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Opening Comments

<KarenMurphy> Everyone, please take a couple of deep breaths and center yourself. Think about, for now if you will, the first memory you can as a child, the earliest memory you can conjure up into form and presence. Remember what smells you smelled, the things you saw, even, if you can, what your thoughts may have been about that moment. Place yourself, as much as you are able, into the perception of the You that was in that moment. What is around you? What are you looking for in your life? What senses are engaged?

Now zoom "ahead", if you will, to the distant future of this present lifetime. The You that will become. Think about what things will surround you at that moment, some moment in your future. What senses are engaged? What are you looking for in your life? What pleases you? And can you see that the You that was and the You that will be are still, in essence, simply You?  That at this exact moment in time, in this Now-ness, you are at once the You that is, the You that was, and the You that will be? In other words, at THIS VERY MOMENT IN TIME, you hold within you everything you need for your entire lifetime. You are complete. You are whole. And this moment, this Now-ness, is only but a tiny snapshot of the entirety of the enormity of the You that Is.

So, to alter your perspective just a bit, we encourage you to think of yourself, in any given moment, as that completeness, that entirety, that enormity, and that perfection, of all that you have been and all that you will be. For it is all within you now. We are ready for questions.

<DaveGregg> Robinette, you have the first question of the evening...

Q & A

<Robinette> Can Michael advise on any past life issues affecting my current life?

<KarenMurphy> There is one in particular that appears to be affecting you at this time, and has been for some years. At one time you were a Cossack who was employed as basically a security guard. You enjoyed your work but had some difficulty with the mounting sense of unrest in the region. You were afraid this would affect your source of income and your family, although you lived largely alone, having a wife and family in the next village to whom you sent funds from time to time.

There came a point of actual conflict, combat, your first, and you fled from the scene. You felt a huge amount of disgrace in this action even though you acted from a sense of emotion and responsibility toward those being afflicted by the huge amount of prejudice in the area. Still, though, having lost your job at this point you felt a large amount of shame. You wandered the region attempting to find farm work but were unable to do so. Finally a widow with nothing to lose took you in and you formed an uneasy alliance of sorts. It was through this relationship that you began to examine the heavy trust issues that had kept you distant from others. it is those issues that you are choosing to explore again through a different perspective.

<Robinette> I do have trust issues. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Carol, you're next...

<Carol> I'd like to know about the past life that is affecting me the most this time.

<KarenMurphy> A past life energy that we see affecting you in this life is from a variety of sources. However, we can pinpoint one lifetime this evening that may have some particular resonance for you. In this particular lifetime, you were a small child orphaned by illness and one of few survivors in an entire village. It was not uncommon for boys of about your age to seek employment aboard ships, and you managed to transport yourself to a seaport in order to accomplish this. Wishing to choose wisely among captains, you should the advice of several boys who reported having such employment themselves. Upon taking this advice, you felt confident enough to seek employment from a large, burly, bearded man who appeared friendly.

At this point, although one of poverty, death, and want, nothing "bad" had ever really happened to you. However, as cabin boy aboard this ship, you underwent several months of horrific abuse. Upon reaching port again, you wished escape and were unable to accomplish this. Things seemed hopeless. You feared for your life in undergoing a second voyage, and made plans instead to take your own life. You were 8 years old. It was at this point, however, that things began to change. Your plans for suicide also were thwarted. You were forced to undergo a second voyage, and a third, and a fourth.

Eventually, when you were 16, you were able to leave the "employ" of the burly, bearded ship captain, and make your way again on land. You wandered for a time, and eventually settled, asking for assistance in securing an apprenticeship. Initially you were laughed at, having long passed the age of an apprentice, but eventually you were given a position for little pay other than a place to live and a trade to learn, with a family who made wagon wheels. You threw yourself into this craft and tried to stay out of the way of people as best you could. After 6 years, you were forced to leave after a series of unfortunate events, but you took your skills. You made your way to a larger town where you could lose yourself in anonymity. There you lived out your life, a life of isolation and loneliness, and great pride in the skills you had acquired in your craft. Through many years of carving pieces off larger pieces of wood, you also carved a new image for yourself - one of wholeness, one of truth.

You began carving your story in your work, through intricate designs, and finely wrought lettering. You told your story through your work, over and over again, and by the time you died at age 52, the circle had become complete in your eyes. The lessons that you bring with you from that lifetime are about Truth and telling your story, and finding Joy in discovering your wholeness.

<Carol> Where and when was this?

<KarenMurphy> 18th century England.

<Carol> Thank you so much
<DaveGregg> Lotus, you're next...

