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<KarenMurphy/Michael> All right everyone.......imagine now that you are alone in a darkened room. You are sitting comfortably on a chair, your body feels relaxed and supported. You take a deep breath in. As you breathe, you feel the oxygen rush into your body, filling every cell. Your awareness goes inward to those cells, now replete with oxygen. You become the cell. You are aware of being a part of a greater whole, which in its turn is part of an ever greater whole. You are secure in the knowledge that you hold this place within the universe.

This is *your* place, for you alone, and only you can fill it. You sense the connectedness with others who hold nearby and similar yet unique places. You feel the energy surrounding you of these others, and you hold their awareness even as you feel your own uniqueness. This state of connectedness brings you a sense of great peace and oneness with everything.

<KarenMurphy> You *are* the Universe.
<KarenMurphy> You *are* the cell.
<KarenMurphy> You ARE.

<KarenMurphy> We are ready to begin.

<DaveGregg> Heidi, you may go ahead.

Q & A

<Heidi> I'm currently taking a break from my relationship with my boyfriend Gary. I know it is my choice ultimately, but I would like Michael to shed some light on our situation. if it would be more beneficial to break up and move on or stay together and try to work it out. Is there anything that my essence wants me to know?

<KarenMurphy> Heidi, it may interest you to know that you and the man known to you as Gary do indeed have a mate agreement in this life.

<Heidi> I am aware of that.

<KarenMurphy> That is not to say of course that you both must hold to this agreement. It is Choice of course, to uphold it or to renege. Do be aware, however, that there are consequences to your choice, each choice, that you make. The consequence of reneging this agreement may be that you both choose to revisit the agreement at some later time, whether in this life or in another. Or, there may be emotional upheaval on your part or his that creates difficulties, not the least of which results in karma. Reneging an agreement can result in karma if it abrogates the choice of the other. You are aware of this, and this is why you ask the question.

<Heidi> Will I be causing karma if we separate?

<KarenMurphy> Essence, your essence, sees the possibility of karma here and thus your uncertainty.

<Heidi> My essence told me I should leave once before.

<KarenMurphy> The karma may or may not be brought. It depends on the choices made by the man Gary and whether or not he chooses to accept your choice to renege.

<Heidi> I don't feel like we're growing much

<KarenMurphy> Another thing to evaluate may be other choices that you make which are tied to this...living arrangement, even jobs or relocation. As you know there is much to consider and most fragments tend to feel disconnected with Essence at this time when Essence self-knowledge would be the most helpful. We would suggest then examining your inner self as much as possible as to the reasons you are feeling unfulfilled. There is much to consider and the situation is, for you, complex.

<Heidi> I would like his trust ultimately and that is why this doesn't seem to be working

<KarenMurphy> The man Gary has sunk several tendrils into you which makes it difficult to break from him. He is using you for his own feelings of self-worth and in so doing is depleting your own. This gives you a feeling of discomfort, one that you would like to break from. Again, we would suggest that you really go inward as much as possible and examine the entire relationship and its evolution. There is much to decipher from this.

<Heidi> thank you

<DaveGregg> Elo-Maria, you are next...

<Elo-Maria> What is the reason(s) of my heart disease? And can I do anything to heal this problem and get more strength?

<KarenMurphy> Elo-Maria, the reasons you have chosen the weakness of your body are several. The most significant stems from a previous lifetime wherein you were a merchant sailor on the 16th century. You stole the livelihood of many others and suffered guilt for it. You wished to make good on what you took from others but were unable to do so because of a hurricane that swept you to sea. The connection between that lifetime and this one is direct in the sense that you have chosen in this life to work through those outstanding guilt issues. However you found yourself unable to do this comfortably and so manifested disease within the region of the heart chakra.

<KarenMurphy> The most important thing you can do now for self-healing is to forgive yourself, both the self you were in that life and the self you are now. We see that you do not easily deal with guilt issues now and this has become a pattern for you. You are then storing further energy on that region, which has exacerbated your symptoms. We realize that it may be difficult to go about the process of self-forgiveness.

<Elo-Maria> Yes, it is.
<Elo-Maria> I'm not sure how to do it.

<KarenMurphy> This has not been a pattern for you that has come easily. Therefore we would suggest getting professional assistance, finding a practitioner who can help you release this stored energy. Reiki or other energy work may be of benefit to you, as the effects are subtle but often profound.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Laurel, you're next...

<LaurelB> I'd like to know about my most immediate past life and what bearing, if any, it has on this one. Thanks.

