybroker> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> KerryP, you're next...

<kerryp> Recently I've encountered a lot of rejection. What is behind this, and how am I contributing?

<KarenMurphy> Kerry, we see that for you this has become a pattern of comfort, this rejection. You have seen it on many levels, have you not?

<kerryp> yes

<KarenMurphy> This, then, has become a place, oddly enough, of comfort for you. By placing yourself in a place of rejection, it has become impossible for you then to receive the real message. You are deliberately then distorting the message because of your fears as to what it might be, what it might say about who you are. You are still in a place of not knowing your true self, and of discarding old things that you feel no longer fit. You have found yourself, then, in the throes of the 4th IM, and you have chosen rejection as a means of avoidance. This is actually quite common, and really shows, again, your fear of what is truly YOU. You can break this pattern and avoid this rejection by embracing that which you feel a natural discrimination against within yourself. In other words, if you feel you are too talkative, for instance, try exploring that and becoming, for a time, what you fear about being talkative. Then you may see it wasn't quite what you thought it was.

<kerryp> that was very helpful...thank you!
<DaveGregg> Rhua, you're next...

<Rhua> Greetings. I would like to know what significance my friend Anna and I have had with each other in past lives and what resonances carried over into this life. We had a very strong attraction as friends when we initially met and were friends for ten years. However in recent years her life has become difficult for her and her extreme negativity and possible martyrdom (?)have affected the relationship.

<KarenMurphy> Lori, there are indeed resonances between you from the past that affect you now. For Anna, though, these are not enough to overcome the fears she is having that are unrelated to the relationship the two of you have. This explains, then, her pulling away from you. Know, though that you have a deep bond that has carried you through many lifetimes. The most significant lifetime you shared was that of brothers lost at sea in the 12th century BC.' It took a courageous man at the time to set foot in a boat and sail it somewhere and you were among 22 souls who perished after becoming lost and separated from your war party of seven boats carrying a similar number. This occurred in the area north and east of what is today England. You remained without adequate food or water for several days before you began to die one by one. Although you and your brother made a blood oath to care for each other's families should you service, in the end you both perished. This type of experience can have lasting effects, as you have seen in this lifetime. As far as what you can do now to assist your friend, we see that the most helpful thing would be to continue what you have already been doing, surrounding her with love and high intentions.

<Rhua> Thank you!
<DaveGregg> Cynzim, you're next...

<cynzim> What information would be most helpful for me to know this evening? thank you

<KarenMurphy> Cynthia, we see that you have embarked on something of a quest for "enlightenment", of learning about spiritual matters and how they relate to you, and more specifically how they can make your life "better" and more fulfilling. We see also that journeys of this sort can indeed be enlightening, and can afford the fragment undergoing such an endeavor much information that can in turn be used to have an effect upon the life that is agreeable to the fragment. The danger in such an endeavor, however, is when the fragment relies too much on such a search to be a panacea and solve all the "problems" that the fragments perceives. As many of our students are aware, there are no panaceas and it is a truth of the physical plane that you have to "do the work" in order to reap the benefits. In your case, Cynthia, we do see that your search has added to your growth in many ways and wee see this has been helpful to you in many ways. What has been even more helpful to you, though, have been the connections with other fragments you have made along the way, both giving and receiving information with you, or just sharing space. And this, of course, this exchange, is what life on the physical plane is really about.

<cynzim> I'm chuckling bec. material plane realities have always been the "bugaboo" of existence for me... thanks for the reminder to persevere!
<KarenMurphy> Hey, it's a good reminder for me, too.
<DaveGregg> Carol, you're next...

<carol> I am starting a company called "Intentional Fun" with 3 other talented women. We'll be teaching the concept of "True Play". Initially we'll be working with women in transition followed by mother/daughter teams, and couples. Do any of us women have an agreement to do this work together? Will we be successful doing it?

<KarenMurphy> Carol, we see that this work planned is part of a manifestation of your life task. The fact that in involves several other people does not necessarily make it a given that it will or does involve the life tasks of these fragments as well, and in your case we see that there is an agreement between you and two of the fragments to accomplish this. These two women are in your support circle, and you have known this on some level for quite some time. The third woman you also have connections with but her agreement is to help her friend, one of the other two. We see that there is much energy and intention being poured into this endeavor, and we see that also there is much call for this type of playful learning for the other fragments living in your area. We would say then that at this time, the possibility of your success as a business is fairly good, although do keep in mind that success, for you, does not necessarily mean monetary success. Even if the endeavor fails to remain solvent, you will have reached those whom you intended to reach.

<carol> thank you very much..
<DaveGregg> LPost? You're next...

<Lpost> Can you tell me about my most recent past lifetime and any other lifetimes that are significantly affecting me now. I want to accomplish more and feel somewhat dragged down by my life experiences and a seeming lack of control over my energy and choice of direction.