<Lotus> Earlier this year I was channeled to be 6-7th level Old, entering 7th level "soon". I wonder whether the transition has happened or when that will happen; and perhaps somewhat relatedly, I wonder where I am in terms of the Internal Monads, have I completed the 4th? 5th? Thanks.

<KarenMurphy> we see that you are in the process of finishing up some issues from the 6th level. Be aware that when we say "soon", we do not necessarily mean in the next few seconds, months, or even years. In fact, soon often simply means that there is little standing in the way between one moment and the next upcoming.

We see that there is also some amount of enjoyment from looking at life from this 6th level perspective, and that there is so much joy in this that it may delay - not to your detriment of course - your transition to 7th level. Your 4th internal monad was completed and you are now examining issues arising in the 5th.

<Lotus> What is the most prominent issue Michael sees?

<KarenMurphy> At this time there seems to be enjoyment in the rediscovering of some old friends and the various resonances that arise from these relationships. This likely feels a lot like "tying up loose ends" and may have an air of completion to the experiences. Bear in mind that many of these encounters may be occurring in dreamtime, leaving you simply with a 'feeling" that something has occurred.

<Lotus> Thanks very much Michael and Karen.
<DaveGregg> Heather, you're next...

<heatherh> I am very drawn to the medieval period of western Europe. Can Michael share any past lives from that time that may have an influence on my life today?

<KarenMurphy> At one time you were a scribe in what is now Germany; at another time you were a groom for a minor knight; and at another time you were a hausfrau to a butcher in what is now eastern France. This is a region/time, then, that has much comfort and familiarity for you, as at present you are examining issues that tend to throw you off center, a part of you returns to the familiar in order to bring you back to center.

<heatherh> I'm a little thrown off now! Any advice to regain center?

<KarenMurphy> I think they were saying that you tend to explore those past lives to regain your center...perhaps you might try that, one of the lives that was mentioned may appeal to you.

<heatherh> Yes, I understand. Thank you.
<DaveGregg> YY2, you're next...

<yy2> How many parallel universes am I currently living? and what is the connection between them and the one is here as Yung Yung?

<KarenMurphy> There are three total splits of you at this time, each with its own set of concurrents. Obviously, to ponder this too deeply could be mind-boggling. There are, of course, connections among all of you, but not necessarily in ways that you might recognize. It can become unnecessarily cumbersome to attempt to sort out the "selves" as separate beings and entities. It might prove more fruitful to instead think of ways to encompass all that energy within the scope of what you think of as your own.

<yy2> Thank you
<DaveGregg> Maggie, you're next...

<mheinze> I'm moving into a new place - physically & in every way, can you custom me a mantra or point of focus to help me stay centered & persevere through the off moments a personal truth to encourage & foster successful goals? Thanks.

<KarenMurphy> What we think you could do is this: when you feel you need "something", in those moments you described, why not imagine yourself standing atop the tallest bridge you can think of, poised to jump, cameras rolling below to chronicle the awful event, and then instead of jumping you FLY off the top of the bridge and sail over the heads of the crowd, laughing joyously the entire time? Doing this a few times will certainly assist in changing perspective to one that is closer to that of your personal truth.

<mheinze> That is bizarrely apt .. I want huge success.
<DaveGregg> Mark T, you're next...

<mark_townley> Michael, you told me earlier that I should explore an earlier lifetime I spent in Ireland doing energy work, possibly with animals. What can you tell me about that lifetime?

<KarenMurphy> There have actually been a number of lives spent in that part of the world but the one that likely resonates most deeply with you at this time was when you were a wise-woman, a healer who used herbs and such to administer to the people living in the area. You were largely isolated, choosing to live alone at the top of a wind-swept rise, a bit away from any villages or encampments. After some years, many were convinced you were a witch but you were mainly left alone. During this time of human isolation you took to communicating with animals and became known as a healer of farm stock. When this ability became more widely known there was both interest and fear. You ended up moving to another area where there could be greater isolation, but a good many of the animals followed you, which ired the villagers you had left. By this time, however, you were able to employ knowledge you had gleaned from the animals themselves and from your herb lore to make yourself appear invisible, and you continued creating a larger and larger space around yourself and your surroundings as time went on. This was done through connecting with the "oldest" forms of earth energy then available, and it is this connection, this energy, that we see you as choosing to work with again in this lifetime.

<mark_townley> Wow, thank you!
<DaveGregg> Lisa F, you're next...

<LisaF> I was curious as to who my Grandson was to me in any past life.......he seems so familiar to me and has since the minute I first saw Him.