<KarenMurphy> Laurel, have you yet received channeling on this?

<LaurelB> no
<LaurelB> I'm just curious

<KarenMurphy> Ah, but I think you have some inkling...... :-)

<LaurelB> yes I do

<KarenMurphy> Laurel, we see that your most previous lifetime was spent as a man in the company of many other men. You took charge for this group and did not flinch when it came time for the difficult decisions. You were well respected and many patterned aspects of themselves from you. The fact then that you are in this life wracked with indecision rankles you, and you *know* what you have done and have been capable of. Your frustration about this almost paralyzes you. You are wishing then to find a way to better connect with the man who you were, in order to bring some of that energy forward and to you. We would say that this may be of great benefit to you. We suggest then attempting to dream in a lucid (controlled) manner, to attempt to bring him closer to you.

<KarenMurphy> You may also simply use a visualization technique of talking to this man who you once were. We see that not knowing more about this man is also frustrating you, yes? You see him in your mind's eye but are afraid to trust your own knowledge and intuition about him. We tell you then that this man was a composer, imprisoned at the age of 22 in Russia in the late 1800's. He remained there, a beacon of sorts to many other political prisoners, for 15 years before succumbing to disease. Bring his truth and what he stood for you Laurel, and be proud of what you have done and shall do still.

<LaurelB> most interesting, thank you

<DaveGregg> Ann, you are next...

<Ann> Michael once stated that history has been unkind to King Richard III of England. Did Richard III murder the princes, his nephews? If so, why? If not, who did? What was his motive in declaring his nephews, his brother Edward IV's heirs, illegitimate?

<KarenMurphy> King Richard III has indeed been dealt an unkind hand when it comes to history. Although he did indeed have his nephews murdered, it was not for the reason that many suspected then or now.. They were plotting secretly against him and he would have been assassinated shortly had not they been gotten to first. As far as the legitimacy of the throne, King Richard saw rightly that the line of succession must go a certain way in order for the house to be carried on. There were too many questions brought up by the nephews in question and his own line was in jeopardy.

<KarenMurphy> In addition, there was a minor agreement played out within the Church at that time as to legitimacy and its meaning. Richard needed then to be able to show that there were no questions, and in order to do so he must do away with the questioners.

<Ann> thank you!

<DaveGregg> Colleen, you are next...

<colleen> Thank you. I would like to know if I will meet a long-term mate soon and if so, when, where and how?

<KarenMurphy> Colleen, you have seven mate agreements still outstanding. That is not to say that you will fulfill all of them, and indeed some of them may be for relatively short-term, but we see that the probability of you meeting and mating with one of these seven in the next two years or so is quite high. Remember your powers of manifestation....you can bring one of these to you if you choose.

<colleen> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Morningstar, you are next...

<morningstaranna> My cadre/entity is 8/2. I feel I have met and befriended either some of my cadre or entity mates. I am not sure which. Have I met and befriended some of my cadre or entity mates? If so, please describe the ones in my life now. Thank you.

<KarenMurphy> Anna, those in question with whom you are feeling an especial affinity come to you from several directions. One of these is indeed a cadre mate. He is whom you are feeling drawn to in a manner that would facilitate working together well on a project. His energy is familiar and with him you feel at home, yet you have not confused this with a feeling of romantic love, which you do not share.

<morningstaranna> I do not know who this is.

<KarenMurphy> Another is a sister from a previous lifetime. This woman has again chosen a female body and the energy imprint in her from that time is strong. You also see this imprint and have a subconscious awareness of having shared time and space.

<morningstaranna> Ok. Now I am getting who he is... the first one.

<KarenMurphy> The third is a member of a support group for you. This woman feels like "home" to you and you are very comfortable in her presence. You are more relaxed with her than with almost anyone else you know.

<morningstaranna> The third member. Is she the one I've just connected to and from Tampa Florida?

<KarenMurphy> It is in a way a mother-type energy, but more of nurturing and pure love than anything you associate with your this-life mother.
<KarenMurphy> Yes, this is a new connection for you, but one that also feels very familiar as you have been connecting on the astral for several years.

<morningstaranna> Thank you.

<DaveGregg> Megan, you are next...

<megan> Thank you. I am a member of a small community and one of our members just died, a week ago today. Could you tell me his overleaves, if he had agreements with us and why he died?