<KarenMurphy> Linda, we see that it is not a past lifetime that is affecting you now but your present perspective. You have allowed yourself to become a will 'o the wisp and to bend whatever way the forces around you dictate. You have done this in the spirit of being accommodating, and that worked well for a time, but now you are feeling chafed and wish to branch out but have instead become entrenched in a pattern of your own making. We would suggest then a meditation practice whereby you become if possible more connected to Essence and thereby resume the connection and control you feel you are lacking.

<Lpost> Can you tell me about my most recent past lifetime.

<KarenMurphy> Take time not only to tell Essence what it is you desire but also to listen to Essence to discern what it is you, together, are attempting to attain. In your last lifetime you were a circus clown, a midget. You worked in 1920's and 1930's England and made a meager living. it was a smalltime circus but you had many friends there and found a home where you otherwise may have felt alone and outcast.

<Lpost> thank you.
<DaveGregg> Kathy Grey, you're next...

<kathy_g> I am currently in a work situation where I no longer like the work I do nor the environment I do it in. My relationship with my boss reflects a painful pattern I have had with others, for example my ex and my Mom. Or do I actually have an agreement with my boss? What do I still need to learn so I can move on?

<KarenMurphy> The woman feels a competitiveness with you that gives you discomfort. You have fought this feeling for awhile but you now feel it is time to make changes. Unfortunately, as you have pointed out, this has set you up for a pattern similar to those you have engaged in in the past; that of control. We would say that this pattern is not an accident, and we see also that it is a choice you have made to present yourself with this situation yet again. You can choose, therefore, to learn from it, or you can choose to exit this situation and run the risk of having it come up for you again in the future. There really is no moving on, then, until you dal with this issue and work it out to your satisfaction. We would say, however, that this may indeed be difficult with the fragment Iris due to some choices she has made for herself. That is not to say that you cannot overcome this, and only you can really and effectively discern what method to use to circumvent this problem, but as you have already learned, it will not be easy.

<kathy_grey> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Susan, you're next...

<AeoneSusan343C1E7> c1e7 susan / aeone #343 old king cast sage I'm a spiritualist, expression is important to my essence in this life, in several past lives I expressed myself successfully in orally and in writing, I seem drawn to elemental magic, nature spirits, alternate realities, invisible worlds, I've always felt this current life is a patterned continuation after a specific past life.
<AeoneSusan343C1E7> so, who was I , in the past life that is most closely related to this life (once I was told to mediate upon "23 Royal Star of the Lion") however, when I did that , it projected alot of stuff, including a pending project to work on with 339 c1 e7, perhaps; the two of us, where also together in that life?

<KarenMurphy> Susan, the lifetime you feel most closely aligned with now is one that was lived in the realm of Atlantis. You have reached deeply in order to join with the self that was in that place at that time. You feel this now, and you have continued to manifest a sense of "otherworldliness" about you, even on a conscious level. In that life, you were a priest of no small repute, and you taught astral projection and astronomy. You were well regarded and were missed when you passed. A male in that life, you never mated but did leave your mark on several young men and women in your arena. The fragment of whom you speak also shared a life in that realm but you did not have physical awareness of one another at that time; however, the racial memories of previous Atlanteans are often so great that they will seem to have occurred simultaneously or in the company of others that clearly did not take place at that time.

<AeoneSusan343C1E7> thank you

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> You have come here again tonight in the spirit of not only sharing of yourselves and extending community but also as students looking for something to add to your lives. We see each of you now, immersed in your own worlds yet reaching out toward one another and to others yet as well, always there to give if you can, always looking for something that adds meaning to your life and to your self. This, then, again, is the essence of living on the physical plane. It is simply that: living.

<KarenMurphy> There is no magic meaning in any of it, no fireworks, no grand entrance or exit. But the grandeur of what you are doing, the majesty, and the magic, is there nonetheless. Be aware then of the magnitude of what it is you do. Everything you do, taste, sense, think, all has meaning, and all effects not only you but at the same time everyone else you have ever come in contact you or ever shall. The reverberations from your tiniest action or thought are magnificent to behold, and surely then are the miracle of creation, that is, YOU, and all you create. Go, then, and create your self, your life, and all around you, for you are at all times immersed in the act of creating. And each creation, beginning with you, is perfect. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you, Karen & Michael. :-)

<carol> This was wonderful ... thank you so much.....
<Ed`> Thanks K & M
<Rhua> Thank you so much, Karen!
<CarrotWax> Thank you Karen and my blessing to your little one!
<Kathryn41> Thank you Karen and Michael
<Ann> thank you!
<ShannonB> Thank you, Karen
<Cricket525> Thank you.
<kimberly> Thank you all!
<cynzim> thank you Karen and hope your littlest gets better quick!!!
<Elisa17> Thank you Karen and Michael

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