<KarenMurphy> This was an employer during a lifetime approximately 200 years ago in which you provided a number of personal services. Although typically the employer/servant relationship was rather distant, this became intimate emotionally, but not physically. A great number of confidences were uttered to you, and you being somewhat older than your employer were often able to advise him on certain matters. It is both the intimacy and the dynamic that follows you in this lifetime and feels familiar. There is no accident, of course, that you have chosen to interact again, and some interesting transformations on both your parts will likely ensue.

<LisaF> Where was this and when?

<KarenMurphy> 200 years ago, as mentioned, in Japan.

<LisaF> wow thank You so much
<DaveGregg> Laughingboi, you're next...

<laughingboi> I would like to know if there is anything in my past lives that I haven't made peace with yet that is holding me back from creating good strong reliable connections?

<KarenMurphy> There has been a life choice to experience this lifetime amid a certain degree of isolation. This has caused you to focus on issues that might otherwise have been ignored while in the throes of deep connections with others. We do not at present see any past life issues which are affecting this sense of isolation. Again, it arises largely from choice, and largely as a bit of a respite from attracting new experience. In other words, you are choosing to examine the past and find firm hold in who you are before throwing yourself into a situation where you again gather new experience. However, the sense of disconnect that you are experiencing is a projection of the disconnect you still hold regarding your Self. In other words, after rediscovering your connection with Self, we see that you will at the same time begin to consciously experience a deeper connection with others.

<laughingboi> What are the issues that I have been ignoring in the past?

<KarenMurphy> These are the issues surrounding the connection with the Self.

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Sandy W, you're next...

<SandyW> Is there a profession for this lifetime that my essence contemplated prebirth that would most correlate to what my essence determined to focus on learning for this lifetime, or are there professions from past lifetimes that I could call on their skills for a profession now that would accommodate my essence's task best?

<KarenMurphy> We see you deriving much potential satisfaction on many levels from the following occupations: juggler, assistant to the head of a large multi-national company, baker, anything involving using your hands to create something tangible and useful, journalist.

<SandyW> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Akira, you're next...

<akira> I'd like to know some brief information about each of my previous grand cycles like where and as what life form I've experienced those cycles and what qualities I gained from the experience. Thank you.

<KarenMurphy> The previous grand cycles you most resonate with in this life involve the following: a gaseous form that explored the physical plane largely through contact with lower bioforms; a species of aquatic-type creature that was also amphibious, choosing to live however in a liquid environment and that placed great emphasis on assisting others with transformation; and a large mammal-like creature that preferred vocalizing as a method of energy transfer (as opposed to communication).

<akira> Is it correct to say that it is the same spark of Tao who experienced all those cycles and this spark defines my ultimate individuality(Self)?

<KarenMurphy> Yes, more or less, though there is transformation that occurred between cycles.

<akira> Thanks a lot.
<DaveGregg> Sable, you're next...

<sable> I'd like to know what past life I had with my soon to be ex-wife and what part our two boys might have play in it Thank you.

<KarenMurphy> The lifetimes shared between you have largely been in passing, building energy for the present lifetime which is the first to really gather a great deal of experience together. There is a familiarity and a newness both, which has at times been puzzling. We see that even though on the surface the connections between you appear to be being severed, there will likely remain an undercurrent of connection for quite some time to come as you sort things out on a less-than-surface level. Your sons are largely providing support for both of you at this time. They share past-life resonance with each other and with each of your separately.

<sable> Thank you.
<DaveGregg> Geraldine, you're next...

<Geraldine> Recently, I was channeled that I have an extant agreement that includes a relocation and others familiar to me. I'd like more information on those who are familiar to me, as in are they from previous lives, or are any already known to me in this one? Any information on either the agreement of those familiar would be appreciated.

<KarenMurphy> The familiarity extends mainly from having "worked" together in the past over a long period of time. One person is a member of your support group, and others have traded various duties with you through many lifetimes and beyond in the past. So these are "old friends". Regarding the agreement, it stems from this coming-together on the physical plane, or at least close enough proximity to change energy flow between you. There are a number of smaller and one larger task that the group of you intend to accomplish together in this manner. This does not necessarily mean meeting "in real life", but may, depending upon circumstance.

<Geraldine> Are any incarnate?
<KarenMurphy> They all are.

<Geraldine> thank you :)
<DaveGregg> Kathryn, you're next...

<Kathryn41> Sometimes photographs, when developed, contain orbs or circles of light in them. Are these 'orbs', as some suggest, images of concentrated energy that the camera has been able to capture even though the eye cannot see it, or are they flaws or 'artifacts' caused by the photographic process, the film or the camera? Or, is it both . . . and if both, what percentage is 'real' and what 'false'?