<KarenMurphy> This man was a 3rd level Mature Priest, Scholar-cast, Artisan ET. He had difficult overleaves and was fraught with emotion and indecision. although he hid it well in the guise of service to others. Although at time bristly, he was a string presence in the lives of those around him, even through his Scholarly isolation. A cynic with a Goal of Re-evaluation in Observation. Emotional part of Intellectual center. CF was Martyrdom.

<KarenMurphy> As we said, he had difficulty with bringing meaning to his life for himself, even though he appeared on the surface to be fairly "together". We see that his manifestation of a sudden blood clot to the brain caused him a quick end that will bring him back quickly to begin again.

<DaveGregg> Beryl?

<beryl> Can you tell me how many lifetimes I've had? And, Michael, you told me that my older (now adult) son was once my precious little girl (in a previous lifetime) and that I had to stand helplessly by while she died in a fire.
<beryl> Was that in a recent lifetime? Is that affecting this lifetime? If so, how? --Linda

<KarenMurphy> Beryl, are you Linda, or asking a question on behalf of Linda?

<beryl> I'm Linda
<beryl> Beryl = Linda

<KarenMurphy> Linda, your previous lives now number 118.

<KarenMurphy> The issues resulting from the death of your daughter in that previous lifetime have not affected the man who is now your son.

<beryl> Good.

<KarenMurphy> They have, however, affected you, although as he has grown you have been able to slowly release many of them.

<beryl> Yes, barely.

<KarenMurphy> We do see that there is some energy tie remaining within you from that lifetime, and this is manifesting now as a difficulty in allowing him to make mistakes. You still wish to protect him. This, of course, is a difficulty that many parents face, although we would say that it lives more strongly within you than in many. You may wish to revisit that lifetime, and forgive yourself what you think still as a mistake, a wrong. In reality, there was nothing you could have done to have prevented her death in that life. It was her choice to leave at that time.

<beryl> I am forgiving myself already.

<KarenMurphy> Saving her would have abrogated her choice and she may have manifested disease or some other reason to exit.

<beryl> Better than burning.

<KarenMurphy> This previous lifetime, by the way, was from the 1700's, in Spain. You were a merchant's wife and she was one of 8 children. Two others died in that fire as well, by the way, so the energy imprint from that disaster remains strong within you.

<beryl> Do I know the other two in this lifetime?

<KarenMurphy> The fire was a result of a careless lantern left burning in the adjoining stable. You held yourself accountable for this, being the mistress of the house. One is incarnate at this time, but you do not have awareness of her. There is another thing here. Your guilt stems mainly from the fact that you failed to check the house, barn, and grounds that night as you usually did, because your husband the merchant was away and you were entertaining a tryst with a rival to your husband.

<beryl> Oh, my God. That's a good enough reason to beat myself up.

<KarenMurphy> The fire and deaths if your children revealed the alliance and you were cast from the large and extended family whose bounty you enjoyed.

<beryl> Ah! I think that explains some other things, too, in this lifetime.

<KarenMurphy> The legitimacy of your remaining children was caught in question (although they were legitimate) and they were farmed off to several other families. In short, the life you had known was completely destroyed, in one fell swoop.

<beryl> That's making current lifetime smell like a rose.

<KarenMurphy> This was understandably devastating to you and you became mad and were put away in an asylum, quite primitive at the time, and perished within 2 years. There is much to consider here, many tendrils still remaining within you to unravel.

<beryl> Yes! Thank you soooo much.

<DaveGregg> Susan?

<AeoneSusan> my question pertains to 12 paintings, that where manifested by my higher self or essence and, that of heather. i was errdyrealydt in the magical land of pan fey realms. do these 12 painting hold the keys to healing ascension codes for earth & that is the type of global prosperity i am meant to do, as i am a healer
<AeoneSusan> energetic codes

<KarenMurphy> You and the woman Heather are part of a quadrate, working together in this life to create a bridge between worlds, so to speak. As you know, all time exists together and your work in this life, as part of this group is to perform and create a link between time so that others may walk it also. We do see encoded information in the paintings to which you refer, but they are again instructions for others to follow in order to understand and be able to transcend time so as to draw energy forth from other times. We see these paintings as a focus point that could be used in meditation. Some will see one thing in them, others something else, but they were channeled by you and your quadrate to bring focus to the work that you do together.

<DaveGregg> That ends the questions I have on my list. Would you like to conclude, Karen or take a couple more?

<KarenMurphy> I have time for another question or two, if someone has something impromptu.

<DaveGregg> Kara...go ahead.