<KarenMurphy> As you have surmised, there are a variety of conditions erupting as what appear to be orbs of light in photographs. Some are truly energetic entities that wish to make themselves known in this manner. Some are simply due to bad photography. We would say that the photographic errors reside mainly within the camera's lens and refraction that occurs during the photographic process.

Regarding the totality of photographs that appear to have these qualities we would say that approximately 70% are actual or accidental capturing of the presence of energies, and the remaining 30% would be due to accidental photographic error.

It would be difficult to create, through photography, such an appearance of an energetic being. We would say that the large number of entities wishing to make themselves known in this manner do so to get attention, make connection, or simply to have fun. It is interesting to note that these energetic entities are able to create a burst of presence that results in the appearance of an orb in the photograph. We would say that the majority of you have energetic entities that are capable of doing this within proximity of you. Indeed, there are energetic entities of all sorts within proximity of you. However, most choose not to appear in your photographs. It is not so much what they do in the room that causes this appearance; it is more how they are able to manipulate the camera. Either way, it is again a burst of presence that creates this appearance.

Anyone noticing these occurring regularly may be interested in attempting other methods of contact with these energetic entities. Be aware that many of them will be incapable of communicated with you in ways that result in the formation of words. However, if you are open to it, there are many ways of communicating with such beings.

<Kathryn41> :-) Thank you! That is very interesting
<DaveGregg> Chris, you're next...

<Chris> I thought I would spend my life in monk-like solitude (though still communicative with the world). But recently I have accidentally fallen into a romantic attachment that feels "fated." Generally I am more comfortable alone, so I am afraid. I accept this challenge, but who is this lady to me, and what is our work together? Also, are our soul ages similar?

<KarenMurphy> We would say you are entering a more transformative period of your life, one more of gathering than of introspection. This period will likely be followed with one that is more introspective, following a pattern of breathing in and out much like the circle of seasons or your own breath. You are likely, in this period just entering, to find yourself suddenly open to many things you had thought hidden behind closed doors for a time. This opening is usually accompanied by a more intensive seeking for "meaning" to things, and a "direction" in life. Your fears are largely based simply on the unfamiliarity that you are feeling now and the sense that transformation is at hand. Simply relaxing and enjoying the ride may give you a feeling of peace regarding this phase in your life.

Regarding the lady mentioned, we do see past-life resonances. There are issues in each of your lives that you are seeking to identify and share and explore together, and this is by agreement. Your soul ages are similar at present, each manifesting mid-mature at present.

<Chris> You really nailed the "looking for meaning and direction" issue. I turned 30, which tends to do that, I think. :) Also, oh well, I thought I was older. Life feels like its getting old hat. :)

<KarenMurphy> That's what you are manifesting presently. The actual age is older than that, early old.

<Chris> Oh, I see. As in I am not fully "grown in" yet?

<KarenMurphy> Right, you may not manifest "true" soul age for awhile yet.

<Chris> I see, thank you.

Closing Comments

<KarenMurphy> Many of you have seen tonight how the dance of life does not stop with death, does not stop with reuniting with your entity, does not stop. There are connections from each of you to all your distant pasts and to all your myriad futures. More importantly, you hold within you the tools, the knowledge, and the love from your own life, from everything you came here with in the body you reside in right now. You hold within you everything you need to accomplish what you are here to do, to make those transformations, to absorb the energy of others, to create new connections within yourself and to the greater world around you.

Think back, then, to that moment in time we brought to you earlier this evening; how has it changed, now that you have spent two hours in one another's company? How has your perspective changed about that child you once were, about the You you are now? Each moment in time creates for you a beautiful photograph of a tiny slice of your life, a stillness of the larger continuum that is You.

Tonight, then, you have changed, irrevocably. You are not quite the You you were when the evening began, and yet you are exactly the same. All the knowledge, all the love, is still there yet now you see it ever so slightly differently. And every moment in time is life that for you, every experience, every day. Be, then, the fullest of the You that you are, and carry with you all that you have been and all that you will be, and more importantly, all that you are. Good evening.

<laughingboi> Thank you.
<Robinette> Thank you.
<Chris> Thanks!
<Kathryn41> Thank you.
<Lotus> Thanks Michael, Karen, and Dave!
<DaveGregg> Thank you, Karen & Michael. :-)
<akira> Thank you very much! Michael, Karen & Dave
<mheinze> God Bless You, with love & appreciation!

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