<Kara_Artisan_6_2> Hi ok, I seem to be having contacts with ETs, and I'm curious which ones, and what they are trying to get me to pay attention to, and what path I should be taking in this matter

<KarenMurphy> Kara, although this energy does to you feel at time to be extra-terrestrial, wee see that the majority of the contact you have been having is from two discarnate entity mates. They have chosen to act as guides for you in this life and have been attempting to get your attention so that you hear Essence more. We will say, though, that you have as well made contact with those on other worlds but this has been more a point of curiosity on their part. You are incredibly open and available to all sorts of entities and astral bodies.

<Kara_Artisan_6_2> yes, not sure how to proceed, and hard to tell who is who, positive or negative.

<KarenMurphy> While it can be very energizing, be aware that just as no one would think of operating a computer on the Internet without a firewall and virus protection, so also should those who are open such as yourself also be protected. We would suggest then that you focus first on keeping your crown chakra closed and wiping away any stray astral imps at day's end. After awhile you will feel the difference between those who have messages for you and those who are merely curious.

<Kara_Artisan_6_2> Ok thank you, this clarifies much.

<DaveGregg> Celestialdawn? Go ahead and please state your name.

<celestiandawn> Hi! I'm Dawn. Does my son's father Mark and I have a soul connection? What are the issues relating to our relationship? Are we to be a couple again?

<KarenMurphy> The man known to you as Mark holds for you an interesting position. You have shared lives before, even as parents together, and hold a bond that way. In addition, he is for you a support person of a sort, having chosen to remain bonded to you in some fashion so that he can "report" back to your guides and keep your support network intact. There are few issues relating to past lives between you, although what you may be feeling and therefore resenting is an almost fatherliness that he exudes toward you. While this attitude is not of his making and is instead solely from your own perception, we see that it is the support role that is causing this difficulty. It may be that you will have to ask him (on essence level) to abandon that position in order to free up your comfort level for the future and allow you to feel that you have "grown up".

<KarenMurphy> As far as the future between you, we see that romantically speaking, there is little between you to make a lasting relationship other than this support position that he fills for you. This may be enough for you and also may not. We do see that you sense that there is "more" out there for you in terms of what real intimacy can bring and we see a possibility of your feeling unfulfilled until you can achieve this with someone you have yet to meet.

<DaveGregg> Final question -- Elo-Maria, you are next and last for the night...

<Elo-Maria> I would like to specify about this past life 16th century. So, I caused many people´s death, but how exactly? Not deliberately? And do I have any karma from this past life to present life?

<KarenMurphy> 23, give or take a few. You were pretty ruthless. Some were deliberate, some as a result of other actions. You wiped out a whole family for instance who perished because you took away their fishing boat. Most of the karma resulting from that life has been dealt with. We see none from that life that you are planning to deal with now directly, although the self-karma that resulted is what you have chosen to bring with you to this life. We urge you to refrain if you can from judgment of who you have been and what you have done. There is little good work in this.

<Elo-Maria> Thank you

<DaveGregg> That concludes the questions for tonight.


<KarenMurphy> There is a short message for all of you.................

<KarenMurphy> We see that many of you have come here tonight in the hopes of forging a community, or furthering your quest for self-awareness. We see that this time is a time of inwardness as we grow toward a place where sympathy toward others is the norm. You, and those like you on a similar journey, are the fore bringers of the new awareness that is slowly creeping over your world. We suggest then that you bring the sense of oneness that you began the night with to your every action, your every interaction, for it is with the small details that the large changes are wrought. Go in peace.

<DaveGregg> Thank you Karen/Michael for a great session. :-)
<Kathryn41> Thank you Michael and Karen

<DaveGregg> The floor is now open...

<fireflysuz> Thank you Karen and Michael...much to consider
<morningstaranna> Thank you Michael and Karen.
<colleen> Thank you Michael and Karen
<LaurelB> Thank you Karen
<Kara_Artisan_6_2> thanks, that was interesting, and good to see a channel who can type fast lol
<Elo-Maria> Thank you all!
<beryl> I have a lot to be thankful for tonight. Great job.
<celestiandawn> Thank you, my first session...awesome!
* fireflysuz Lots of Hugs all around
<JohnRoth> Incredible!
<KarenMurphy> Thanks, everyone! You brought a great energy tonight, very loving. It was great to be a part of it.
<Mardel> You were terrific, Karen. :-)
<aeonesusan> thank you Karen + Michael for your excellent GOOD WORK -- blessings to you both :)

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